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5 Fave Freezer-Friendly Foods

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This video was made in collaboration with Frigidaire Gallery®. For more information on the time-saving appliances in my kitchen visit: 2-in-1 Upright Freezer or Refrigerator - http://bit.ly/29bxA31 Induction Range - http://bit.ly/29jY0AR Easy Pasta Salad 3 Ways: http://bit.ly/23YPasg 3 One Skillet Suppers: http://bit.ly/1MVornj Frequently Used & Favorite Items: http://amzn.to/2qTillc Website: http://bit.ly/InspiredEats Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedomesticgeek1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/@SaraLynnCauchon Instagram: http://instagram.com/thedomesticgeek1 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/TheDomesticGeek/ Purchase my eBooks here: http://bit.ly/ShopEats Healthy Meal Plan 2018 eBook: http://bit.ly/HealthyMealPlans18eBook *eBOOK BUNDLE* | All three Meal Prep Made Easy eBooks for only *$12.99*: http://bit.ly/MealPrepeBookBundle *NEW* 30 Days of Smoothies: http://bit.ly/30SmoothieeBook Dinner Made Easy: http://bit.ly/DinnerMadeEasyeBook Soup Made Easy: http://bit.ly/SoupMadeEasyeBook Made with Love Holiday Recipes: http://bit.ly/MadewithLoveRecipes Meal Prep Made Easy Menus 1-6: http://bit.ly/MealPrepMadeEasy1-6 Meal Prep Made Easy Menus 7-12: http://bit.ly/MealPrepMadeEasy7-12 Meal Prep Made Easy Menus 13-18: http://bit.ly/MealPrepMadeEasy13-18 *SOME links provided above are affiliate links The Domestic Geek is Hosted by Sara Lynn Cauchon
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Text Comments (569)
Jake Barnes (28 days ago)
So much wasted plastic...
Meghan Quinn (1 month ago)
Does anyone know does she heat the burritos in the oven or microwave after? or just defrost and eat cold?
Frugal Mom Holly (1 month ago)
definitely making some cookie dough...i love oatmeal raisin :)
Nydira Adams (1 month ago)
you literally don't understand how u just saved my life!!!!
Diyaa Lahsini (2 months ago)
I want more of this Sarah!!! More more more (even though I have no more space in my freezer hahaha)
Little Wookie (3 months ago)
Huh.....in each letter of this tittle, they start with f.............. huh 🤓
Jordan Irving (4 months ago)
Can you do more freezer prep stuff , please? Like a lasagna. 😍
Wendy May Rojas (4 months ago)
And also how many days can we keep pancakes and french toast in the freezer? Thank you 🙂
Wendy May Rojas (4 months ago)
How many days can we keep those smoothie mix in the freezer?
Susan Smart (5 months ago)
Malia's World (7 months ago)
Omg!! Her fridge is goals.
Halima Grant (8 months ago)
i need the French toast recipe asap! that looks good
yaya Kanda (10 months ago)
Best tips ever, just what I need for my busy life
AnnaBanana 55 (10 months ago)
Pause it at exactly 1:50 and you see the camera guys reflection on the toaster 🤗
Moonriver X (10 months ago)
"when you only want to bake 3 or 4 cookies" HAHAHAHA...... girl
crystallizedskins (11 months ago)
What is the model number for the freezer??
Himali Fonseka (1 year ago)
Wow that frozen French toast hack is excellent! :)
Thanh Le (1 year ago)
Sara Lynn, I love this video, but is there anyway I can do it without much us of plastic? Please help! Thank you !!!
Jessica Sevilla (1 year ago)
This is just such an amazing video and concept. Thank u so much for thinking of all these wonderful ideas and sharing them! ❤❤
Love these ideas!  Is there another way to freeze other then aluminum foil and plastic bags (BPA) ?
Amanda Justice (1 year ago)
Can you please share more healthy freezable breakfasts and lunches?
Joke Raeymaekers (1 year ago)
Freezer tour?! Love your freezer organization :P
P La (1 year ago)
What r those black things inside your Spanish rice ?
Erika B (1 year ago)
Luv the great recipes, Sara, I didn't know you could just freeze fresh Spinach without parboiling, thanks! Luv how organized your freezer is, we have a large chest freezer, but I luv how your upright freezer is set up! #FreezerMealGoals
This makes me wanna live alone
Sarah Greeson (1 year ago)
Love the casserole hack!
GagaForArt (1 year ago)
This video alone, after watching so many, gave me lots of ideas
nikita vineham (1 year ago)
How did you freeze stuff in mason jars without them smashing?
AppleSauce (1 year ago)
Also of these look delicious love ur eye colour btw
Rain The Great (1 year ago)
How long can we store them in the freezer????!?!?
Yo Mama (1 year ago)
Dulcissime Talib (1 year ago)
So grateful for this! Thanks!! xo
Lauren Jennings (1 year ago)
Love your videos! Would love the recipes for the casserole and cookies 🙊
Becca Barnett (1 year ago)
I already knew about the cookie dough one, but I'm so happy to learn I can freeze burritos
Tripp (1 year ago)
I find if you leave the cookies to defrost on the cookie sheet for at least 30 minutes, you do not have to add cooking time. I like to defrost them when I am making dinner, then cook them after dinner is done. That way the oven is already warm and we have warm cookies after dinner. :)
Ceylan yildiz (1 year ago)
Omg you're amazing. love wathing you 👏
Ronna Encarnacion (1 year ago)
Do you have a recipe for the tortellini casserole with prosciutto? It looks amazing!!!
Veronica Vicente (1 year ago)
Thank you for always sharing yummy and easy meals for busy mom like me ....your awesome....
QUEEN BEE (1 year ago)
AM watching this in 2017! :D The spinach... we freeze that too?
Lysana7 (1 year ago)
those are seriously awesome!!!! thank you sooo much! :)
Bevcrusherfan (1 year ago)
That rice for the burrito looks amazing - do you have a recipe for it or did you kind of fly by the seat of your pants for it?
Raven Sutcliffe (1 year ago)
Is that an industrial freezer what the hell I've never seen a freezer like that in my country
HarrodsFan (1 year ago)
Very nice young lady and well organized.
11jhurley (1 year ago)
Where can I find the recipe for that casserole? It looks delicious.
Jen Ro (1 year ago)
I live in an apartment with a tiny freezer =( I will figure out a way to do this.
MrsPark (2 years ago)
i loved th freezer cookie idea! Can't wait to try it =D
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you found it useful!
Brooke Resch (2 years ago)
For folks who don't have an entire empty shelf in their freezer to pre-freeze fruit and dough on (I think that is everyone), you can also do it in an icecube tray!
Casey B (2 years ago)
How can I get the chocolate chip oatmeal recipie? :)
Tiago Martins (2 years ago)
im so in ♥ for everything she does...
Oum Hasna Oum Manel (2 years ago)
SAPHIRA ADAM (2 years ago)
Hi Can u pls do a vid on homemade sauces,-condiments and breads plssss?? Thanks
Cardamama (2 years ago)
I need that freezer! It's awesome! Love all your tips! The smoothie bags look great! My daughter would love those.
hannah oneill (2 years ago)
wow i love your freezer wish i had that much room
heyimjocelyn8 (2 years ago)
Loved this vid!! quick question, what kind of rice was that in the burritos?? looked yummy!
thatdamnaangie (2 years ago)
Love this video. Please do more like it 😃
Entertainment channel (2 years ago)
Do we thaw overnight those burritos or just heat them directly from the freezer
Hannah Plas (2 years ago)
Are the tortellini already cooked before frozen?:)
Brianna Rebelo (2 years ago)
The freezer casserole is totally genius 😮
Megan Melanson (2 years ago)
That casserole looked Devine! Was there a video on the pasta portion of the casserole? The rest is self explanatory, but it oh boy wouldn't I love to try that!
Jay Michael (2 years ago)
Savior when it comes to living on your own as a student.
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you found it helpful Jay!
Rachel Smith (2 years ago)
do you have to let any of these defrost before cooking/reheating?
Wendy Cobaxin (1 year ago)
Rachel Smith yess
Susie Trentham (2 years ago)
What temp/times do you recommend for reheating the burritos?
Amanda Neufeld (2 years ago)
Love the tip about putting parchment between the french toast/pancakes/waffles; I never thought of doing that!
lee cool (2 years ago)
More of these videos please!!!!!
Amanda Olmstead (2 years ago)
I would love the recipe for the Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They look fantastic!
TheBex10169 (2 years ago)
Gosh I think i'm in love. The organisation in that freezer is top notch and I can stare at it all day!
P M (2 years ago)
Too much use of plastic...pls care for the environment.
louis wilson (2 years ago)
This was very helpful!!! Thanks for the tips!!!
sugarwaters (2 years ago)
The fruit prep is a great idea to bring summer to winter
Nomik T (2 years ago)
Love these videos because almost everyday I'm super busy so it's nice to just pull out something I already prepared from the freezer
Hannah Plas (2 years ago)
Nomik T most things 6 months, but, honestly, I eat them even after that time, as long as they taste good:)
Nomik T (2 years ago)
+The Domestic Geek do you happen to know how long each item can last in the freezer?
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you found the ideas helpful!
T from Sydney (2 years ago)
I love this. def making cookies to freeze this weekend!! Can we have more videos like this please!! I love your other meal prep videos but my fridge isn't very big but I have a stand alone freezer so I have plenty of room! I want to meal prep by freezing some meals to have on hand during exams but I never know what can be frozen or how best to do it. I want make a frozen veggie pack like you buy at the supermarket with my own from my garden. I had one attempt freezing the vegetables but it was terrible. I had to turn it in to a soup rather than a stir fry. It was so soggy.
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I can definitely share more freezer options! I'll have new Meal Prep videos coming soon as well that will include some great freezer options!
DB (2 years ago)
I used to make freezer burritos with layers of coming inside, but now to make it quicker to prepare I just mix them all together and then use the mix to fill the tortilla! 😆
DB (2 years ago)
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I love any suggestion that makes prep time shorter!
Sprinkles 2505 (2 years ago)
What was the cookie recipe?
tonim (2 years ago)
is there a recipe somewhere cor the casserole u made?
artichokez (2 years ago)
ive been freezing the same veggie soup and tomato sauces for weeks, this gives me a few more fun options for my garden veg
artichokez (2 years ago)
i found your love and friendship a great help :}
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
Wonderful! I'm glad you found the video helpful!
Tessie Dobey (2 years ago)
Being a mom of 8 boys, yes you read it correctly, these are some great ideas. I love the cookie and the casserole freezer meals. Thank you
Zion Kohenet (2 years ago)
Limya (2 years ago)
You look way too young and beautiful to be a mother of 8 boys!!!
Lupe Rios (2 years ago)
great tips thank u!
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
No problem!
MsMerit40 (2 years ago)
this video made my morning!! thank you!!
ingdanify (2 years ago)
I have a tiny freezer with only four shelves. Do you have any tips on how I can still do meal prep? And also we use all four shelves so I have basically no space :(
Shaji Soori (2 years ago)
I've been using your hand pie recipes and keeping them pre-made and unbaked so that way once university starts and I'm running late for classes, all I have to do is bake them either the night before or even in the morning while I'm eating breakfast and then pack them into a container and take them to school. Also, I find using a muffin tray helps a ton in terms of forming my hand pie, that way it looks good and I get more filling in my hand pies!
Maria G (2 years ago)
how long do they last in the freezer???
Giulia Okmega (2 years ago)
yasss girl
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
Melika Alexander (2 years ago)
Excellent, as always!! Thank you for sharing your creativity, it's been helpful and inspiring :)
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you've found the videos helpful! Thanks so much for watching Melika!
Wendy Paredes (2 years ago)
omg I love this !!! Will have to try next week. can you. make another freeze food video pleassseee!
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'll definitely have more options coming soon!
Celeste (2 years ago)
Hi, do you have the recipe for that rice in the burrito dish?
LotusFlowerBmb (2 years ago)
this is such a great idea 👏 takes make ahead to the next level 👍👍👍
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
Twister87 (2 years ago)
Love your channel. Please advise on the casserole that you froze. Thank you for the videos and the great recipes
Andie Brit (2 years ago)
Can we have that cookie recipe??
DJ VJ (2 years ago)
WOW!!! I absolutely loved this video!! More freezer friendly meals please!!
Sofia Ane (2 years ago)
more burritos recipes please
Cécile Havin (2 years ago)
You're so organized! I can't wait to not be a student anymore and have a giant freezer like that to meal prep like crazy and save so much time!!!!!
Veronica Manrique (2 years ago)
i loved this!!! please make more freezer friendly meals
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
I'll definitely be sharing more soon!
Stephanie Cameron (2 years ago)
what was that beautiful casserole? it looked so good! so wanna do some of these
Aixa Hoogstra (2 years ago)
this looks amazing and yummy!
Heather Suess (2 years ago)
what kind of casserole was that looked good !
Cheyenne1Rain (2 years ago)
Such inovative ideas that save allot of money down the lineforthose of us whomlove to eat at home...namatse
Carolyn JMetaxiotis (2 years ago)
@domesticgeek what is the cookie recipe? looks delicious.
Krinis (2 years ago)
What about dumplings?
Elaine Turner (2 years ago)
genius 🤓
The Domestic Geek (2 years ago)
Thanks Elaine!
Les Leçons de Choses (2 years ago)
I love it ! Can you show more ideas please ? :D

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