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Ofsted Outstanding Year 2 Literacy Lesson Observation - watch full lesson at https://goo.gl/uwMgSo

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This year 2 class are looking at story writing, in this case scary stories. They look at describing a setting and the context is a haunted house which is discussed with talk partners. NEW: Watch the full lesson for FREE! https://goo.gl/uwMgSo The DVD pack includes an Ofsted Inspector's report, CPD activities and more. It is available from http://www.classroomobservation.co.uk/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29754
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Text Comments (41)
Map Tales (4 months ago)
Great questions used, challenging their thinking. My video helped my class consider how to make a story map https://youtu.be/WuJ1zkAA1BQ
fatto ama (5 months ago)
fatto ama (5 months ago)
Ooh yea I am in year 4
fatto ama (5 months ago)
This helps me alot in year 4
Map Tales (9 months ago)
I explored some of these ideas with my Year 1s. My video https://youtu.be/nIIyCH-ySvA explores ways of using time conjunctions to help move their story on.
Sniper pro (10 months ago)
thats my school i went to when i was young
An Onymous (1 year ago)
Every verb she used that should end in “ing” was shortened to “in”, language skills should be modelled by the teacher. The lazy “f”’in place of “th” sounds will also hold back phonological development.
Julian Fieldwick (6 months ago)
There was nothing wrong with her speech and she didn't say "f" instead of "th". You clearly didn't listen properly. She had an accent: so what?
Clair Bedford (8 months ago)
Very tricky when it is part of your accent.
Dave Orritt (1 year ago)
Great teaching! Looks incredibly similar to my setting 'haunted house stuff' that I changed name a while back on TES here https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/settings-bumper-pack-and-plans-26-resources-boys-writing-ideal-11109522. (Edited but originally created 2007) love the teaching style!!!
im sorry (1 year ago)
if only secondary school was this easy
Dominie School (3 years ago)
Yes, as someone else said...try and get kids out, in Summer, or whenever.  And drama act-outs in square in PE.  Deny the usual PE.  Make the kids move with narrative.  Physical action of story is still PE...!
Karta Morley (4 years ago)
I'm in it I was tip toeing
Claire H (4 years ago)
I bet the kids loved it. This was allegedly suppose to be about literacy, yet they didn't have to do any written literacy work judging by this clip. If I had been a pupil at the school I'd have given her an outstanding rating too. The school where I was educated made pupils write. Who wouldn't love the idea of playing & just using basic language you already know to get out of actual written work. I think I found the answer as to why no professional I meet can write neatly or spell these days.
Karta Morley (1 year ago)
Jen B mate it was great when I did it watching it back it looks shit
Reece Dalloway (1 year ago)
Jen B You're actually hilarious.
Claire H (1 year ago)
I'm a very successful home educator. I know exactly how my child's brain functions. Most parents & even teachers don't have a clue. The state does everything for them.
Reece Dalloway (1 year ago)
rowdy piper Are you joking? There is a ton of research around drama/role-play based tasks benifiting not just writing, but all subjects. Look up Dorothy Heathcote Mantle of The Expert and anything around Piaget's schema works. The idea is that a practical experience provides a deeper context in order to stimulate more creativity in writing. Not necissarily the literal skill of writing, but the content development which in turn helps with SPaG, as children build self esteem with their writing and engage more. I've actually done some research on the topic personally and found that most children and their teachers feel that they can write much better content and enjoy writing alot more where role-play is used to add context. Sorry about the essay.
Reece Dalloway (1 year ago)
Jen B You have no idea how a child's brain works, do you?
aazid1 (4 years ago)
I did that in interview with songs and all still couldnt get into teacher training course
Helen Gibbs (4 years ago)
How can I see the whole lesson?
Imra Mary (2 years ago)
+Mediamerge Ltd. please reply back but I think that that is Parkwood junior school.
Mediamerge Ltd (4 years ago)
Hi Helen. You can get the whole lesson on DVD here: http://www.classroomobservation.co.uk/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29754
Mary Jones (4 years ago)
This looks like an excellent lesson. I would like to watch the full version though. She has a lovely rapport with the children.
Rachel Knox (5 years ago)
I liked the idea of stepping into the scene and acting it out. I've had some fantastic writing on settings by taking children outside too. Into the woods, into a castle, it's so much easier to get rich writing when immersed. It is how writers themselves write.
zak (5 years ago)
she is better than any teacher from the school i work at
zak (5 years ago)
really great teaching :)
Dev Guys (5 years ago)
Kids shuld have cross conversation. If The same thing is repeteadly discussed among them, will capture soon.
Dev Guys (5 years ago)
Observation ss good. Kids are rockong with training.
Dev Guys (5 years ago)
More need of kids behaviour understanding
Hari Om Pandey (5 years ago)
Hi, The speculation is good. The intra conversation betwen students is required more attention.
nowaypunk (6 years ago)
Her timing and pace was excellent...One of my main problems knowing when to move on!!!
Mediamerge Ltd (6 years ago)
Yes, the full length of the actual edited lesson is about 25 minutes. This part is just the opening activities...and she goes beyond empathising with a character and meets her objectives very well.
XXthewaveXX (6 years ago)
Though the L.O was describing a setting the teaching facilitated empathising with a character. Perhaps the rest of the lesson would shed light on this discrepancy.
tonowicz1 (6 years ago)
To me this seems merely satisfactory. Surely 'outstanding' is not following the prescriptive version of what makes an interactive, collaborative lesson, but rather something absolutely unique, perhaps bizarre, unexpected and memorable. I don't think one kid in this class will remember this 'outstanding' lesson. OFSTED are retarded.
Andrew Butcher (6 years ago)
Hi, thanks for the kind words about the site. If you could let schools know that would be great. Thankyou! I hope to get the hometutorhelp.co.uk to a point where people can upload their own tutorials in the near future.
Mediamerge Ltd (6 years ago)
@andrww1001 I have had a look at your site, and the resources are fantastic! Like the design of the worksheets too. We'd be happy to let our schools know about your resource if you like...
Andrew Butcher (6 years ago)
Hi, this is a great insight into modern teaching methods. Do you know of anyone who would like to contribute to my site hometutorhelp.co.uk. I want to turn it into a free resource for parents. There will be videos, tutorials and forums to discuss. Keep up the good work!

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