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Kills SINUS INFECTION In 20 Seconds With This Simple Method of The House!!

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Text Comments (108)
M R (5 months ago)
The exercise work excellent with me , thank you robot lady 😜
luigi (5 months ago)
This video is bullshit
Md Samrat (6 months ago)
sister I will try
praveen sharma (6 months ago)
Guru Ji Ayurved (6 months ago)
For sinus treatment .. Please contact 92-66-66-42-46
Sam Steward (6 months ago)
Sounds interesting but I'm not sure I would risk doing that. My aunt treated the disease with Mishin's generator, it took her one week or so, but she claims it cures everything, so... )))))
I just want to ask if sinus infection can permanently be taken away from the person.
KE Rose (6 months ago)
Can you put it in warm water?
Adam Danial (6 months ago)
Sinus really hurts and I'm just a 14 yrs old boy
Priyavrat Kumar (9 months ago)
All those who don't like robot voice, you don't understand the problem. If a person uses his own voice and he is not a native English speaker, you all will make fun of his accent and shame him in the comment section. Please understand.
cine wood (1 year ago)
I want to die it can't relief me
SlyGuy Guy (1 year ago)
remedy found take a toilet plunger place over nose and mouth and just like you were trying to unclogg your toilet unclogg your sinuses
Formulaic One (1 year ago)
Fucking robo voice
charlie ramirez (2 years ago)
I am drinking half glass of fresh lemon or calamansi juice every morning upon waking up. Just add water not so hot and drink it. I am usually prone to colds and sinusitis before but now they've gone. Thanks for natural remedies.
Stephen Vick (2 years ago)
please stop the robot voice
Ramzi Haroun (2 years ago)
Yanishi Gunputh (2 years ago)
William LeVan (2 years ago)
What song is playing in the background?
Peter Csigo (2 years ago)
I had sinus infection you don't kill sinus infection in 20 seconds you're a liar and this stupid robotic voice go away and don't be on YouTube anymore.
Yahu Yahu (2 years ago)
do steaming every two hours
Anthony Castoro (2 years ago)
Ever since I moved to the Lehigh Valley I have been getting Sinus Infections every year. I have tried everything, including going to an allergy doctor where he told me "move". Ultimately I have been forced to get a prescription for anti-biotics every year, but I didn't want to keep doing that every year, so I kept searching for an alternative cure. I saw your video so I tried it. It tasted horrible and even though I'm a huge skeptic I kept it up for four days. I'm still a little stuffy but for the most part I have to say it actually worked. My nasal passage was 100% closed and now I can breath almost normally. Thanks!
Eric (2 years ago)
i did this and my wife was laughing at me.
Salaam Homma Hashi (2 years ago)
Fuck your robot! Pass!
Awesome Things (2 years ago)
Chronic sinus issues suck. Force a ENT to culture your sinuses and do a scan of the sinuses. The reason this is important, is a tumor or serious issue may be lurking with you unaware.
Tom Nouri (2 years ago)
Get to the damn point!
Keith Parr (2 years ago)
What a load of crap
William Epley (2 years ago)
Chinese hot mustard, no joke, work's good. ...b-careful.
Edmond Pecot Jr. (2 years ago)
Stevie D (2 years ago)
Why couldn't this video be just 20 seconds!
Gertrudes Tuazon (2 years ago)
Thank you! I can try this, and if it works?! Im going to share it! God bless!😇👍🏽
Diane Crane (2 years ago)
this is so cool.
Samuel Bailey (2 years ago)
My Dr. said surgery for an inner ear infection that l had on and off for 2yrs. from diving - l tried tipping my head on that side with a mouthful of Colloidal Silver, while blowing my nose, pushing it up the eustachion tube. - Within 2 hrs. it was gone and never returned.
Samuel Bailey (2 years ago)
Do Robots get sinus infections?
Samuel Bailey (2 years ago)
Colloidal Silver is better than saline solution, works for almost everything bacterial, viruses, & fungus.
I Am Chosen (2 years ago)
Samuel Bailey how do you use it?
Kelly Sutton (2 years ago)
Everytime I feel a sinus infection coming on I drink it and it knocks it right out I used to get bronchitis from it and every since I've been doing this no sickness for four years
Kelly Sutton (2 years ago)
what seems to work for me is taking a sip of Apple cider vinegar it usually kills it
Gregory Hamlet (2 years ago)
Half of those home cures include vinegar and lemon, oh honey
Henry McCarter (2 years ago)
lay off all dairy. flush sinuses with saline solution every 6 hours. from ur local drugstore. we've 5 in our family n this how we do it for years now.
Martin Healy (2 years ago)
Henry McCarter
Vana Phill (2 years ago)
Definitely, when i get a cold. I stop eating all dairy and drink nothing but water and tea. I eat plenty of veggies. some meat and little sugar. Cold is gone in a few days.
S Remington (2 years ago)
sSeriously hate the robot voice on all these now!
Grace Adaptation (2 years ago)
Nothing cures sinus infection accept antibiotics. You'd know if you've ever gotten one.
Grace Adaptation (2 years ago)
Yeah yeah yeah. Just take proibotics afterwards and you'll be alright. If your'e in enough pain after you have eaten right and tried every medicinal effort made to man, you will go and see that Doctor. You may not tell anyone but you're going and i do not care how strong you think the flesh is. Besides you can eat right until your heart contends but as long as you're breathing this chemically sprayed air and bathing in your water supply you still are subjugated by the enviroment in which you live.
Captain Velveeta (2 years ago)
Not true...that's actually the reason there are so many different strains of infections because people take antibiotics at the drop of a hat for everything under the sun...food is a functional medicine and if you eat the right foods and support your immune system your body can fight off a sinus infection all by it self.
The94GTC (2 years ago)
Almost every time I have used a spray rinse I got an ear infection from some water not draining. It feels great but to me not worth the risk
Mr. Garber (2 years ago)
Not rocket science. A sinus infection is no different than a hand wound. Sinus sprays oxymetazoline or phenylephrine is like keeping hand wound dry, so less bacteria, which thrive in a moist environment. Nettie pot is like rinsing the wound-not bad, yet still just a light rinse. Oral antibiotics, work on deep wounds where infection is invading surrounding tissue, but, antibiotics affect whole body and intestines. Mix neosporine (or actual active ingredients) nasal spray, germ killer like choroseptic, pain killer, and Nettie pot this. . Colds dissappear in hours, not days. Symptoms, like pain and congestion, gone in minutes... Not buying the cider by mouth, as cure time is in line with normal immune system cure rate.
Mr. Garber (2 years ago)
Though I always do one side at a time for fear of drowning as each sinus releases. Too hard to deal with both at one time.
Jakki Manzitti (2 years ago)
If this silly sinus fix worked for you folks then you had minor sinus congestion.
JoAnn Thompson (2 years ago)
You can substitute Cayenne with Horseradish (Wasabi works well) -- If you are very stuffed up, taking wasabi on the tip of a teaspoon and eating that will clear your sinus right up in no time. ;)
Gun Runner (2 years ago)
try this, works better than this bullshit. ... pull kleenex from box..place under nostrils. .blow out through the nose...discard snotty kleenex. ..repeat as nessasary. .....
Gun Runner (2 years ago)
try this, works better than this bullshit. ... pull kleenex from box..place under nostrils. .blow out through the nose...discard snotty kleenex. ..repeat as nessasary. ....
Laura Gadille (2 years ago)
Sounds fake
adbc1f72 (2 years ago)
Also don't forget to use a netty pot
Denise Kastner (2 years ago)
I had so many I finally had surgery. Now I rarely get them. My nasal passages were too small. You can try this but normal saline , sprayed in the nostrils works.
John Lees (2 years ago)
Having had chronic sinusutus each year doctors gave me anti biotics. nose sprays.was costing a lot of money in prescriptions sick of it I went natural 2.5 years ago never had as much as hayfever colds and sinusitus since.On arising each morning glass of filterd water a Chloramine free .1 teaspoon organic applesider vinigar and half a teaspoon Cayanne Peeper not that pleasant to take but works fantastic.From Australia .
Iahel Cathartes Aura (2 years ago)
This is great and is also a way to strengthen the muscles under the chin to help prevent a double chin :)
kayemen415 (2 years ago)
skip to 1:25 to get the exercise
Robin Jackson (2 years ago)
kayemen415 thank you!
Benesa Riggans (2 years ago)
Angellica Goodson-Lord (2 years ago)
Glenn Zlotowski (2 years ago)
it actually does help
MrCool2bcool (2 years ago)
georgio jansen (2 years ago)
4 days. reminds me of the episide in the hillbillies where grandma has a secret potion
Jbaz (2 years ago)
I don't want it to help. I want it to do what it said it was going to do.
I Am Chosen (2 years ago)
I suffer terribly from chronic sinusitis, I'm constantly taking antibiotics. I'm willing to try anything at this point.
I Am Chosen (2 years ago)
+Saundra Scott really, how do I apply?
5 drops of castor oil everyday will clear sinusitis.
DARK OVERLORD (2 years ago)
Ja'h'el Cathartes Aura So in other words just chew on cardboard and don't eat anything that tastes good. LOL, JUST KIDDING!
I Am Chosen (2 years ago)
+Ja'h'el Cathartes Aura thanks for the advice
Iahel Cathartes Aura (2 years ago)
Claudia Sausa Stop eating all dairy & keep sugar intake very low... it helped me.
Tineke Williams (2 years ago)
Thank you , just what I needed, still in spring time in Auckland New Zealand and my poor cheeks are so sore so now going to do it, thank you for the hint!
P Jj (2 years ago)
use acv daily....keeps body at a great ph
Cynthia S (2 years ago)
the exercise did help a little, thank you, now I've got to try the recipe!
and people will use it like holy water....I thought that was tried many years ago. go to the doctor, do not play with your health
Mary Jo (2 years ago)
1:28- instructions provided.
John Drefko (2 years ago)
Mary Jo
768Kayshan (2 years ago)
Do not boil your RAW apple cider vinegar. You will kill all the beneficial nutrients in it. It's raw for a reason. Same with the honey if it's raw. The heat will also destroy the vitamin C in the lemon.
Iahel Cathartes Aura (2 years ago)
768Kayshan Absolutely right you are!
Hell55 Drake (2 years ago)
I tried this and got a boner, I then let the old lady suck me and it relieved the pressure, thanks
Great now I'm stuck in my orgasm face. I'm calling into work!!!
know thy self (2 years ago)
Please Stop Your Bitching 😂
douglas Crews (2 years ago)
I want to try that ,my own remedies would be nice instead of running to the store!
Tapan Kes (2 years ago)
I will surely try.
Chu Tek Chang (2 years ago)
Tapan Kes q
Alen_Egre T (2 years ago)
Me too. = )

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