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Basic Automotive Maintenance (Part 2)

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In this episode of Saturday Mechanic, Ben Wojdyla shows you how to perform some more basic maintenance and an oil change on your vehicle. Find out how to do-it-yourself in this week's episode of Saturday Mechanic. In this episode, Popular Mechanics' Associate Auto Editor Ben Wojdyla: * Checks the exhaust system * Checks the suspension * Checks for tire wear * Checks for leaks * Performs a complete oil change Subscribe! http://bit.ly/subscribecaranddriver Connect with Ben Wojdyla: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ben.wojdyla Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Ben_Wojdyla Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bwojdyla Email: pmwebmaster@hearst.com Connect To Popular Mechanics: http://www.facebook.com/popularmechanics http://twitter.com/#!/popmech Connect to Car and Driver: Subscribe! http://bit.ly/subscribecaranddriver Twitter: http://bit.ly/tweetcaranddriver Facebook: http://on.fb.me/facebookcaranddriver Who says you can't work on your own car anymore? Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting tips. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the show.
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Marty Smarty (2 months ago)
I've been using some fantastic software www.lonewolf-software.com/automotivewolf.htm on my laptop to manage my maintenance schedules. It reminds me when anything is due and tracks expenses, parts and performance. I've been changing the oil myself in my 2011 Prius and 2011 BMW 325 every 5000 miles using Full synthetic oil. It defintely saves me money at the dealership and I also know it was done correctly. I usually let the oil drain overnight to get it all out.
Justin Walker (5 months ago)
I like watching these video's. I want to learn all parts and how they work. When im little bit older I want to be a car mechanic at a shop. I dont know to much about all cars. Watching these gives me more of a idea of how some things work. For a living car mechanics make good money and I like to fix stuff. So these videos is helping me learn.
Wycliffe Keya (6 months ago)
Wow! Excellent
👍good job
Oly Mart (7 months ago)
It's a nice video but I'd like to know where I can see the scripts of this video ... Please, help me ...!
bacnneggs (8 months ago)
The oil filter in my Outback is vertical. If I fill it halfway with oil then turn it upside down to place it back, won’t oil spill out?
President Trump (5 months ago)
Caleb Weerts (9 months ago)
Grab on to the hard parts 😂
Richard Morse (9 months ago)
The problem is most people don't have a means for raising the car for inspecting or working under the car. I do my own oil and filter changes and use ramps for one vehicle. The other problem is having the right tools.
Caleb Weerts (9 months ago)
Richard Morse always use a condom
Nebi Germay (9 months ago)
Nice to learn
Abdul Latif (10 months ago)
Great Tutorial
Onizuka (10 months ago)
BARAKO GALGALLO (11 months ago)
Arturas Roskovskis (1 month ago)
sandiego11calif (1 year ago)
With regards to oil.....I recommend that when adding oil TO the car, to put 5 1-quart bottles of oil out to use. Why? Very simple.....since you are adding oil TO the oil filter, you sure as Hell do NOT want to exceed the maximum capacity of oil (5 quarts)....so it's wise to pre-measure 5 1 quart bottles...(in other words....save 5 EMPTY 1-quart bottles of oil from a previous oil change....then before adding ANY oil, pour from a 5 quart bottle into each 1 quart bottle....a pre-measure. That way you KNOW you sure as Hell didn't OVERFILL and that you WON'T have to jack that car up again and drain out the new oil for no damned reason. Also, it's WISE to give the oil filter a 1 short tug on a filter wrench, to seat that filter properly. Hand tightening a filter is NOT wise....because it can be jarred loose or off if you hit a rut or a bump. Then THAT would be tragic.....oil everywhere but IN the crank.
Donald nemyer (1 year ago)
how do you get the tools?
Nathan Caggiano (1 year ago)
You buy them, also in your other comment you say that you're a mechanic, thats a bit hard to believe considering you don't seem to own any tools.
Donald nemyer (1 year ago)
i am a mecahnic and i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this video
Matthew Ellis (1 year ago)
I what to work for job me
Orient Convoys (1 year ago)
Dirty hands = clean money well done, nice work
Antonio Montana (1 year ago)
nigga looks like Lester from gta5
123king4life1 (1 year ago)
who the fuk doesn't wear gloves for fuck sake!!
redracingcar2000 (10 months ago)
HPringer (1 year ago)
Daniel Poe (1 year ago)
Definitely hate to be this guy, but I wanted to point out the fact that you were using a beam type torque wrench to torque down the oil drain nut, which is an incorrect use of the beam type torque wrench. According to the Federal Aviation Administration and the General Aviation Maintenance Practice Standards handbook the AC 43.13.1B a ratcheting type torque wrench is the proper torque wrench to use to torque down a nut or bolt, while a beam type torque wrench (like the one you used) is used for checking the torque of a nut or bolt that has already been torqued down by a mechanic and wants to ensure the torque rating was torque down properly the first time.
Jaune Arc (3 months ago)
cars dont fly, sorry to break the news to you
Barry Preshaw (1 year ago)
Hello. My girlfriends car is smelling of petrol inside the car. she just bought it and we could only smell it after the car had been filled. what could be the issue? it is a second hand car. would be grateful for any advice.
Aaron Deas (9 months ago)
Evap canister
Sherman Singh (1 year ago)
Winter Magyk from my pass I have my gas filler neck leacking and my purge valve they both give that gas smell
Oromtitti Oromtitti (1 year ago)
oky thanks dear Rune
ajith kulasekara (1 year ago)
Nice video and learned lot
Oromtitti Oromtitti (1 year ago)
what's advantage of turbo charger?????
Oromtitti Oromtitti (1 year ago)
Thanks guys
Rune yeah, the turbo charger does make a car go fast by sucking in more air.
Rune (1 year ago)
Oromtitti Oromtitti turbochargers basically make your cars faster. That's the most simple explanation.
Oromtitti Oromtitti (1 year ago)
if I changed oil filter how many days I keep it??
Sammy Poth (1 year ago)
thank you so much
Estrella13 (2 years ago)
I'm really interested in painting cars. Are there classes for that ? or do you just take normal mechanics classes?
u2bed91 (1 year ago)
Estrella13 There's classes specifically for that (Auto body). Auto mechanics, or Auto repair, is totally separate.
erikk77 (2 years ago)
Thumbs up for using mobile1 synthetic media oil filter!
Frosty. (2 years ago)
They *really* love that gold swing sound effect don't they?
Lena C (23 days ago)
Sounds painful like being hit by a bamboo cane, y-ouch!
Pelt2010 (2 years ago)
When filling the oil filter, is that that only for certain cars, or can you do it for all?
muddro420 (2 years ago)
+Pelt2010 the filter will end up full of oil, so you can do that with any vehicle. but you will want to mind the orientation at which the filter connects to the engine so you don't end up wearing the oil when you try and screw the filter back on. some vehicles have the filter on top and i'd advise against trying it if the filter's normal orientation is facing down. this strikes me as a slightly overprotective measure. the engine will have a film layer of oil on it from when you drained it plus it will only be a second or so before the oil pressure is up to par. i've made the mistake of running an engine after forgetting to oil it up (for about 30 seconds) and that didn't cause lasting harm to the vehicle but obviously i don't recommend you try that yourself since that was a bonehead move on my part that could have cost a lot of money, but i'm just saying so to illustrate how stupid you can be and still get away with it... all so that i can tell you that filling the filter is kind of like putting a padlock on a safe - sure you're more secure, but if you still end up having a problem then it probably went beyond the extra step you added for protection.
Rawsheed rawmo (2 years ago)
hey I wana go to school to be a mechanic but I wana know which classes I should to take. which would help me. and which if I should switch to a body shop instead. I love cars can you give me some advice please....
Caleb Weerts (9 months ago)
Body means the body. How do people always get this mixed up
Rawsheed rawmo (2 years ago)
+Adam Silvano ok i see whatchu mean an thnx
Adam Silva (2 years ago)
if you want to be a mechanic taking body shop classes isn't going to give you the knowledge you need. body shop is the cosmetic end of automotive, auto tech is the mechanical end of it. meaning doing work like you see in this video. hope that put that into better perspective for you.
Why keep checking the oil level if you're car takes 5 quarts add 5
ShotGun (1 year ago)
lol doesn't anybody know how to use you're and your properly ?? Btw you were supposed to use "your". What you type was basically " if you are car takes.."
u2bed91 (1 year ago)
prince prince The oil doesn't always drain completely. Sometimes there's a bit leftover, so he has to check to not overfill. Also, when you're pouring in the new oil, it's sometimes cold, so it takes time to read properly on the dipstick. It's just a precaution.
Peter Wilkins (2 years ago)
+prince keem I can see people here are not understanding your question. You are not asking why to check oil on an ongoing basis in the future but rather in reference to this video if the owners manual calls for 5 quarts why add say 4 for example and then add little by little and keep checking the dipstick over and over as you add more. It would seem you would end up putting in 5 quarts anyway? I watch my mechanic do oil changes and this method of checking over and over as he fills is exactly what he does as well just like in this video after he puts in about 4 Liters of the 5.5 liters my manual calls for and he always ends up putting in exactly 5.5 liters every time anyway. Perhaps we can have a mechanic on here return an answer for us as I would like to know as well. + yes guys of course the engine may burn oil and it is a good idea to check oil etc.. We all know that part especially on some of these older cars and trucks.
Old Fords Don't die (2 years ago)
i check the oil in my 1975 Ford Capri every 10 days just for safety because once i went 2 months without checking it and i almost fainted when i went to check it and saw that there was almost none on the dipstick , since then i've gone from 10w40 to 20w50 too
Old Fords Don't die (2 years ago)
+prince keem because some cars leak / burn oil ??
Samuel Preetham (2 years ago)
I have huge noise from beneath my car which is not comfortable, and its not smooth
Samuel Preetham (2 years ago)
ok I will look into that
Estrella13 (2 years ago)
+Samuel Preetham my car used to have a huge noise too where it makes the whole car vibrate. I had my motor mounts changed and this problem stopped
Aussie Backyard Farmer (2 years ago)
Yes my facebook is orkhan combe
Samuel Preetham (2 years ago)
+Samuel Preetham its my car sorry for the light its dark already here
Samuel Preetham (2 years ago)
+Samuel Preetham Iam not able to be comfortable with dat sound
Mike Wade (3 years ago)
OMG! So much to do!!
Shuo Wang (3 years ago)
How can i do that without a lift?
Jared Cox (3 months ago)
By using a jack or ramps.
President Trump (6 months ago)
Usually I piss my girlfrined off by calling her fat and shes so angry she does it for me
Aaron Deas (9 months ago)
Let's think about this. Lay down underneath?
Joshua Trujillo (1 year ago)
With the power of 1000 babies!!!
Jake Maple (2 years ago)
A jack and jack stands. You NEED JACK STANDS!!
LibertyChive (3 years ago)
Do you recommend using blue locktite with any car screws?
Caleb Weerts (9 months ago)
LibertyChive ya go ahead and use locktite and you’ll never be able to change your oil again
rami ram (3 years ago)
This guy looks and speaks like lester from gta V
President Trump (6 months ago)
Lester lol
TGSS (3 years ago)
+rami ram I know yeah!
Christopher Sewell (3 years ago)
my nisan now has turbo new exhaust an hks in u fucken weaker
Christopher Sewell (3 years ago)
Street's Disciple (3 years ago)
stfu troll 
tony d (3 years ago)
lol dude what the hell are you saying 
Snow Fairy (3 years ago)
You explain very nicely..I have never changed oil before but I totally feel confident that i could if I need to.,, do you knownany female mechanics?
sweetsydneylovesJC there are automotive technicians that are women, it's actually rare to see them in the industry. As a guy I find it cool to see women gain an interest in wanting to work in the automotive industry, I seem to trust women more to work on my car, it's also cool being able to learn about this stuff at school too.
heavymechanic2 (2 years ago)
+Kyra Staudt DIY auto stores have an aggressive sales policy to UP-SELL as much crap as possible (like you said) and some of the stuff is not needed nor is it used by professionals.. It's cool that you are a girl doing auto repair. Youtube has great resources to plan just about any job and be more knowledgeable about what you may need or any problems to avoid.. Wrench on sister.
Booth & Brennan Fan (3 years ago)
I change my own oil, replace my own brakes, put all new tires on by myself, Fix my own engine...etc. and I'm a girl. Lol. It's pretty simple. I do it all at home. But beware, everytime I head over to Advanced Auto Parts store to buy what I need, they always try to give me what i DONT need and try to get me to spend more money. So if your not familiar with what you need, make sure you have SOMEONE GO with you so they can make sure you get WHAT YOU NEED. Lol. I also just replaced my aunts brake shoes with my dad a couple weeks ago since she doesn't know anything about working on cars. Lol
ahmed shakur (4 years ago)
your a bad teacher
President Trump (5 months ago)
erikk77 (2 years ago)
+ahmed shakur *You're
713SeanD. (3 years ago)
+ThanosB18C you took the words right out of my mouth. but still this vid is informative.
ThanosB18C (3 years ago)
Indeed he is.... both right and left tie rods need to be replaced he is like ''looks fine to me'' when you can see major play at the left side wheel... lol 
Jessica Minges (4 years ago)
Where is part 3?? And so on and so on
Nicholas Denetclaw (4 years ago)
ha ah ca ca moo
felipe gonzalez (4 years ago)
alfredo holguin (4 years ago)
  make a video to make your car faster
1 1 (3 years ago)
No Lo necesitas wey lol
Andreas Widlund (4 years ago)
Great video!. however i have question about something wierd.. you buy a car and then after you buy the car you unplug the oilplug and to the maintence as shud. then after you filled upp the oil in correct level you start it and realize that the oildip stick are not on the mark off the stick when the motor is running. But it is when its cold and i know the engine shud be cold when you check. as fast you turn the key on the oil is low but when i turn the key off its normal. any thoughts?
Tadhg Delaney (4 years ago)
Sorry that's for engine oil ,take off the wheel and get someone to pump there foot on the brakes in the car while you have a look in and around the brake pads
Tadhg Delaney (4 years ago)
Osiris farmer : easiest way is to have a good luck when the car is running and at heat as this is when the engine is at its most pressure .If you can't see it take out the engine and start it on the bench ,as regards the dipstick you have a low - high marking so you dip it and it will show on the scale .try have it between middling if possible . Hope I helped
DJ AZZURRO (4 years ago)
look where you put the rate of the cranes on the car?? you're nuts
President Trump (5 months ago)
Yea I thought the same thing. Id get chewed out at the shop I work at for that. Not sure why he put them like that
Maxwell Davidson (5 years ago)
Osiris Farmer (5 years ago)
I have a leak somewhere in my brake fluid how would I go about finding the source of the leak
MegaEpicGamezz (5 years ago)
how do you check the level of oil on dipstick, i didn't understand it lol
Ukraine732 (5 years ago)
This guy is a professional.
falloutshelter95 (5 years ago)
what does he look at in the dip stick
Sinbad TheSailor (5 years ago)
reminds me of steve buscemi
Toppot101 (5 years ago)
Please let me be your apprentice :)
SEESAN ED (5 years ago)
Majority of us don't have these fancy equipment a, dood. So show something we can relate to,
SwtSmith (5 years ago)
Hey man, I got a question if you could help me. Why was the oil black when you took it out? Was that just cos it was dirty and needed changing or do you get some oils (natural?) that are black anyway? I only ask because you filled with the light brown semi transparent juice.
SwtSmith (5 years ago)
Thanks for the vids man, very helpful. Please make more!
tra ree (5 years ago)
around what percentage should i change the oil according to the life percentage shown by my car's computer?
Andrew (5 years ago)
What is the best way to dispose of your used oil in a responsible manner ?
President Trump (5 months ago)
Pour it on vanilla ice cream and give it to your ex
Donks ForDays (5 years ago)
Its blurry
Sam Xiao (5 years ago)
thank you! You are very professional,
DEEDEE-101 (5 years ago)
The 5valve V6 Engine on this Audi is a GDM equivilent , over here Engines need to maintain safe oil temperature while going at maximum speed for several minutes or even hours, to achieve this, most german engines will hold more oil than their american or japanese siblings, wich sometimes come with extra oil cooler when sold in Germany or Europe. Earlier german engineers refered to their engines as "Vollgasfest"(lit.:full-throttle-resistant) to underline their Autobahn capability
GottaShopIt com (5 years ago)
Hi! It is good to know that you are into a business that caters automotive maintenance services to customers. We would like to inform you that we do have a ready market full of potential consumers for you. Register with us at Gottashopit
Amie Slay (5 years ago)
how do you fix honda crv
charles.c.photo (5 years ago)
funny how in the comments he talks about how a average person would have greasy hands to change a filter, but then he tells everyone to check the underside of the car front to back and hes doing on a lift 0o
mikez565 (5 years ago)
change that oil immediately....always read the owners manual
mikez565 (5 years ago)
I didnt know I could just hand tighten the oil filter....then why do they make the tool to tighten them?
Joshua McCormick (5 years ago)
just for future reference it is almost always smart to remove the fill cap before you drain it it will allow for it to flow out smoother,quicker and get more of it out.
ScottieRodgers (5 years ago)
If you guys could and this might be asking a bit much but. I notice you guys say what could go bad well i have no idea what it would look like if it does go bad so like the white marks and such that you were explaining if there was a picture of a general what it looks like that would help at least 10 fold for the visual learners out there :p
robertgrubbacom (5 years ago)
Got two inclarities about changing oil (heard different opinions on that, wonder what is Yours): 1. Do You recommend adding flushing additives before changing the oil? 2. I've heard that it is good idea to disconect injectors after draining oil and do a little bit of turning the engine over with engine ignition system - to remove more old oil from the engine, pump etc. The same thing was recommended to me after filling engine with new oil (cranking engine with starter without starting it)
RainMan52 (5 years ago)
This off topic but could you make "all" your videos available for "all" countries. This is the Internet. Thank you.
wedontknowone1 (5 years ago)
Haha I'm watching these videos for my car I recently bought, and its a 88 grand marquis! haha My first car and I love it! good drive, good ride! I wanna make it last me forever! .... just thought it was funny cause I saw that you had a grand marquis as well! :D
Couchtuned (5 years ago)
Saturday Mechanic, I notice my oil keeps getting low. and i don't know how to fix it! can u help me!!
breglvez18 (6 years ago)
speakin about the oil pressure.. i have a 2002 audi a4 and i took to get an oil change at jiffylube they put regular oil in it and it takes only fully synthetic about a couple months my oil pressure sensor light started going would the regular oil be that big of a problem? or could be something else. there wasn't a problem with it before that.
TheMasterRanker (6 years ago)
Love these
'99 A4, 2.8 Quattro with a 5 speed manual. It's a really nice car, and only now is Audi besting this car's interior quality. That said, maintenance is... er... tiresome. Welcome to living with a VW product. -Ben Wojdyla
It's not really the end of the world, but if you CAN do it you SHOULD do it. The difference in getting to full oil pressure may only be two or three seconds, but mitigating that delay will prevent unnecessary wear. Amusingly, there are some engines which I will not name that place their oil filters nearly or completely upside down. Madness in my opinion but hey, if their engineers and customers can live with it, who am I to judge? - Ben Wojdyl
Distinct_AJ (6 years ago)
Please do not stop making videos. Very Helpful.
Zach Miller (6 years ago)
What would happen if you didn't fill the filter up? I know it's still a good idea to fill it, but if it's going to get filled by the engine anyway... You said it takes some time to get oil pressure in there, but how long does that take and what detrimental effects can it cause?
Ben wants to answer your question on air! Please email your phone number and email address to caranddriveronline@gmail.com so we can contact you to schedule your Skype or Google+ call for this weekend's filming. We can’t wait to talk cars with you!
JETZcorp (6 years ago)
First, I should say I'm not a big expert, but I have do have a couple bits of advice. The pinging is caused by detonation, meaning your fuel ignites before the ignition tells it to, which is bad for everything. This may mean you're running slightly lean (caused by sensor issue, vacuum leak, etc). Usually your check-engine light will be on in this case. If it's on, have the OBD code read at AutoZone or similar. Carbon build-up could also be a cause, try some fuel additives to clean it out.
SMGMP7A1 (6 years ago)
great series. I felt good knowing was doing it all right, but to be honest I never knew about filling the filter half way. Is the detrimental to my cars health if I haven't done that? Also nice car, I've always wanted an Audi. Is it an A4? But my '00 GTP is still doing the job, and doing it very well. Keep up the good work!
Pretty convincing, huh? Never know when a big brand will come along and shower us with sponsor dollars. -Ben Wojdyla
xxbbrian (6 years ago)
you make us lose the job...
Graham Young (6 years ago)
Great video's guys! I have a 99 mercury grand Marquis with a 4.6l sohc v8 with 87,000mi. and I'm have this thing going on where if I use regular (87) fuel it pings under load but when I put Lucas octane booster or premium (91) fuel it goes away!? Also in the owners manual it says it requires (87) and the car runs great but this sound is bothering me and I worried I'll hurt it if I use regular (87) got any ideas?? Thanks!!
bwright1991 (6 years ago)
do you need to change the weight of oil once it hits a certain mileage? like my 2000 pontiac bonneville se has over 200,000 miles and my mom's 2006 toyota sienna has over 100,000 miles.
alexzxn (6 years ago)
awesome video keep up the good work
GREATNESS (6 years ago)
make MORE video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bell (6 years ago)
nice disguise on that Valvoline MaxLife Motor Oil ;-)
GLTSA (6 years ago)
Ops Fourth :D 4th lol
BMWGUY (6 years ago)
and who the hell are u F** of b!ch
Celso Rodriguez (6 years ago)
That coolant resevoir should be half full with pink coolant.
randy25rhoads (6 years ago)
About what percentage of the total amount of oil capacity does the space in between MIN and MAX on the dipstick represent?
Taylor York (6 years ago)
OMG fourth
BMWGUY (6 years ago)
, then why did u comment ?
BMWGUY (6 years ago)
5th :D
GLTSA (6 years ago)
Forth :P
jNG23 (6 years ago)
OMG OMG scumbags
David Owens (6 years ago)
OMG OMG second

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