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Preparation plan for ESE (Engineering Service examination) IES (Indian Engineering Service)

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Text Comments (161)
Aniket Maheshwari (1 month ago)
Thank you so much i get much information 👍👍
Rameez Ahmad (1 month ago)
Please make video for gate ece. My email id is rameezahmad040@gmail.com can u please send study pdf.
omprakash baghel (1 month ago)
You are very sexy I saw your pause video for 2 hours
Priya chumble (2 months ago)
Mam , Mera engineering ke baad 3 yrs gaap Hai government exam preparation ke liye toh iska imapct Kya hoga ese mai
Abhijeet Shrivastava (2 months ago)
You are telling what is but title is how to. Not Helpful
akira nandan (3 months ago)
Is qcap was real in else 2019 Please reply
Shashi Chaturvedi (3 months ago)
i want to know about age relaxation in ESE exam
Pankaj Soni (4 months ago)
Where is preparation strategy.....
MD.MIJANUR RAHAMAN (4 months ago)
Love you Mam,, U R looking very sweet...I am fan of yours lecture..
giridhar pgk (5 months ago)
This video helpful for who doesn't know anything about ese
Md Famid Raza (5 months ago)
Mam which subject need for mechanical engineer in paper 2 technical paper pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
Rahul kumar (5 months ago)
How to download the ies syllabus...pls
DigiiMento Education (5 months ago)
Please check that on google for ESE Syllabus
Harshal Patill (5 months ago)
mam i have studant of engg from mumbai but dont know how to start and ...i will preparing my engg very well then i will creck IES???????? for IES only betch are elligibile?????? B.E also na ??? guide me
KOUSHIK DAS (5 months ago)
I am from civil engineering background but now I am working in a surveying organization can you please say how I manage my time in order to take ies preparation.
ridi huk (5 months ago)
did u crack ese or an ese officer?
Sharad Sisodia (6 months ago)
if any one want " all books and notes of made easy " than contact me on 9871075830 ... civil engineering course
JUHI AGRAWAL (6 months ago)
what is time result will be announced for IES, will that be helpful if i start preparing for objective paper( jan paper) from previous year and for mains i can start preparing after jan... will that be a good strategy?
JUHI AGRAWAL (6 months ago)
For this prelim paper, do we need score qualifying mark in each paper or combined qualifying marks is calculated?
Arpit Sharma (6 months ago)
Ma'am, i just completed second year (CE) and I'm very confused from where should I do self study, Postal course of reputed institutes or something else? As I will be living in uni campus hostel I can't go very far for coachings. Ma'am plzzzz guide, I'm totally determined that my only goal is IES.
DigiiMento Education (6 months ago)
you've got multiple options.. try studying online because that gives you scope to explore many options and access to more content.
Tech Pool (6 months ago)
150 questions in 3 hrs not 200
Aman Rao (6 months ago)
thanks mam for provided video oof all about ies.
Dinakar Ananta (6 months ago)
I like you
sruti k (7 months ago)
Mam were can I get an syllabus for ies n even previous years questions
sruti k (4 months ago)
what what hmm sure branch :- E&TC YEAR:-4th
sruti k (4 months ago)
what what tanx for ur suggestions
sruti k (4 months ago)
what what wts wrng in asking abut syllabus and previous years Q if u know very well y don't u share instead of saying "r u kidding lol"
Vikas Kumar (7 months ago)
for not eligible cse branch student IES &ESE exam?
DigiiMento Education (7 months ago)
Anita Rajak (7 months ago)
Its helpful.. But i would like toh ask u a ques mam I m going to join a combine coaching for gate+ese Is it good or i should focus only in one?
DigiiMento Education (7 months ago)
join coaching but be focused and clear about your aim.. chose one clearly
Sagar Kandpal (7 months ago)
your voice is mind blowing....keep it up....
khalid raza khan bihari (7 months ago)
Exlnt Video Ma'm...Thanks for Ur guidnc
Souvik Ganguly (7 months ago)
..... going to..... going to..... going to..... going to...... going to 😰
Dev shakya (7 months ago)
mamm how much percentage is required..in ies..
Pavan Kumar S (7 months ago)
without coaching possible to achieve ?
vikram Bhadu (7 months ago)
Phle AAP bno
Vineet Bhardwaj (7 months ago)
I am your fan mam kirita ji...
Sentemtz sentemtz (8 months ago)
I like it👍👌
Deepak yadav (8 months ago)
Thanks mam
akshay d (8 months ago)
Yee toa bollywood actrees ki tarh dikhti hai....
Abhisekha Panda (8 months ago)
How to prepare for gs paper
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Abhisekha Panda will cover next.
vel murugan (8 months ago)
Aeronautical can apply?
Videolicious World (6 months ago)
Yes aeronautical can apply but you have to appear in electrical or mechanical or civil engineering paper
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
vel murugan no
Ryan Shishupal (8 months ago)
Need more information about general studies preparation.. for stage 1
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Ryan Shishupal will try in next video.
sangwan lokender (8 months ago)
Are you IES?
Ngilyang Nomo (8 months ago)
Mam i have a gap year between class 11th n 12th i.e done 11 th in 2014 and 2015 i was absent due to illness and so 2016 i gave 12th now pursuing btech from nit am i eligible or not
FUN2SH (7 months ago)
Ngilyang Nomo pple like u get placement in nit or not plz tell
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Ngilyang Nomo yes you are eligible
Ngilyang Nomo (8 months ago)
Mam btech student percentage required???????????????????????
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Ngilyang Nomo no
Sumit kumar (8 months ago)
Thanku mam
warrior Chitti (8 months ago)
KNOWLEDGE INDIA (9 months ago)
Very helpful
Ray Williams (9 months ago)
Good job mam,very well explained.
Kalpana Asokan (9 months ago)
Mam I have one doubt.while studying in engineering can we write exam or after completing B.E
Kalpana Asokan (9 months ago)
Thank you
tereesha raju (9 months ago)
Vendam Asokan you can wite during your last semister
anu shinde (9 months ago)
Sir plz help me ,i am 2017 passed out student given 6 months for gate by joining big institute and getting very less marks in gate 2018 .actually i was thinking of ssc je and sir whether i will get time for further studies ies or gate with gov job ssc je .plz do comment
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
anu shinde depends on your management but keep trying if you really want to crack gate/ese.
Anand Mishra (9 months ago)
actually ma,am I am second year student of mechanical engineering so ma,am how to do preparation of ESE .plz tell me ma,am
Aditya Mishra (9 months ago)
Engineering mathematics hai to ese me??
Aditya Mishra (8 months ago)
But u said it is not in ese but is in gate
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Aditya Mishra yes
Swagat Suryawanshi (9 months ago)
Someone please answer me. Is there a B.E. degree percentage cut off for eligibility to appear for ESE? Like minimum 65% aggregate required or something?
Vivek Tiwari (7 months ago)
Swagat Suryawanshi sorry that is for most of psu's not for ese. You can apply as in previous notification they don't have mentioned any criteria.
Swagat Suryawanshi (7 months ago)
Vivek I checked multiple sources. There's no percentage requirement.
Vivek Tiwari (7 months ago)
Swagat Suryawanshi 65% or appx 6.9 cpi
Raj Singh (9 months ago)
Swagat Suryawanshi ....No criteria only passing certificate is needed
Vinay Kumar Karri (9 months ago)
I'm colour blind rejected in PSU... Can I survive in ESE ??
devanshu jain (9 months ago)
Vinay Kumar Karri in some department no issue is there
PrinceN (9 months ago)
Hello! you don't Explained Anything About Electrical 😒😒😒😒
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
PrinceN this is general video. I've explained specific for ece in another one.
Pushkal Pratap (9 months ago)
people hv left IES water resources job for state PWD
Raushan jha (9 months ago)
Preparation plan ke jagah kya bata rahi ho madam
Neelkanth Gupta (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot
manikanta potnuru (9 months ago)
What about the aerospace engineering??
Videolicious World (6 months ago)
All person with btech are eligible... But you have to take the paper electrical or mechanical or civil engineering
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
manikanta potnuru not eligible
Maloth Vinodkumar (9 months ago)
Please tell madam mathematics also there in IES exam madam except English
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Maloth Vinodkumar English is not there anymore... Maths has been added though.
swap 2410 (10 months ago)
Good presentation for fresher's . Nice work.
Harsh Mishra (10 months ago)
gud one
Faisal Ashraf (10 months ago)
Mam can cse will apear in ies
Videolicious World (6 months ago)
Yes... All branch student can appear but you have to take the paper either in electrical or mechanical or civil engineering
Swagat Suryawanshi (9 months ago)
shah shubham (10 months ago)
Please provide books name for general aptitude.
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
shah shubham will try to cover this next time.
DEBAPRIYA DAS GUPTA (10 months ago)
this was very useful mam also please suggest some preparation strategies for gate
Sahil Gupta (7 days ago)
Fabulous face
Kritika Mittal (8 months ago)
Covered in an other video. Can refer that.!
Kritika Mittal (10 months ago)
DEBAPRIYA DAS GUPTA sure... Will try soon..!
illusionist sKd (10 months ago)
i saw your video more than 10 times. you are very sweet..
Let uS taLk (6 months ago)
make your own channel...
SOUJANYA PAUL (7 months ago)
thank you so much :)
No acadmy * (10 months ago)
You are so calm and composed ma'm..
kumari shambhavi (10 months ago)
It's grt to see u dere kirtika...
Amar Chand (10 months ago)
kumari shambhavi hay, a good,
Kritika Mittal (10 months ago)
kumari shambhavi thank you so much :)
ishan bhardwaj (10 months ago)
Your prediction has gone wrong this time no repeated questions in ese....😂😂😂😂
Sheikh Adil (6 months ago)
Questions won't be Repeated but the questions asked use the same basic background
arif pasha (7 months ago)
questions were repeated but in less numbers
pankaj bajiya (10 months ago)
Ma'm there are 26 subjects in ESE and engineering maths also covers...
Kritika Mittal (10 months ago)
pankaj bajiya I've seperately counted technical and non technical..
Aarti Sachdeva (11 months ago)
Hi Do let me know can cse student tKe this examination
Videolicious World (6 months ago)
All person with btech or be are eligible.. but you have to take the paper of electrical or mechanical or civil engineering
Aarti Sachdeva (9 months ago)
Amit Jain thank you
Amit Jain (9 months ago)
Aarti Sachdeva if you really want to do something big in your life you can go for UPSC CSE or if you want remain along with your stream then you can go for GAte examination through which you can enter into MNCs with very good package
Aarti Sachdeva (11 months ago)
sp ss ok thank you ☺
Aarti Sachdeva (11 months ago)
sp ss ok thank u bt dn what are the resources for preparation means from where we can learn
inner peace (11 months ago)
You look so #cute 😊
Mechanical Point Point (11 months ago)
Gud one
Vimlesh Kumar (11 months ago)
thank you
ARADHANA GUPTA (11 months ago)
u r too good mam
Kritika Mittal (11 months ago)
ARADHANA GUPTA thank you:)
saurabh jangir (11 months ago)
is it possible to give ies with final year of b.tech like gate?
saurabh jangir (11 months ago)
Thanks ma'am...
Kritika Mittal (11 months ago)
saurabh jangir yes.! Sure you can appear.
Can i have ur no. Please....😆😆😆
Ankush Agarwal (11 months ago)
misleading video
IES Ayush Kumar Singh (11 months ago)
I got AIR-14 in ESE 2017.Rightly discussed all the points but I would like to add some points on Gate vs ESE . You should prepare for ESE intially then before gate exam for one month start practicing for Gate .
Anjali Awasthi (1 month ago)
Apne kaha se coaching ki h??
aarshi sharma (2 months ago)
Sir may I ask you something?
shivi Jain (2 months ago)
Sir plz suggest the self study material . I m in 2 year ec branch when I should start preparing for ies
ABY Ee sKie (3 months ago)
Kritika Mittal hello mam I am planning to take gate as well as ies 2019 but only concern for me is IAM from cse department , IAM a bit confused to choose subject ,if I choose ece or mech will it make a problem with gate exam cause IAM from cse
Amar singh (4 months ago)
Thank you sir
ankit saini (11 months ago)
NICE VIDEO BUT U R LITTLE wrong sweet gate wants more then 6 subject....
Kritika Mittal (11 months ago)
ankit saini thanks for your opinion. Though we just discussed what we thought is a good approach.
karthika ganeshan (1 year ago)
It is very useful mam. I am EEE student. Under which branch i have to apply for IES? Whether under Electronics and telecommunication or Electrical branch?
karthika ganeshan (11 months ago)
okk. Thankyou sir
Nikhil Kumar Chanchal (11 months ago)
karthika ganeshan electrical branch
Soumadip Banerjee (1 year ago)
Very helpful... Thank u so much
singh deepanshi (1 year ago)
You are superb kritika
Kritika Mittal (11 months ago)
singh deepanshi thank you:)
Uday Singh (1 year ago)
What about computer science?? No ese exam ??
Videolicious World (6 months ago)
All person with btech are eligible but you have to appear in electrical or mechanical or civil engineering paper
Pranjal Bhatt (8 months ago)
Nahi, jaao startup karo😂😂👊
shri chand pooniya (11 months ago)
Kritika Mittal (1 year ago)
Uday Singh no uday!
veinz! (1 year ago)
Very helpful! All required information provided in one place.
Kritika Mittal (11 months ago)
heyyou thank you:)

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