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Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease - let's talk...LIVER !

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Fat Emperor and his present wife have lunch in the Royal College of General Practitioners, London. Dr. David Unwin is their learned guest - along with Sam Feltham, head of the UK's Public Health Collaboration (www.phcuk.org). Primarily discussed is the pivotal nature of that crucial organ - the Liver. The Rosetta Stone of modern chronic disease, if you will. Oh, and we just coined the term CFLD (Carbohydrate Fatty Liver Disease) - you heard it here first !!! Warning: this video contains some humorous content, which may disturb individuals of a 'dry-arse' nature... :-) ...and download and watch www.thebigfatfix.com asap (only $5 for 72 hours this weekend) - it's a classic that entertainingly covers many home truths about avoiding heart disease ! Go to www.IHDA.ie - for the hard facts on cardiovascular disease identification !
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xelakram (6 months ago)
The real name for diabetes mellitus in German is Zuckerkrankheit, which translates as 'sugar illness'. The clue is in the name.
billytheweasel (7 months ago)
Forgot Stephen Phinney
Susan Koch (8 months ago)
Thank you.. so interesting I didn’t even care about the background noise. Present wife?
NewUnderTheSun (9 months ago)
With your "present" wife? As opposed to your "next" wife? How about just "with your wife"?
Benjamin L (9 months ago)
So the "good" carbs are to be eaten sparsely too. I think its because they still turn to sugar slowly but surely.
m R (10 months ago)
Work was done on non alcoholic fatty liver disease by an Australian doctor. She came to the same conclusion- at the time, the medical profession was saying you cannot reverse this type if liver disease. She put her patients on a low carb diet and exactly the opposite- reversal of the condition!
Kenneth Woolard (1 year ago)
I went to the Veterans Hospital with abdominal swelling! They did an ultra sound on me but never notified me of my results. When I went to my next appointment 6 months later I was told that they found fatty liver. No remedy was offered!
Random Roses (1 year ago)
"I once ate a census taker's liver with some fava beans accompanied by a nice Chianti t t t t " (Hannibal Lector).
chris topher (1 year ago)
True rebels :)
S S (1 year ago)
Drugs and money drive the research, not public health. Yep. I'll investigate more on this NAFL, very interesting! Tie that to other hormones, as well as vitamin C absorption. Haha, no longer calling it "sugar diabetes" probably because of the sugary lobby, I remember it being called sugar diabetes for decades.
Jake Romero (1 year ago)
Nice intelligent conversation. Thanks for the vid!
Dave Oatway (1 year ago)
Fascinating content, and interesting venue.
David golf (1 year ago)
Sugar diabetes or Honey Urine circa 600BC!
tondafied (1 year ago)
Nice video! Thank you for putting this out!
peter mcdougald (2 years ago)
Is that Jorgejuan toledo y garcia on the right?
joe schmo (2 years ago)
Something else to think about.... The liver has greater mitochondria density than any other tissue in the body. If you want to look after your liver, you need to look after your mitochondria.
Pat OBrien (2 years ago)
Butter Bob Briggs turned me on to your channel, and he's a great message for many of us regular down home folks who are fit, sick and lost. http://www.buttermakesyourpantsfalloff.com/
tondafied (1 year ago)
Pat OBrien love butter bob!
Deebo1812 (2 years ago)
"And among those misleading statements, the idea that most or even a large portion of sugar is converted into fat through de novo lipogenesis is misleading, because only a tiny portion of carbohydrate is converted to fat under de novo lipogenesis under most circumstances." From http://chrismasterjohnphd.com/2016/05/02/the-daily-lipid-podcast-episode-6-why/?_sf_s=De+novo Thoughts?
Deebo1812 (2 years ago)
It's all fascinating, like you say a single intervention is probably key to making it simple for most people but there is nuance for the intrigued!
Ivor Cummins (2 years ago)
We're talking mainly about the people who have an existing Fatty Liver issue (millions of them). The diseased masses. They are the population of concern. They do have higher rates of DNL. Also they are trapped in the sugar/refined carb appetite trap. And their hyperinsulinemic physiology. Many vicious circles. The key point is that a single intervention (remove sugar/carb) causes rapid & dramatic liver recovery. No choline involved here. So to an engineer, the rapid reversal of the problem is paramount - and the method to do so has to be considered as the primary 'cause' in the first place. I've come across the choline stuff before, but we need strong 'choline intervention' trials that show similar rapid recovery - then we'll talk.In any case who on earth would question the benefit of sugar and refined carb reduction? No-one, right? (Besides industry of course!)  Best  Ivor
Deebo1812 (2 years ago)
Interesting, how do you counter Chris Masterjohn's view that lack of choline is a major contributor to FLD, and not necessarily excess carbs, he argues you can get fatty liver from a high fat diet too; http://chrismasterjohnphd.com/2010/11/23/sweet-truth-about-liver-and-egg-yolks/. He also states that the max fat you'd accumulate daily from excess carbs is 5-10g due to the process required. I'll try and find a reference. Thanks.
Jenny Weyman (2 years ago)
Thankyou Ivor and Co,my gastroenterologist said of my raised GGT.."oh that's just fatty liver disease, it's nothing to worry about' Well, it's my body and of course it's a very BIG concern. I am now Low carb High healhty Fat in an effort to fix myself!!!!!!
Wim Tilburgs (2 years ago)
Great video. Loved the term Carbohydrate Fatty Liver Disease. Great you mentioned Prof. Robert Lustig! Fatty liver was his baby too.
jonnyfolk (1 year ago)
Your comment has just flashed my mind back to my misspent youth of going to the chippie after the pubs kicked out to 'soak up the alcohol'!  Yikes - double whammy or what???
Frank Hansen (2 years ago)
You're right! Of course ;-) But still, when the conditions are right (or in this case: wrong), it IS the fructose/ethanol that is causing problems. I just feel that fructose/ethanol deserves a more prominent role. At least to raise the awareness of what fructose does. Normal people pretty much associates the word "fructose" with something healthy (more must be better). Well, not really... BTW, great work! Keep doing what you're doing. Your special, independent, not-a-member-of-the-medical-establishment is very much needed in this modern world. Thank you! :-)
Ivor Cummins (2 years ago)
Yep Frank - but in reduced-carb environment the fructose has a conversion path into 3-carbon glucose. Hammering your body with high Fructose AND Glucose together is the nasty synergy. Similarly, high alcohol AND high carb is a nasty combo. You can maintain good GGT with relatively high alcohol on a low-carb diet. Try doing it on high carb - that's where alcoholic fatty liver disease reaches its peaks... :-)
Frank Hansen (2 years ago)
But isn't it exclusively fructose and ethanol that is (partly) converted to fat that STAYS in the liver? Glucose doesn't convert to liver-fat in any patholgical amounts, right? So, my humble suggestion would be Fructose/Ethanol Induced Liver Disease, or, FEILD.

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