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My homemade plywood canoe! (and how i build it.)

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A tip: Put on fiberglass on the inside first and then cut the copper wire on the outside and file down the thread. Now you can put on the fiberglass on the outside. Here is my facebookpage: http://www.facebook.com/BkBuilding
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Saharin Cuker (1 month ago)
There are a few things for building boats: Give yourself enough time. Use ready made boat templates. (I learned about these and more from Denelle Boat Builder site )
Marco Trevisan (2 months ago)
James Hurst (3 months ago)
Nice build however I am is US Inches and feet is the numbers on my measuring equipment.
RJDCR (4 months ago)
tomi virtanen (9 months ago)
https://bateau.com/cheapcanoe.php and modify to your liking
Kobi Rankin (1 year ago)
so much better than alot of videos, everything i wanted to know, clear instuctions and proof it works, thank you
Borys Kerchu (1 year ago)
Go to woodprix if you'd like to build it yourself.
Romana Angersbach (1 year ago)
Check Woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.
Shawn Kendall (1 year ago)
Song: Radical Face "Welcome Home"
John Hazel (1 year ago)
The world would be a better place if more kids did this.
C!S (1 year ago)
man this video is fucking great! simply everything i wanted to know in 2 min! thx
Janis Harper (1 year ago)
*_It was a fun project which I built with a bit of help from this great site [Check Details Here==> _**_https://plus.google.com/102864527681244896357/posts/8Hw8CJUYT8H_**_ ].The boat served us well for many years and we have so many good memories that were created with that boat. We love to recommend this to anyone. Regards._*
Keli Weisgerber (1 year ago)
Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for WoodPrix page
jadekayak01 (1 year ago)
thats as good a job as can be expected for a one sheet boat but you made a serious mistake that could be fatal. NEVER EVER use polyester or vinylester resin for gluing. they are only a laminating resign. you should use a 2 part epoxy resign-preferably a marine resign
Jack Creagh (1 year ago)
Why'd you use Nikon music
Johan Combrinck (1 year ago)
Very nicely done. I hope you have lots of good trips with your canoe.
RFAM05 (1 year ago)
Great looking canoe.
Kayleigh Chevalier (1 year ago)
My works also. Used woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.
Kayleigh Chevalier (1 year ago)
This time I will use woodprix instructions to make it myself :)
Thomas Mcnulty (2 years ago)
Hey I'm doing a project for English and need your help with boat knowledge. It's actually really interesting and I need someone to interview on how younger people can make boats. Reply to my comment or something so I can hopefully get your email
Birk (2 years ago)
Hi! Everything i know in boatbuilding comes from youtube and the rest of the internet. Just have a little bit of imagination and it will work out well!
Callaham Sepe (2 years ago)
I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google 'woodprix' :)))
Daren Lindley (2 years ago)
Bro., that's just elegant! What an accomplishment!
Выложы черчежы раскроя.
Roy Rao (2 years ago)
I like this music!
Gábor Benedek Kiss (2 years ago)
Southron Jr (2 years ago)
that is more like a piroque and might track a little better with a shaved down 1x2 run down centerline bow to stern. looks really cool
Rob Aldridge (1 year ago)
it IS a pirogue, NOT a canoe...
GoldiRock Records (2 years ago)
Great project - Wondering what song this is..??
SOS7979 (2 years ago)
GoldiRock Records Welcome Home- radical face
Ulf Jönsson (2 years ago)
Den blev fin.vad kostade allt material ? vilken sorts plywood använder du?
Birk (2 years ago)
+Ulf Jönsson Landade på ca 1500 då jag gjorde ett felköp. Använde det billigaste jag hittade, lauanplywood 3mm
Johan Combrinck (3 years ago)
Well done on a good looking piece of work.
Merlin Day (3 years ago)
How long did it take to make and how much did it cost
Birk (2 years ago)
+Merlin Day Five days and around 1500 kr or 150 euros
Cassie Harville (3 years ago)
I need to make one for a 6 month old to attach to the top of a wagon for a wagon parade. Would I just do half or 1/3 the measurements of this?
Cassie Harville (2 years ago)
+nadabk it's ok. we got one built
Birk (2 years ago)
+Cassie Harville Half! Sorry for the late anwser.
Dale Skidmore (3 years ago)
Nice job, and unlike just about every other vid I have watched, you actually got it on the water, not just on your lawn, lol.
Birk (2 years ago)
+Dale Skidmore I agree!
Dale Skidmore (3 years ago)
I hope you are continuing to enjoy it. I am hoping that I will be able to make a small craft in the near future, once I have sorted out my garage roof.
Matthew Murdock (3 years ago)
+Dale Skidmore dude, totally. I get so frustrated when I watch a whole video and then they don't put it in the water.
Inger Nilsson (3 years ago)
Kul! Det måste jag prova :-) Hur tjock plywood har du använt?
Birk (2 years ago)
+Inger Nilsson Tunnaste och billigaste plywooden jag hittade, 3 mm
Austin Williams (3 years ago)
whats the best kind of plywood to make the canoe?
Birk (2 years ago)
+Austin Williams I do not know, itook the cheapest :)
Garey Ring (3 years ago)
waatch foy alley gateres
FISH ON !!! (4 years ago)
Good job well done.
Draco Venit (4 years ago)
Mike Gebhards (4 years ago)
mount an outboard motor on a pine log, and go for it.
noturbone (4 years ago)
ur a badass kid good job
shirleymae30 (4 years ago)
Great job. I have built a few stitch and glue commercial work skiffs myself, here is a tip that might help you out ... For a canoe, put the twists for the copper wire on the outside at the bow and stern, and on the inside for attaching the bottom. them trim them (leaving about 3/4" of the tightly twisted wire on each stitch), press the twists into the seams, fill over the seams with a long hair filler, then glass them. The job goes much faster that way, and the stitches stay in adding some extra strength and rigidity to the hull. 
CVR IV (4 years ago)
Thats pretty impressive. Im looking to build a small fishing kayak without getting to crazy about it, and this is perfect. Will definitely do a few things differently but great job.
NewHampshire Jack (4 years ago)
Nice workmanship. You did far better than you take credit for. Thank you for taking time to document your project and posting it on YouTube. 
Birk (2 years ago)
+NewHampshire Jack Thank you :)
Antonio Gutierrez (4 years ago)
I'm working on a canoe with relatively the same design. I was wondering, what did you use for support inside the canoe?
Birk (2 years ago)
+Antonio Gutierrez Just plywood! sorry for late anwser
tayronachan (5 years ago)
Good job.
AugustusLarch (5 years ago)
The zip ties are only temporary. You take them out when the epoxy dries.
Мик Джаг (5 years ago)
Life is still more expensive. Zip ties may eventually lose strength. (translated by googl)
Мик Джаг (5 years ago)
See on 0:17 - 0:24
Lewis Stuart (5 years ago)
How did you make it 3.7m long? The longest plywood I've seen is 2.44m.
Birk (5 years ago)
I had no plans! I just had an idea.
Terry Dosher (5 years ago)
that was great i bought plans and mine is junk..but your come out good..send me some plans
shinnosuke150 (5 years ago)
Nice! Looks just like the Wacky Lassie (Google it)
Tony Dingler (5 years ago)
Is it more stable then a v bottom, and just as fast ? If it is more stable, I see it as an improvement on the v bottom typ.
Johnny Spathas (5 years ago)
What is this song? Great build!
AugustusLarch (5 years ago)
Did you ever consider zip ties. They are faster then copper wire and less expensive. Now that you have the basics, you can build some multi-chine v hull boats.
bryan padgett (5 years ago)
Very cool , indeed . good work !
can you make one of these for say 200 kilos load id want to fill it with kit
MrCalkar (5 years ago)
great job
peckfaceagain (5 years ago)
I'm super impressed. Good for you.
gini a (5 years ago)
Wow by far one of my favor videos on YouTube.thank you for sharing God Bless and enjoy life.....
Chael Pagan (5 years ago)
Man thats awesome im definaltly going to build me one now. Best tutorial on utube and the first time i herd about them sealint stuff great job man your awesome dude!
Steves Projects (5 years ago)
ahhh just get yourself a electric motor will save you hitting those elbows all the time its too beamy to paddle.............. Its definitely the nicest looking most simplified plywood canoe shape Ive seen other simple designs look plain ugly in comparison
gerade bowden (5 years ago)
where is your PFD ? please wear one.
livinitup902 (5 years ago)
WOW! Wish I was that inventive when I was 16. Very cool!
Birk (5 years ago)
3 mm thick!
Andre Huang (5 years ago)
i agree
DogFather0808 (5 years ago)
What I am most impressed by is the fact that There do not appear to be any plans or blueprints. You just DID IT. Very cool.
Kelly Williamson (5 years ago)
Great Job! It is so nice to see a young man doing Postive things and setting examples ! Keep up the Great work, you are an inspiration!
steven adney (5 years ago)
how thick of plywood did you use?
Birk (5 years ago)
220 dollars
DIY Alice (5 years ago)
Great Tune and what a great job you have done building your own boat , hats off to you
Flolled Motion (5 years ago)
may i buy
Birk (5 years ago)
RandomChannell1 (5 years ago)
Thanks! Very nice canoe, too!
Birk (5 years ago)
First i put on the fiberglas on the inside then i cut the coppar on the outside befor i put on the fiberglas on the outside. Remember to twist togeder the coppar on the outside! Number of people depends on how thick the plywood are and how long, but i can be one in my canoe.
RandomChannell1 (5 years ago)
Do you leave the copper wire in? And how many people/weight does this hold (Sorry if this question is too much)? I'm thinking of building a canoe over Feb. break and racing it with my friends...
Walkertongdee (5 years ago)
dont underate yourself because of anything especially your age you got it.
tangobayus (5 years ago)
zip ties for sewing?
Husang Lee (5 years ago)
I ended up with a canoe - but no paddle. Now i'm stranded in the middle of a lake...
Birk (5 years ago)
Epoxy, or something really strong!
Czechsarge (5 years ago)
Daddy, how far is it to America? Shut up and paddle! Good job, I am going to build one this year. What glue did you use to put the short pieces together?
Arvydas Mencinskas (5 years ago)
Well done!
Mike Lee (5 years ago)
Nice job. Stitch and glue construction is a sweet way to go to make a tough, lightweight wooden boat. I'd be curious to hear about durability of your fine craft with just the varnish on the outside and not glassing the whole thing.
ebayerr (6 years ago)
acklan3 (6 years ago)
Looks more like a piroux than a canoe.
BAK87 (6 years ago)
Well done lad! Cheers
Otto Turek (6 years ago)
gut gemacht. was ist das für eine musik?
psychowraithknight (6 years ago)
what's with the flared sides? are you going white water rafting or something?
Birk (6 years ago)
At a store that sells plywood!!
Graeme w (6 years ago)
Plastic cable ties or sometimes called rats tails, I used blocks of wood on the inside and screwed from bottom and sides to hold till I glued some then removed the blocks and filled the rest and the very small screw holes . You could also incorperate some gunnels ,seats ,knees and cross pieces to hold till glues sets, Graeme
timeallows (6 years ago)
Birk (6 years ago)
Use something else then copper wire!
meistrooo (6 years ago)
where did you buy the plywood?
minbari001 (6 years ago)
Don't drill holes too near the edge of the panels keep them about 1/2 " in Don't over tighten the wire as this will damage the holes, causing even more probs. Alternatively, if you dont want to wire the joints, try this, ( trust me i know it works) you can use unwaxed Bankline to stich up, pre glue the joints with epoxy resin, then all you have to do is sand the Chines to shape, the bankline is sanded away, leaving you with a nice smooth surface ready for glassing Hope this helps
minbari001 (6 years ago)
What a great little Canoe! i hope you've had a lot of fun in it, it's great to see young lads doing projects and other stuff like this, instead of just vegetating in front of an XBox. one thing i would suggest is to Glass the entire hull, as the varnish is easily damaged and will need redoing regularly, but other than that, Nice one mate !!
Birk (6 years ago)
About 3.7 meters long!
Paul Roberts (6 years ago)
Good Job. I love to see young people doing things constructive. It helps me feel better about our future.
Birk (6 years ago)
Around 200 dollars, but you can do it with 150 dollars because i bought the wrong parts first!
Alexander Tierney (6 years ago)
good job man, how much did this cost you all together?
Learner-Learns (6 years ago)
Excellent project! Nice work Sir! I wish you happy boating!
vemijide (6 years ago)
Ihan menevän näköinen kanootti :)

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