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Prostate Cancer Treatment : Advanced stage prostate cancer Cured by Dr Devendra singh

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Dr Devendra Singh Expert Cancer Homoeo clinic Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow Best place for Cancer treatment in India Colonel Mahesh Sharma detected prostate cancer. He was taken to the cancer institute for treatment and there he was told that he will only live for 3-4 months, not more than that. They approached many other doctors but no doctor could treat him. His PSA was more than 100ng/ml Through a source he got to know about Dr. Devendra's clinic known as Expert Cancer Homoeo clinic. After consulting Dr. Devendra Singh, he went through homeopathy treatment and after 4 months of treatment, his PSA was back to normal. The lower back pain was reduced. Thereafter 7-8 months of the treatment he went through a Pet Scan where its results were normal. His treatment was completed after 2 yrs and now he is leading a normal life. www.cancerhomoeoclinic.co.in 9616385385 0522-4008233
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