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Piracetam: Smart Drug or Snake Oil?

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Dan Aylestock (6 months ago)
Dude, what the f*ck is on your wall?
Yfn Railo (8 months ago)
Hey Bro is there any way to contact you. I have a question
Yes Really (9 months ago)
where have you gone?
Jake Pollen (1 year ago)
Confirmation bias
Hans Schmid (1 year ago)
You just got a new subscriber mate. Your videos are really informative. Good work. PS: Sorry for ruining your nice "1000 subscriber" count =/
Hans Schmid (1 year ago)
You just got a new subscriber mate. Your videos are really informative. Good work. PS: Sorry for ruining your nice "1000 subscriber" count =/
UK Choi (1 year ago)
This man's claiming that ultimately any kind if nootropic drugs are just placebos or could be harm. Piracetam, modafinil, strattera... EVEN TONS OF papers say they are overall well tolarated and powerful in their efficacy, this man comes out and denies all of them. I doubt this person really believes in his remarks.
Robert Stella (1 year ago)
have you taken it? If not - no matter how much googling you've done - you haven't done your homework.
Life By Mack Power (4 months ago)
Robert Stella This guy is a certified pharmacist...
profd65 (1 year ago)
There are lots of human studies showing that Piracetam positively effects cognition and memory, you smug dumb fuck.
Sons of Apollo (1 year ago)
It failed in clinical trials.
Dragon Associates (1 year ago)
You know nothing about how safe Piracetam is.. if anyone takes "a lot" of this "drug" by listening to this idiot is a completely deserving of the bad effects that they WILL AQUIRE. Listening to this guys makes me feel dumber with every second.. learn your subjects of discussions by doing more than a pessimist views on research. And Piracetam does work! If you know how to use it..
TakeWiseAction (2 years ago)
Hey what are your thoughts on Monoatomic Gold? haha you seem very intelligent. you should be a lawyer or something. take care
An3my (2 years ago)
Have you tried it yourself? I do enjoy your videos a lot. But simply because there are not any serious studies concluding that it actively does increase cognition, it doesnt mean that it definitely does not. There would be several reasons why there are no concluding studies: a) "old" product, hence no patent rights (at least no exclusive rights) b) studies cost money I have made the experience that it does seem to keep my working memory and my memory recall overall at a decent level, while being under halcion-intoxication. If it does not increase cognition in overall, for me (n=1, poor sample size, I know), it does help override some of the negative effects that the Benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs give me. Hats off to you for another good video.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Maybe its just a difference of opinion on when it would be appropriate to take something. I like the proof that something works before I use it, particularly when something as valuable as my health is involved. Lets use a different example. Lets say I have an oil that I want to sell you and I say it improves the function of your car. Would you buy it from me? If you ask me is there any proof that it does what I say it does I respond by saying there aren't any serious studies showing that it does. Suppose on top of that if you wanted to market car oil you had to prove the product does what it says in a clinical trial and my oil has failed in clinical trials numerous times. Would you still buy it? a) If a company gets a drug approved though the FDA they can get exclusive marketing rights. Colchicine is a good example of this. Lovaza is another, Lovaza is just omega-3 fish oil that was proven to lower triglyceride levels in pts with a count >500. That patent of Lovaza expired only recently. They made billions of dollars. b) It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be costly. Studies can be expensive if they involve expensive testing or testing of an unknown compound because of the risks. Since drugs like piracetram have been around for a long time and have a good safety profile this is not an issue. Testing cognitive function is cheap, all you need is a pen, paper, drug, and someone to administer the test. Its not to say that it could never help someone. I made another comment on here about its similarity to Keppra. Check out and compare the structures. Keppra helps a lot of people, but to an otherwise healthy person its not likely to be helpful. Xifaxan helps cognition in people with liver disease, but it won't be helpful to those that don't have that. There can be a lot of reasons why something might work for an individual, but not for the general population. Xifaxan wouldn't be considered a smart drug and it shouldn't, but it does help some people. Thanks! Appreciate it.
Miguel Gimenez (2 years ago)
Please . do a video about nootropics in general ! I'd thank you very much
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
I think I will at some point. Thanks for watching!
Ryan Becker (2 years ago)
So i definitely agree that piracetam is not worth it, but from first hand experience I can definitely say it has somewhat of an effect, for example when you don't take it with a choline supplement it causes a behind the ears headache, which indicates that it is utilizing choline to some degree, after consuming choline the headache subsides. Interesting enough though the other varieties of racetams do have more of a significant effect, the a effects of aniracetam are stimulating and do increase energy and concentration, but the problem with the stimulating racetams is the rapid tolerance build up, after three days of use, the benefits completely disappear. It would be nice if the pharmaceutical company looked into creating longer lasting, more potent, and efficient versions of these, because theres a good chance they're less harmful then the limited selection of stimulants available on the market.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Its not to say that these compounds have no effect at all. Piracetam is approved for use in myclonus in Europe. Take a look of the structure of Keppra and compare the two. Then compare its proven effects, its probably better described as an anticonvulsant than a smart drug. Keppra can have positive effects in people who have epileptic problems, but to an otherwise healthy person its not going to do much, as far as increasing cognitive function goes. If the bar its going to be it helps one person or a very small subset of people then Keppra and all other antiseizure drugs should be considered smart drugs as well. It certainly has an effect, anything that crosses the blood brain barrier is going to have some effect, its just a question of weather its generating the effect that you are looking for. If that effect is cognitive enhancement the research has shown you'll be disappointed.
Hypolaristic (2 years ago)
Please do more nootropic videos. I feel like cognitive decline has become an epidemic and the number of useless nootropics is far too high. I'd love to hear some reviews on other racetams or noopept. Also, what's your opinion on drugs that are less prescribed by psychiatrists such as RIMA's. Can I donate via patreon or bitcoin? Please keep making videos and confront other youtubers who are spreading disinformation.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
I certainly will. You are right, these worthless products are an industry worth billions that returns absolutely nothing back to it's customers. Economic dead weight. I haven't considered donations, but i think I have a good idea. Instead of accepting personal donations what I will do is start a not for profit organization. What this organization will do is fund research to answer questions that we have. A lot of the problem in discussing nootropics is that there isn't much reputable research done, so it is hard to prove or disprove anything. I work at a major teaching hospital and we have a lot of connections to major research institutes. If we raise the money I can make it happen.
Miguel Gimenez (2 years ago)
I totally supports that
Blair Davis (2 years ago)
love all your videos. keep it up!
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Thank you! And thanks for watching!
James Brophy (2 years ago)
It's also notable that for me, modafinil might work once a month at improving cognitive ability and not do anything else for the rest of the month. The brain is a very strange device, perhaps by activating areas not traditionally linked to executive functions, one incidentally triggers benefits to it.
James Brophy (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo You are misconstruing my words. Read again, I clearly stated that it works once a month "at improving my cognitive ability". Furthermore, your example regarding bloodletting is indicative of an assumed understanding which we do not possess. We can look back hundreds of years at bloodletting with a level of understanding that is very superior, but we aren't anywhere near that level of mastery when it comes to understanding executive functions. There are many valid reasons why your critique of Modafinil is mostly correct, the most primary and important of these reasons being that Modafinil interferes with slow wave sleep, and nothing is more important for executive functions than good sleep. That being said, Modafinil DOES utilize dopamine in certain areas of the brain not traditionally linked with executive function. But it does target wakefulness, and conditions such as chronic lack of sleep have been linked to learning conditions such as Alzheimers. I haven't used Modafinil or Piracetam in over 9 months; but I cannot ignore the rabid creativity the Modafinil would give me on the very odd occasion that I use it. It is hard to ignore, like it is hard to ignore the effects of caffeine. I cannot point to exact mechanism of why it operates and it is not worthwhile to find out how and why it works for me. But dismissing the fact that it could work sporadically for some odd reason is to dismiss a learning opportunity and base a sense of pride and mastery within a rather corrupt medical establishment. I myself have come into conflict with such establishment, there are certain points where knowledge simply cannot advance because the establishment is so rigid that it cannot budge. But there is no authentic authority in their position. Anyone with enough knowledge of how the brain actually works knows that it is literally impossible to disprove the possibility that Modafinil could improve executive functions. Receptor crosstalk. The gut-brain axis. There are so many possibilities that go beyond the traditional model that has existed since the 1960's, e.g. executive functions being the sole propriety function of the nucleus accubens and substantia nigra. Many professionals, nearing retirement, hold authority based on that old doctrine, but the field of genetics and the microbiome, among other fields, have made evaluation of what influences executive functions infinitely more complex.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
If a drug only works once a month what does that say about it? They used to say the same thing about bloodletting. When bloodletting worked was it because the practice was effective or did it just get the credit when something else fixed the problem?
James Brophy (2 years ago)
The biomechanics for it to work are there too. Modafinil and so forth are not going to have any sort of proven ability to improve mental function in the pamphlet, but when you study the mechanics, it's conceivable that they could improve ability, although certain combos like piractem and adderal have increased likelyhood of neurotoxicity.
James Brophy (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Paper: "Short- and long-term treatment with modafinil differentially affects adult hippocampal neurogenesis.", in this study we see some evidence of benefits when the drug is taken short and sporadically, but no benefits when it is taken over the long term. Result: Short-term Mdf treatment increases cell proliferation in the adult dentate gyrus. Over the long term, MDF interferes with slow wave sleep, which is where sugars are replaced to the glial cells. Einstein had way more glial cells than is normal. "The dentate gyrus is part of the hippocampus and/or hippocampal formation, as some texts include the latter structure in the former or vice versa. The dentate gyrus is thought to contribute to the formation of new episodic memories, the spontaneous exploration of novel environments, and other functions." This is exactly the experience I have, the so called creativity is mostly involved with exploring a novel environment (in one case, writing a list of improvements for the museum I had started working at).
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
The biomechanics may be there, but doesn't mean it will work. I can flap my arms like a bird, but it doesn't mean I will fly. Chickens are birds and they have feathered wings and they still can't fly. It's conceivable that they could fly, but when put to the test they don't. When first discovered it was conceivable it could have the effects you describe, so it was tested. In some areas, such as in its ability to promote wakefulness, it succeeded. In others, such as in improving cognition and concentration, it was like our chicken.
James Brophy (2 years ago)
It works but is very expensive for what it does, and I was using like 10 different things to improve my mental abilities, including physical exercise, to boost my mark from 43 to 63 in a language course I failed. I wouldn't use it in day to day life to be honest.

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