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Chicago Day 2 | Willis Tower, United Center Atrium, River Cruise, Navy Pier | Travelvlog and tips

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Second day at Chicago! (1st full day) Got to Willis Tower Sky Deck before it opened at 9AM - did not need fast pass, the wait was 15 minutes the most - you have to wait in line to enter the glass box! So definitely plan ahead and you probably need to wait in multiple lines ( = another reason to be super early) - we were done by 10AM United Center - Michael Jordan Statue is moved to the Atrium (inside the united center)! The atrium is open from 10AM to 6PM - when we got there around 10:30 AM there was NO ONE. you don't have to pay, just go in there and have a moment with MJ ;) - Team store is also open -- photobooth is super fun!! you can send the pictures/videos to yourself Portillo's Hot Dog - famous chicago food. Locals don't recommend their hot dogs but other stuff on the menu. Definitely popular, but i'd say the food isn't that great (i don't like meat in general so...) River Cruise (via first lady Chicago Architecture Foundation) - $47 single ticket - departs every half an hour - popular time slots get filled up quickly, so RSVP - if you are into architecture, definitely take the 90 min cruise!! It's very informative...and they also sell alcohol... also, don't forget to take picture of the magnificient mile, wrigley building, and the beautiful skyscrappers! Navy Pier - cannot really compare to santa monica pier, of course - all the food and shops are in the basement floor, on the pier, but many under construction. - there's also the Children's Museum, so if you want to avoid children everywhere...don't come! Not really worth it.
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