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Lightning Lap 11.5: We Lap the Ford GT at VIR!

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Read the full story here: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/lightning-lap-115-we-lap-the-ford-gt-at-vir-feature An off-schedule stop at Virginia International Raceway results in a new lap-time king. Our website: http://www.caranddriver.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caranddriver/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/CARandDRIVER On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caranddriver/ Subscribe to Car and Driver http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoCARandDRIVER
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Text Comments (361)
J Mos (3 months ago)
Great video but the music is horrible however the car sounds are magnificent.
Mustang860 (4 months ago)
How did the driver managed to get in that car ? ... I mean with his big balls.
Terry Dixon (4 months ago)
And then came the mighty Corvette ZR1, something wicked this way come.
Destiny Marin (6 months ago)
ZR1 Goes 20mph faster on that straight before taking a right
knightwing4 (7 months ago)
The video I saw showed the Viper ACR doing a 2:40. What about that?
barman882007 (8 months ago)
Great lap and it could have been faster
Maxx61 (8 months ago)
If Ford engineers were asked to create a $1M exotic, there likely would be more records breaking.
Audiwan Kenobi (8 months ago)
Thank you Car and Driver for not disabling your comments section and disabling your like/ dislikes button like Motor Trend Channel....I made this same comment on The Smoking Tire podcast and Matt Farah gave a really thought provoking response to my comment.....just trying to show my appreciation and respect....thanks
ihatecrackhead (8 months ago)
that's fast, not camaro fast but fast
It's a little slower than the Hellcat Charger and Challenger in the straights.
ElConste (9 months ago)
Mistake at the exit of Oak Tree, right?
Ali M 750 (10 months ago)
lamborghini huracan performante will beat it
zymmer4 (10 months ago)
I was going to say..I saw several seconds left out there.
jamdc2000 (10 months ago)
I am not racing expert at VIR, but I would dare to say that he missed several apexes, maybe there is still at least 0.5 to 1 seconds off that time
Stryker R6 (10 months ago)
2 letters and 1 number ZR1
Pseudo Smith (10 months ago)
Um, that ZR1 at VIR, tho https://youtu.be/7-MCdfqL61E By the way, who is driving?
Jay Trock (10 months ago)
That record lasted a week. ZR1 beat it by over a second.
Mr Anonymous (10 months ago)
Zr-1 just whipped its ass, better get back there and try and push it harder 2:37.25
McBaron (6 months ago)
Mr Anonymous So?
Mr Anonymous (6 months ago)
What makes you think you are so fucking witty, nothing you said was original!!
McBaron (6 months ago)
Mr Anonymous Wow. What a comeback....
Mr Anonymous (6 months ago)
you forgot to mention between your ears loser
McBaron (6 months ago)
Mr Anonymous The only ones getting fucked here are your mom and your comments.
dash captures of Vermont (10 months ago)
Hope the mid engine (wish gm didn't call it a vette) corvette supercar really is competitive. First produced mid engine supercar gm has built but they have that prototype in gt3 racing. If the norm vette zr1 at a 1/4 of the fgt and 100+hp more can win, imagine the possibilities. It could flop though, a mean they have no real live and learn behind tge mid engine vette so lets hope their testing can give it a good start.
SyphonX (10 months ago)
ZR1 says "Gottt Heeemm!"
Miami Spotz (10 months ago)
Annndd 2019 ZR1 beats it by a second 🙌🏻😂
Thomas Bayne (10 months ago)
New record corvette zr1
Shundarian J Catron (10 months ago)
Thomas Bayne which i called just days before lol
darthracer777 (10 months ago)
Billy Johnson just set another record with the Ford GT at VIR. His lap time was 2:38. Better driver....better times.
GT7786 (10 months ago)
Long live the king.
Shundarian J Catron (10 months ago)
2019 Corvette ZR1 shall easily best this. I know it. Until then. Ford congrats you do MURICA proud
tscooter22 (10 months ago)
Hal Vieira: Considering the GT's low production numbers, I'm not surprised at the price. There are thousands of people who want one, but can't get one. Because of high development costs and low production volume I'd venture to guess Ford is losing its ass on the GT. It does make one helluva halo car, that's for sure. Also, values on these cars are going to skyrocket like some of the rarer Ferraris in the not to distant future.
Hal Vieyra (10 months ago)
tscooter22 for similarly priced cars its performance is middling at best. The gt car is completely overhauled from the roadgoing version so the success of the race car is completely up to the drivers.
tscooter22 (10 months ago)
That "overhyped mediocre supercar" won Lemans. Grow up. The same goes to the others arguing like little kids in this thread.
Hal Vieyra (10 months ago)
they both run on the same exact tire (michelin pilot sport cup 2) i don't know wtf you are on. Also they ran the same track layout, maybe take the time to compare the laps before making objectively incorrect statements. Ford is the real piece of junk here if you're comparing it to the c7 zr1, especially for the money. Ford charges half a million for this overhyped, mediocre supercar and gives it the engine from an F150 and interior bits from a Fiesta. Meanwhile Chevrolet has consistently delivered extreme performance and supercharged V8's at a bargain. The Z06 was tested by the same magazine that tested the GT around this track and it ran a 2:44.6, only 1.6 seconds off for 1/7th the price. Consider what adding 100 horsepower and tons of downforce would do if car and driver ran the zr1 in this year's lightning lap. Easily a second or two faster with no testing bias.
ap 123 (10 months ago)
Servant of JESUS CHRIST it barely beat it by a second on a shorter track layout and on sticky race tires. If the crapvette ran the same track layout and had street tires on it it wouldn't stand a chance against the GT and chevy knows it. Ford is still the king and chevy will forever be worthless junk.
usman rai (10 months ago)
this ford gt is one of the most over rated car. 720s will fuck this eco shit in every aspect.
gmax876 (10 months ago)
Was it a flawless lap though?
Lawrence Fearon (10 months ago)
Of all the cars on that list, the viper has the most potential for quicker track times. 100 more horsepower and that ACR's running 2:37 EASY with an experienced viper driver. With all the vast aftermarket parts and Tuners, total cost for that power is just $5,000. 800 horsepower, 9 Liters, E85 and still naturally aspirated is just $20,000. Or just bolt on a supercharger for 1000.
taurussho86 (10 months ago)
I see most people are hating on the Ford GT. It posted the fastest time. It is a track/race car. It was built simply to defeat. Most arguments I hear is about is, "its only X time faster than", or its "overpriced", its this or that but none of yall can afford one and dam sure haven't touched one. SIT DOWN
Justin Wright (10 months ago)
O5 Fordgt kicked all all corvettes ads new or old its the fastest street car In the world and now the new gt is here still hate smh give it up.
Omar Cantu (10 months ago)
Justin Wright zr1 just beat it stfu
Justin Wright (10 months ago)
Damn the car just set a record and haters are still gonna say this car that car sad asf. Get over it Ford did a good job. Stop hating
Justin Wright (10 months ago)
11 sad Chevy haters
Wow, I really enjoyed this video, thanks! Ironically it turns into a great endorsement of the AMG GTR, which is far less expensive and more practical. Still, who doesn't want to see the Ford GT post laptimes on all our favourite tracks? 2018 is gonna be fun! :)
dash captures of Vermont (10 months ago)
Coulda put a sheet of paper in between this and the porsche.
God Save America (10 months ago)
There are some butt hurt people here.
Cleve Hines (10 months ago)
Let us see a Volcan or P1 GTR on that track
B LN (10 months ago)
hufington (10 months ago)
The suspension setup is a tad hard (look at how the car bounces when it hits the curbs). Could have been faster with a different and softer setup.
Borja Cano Barredo (10 months ago)
insane chassis
Dustin Holstein (10 months ago)
Beautiful color especially in that lighting!
jacktown52 (10 months ago)
They did this with only 1 day of testing... WOW!!!
BentlyBo4 (10 months ago)
I don't think the extra 1.6 seconds is worth the 300k more it cost than the vette.
arkhsm ford (6 months ago)
Meanwhile, one of the cars is a big scary ugly pig, and the other looks like the real deal. Do I have to tell you which is which ?!
Mark F (10 months ago)
Suck it Z06
gixxer26 (10 months ago)
Horrible sound. The Ford GT40 was born with a V8. By changing to a V6 they destroy all the myth that came with the car. I don't care if its faster, cheaper on gas......how to destroy legacy in a second....sad sad sad....
StangV2 (10 months ago)
Use a good driver to do the laps. And if you can't afford one then fine.. I'll do it for free!
cookinfordummies (10 months ago)
StangV2 Billy Johnson just did a 2:38.64 on this track with a GT. Huge difference.
Rinzler (10 months ago)
And a Ford factory driver just set the VIR production car record w/ a 2:38.62 in a 2017 GT! https://www.instagram.com/p/BeT9_6ihYXK/?taken-by=billyjracing
drfaticus F-gm (10 months ago)
FORD GT is americas supercar!!Built without your tax dollars.
avyn jordan (10 months ago)
UPDATE: Racing Driver Billy Johnson just set the VIR lap record with a 2:38.62! https://www.instagram.com/p/BeT9_6ihYXK/?taken-by=billyjracing
Firestarter (7 months ago)
avyn jordan the zr1 lapped 2.37.25 and finished at 142mph. So it was ahead by 285 feet at the same point. LOL.
ElConste (9 months ago)
Snowcrest You realise that this 2:43:1 wasn't done by Porsche's test nor professional drivers and there wasn't an entire team to set the car up rightly? That comparison means nothing
Jeff Will (10 months ago)
GM just posted ZR1 video and time of 2:37.25. Ford commented today of FGT VIR time by Mr. Billy Johnson. They say it's not official sadly and no other lap record attempts will be done.
KnightDriveTV (10 months ago)
Jim Mero has run 2:38's in the C7 Z06 with the updated 2018 suspension calibrations...so keep that in mind also. Point is, the Lightning Lap is journalists driving hard, not race car drivers or professionals. It's agreed upon that if Porsche brought in a factory driver, the 918 wouldn't run a 2:43, same with all the others. I think with the journalists driving, it shows how much of the car becomes available to an "enthusiast driver" that can run a track, but is not a pro. I think accessing the FGT or 918's real upper edge requires drivers with no fear i.e. NO LIABILITY.
Snowcrest (10 months ago)
Porsche fangirls are soiling their pants........
Alan Bowers (10 months ago)
Just saw that Billy Johnson recorded a time today (1/23) at VIR with a 2:38.62. That is 4.38 seconds quicker than this lap, but obviously he is a LeMans caliber professional driver (of the #66 FGT at the 24hrs no less).
Firestarter (6 months ago)
McBaron he's just an engineer. Chevy didn't send their corvette racing program drivers period. Ford decided to use their best driver and lost. There is literally nothing you can say that changes the fact that the Chevy zr1, driven by an engineer, beat the 350% more expensive ford GT driven by a high level professional race car driver. Let me know when Ferrari engineers start laping Fiorano as fast as Sebastian Vettel. Not even Schumacher could keep up after a few years retirement. Guess this is you not caring.
McBaron (6 months ago)
Firestarter Not really. You go keep preaching Jim Mero is just an engineer.
Firestarter (6 months ago)
McBaron clearly... You just said blah blah blah... And in response to 2 sentences nonetheless. Man, for not caring, you seem to care an awful lot.
McBaron (6 months ago)
Firestarter Bla bla bla. I don't care anymore.
Firestarter (6 months ago)
McBaron keep thinking that a Corvette racing program driver can't better an engineer. I have some magic beans to sell you... They turn your camry into a NASCAR
H.A.L. 9000 (10 months ago)
Can t wait to se a matchup ZR-1 vs Ford GT . I think the Chevy will win . A real sports car need a clutch . That said , this GT is a hell of a car !
Firestarter (7 months ago)
142mph for 1.37 seconds is 285 feet... The zr1 beat the GT by 1.37 seconds and at the finish line was going about 142mph. The vette spanked it by nearly a football field. Lol
ihatecrackhead (8 months ago)
only rain would make ZL1 slower you than a GT hackass
Aplope North (9 months ago)
Omar Cantu Mehh... Different drivers, different conditions, no average of different laps... This tests have no credibility as to wich car is faster.
Jay Trock (10 months ago)
ZR1 already did it, 2:37.25
Omar Cantu (10 months ago)
H.A.L. 9000 zr1 just beat it at 2 37 25
Tim Kline (10 months ago)
The comments sum up the USA for you... Nothing is EVER good enough for these folks, never pleased with anything.
Tim Kline (10 months ago)
Snowcrest Well, the car is FAR from shit and Ford had no issues finding allocations.
Snowcrest (10 months ago)
Kliner.......Very high standards we Americans set for ourselves.......
Robert Bilodeau (10 months ago)
Wow, beat the 918! Congratulations to the Canadian-built Ford GT team at Multimatic! :D
transam2002ws6 (10 months ago)
It's an absolutely beautiful car no doubt. If Ford had built it from ground up I would be astonished but it was built by the race company Multimatic out of Canada. For racing purposes on the track first. Then modified for streetability to be sold too customers. In true Chevrolet fashion the ZR-1 will probably out lap it. As it's predecessor did the nostalgic Ford GT.
arkhsm ford (6 months ago)
Yes, a big manly 6.2 litre managed to pip a teeny tiny 3.5 litre as it is ONLY 77% bigger, haha !!
transam2002ws6 (10 months ago)
SuperGeronimo999 that's funny. Thanks for pointing me to the video. I knew it would be that way.
SuperGeronimo999 (10 months ago)
ZR1 did it in brutal fashion... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7j1gCM6-5M
SalvationsHERE (10 months ago)
Go Ford!
mike anderson (10 months ago)
viperq (10 months ago)
I'm sure there are faster cars out there, but this is a impressive lap time.
Devin Bender (10 months ago)
viperq by every track out there. The 3 fastest are Ford GT Porsche 918 and ACR. The new Vette MIGHT be faster but we shall see
Russell G.S. (10 months ago)
This lap needs an * it was done in MUCH colder weather. The air temp alone is worth AT LEAST a full second at that track especially with a forced induction car. Pointless comparison.
Russell G.S. (10 months ago)
You're absolutely right when it comes to pressure altitude. BUT FI engine are MORE effected by temperature than NA! I'm sure you've heard the term "Boost weather" II've seen it on the dyno. There is a compounding effect due the the compressors being more efficient, and the intercoolers being more efficient.   2nd, what you're saying about tires is just wrong. The street car lap record for Barber was set in 20* temps in a 991.1 gt3 on cup2's(not that fast of a car) No-one has come anywhere close since because no-one has run in 20* temps since.  I've got lap data that proves that Cup2's make more grip on a cold day, it's just a fact. Don't confuse track temps with air temps. I've done the test many times. Those tries were making more grip in the colder weather.
StrykerV8 (10 months ago)
Russell G.S. Forced induction engines are less affected by changes in atmosphere, you hurt your argument by pointing that out. What cooler temps most likely did have an affect on was the adhesion of the track for the tires. Cooler surface, less grip.
Snowcrest (10 months ago)
Russell......50 Less Horsepower and 20 degrees warmer and that car would be faster around the track. Horsepower is not the final say in road racing. Brakes and handling are what get the best lap times. Period!
Russell G.S. (10 months ago)
Ha, so you admit that it was summer vs winter then?  Average high in August 90* Average high in Dec 61* 30* = a DA change of 2000ft! You're telling me that a 2000ft DA change DOESN'T matter?!
cookinfordummies (10 months ago)
Russell G.S. Oh, the trees, and shorts... amazing, I never knew you could tell air density from those. I have a neighbor who walks outside in shorts during a snowstorm then proceeds to get in his car and take off. What was the air density?
Sanjay R (10 months ago)
Not impressive, Lightning lap by C/D had a C7 Z06 do 2:44.6 back in 2015. With the new Mag ride update, GM has seen a 1.5 second improvement at the Grand Course. By that that measure, $80k Z06 > $500K GT
Justin Wright (10 months ago)
Sanju R u can say the same for a gt350 but Ford did that shit
cookinfordummies (10 months ago)
Sanju R 2:38.64 is a new time set by Billy Johnson yesterday.
Jt Thomas (10 months ago)
First on race day (Ford)
Jt Thomas (10 months ago)
gary risher that's all in fine but there's a new sheriff in town start living in the present... this is 2018
gary risher (10 months ago)
Remind me who swept IMSA championships in 2016 and 2017 beating the 500.000 dollar hand built prototype. Let us see, Driver's Championship, Team Championship, Manufacture Championship in 2016. Team Championship, Driver's Championship, Manufacture Championship 2017. Now around 106 wins for Corvette in IMSA. Fix or repair daily. Loser, AH HAHAHAHAH.
Jt Thomas (10 months ago)
gary risher remind me again who won 24 hours at Daytona
gary risher (10 months ago)
ZR-1 just crushed the hand built prototype by 7 seconds in their production car at 1/4 of the cost. Fix or repair daily.
ForTehNguyen (10 months ago)
2016 Viper ACR did it in 2:40.2 with Chris Winkler driving it *yawn*
Non Ya (10 months ago)
2:40?? Yawn
ForTehNguyen (10 months ago)
update: they took it out on track with Ford GT WEC pro driver Billy Johnson and did 2:38.62
Lealand Young (10 months ago)
Trevon Adams look at the difference in production. Ford is only building 750 or so examples of the GT. While the Viper crappy as it's sales were will have sold about four times as many ( depending on how GT production shakes out in 202p but Ford only produces 250 a year tbrough Multimatic ) and used relatively common construction methods making it cheaper to produce. Price has little to do with it.
Trevon Adams (10 months ago)
Lealand Young yeah look at the price difference too
Lealand Young (10 months ago)
With the full aero package and what amounts to grooved track tires and factory team there setting the ACR up for each track. They pulled the GT off the trailer and drove it with no special "aero package" or support crew optimizing the car for the run. By way of comparison when C&D drove the buck standard Viper ACR it did 2:44 and some change. So over second slower when run in the same configuration as the GT.
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
Dust? lots? 720s is more than half as much. 488 0-100 6.0 0-140 11.4 0-150 13.9 GT 0-100 6.2 0-140 11.9 0-150 14.5. R8 doesn't dust it but a bit quicker off the line. f12 doesn't dust it though it costs way more than half. NSX sure as heck doesn't dust it. Bearded lad should read his own bloody test data.
Tyran Mathurin (10 months ago)
In my opinion, the new Ford GT is a great car. But it is overpriced, at $450k. The McLaren 720s is better in just about every way. And it cost less than the Ford GT. The 720s is much quicker in a straight line. It is faster around Big Willows track, according to Motor Trend. It is also more comfortable and more practical. I'd take the 720s anyday!
McBaron (6 months ago)
Tyran Mathurin One car will be worth a million or more in a couple of years, the other will be worth the same as a 650s nowadays... If you'd be one of the lucky sob's to be able to afford AND be selected by Ford to buy a GT, you'd have gone for the GT. Unless you're a moron. Missing out on an investment deal like that is just stupid.
Tyran Mathurin (7 months ago)
incargeek It's called an opinion on a subjective matter, my friend! And, I don't know about you, but judging according to "looks," have lead to me missing out on what I later realized was better for me. But now I know better. Even if I considered the Ford GT to be better-looking than the McLaren 720s, I would still be more interested in the 720s. It performs better, and is more comfortable and practical. Overall, the 720s is just a better car for the money, than the Ford GT. And these are the things that are important to me! I am not buying a car to help with my self-esteem.
incargeek (7 months ago)
Tyran Mathurin The GT is better looking :)
Firestarter (7 months ago)
Tyran Mathurin the cost of servicing and repair would make that impossible. Get a tesla p100d ludy and you'd stand a chance of making that money back on drag races and uber rides.
Tyran Mathurin (7 months ago)
rick horwat If I own a 720s for 20yrs, then I should more than get my money's worth out of it. Maybe I might even make back most (if not all) the money I spent to purchase it, by winning drag races. So, I wouldn't care if the car depreciates 20yrs later. But, I believe the 720s will hold its value pretty well (even though it is not a limited production car). Because, it is a highly sort after machine. Parker of Vehicle Virgins pointed out (in one of his videos) that more 720s were sold within a period of 3 months, than there were 650s' sold in an entire year. And, from what I've heard, if you order a 720s right now, your waiting list will be like 2yrs. So, by all means, this car will likely retain its value.
paskowitz (10 months ago)
IMO, C&D really needs to get a consistent pro driver to set the hot laps. While that laps was certainly respectable and sure as shit better than 99% of people in the YouTube comments could do, it's pretty easy to see there was some time left on the table (missed apexs, mid corner push, wide exists). Look at the lap EVO did with the Ford factory driver and you can see a clear difference in driver precision. Like others have said, no way an AMG-GTR should be anywhere close to a 918 or FGT. Still none the less impressive in my book.
Jeff Will (10 months ago)
VIR much longer and faster then track in Evo video. MT( Motor Trend) driver mentions brakes take time to get use to. C&D normally does 2+ days in testing. Ford only gave them 1 day. AMG has been competitive on some tracks vs 918. Please watch C&D AMG GTR run. The car looks much easier to driver vs 918 and FGT. The 918 lap video is on here also.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
I'm glad we finally have some comparable lap data for the Ford GT. And it seems it did relatively well overall, but personally I expected a bit more for the astronomical price Ford want's for these. Well done C&D!
Jeff Will (10 months ago)
GM just posted their ZR1 lap video. Like I expected it's faster then FGT.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
Well factory drivers and pro's are usually going to be faster than the relatively intermediate C&D staff. Although most of the time GM's drivers are engineers, but they still have a lot of seat time. But yes, the new ZR1 stands a very good chance of quickly dethroning the Ford GT.
Jeff Will (10 months ago)
A factory driver was much faster with a 2:38.62. GM new Z06 time is 2:39.77. I expect the ZR1 to be quicker then FGT.
WOT122 (10 months ago)
Zak757 (10 months ago)
Only 245 tires in front? I feel this car is mainly limited by mechanical grip. Most track cars are between 265 and 305 up front.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
Front engine track cars, yes.
_窮 (10 months ago)
Lap Starts @ 1:22
Dean Roddey (10 months ago)
The usual lack of perspective that happens in every car thread. I don't feel any particular need to justify the GT's performance one way or another but some thing to consider: 1. It's a one shot car, being compared to cars that have been refined over sometimes longer than I have been alive and I'm not young. 2. It was designed for Le Mans, which is very fast track, this one isn't that at all. 3. It really is a race car for the road, and unlike some of these other cars, it's not designed to stick to the road so hard that the first hint you overcooked is that you are looking the wrong way down the road. The difference in performance in this one between a good journalist and a pro could be more than usual. 4. It's performance is such that it probably needs higher performance tires for this type of run. 5. Some people are talking about time to learn a car and it's not important. Clearly it is. These folks may not have spent years in any given new model they see, but they will have spent plenty of time in the previous model, the other related models etc... None of them will have spent probably any time in anything like the GT.
Dean Roddey (10 months ago)
And, as I pointed out above, one of their factory drivers who knows the car really well, just beat even the Viper ACR time by a significant amount. So clearly, having part of one day in a car you don't know at all is a significant limitation as many folks on this video pointed out before.
Trades46 (10 months ago)
I love how Ford GT is in a bizarre way similar in spirit to the GT40; it wasn't the fastest thing or the cheapest way going fast in a straight line, but nothing else other than pure-bred racing cars can touch it on a racetrack.
arkhsm ford (6 months ago)
I reckon the Ford GT could do a 24 hour race, the zr1, with it's little heat maker up top, probably, a 30 minute, if lucky !!
Trevon Adams (10 months ago)
Trades46 watch the zr1 crush it
ElGringo (10 months ago)
From the results, and what I know about all of those cars, I'd pick the AMG as my number one pick. I hear the GT is way too cramped, and the 918 would be to valuable to want to drive frequently. AMG, drivable, sexy and fast! And more special than Corvettes and Vipers.
SilverRaven1959 (10 months ago)
LOLOL Cramped, these cars are seats custom made to the owner like a real race car Steering & peddles come to you! The best driver in all the cars you named and pretty quick with a 10.8 in the quarter at over 130 MPH!
Lucas Arthurs (10 months ago)
3 Murican cars and 2 German cars. Nice.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
In the top 5 yes. The whole list is MUCH longer: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/lightning-lap-20062017-historical-data-every-lap-time-every-car-feature
CAR通車臣 (10 months ago)
Props to Ford GT and Ford's team, such is progress, but then the 918 Spyder that did Lightning lap wasn't a Weissach pack model, which would probably match the 0.1 seconds of difference if not more
olov244 (10 months ago)
if you're gonna do it, do it. let's get more cars on that list and see how long that number holds the top spot ty for the video though, I didn't think we'd ever get to see one on track putting down a time
derbigpr500 (10 months ago)
Only 0.4 sec faster than a considerably less powerful, heavier and much more luxurious AMG GT-R that's based on a soft FR grand tourer instead of being developed from ground up as a race car and then modified to be road legal.
ap 123 (10 months ago)
SuperGeronimo999 zr1 has the most hp yet it's by far the slowest out of all the cars you listed. This is why chevy gets made fun of so much 😂
SuperGeronimo999 (10 months ago)
Gotta say though... ZR1 = 755 hp 488 = 661 hp GT = 647 hp Huracan = 602 hp it totally overpowers them. Combined with that aero, well... Gotta see it against the GT2 RS.
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
SuperGeronimo999 ZR1 will beat the GT2 RS at most tracks. 170! on the straights vs 163 mph for GT and 161 for 488. Finally an American car that can accelerate with a 488 or Huracan. They always could handle. GT is cool though. GT350r is cool even if ZL1 1LE stomps it.
SuperGeronimo999 (10 months ago)
C7 ZR1 just smashed the Ford GT at VIR... GT: 2:38.62 ZR1: 2:37,25
Allen Saunders (10 months ago)
derbigpr500 they got this car late not much setup or practice. Also a ford driver beat the viperacr time by 5 seconds on a track the viper held the record on. Plus did you see the 918 in there or did you purposely ignore it
Clous von (10 months ago)
Put it on Trofeo Rs
Steven D (10 months ago)
hafferzitu (10 months ago)
the gt2rs was almost 3 seconds faster than a 918 spyder in Hockenheim. Looks like he is going to destroy the ford gt too
hafferzitu (10 months ago)
Clous von 3 seconds in a smaller circuit is some to looking for...
Clous von (10 months ago)
hafferzitu not all cars perform the same on every track
grabir01 (10 months ago)
Not a V6 fan or ecoboost fan.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
Well I think the point is that in the Quarter Mile cars like the R8 V10+, NISMO GT-R, and even the Model S P100D will match or beat it, but this beats all of them on track (at least here).
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
Adam S Bearded guy mocks its straightline performance but 0-150 in 14.5 compares well with 15.4 for 458 Speciale, 14.2 for V10 plus and 16 for AMG GT-R.
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
Well this sounds better than any Twin Turbo V6 I've ever heard. Still not as good as most V8's, especially Fords own Voodoo engine.
grabir01 (10 months ago)
You care... You commented...
Clous von (10 months ago)
grabir01 no one cares
John Jiang (10 months ago)
How are lightening laps objective, consistent and fair if they are not done by a professional racing driver? Oh right, they’re not.
Vernon Price (10 months ago)
Because the laps are done by the same drivers in all cars every year, idiot. Holy shit, do you not understand what "consistent" means?
One21P (10 months ago)
Proves how easy the car is to drive fast compared to others. The 918 should be way faster than the Ford. I guess the Ford puts amateur drives much closer to pros. Great value from Ford.
Lazarus Otter (10 months ago)
John Jiang These are not done by a professional race driver because C/D wants to see what these cars can do in the hands of amateurs like us. I'm sure that a pro could cut 1-2 seconds off based solely on their natural ability alone, but what good does it do for a trackday warrior whose skill behind the wheel isn't quite as refined?
Austin Oakley (10 months ago)
John Jiang it's fair because it shows real world numbers. Ain't none of us going to go out and post a time close to what a racecar driver can do so this shows us a good comparison of what anyone could go do!
E Tappe (10 months ago)
It beat Ferrari's car at Le Mans Again! It's always been my favorite car because of the history behind it, being built out of spite because Ferrari wouldn't sell to Ford in the 60's; so in great American fashion Ford built their own sports car and Carrol Shelby drove it to victory at Le mans. it won for four consecutive years too, beast!
Adrian Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Exactly ^^
Mandolin1944 (10 months ago)
Bringing up LeMans and GT3 you entered the world of politics and BOP racing --it means exactly nothing about the street legal cars.
Jamaican Me Crazy (10 months ago)
I think this car can go a half second wicker at least. The lines weren't Very tidy at many of those corners
TheCarLovingSwede (10 months ago)
720s would go faster...
Jesse Franco (10 months ago)
I think they have a launch control Ford hasn't stated if the 0-60 increased by how many seconds.. doesn't it have launch control though, or just Vmax
Jesse Franco (10 months ago)
Stands out as a Good Purchase at least phew and the track times compete with Top Dogs and will stay in it for a while.. I wonder about the performance package numbers?
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
Jesse Franco Accelerates faster than GT R and ZO6. 911 Turbo is quicker to 60 but no 225 k car dusts it.
Jesse Franco (10 months ago)
wow so its as fast as a 720s. around a track.. and a performante... crazy just flipping crazy
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
Jesse Franco FastestLaps.com.
senorgato70 (10 months ago)
For almost half a million dollars, this car should have put up a much better number than that.  The AMG GT R at 1/3 the price is only .4 secs behind it.
Ponygt 662 (10 months ago)
See in super car world price has no meaning, already USA has 2 affordable super cars, ie the Corvette and the Viper ACR So dont you think USA needs a proper mid engine RWD super car rather than a regular Front engine RWD one like almost all European brands have? Ford took that challenge and made one and all of them are sold out already, see its an easier business, like Gm/FCA needs to sell ~ 4 cars to make money of 1 Ford GT, But if there was no market for a car thats this expensive then, ur argument is right, but there is a market that appreciates the kind of styling, heritage etc of Ford GT and for that price it does look expensive, its FAST as seen above , and will only appreciate in value over time unlike others Regarding tires the GT will do better lap times with Trofeo Rs, the Cup2s are aggressive but Trofeos are even more aggressive, even Motor Trend did a comparison between a Cup2 Z28 vs a Trofeo R Z28 around Willow Springs, the Trofeo on average was a able to pull around 0.1 gs better than Cup2s in short corners and around 0.3g more than Cup 2s around long wide corners I dont know how to search for this comparison test link,it was done back in 2016 I guess by Motor Trend
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
Ponygt 662 - was this equipped with Cup 2's? Those are already an R-compound tire comperable to the Trofeo R's. "the Ford GT just looks 2x more expensive than a Viper" - and that is the problem, because the Ford GT is 4x as expensive as the Viper.
Ponygt 662 (10 months ago)
Come on man, see the Ford GT is stupid FAST and in the hands of professional its an absolute BEAST, even in the C&D LL U saw how much the Cup 2s were protesting, the GT needs a set of Trofeo R's and I am sure it will do a sub 2:42 even with C&D drivers BillyJ is a professional race car driver , hence he was able to extract that lap time, I am sure Billy J can do a sub 2:42 in 918 and a sub 2:43 in ACR and sub 2:44 in Z06, but accept it the GT is freaking cool car Regarding price points , we all know supers cost is not at all relevant, the Ford GT just looks 2x more expensive than a Viper The only issue I have with GT is the sound, ok, its great for a V6, but I would have adored it if it had something like a Nano 3.8 twin turbo V8 like in McLaren, but its just my take
L Scott (10 months ago)
It's just the new Lap record....... and it was set by a driver in a Ford GT...
Dolby109 (10 months ago)
That is good, but it isn't exactly comparable to C&D's laps.
Merto6 (10 months ago)
It could have been faster. This guy made a few mistakes.
Firestarter (7 months ago)
Kent Llemit the zr1 beat it by 1.37s @ 2.37.25 which is 285 feet as the zr1's was traveling at 142mph.
Kent Llemit (10 months ago)
Merto6 it’s broken. 2:38.6 Most recent record (New Ford GT - Billy Johnson)
McBaron (10 months ago)
derbigpr500 918 comes with Cup 2's. As does the GT. No difference in tyres at all.
Lazarus Otter (10 months ago)
derbigpr500 If you read the article, it said that Ford's gonna give them a Competition Edition GT for LL12. If they can hit a 2:43-flat with just one day and one driver, I think they can cut at least one full second off. God, I can't wait for LL12 now!
Iosis6 (10 months ago)
derbigpr500 The Ford GT is no hyper car like the 918 though. Its also RWD as opposed to AWD and has over 200 less horsepower. The 918 also costs 300k+ more to buy so I fail to see where your argument is going.
Travis Won (10 months ago)
Ford GT is the best car ever made. I love one.
Ben (3 months ago)
The best car is the one that you own :)
Joe Hernandez (10 months ago)
alb639 (10 months ago)
And then the ZR-1 came along and dropped a 2:37.25 lap time. The Ford GT is not the best car ever made...and it has nothing to do with this lap time or the ZR-1 lap time. There is no "best car ever made" unless you define how to judge a car for that title.
Why RuMad (10 months ago)
Adrian Rodriguez well its a track beast, 5hrs ago Billy johnson destroyed the ACRs lap record with the GT around VIR. The GT is a straight up beast.
Adrian Rodriguez (10 months ago)
What?! 😂😂😂 the interior & room is somewhat of a joke for a 500k car
James Huegli (10 months ago)
I would like to see what kind of lap a 720s would do.
GazRwood (10 months ago)
Errrr check motortrend out NOW! The 720 has just beaten the 918 by 2 seconds on the normal road tyres as mclaren forgot to take the trofeo rs....lol phenomenal!
DK101GT (10 months ago)
No way mate - let me see the proff of that. No doubt the 720S is fast in a straight line, but downforce and mechanical grip makes the GT faster on a road course
derbigpr500 (10 months ago)
Probably high 2:41's.
Tyler Sanders (10 months ago)
The 720s beat the Ford GT by nearly 2 seconds at willow Springs i would expect the same here.
teamvigod (10 months ago)
It will beat the GT for sure. The only question is going to be by how much. The 720S is extremely fast as we have now seen in other track and drag race tests. I think it will beat the GT by 1 to 2 seconds at VIR. Has much more power. Only question will be what tires are on the 720S for the lap test.
yes sir (10 months ago)
By 1 tenth .... that’s disappointing.
GazRwood (10 months ago)
Been broken again by the zr1 and it was a pretty poor lap...
yes sir (10 months ago)
Kent Llemit now that isn’t disappointing
Adam Petten (10 months ago)
Kent Llemit Yep mechanical grip and straightline speed beat ACR downforce.
Kent Llemit (10 months ago)
yes sir It’s now broken. New Record - 2:38.6 Same car
yes sir (10 months ago)
Edward Steward II thanks I fixed it
Noel Aito (10 months ago)
I need it would win but I thought by a wider margin
Sean Allen (10 months ago)
Doug _ (10 months ago)
Somewhat frightening drive. Great video though 👍🏼
KnightDriveTV (10 months ago)
I agree with Hudson, I think it looks very well balanced. Main area the car really got unsorted was in the new paved section where you certainly have a surface change that unsettles the car slightly. Car looks like it has a good front end on it though, but controls its mass in the mid-turn transition.
Hudson Best (10 months ago)
it actually looks very well balanced...
Clous von (10 months ago)
Dunbar Longshanks because it's fast lol
Doofy (10 months ago)
More drivey less talkey.
evog35viii (10 months ago)
Doofy Ikr
Michael Bacon (10 months ago)
Awesome lap time. Great to see how close the different car times are. Would love to see some more videos like this but with more cars. I'm looking forward to that coming this year. So excited to see that.
ray tobing (10 months ago)
Damn that amg gtr record oh yeah love ford gt! Looks so modern! And dailyable
Clayton Yates (10 months ago)
sean5comet (10 months ago)
K Li (10 months ago)
Holy balls, and rip to the 2ml 918. However, ZR1 might be faster
Lealand Young (10 months ago)
Edgy! What next?
Brad Stokes (10 months ago)
No might about it. The GT2rs will most definitely be faster than the Ford GT.
Anis Beli879 (10 months ago)
卓尧杜 a bit faster ?? Are you crazy ?! The the GT did 163.8 mph in that long straight line... The 918 did 176 mph in that straight... Don't talk about straight speed the mclaren 570s also reached 163 mph there
Bahamuttiamat (10 months ago)
Markotark. Don't see anyone hanging american colonials for the genocide of the Natives.
derbigpr500 (10 months ago)
918 is very heavy and used far less track focused tires. Don't fool yourself, 918 is in a different league, there's no road in the world where the GT could stay with the 918.
SyphonX (10 months ago)

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