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BIG Bass in Colorado locally

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Adams County Fairgrounds. And I couldn't catch any. I need to get a better lure. It can't be me. NO WAY!!
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Brett Carlini (1 month ago)
They are carp lol
Jacob Bradley (5 years ago)
there fuckin carp! they always have been like that at the back lake. and its right next to a golf course...how is that in the middle of no ware ill give it to you tho there are some monster bass out there tho.
Gil Ricardo (7 years ago)
Sure they are not carp? Whole lot of those dirty fish here in the state, and they group liek that. Like 7-18lbs on average, big fish.
Chris Amaral (8 years ago)
get a worm or sumthing out there
Mattsa Basser (8 years ago)
Nice! I will be fishing there for sure.
1poopeater (9 years ago)
thats a load of bull shit... if u dont know how to catch bass then yes... just change how ur fishing. the bass go deaper they dont stop feeding
chornikcatfish (9 years ago)
those are fucking grass carp not bass I live in colorado and everyone of those fish would break the state record. nice try though...

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