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All-new 2019 VW Jetta review--MORE CAR FOR LE$$

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The all-new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is now based on the same MQB platform as the current VW Golf. The new Jetta sedan is slightly larger than the outgoing model, so even though it has a sleeker look, the interior is bigger for all passengers. One of the hallmarks of the Jetta has been the huge trunk and this new model does not disappoint. In fact, the Jetta is the largest sedan in the compact class. The VW Jetta comes with one engine, a turbocharged 1.4L 4-cylinder with 147hp and 184lb.-ft. of torque. the big change is the additional gears in the manual and automatic transmission. the Manual is now a 6-speed, the auto is an 8-speed unit. The Vw Jetta has room for 5-passengers and the front passengers get standard heated seats and optional heated rear seats and steering wheel. The dash is fitted with a standard 6.5-inch head unit with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and a backup camera. The higher trims get an 8-inch unit. There is an optional 10.25-inch digital dash with configurable setup. In Canada the Jetta starts at $20,995 for the manual, $22,395 for the automatic. The Driver assist package is the optional safety package with the latest advanced safety systems for $995. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MotormouthCDN Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/motormouthfb Motormouth: http://www.motormouth.ca/ Subscribe: http://tinyurl.com/motormouthsubscribe Zack Spencer Zach Spencer
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Text Comments (152)
B. Johnson (10 days ago)
I've had mine 2 months and it's having a lot of issues already. I put a quick review on YouTube under "2019 Volkswagen ve Jetta review with all 5 issues". It's so disappointing and frustrating I wish I never purchased this car.
T Mac (1 month ago)
People hating on this car need to drive and price a Honda Civic or Toyota Carolla first. VW is a better price, drives way better, and has a 6 year 72,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. My 2019 SEL Jetta is awesome and compared to Civic is much nicer.
Daniel Ng (2 months ago)
So ugly! Mk5 is still the best looking jetta
Michael Cline (2 months ago)
The Elantra is better. Gives you more features for your money. Sure the Elantra has less torque, but it's more reliable with naturally aspirated and port injection.
drewski (3 months ago)
I am on my 3rd VW Jetta I have the 1.8 TSI 2017 nice car. This model? I am not so sure about. I am waiting to see what the Jetta GLI has to offer. This engine is weak compare to the last model, an 8 speed transmission will not compensate for that. My final angst about this model are the wheel packages, they look awful. No matter which ones I see they just don't fit the car. Forget the base model steel wheels those resemble cheap wheel covers. I would wait for a refresh on this model VW will increase the HP and tweak a few other things. This jetta is not ready for prime time.
Devonne West (3 months ago)
nice review, enjoyed. gorgeous new car, my next new one!
Glenn Davis (4 months ago)
Nice car. And if Ford discontinues sedan's. I'll buy a Volkswagen Jetta 2019. Sorry Ford I don't want a SUV or crossover.
Jareth MacDonald (5 months ago)
Hey Zack, that's awesome! I see that you mention that there will be a heated steering wheel option (like a Winter package?) - when will this be available? Will this be something that can reliably drive in Alberta winters?
ontario man (5 months ago)
Torsion beam suspension cheaper just like CVT. That is why manufacturer s are going that route. no way better than Independent suspension
gritty997 (5 months ago)
Only 147 bhp, no DSG or IRS? Garbage. I'm about done with VW. The older one looked much better. This Jetta looks like it's standing on stilts. Ridiculous.
David Whitaker (5 months ago)
UPDATED AS THE LIST KEEPS GROWING -- Why I prefer my 2017 Jetta SEL over the 2019 (based on reviewer / driver comments / reports): • more engine choices for 2017, mine has the 1.8 L engine • Independent rear suspension with 2017 gone for 2019 (back to torsion beam) • True exhaust outlets for 2017 vs. Fake exhaust outlets with 2019 • Adjustable center arm rest with 2017 gone for 2019 • Height adjustment for front passenger seat gone for 2019 • Adjustable rear headrests gone with 2019 • Rear deck more glare resistant; glare reports for 2019 • Damped glove box with inner upper shelf gone for 2019 • Engine shutoff when stopping with 2019, air turns off etc., (does have an off switch) * Solid moon roof slide cover for 2017 gone for 2019 (flimsy cloth material) * A Pillar material covering gone for 2019 (solid plastic) • more touch screen functions / interface with 2019 reportedly results in unwanted connections when bumped * 2019 Seating is very bench like, some reports it was less comfy * trunk pass-thru behind rear arm rest gone with 2019 * 2019 center console intrudes on drivers right knee room * 2019 eight speed transmission gets a bit confused /sloppy (could be a break-in issue) * And, trunk lid fully opens with 2017 vs. needing further lifting with 2019 In all fairness I have not driven the 2019 so these comments if they are all accurate may not be important for some new buyers. More soft touch surfaces on 2019 front doors, and MQB platform may provide a better and more quiet ride experience, etc.
silkhead44 (4 months ago)
just leased a Rline...only good looking trim....can't wait to get it
Andrew (6 months ago)
Digital dashboard a gimmick? welcome to the future old man if you go with that thinking you might as well throwaway your smartphone lol
gladdy02 (6 months ago)
This thing looks horrendous
Curt S (6 months ago)
I'll pass on this new jetta. plain jane and too big
The Angry German (6 months ago)
Fuck cvts
rafal jankowski (7 months ago)
so is a new 1.4 engine better than old 1.8?
A Magic Panda (7 months ago)
What colour are the seats they don’t look like the antler beige on vw’s website
Jordan (7 months ago)
why the heck are turn signals on the mirror now a premium option?
renewer (7 months ago)
Such a boring car
Yippie (7 months ago)
You don't get more car for less money. VW gives some bells and whistles but takes other things away. Things the general public and first time VW buyers may not notice, but VW fans do.
Shiva Stunt Rider (7 months ago)
But VW gives a frame less doors...
Captain Brown Beard (7 months ago)
Dont buy a VW, Ive owned 3 and finally learned my lesson
ray lang (7 months ago)
Are the wiper arms still restricted from raising off the windshield ?
Cheap and dumbed down. Doesn’t even compare to Golf. VW of North America is ruining the brand.
Ed Wardo (7 months ago)
Great review! VW proves that a value buy doesn't need to look cheap (looking at you, Subaru). Look at this posh interior!
Most Highson (7 months ago)
Bland design
AllistairTenpenny (7 months ago)
Looks like a Chrysler ewwww
Pierre Huot (7 months ago)
Like for all VW products, you go back to the dealer to often to fix all kind of problem. And the look, is about 10 years to late!
bugnut82 (5 months ago)
I have a 2001 jetta with 148,000 miles, with regular schedules maintenance it's been a joy. I have a 2016 jetta, 40,000 miles with zero issues. Also, we have a 2014 Beetle with 70,000 miles, zero issues. Lastly, a 2015 Passat with 30,000 miles with zero issues. Maybe i'm just lucky ? Nah, they're great vehicles to own and drive. My 2016 Jetta Sport 1.8T manual is such a pleasure to drive, that car can stop on a dime, no joke. I've been in some serious rain storms while driving on a freeway with a steep downhill grade and there is no other car i'd rather had been driving at the time of that storm. Cars are a personal choice as well as who we like and don't like. I totally respect that you don't really care for VW's, I'm just sharing my personal love for the brand.
David Schultz (7 months ago)
I'll start by saying this isn't a car I'd buy. That said, I watch a number of YouTube reviewers to form opinions. A quick search brings up Redline Reviews and The Fast Lane Car reviewing the same car. They're likely in your YouTube side panel and were likely at the same media event. Before sounding-off with opinions based on virtually nothing, maybe watching some other reviewers would be helpful. You'll find the consistent opinion is just as positive as Zak's, maybe even more so, especially regarding the suspension and engine, which surprised me. However, they've driven it; I haven't.
Javier Hernandez (7 months ago)
I hate cvts most importantly. Unreliable trash.
Javier Hernandez (7 months ago)
Can't wait for the Passat, that's what I want or the Camry.
Akshay Kumar (7 months ago)
Go for Passat if they bring European or Asian version. It is the best in the class. American version is not so good.
Brian (7 months ago)
I think they should try bringing the European Passat to the NA markets, I think Volkswagen would have no problem selling many Passats, but for the US, they should just take the cheapest models and make these look nicer with better wheels and leatherette. The American Passat is cheap and reliable, but just is too old to be competitive anymore.
sereneturmoil (7 months ago)
VW, to my eye, is seriously missing the mark from an exterior styling perspective. To put it plainly, all new VWs are ugly; especially this Jetta. Couple that with the moral and ethical issues with the company and there's no reason, or excuse, for buying a VW.
bugnut82 (5 months ago)
The asian car looks older because they are always changing the design. VW keeps relatively the same design, making it harder to pick out an older model VS the newer model. Look at a 1950 bug VS 1974 bug, pretty much same design, unless you know what your looking for. Thats why I like VW, probably because I like simple designs without flash.
Nikk Carroll (6 months ago)
Dude look at any 5 year old asian car. Now look at any 5 year old vw, or audi. Which one looks older?
David Schultz (7 months ago)
I can't get over the ugly front end on Japanese cars. How does the country that gave us Zen produce such ugly cars? Take any German car over those Transformer wanna-be's any day. Just my two cents.
10tenman10 (7 months ago)
See it has a panoramic moonroof. Would never buy a car with one of them.
paIIIazu (7 months ago)
I'm surprised one can find a ''really large'' bump in Canada.
PlumWolf (7 months ago)
VW need give us their 1.5TSI, not this old 1.4T
Akshay Kumar (7 months ago)
天瑞 looks like they have stock and try to sell it to Americans and offer new 1.5 tsi to Chinese and Europeans.
ruzzell907 (7 months ago)
VW is stepping up the Jetta because of the new releases: Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, and Subaru Impreza.
Johnson Smith (7 months ago)
Great video but sorry, those are the most hideous rims and the SEL Premium is even worse. R-Line definitely the way to go, plus you get those exhaust tips albeit the fakeness
Darss Mare (7 months ago)
Fuel consumption?
Spencer Gough (7 months ago)
The jetta is such a depressing car, I dont know why anyone would buy it over a golf.
floydspiritz (7 months ago)
the tail lights look quite a bit like the 2015-16 Sonata models
Passerby A (7 months ago)
We all know the drill by now. Start with a torsion beam, then years later "improve" it with an independent rear suspension and maybe a better engine. Honestly this trick's getting kind of old.
Μιχάλης ΤΖ (7 months ago)
Why most of you says 147hp is underpowered? Are you drag racing all day long? 147hp is plenty enough for safe overtaking or merging and you don't drive at autobahn, so you can't legally even reach the Jetta's top speed
Robert Kisin (6 months ago)
I've driven one. Don't let the numbers fool you. This car has plenty of zing! I'm buying one.
Christopher Car Reviews (7 months ago)
Great review
Mitchell Pritsker (8 months ago)
I don’t like exposed hinges the ones that are on the trunk.
J V (6 months ago)
could care less about it , car runs really god
Rida Al Osman (8 months ago)
-no standard safety equipment like its competitors -engine is a carry forward which is a shame -Price is much higher for base model than its competitors -didn’t know that previous generation had only 5 gears for the manual transmission ! That’s mind boggling!
jh5kl (7 months ago)
your bs starts with the price, civic is basically the same entry price or a few dollars more expensive, not a lot of difference on entry level safety equipment either, and LOL, the layout of the drivetrain in this car is the same than in the civic or corolla, what s mindbogging is to expect something more than one of the most common layouts in this segment. clearly you re just a bad troll
Rida Al Osman (7 months ago)
jh5kl I was referring to Civic and Corolla. You are not aware of what they offer....hmm I suppose you are just an “average driver” :)
jh5kl (8 months ago)
????? i think you re confused with the competition it has
Malikar001 (8 months ago)
I'll buy one when they put a diesel in it again... ... ... 😞
Dan Marshall (8 months ago)
How would you compare this to the latest Civic, Mazda3, Impreza, and Elantra?
mistertee (8 months ago)
This looks like a Focus, not a Jetta. They really dumbed it down for North America and that sucks. The Jetta used to be such a cool car.
Blake Swan (8 months ago)
Cheap looking inside and out. No IRS and it even has fake exhaust ports. Manual only available in the base trim. Cheaply made for America. Definitely no longer German
Brian (7 months ago)
America is the country, North America is the continent.
Blake Swan (7 months ago)
Motormouth Canada thought Canada was part of North America. My fault. Funny cause I even state America in my comment...
Motormouth (7 months ago)
Because the US is a different country.
Blake Swan (8 months ago)
Motormouth Canada ”Under the hood the new Jetta uses the familiar turbocharged 1.4-liter inline-four from last year, although both transmissions are new. The six-speed manual is available only in the base trim, but it doesn’t feel like so much of a cheap-car choice as the five-speed manual it replaces” C&D https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2019-volkswagen-jetta-first-drive-review
Blake Swan (8 months ago)
Motormouth Canada why are other US reviewers sating base trim only? Motor Trend, Car and Driver...
TDIPWR (8 months ago)
This car needs a ‘2.0 TDI’
pc (8 months ago)
I wish they made an R version, with AWD and a 300hp engine
cs4410 (8 months ago)
When will Skoda get their version of this car?
Video Buff (8 months ago)
cs4410 they already have it..it's called Octavia..Golf in Europe
Ben Haze (8 months ago)
Sorry Zack but for yes any serious driver living in Quebec (largest VW market in NA) with roads in much worse condition than anything you will see in BC will disagree with you. Also as a mechanical engineer I beg to disagree as well. VW did not choose a torsion beam rear suspension for any other reason than cost savings. The Jetta used to be the car that exceeded your expectations for the asking price but this is no longer the case, except perhaps for the upcoming JLI. VW has ruined the Passat and Tiguan driving dynamics to go after Toyota mass market appeal and unfortunately the Jetta has joined these ranks.
With all due respect to Ben Haze, I believe that Zack Spencer does some of the best car reviews on the internet and it's always fun when he includes his wife. She is pretty good in her own right.
Matthew Murdock (5 months ago)
Has it been that long many here has forgotten the fiasco that VW was in with the diesel cheat scandal? They amassed fines of billions remember? If that was not an issue then perhaps this Jetta would have better rear suspension and other big improvements. Blame VW but yet you can't blame them at the same time. Tough times call...
Brandon Gray (7 months ago)
Right Lane Hog Exactly. VW is cost-cutting the driving experience at the same time that Toyota and others are upping their game. Not cool, VW
Jeff K (7 months ago)
I sure wouldn't trade my GTI for this.
David Schultz (7 months ago)
Ben, understand your view. Suggest you watch other reviewers. Similar opinions to Zak.
Brian Lawrance (8 months ago)
No one wants these money pits
Martin K (8 months ago)
Sorry Zack, this car just screams cheap, dull and ugly. I guess they're going after Corolla buyers.
jh5kl (8 months ago)
you are aware this is a jetta right?
Irie One (8 months ago)
The look/design of this Jetta is horrible. Even the previous Jetta looked far better!
foxxmufasa (8 months ago)
iphoneman101 (8 months ago)
Car looks like a Hyundai sonata!
Marcel Tansie (8 months ago)
The shot at 5:23 shows Audi's DNA
Jeff K (7 months ago)
Yeah, give me an A4 instead.
Aaron Jaggan (7 months ago)
Hopefully they redesign the front later on and change those wheels.
Aaron Jaggan (7 months ago)
That's a cool shot. Didn't look at it that way before.
darwandoo (8 months ago)
Aaron Jaggan (7 months ago)
Cooley is that you?
Cyril Matthew (8 months ago)
I prefer manual transmission any day over DSG or 8 spd auto.
Peter Wilson (7 months ago)
I find I don't like modern multi-speed automatics. When you step on the gas they do multiple downshifts, which causes a delay in the response, and when they finish that, then the engine revs go way up, before the car starts to accelerate which feels just like a CVT to me. On the other hand, with a DSG you want lots of gears so you can pump out those downshifts, going into a corner, just like an F1 driver. I'm a manual guy, but I'm starting to want a DSG.
Rick Beyers (8 months ago)
Will give a hard look at the R-Line model. Thanks zack.
padistedor (8 months ago)
I wish I never sold my 1990 GLI.
Jaret Krecsy (8 months ago)
padistedor GLI or GTX? ;)
Jordan (8 months ago)
No middle arm rest adjust? Sucks
skunk1955 (8 months ago)
I was very interested in this car . I think it looks awesome and the digital dash is very cool . BUT I found out that in the USA they are getting a 6 yr , 72,000 mi , fully transferable , bumper to bumper warranty . In Canada however we are only getting a 4 yr warranty !!! I wrote VW to complain and their lame excuse was " we have no control over what VW USA does they are completely separate and make their own decisions " Well maybe VW Canada should decide to match VW USA then . After their cheating scandal you would think they would like to give ALL customers a perk to win back their business. Apparently we are not as important as the USA market . NO SALE
gus zam (7 months ago)
Don't be a crying baby, in Mexico we only get 2yr warranty and they sell a lot of vw here!!!
MG (7 months ago)
skunk1955 the car is great you won’t have to use it anyway
V Poje (8 months ago)
Frankly Zack, im on my 3rd Chevy Cruze and they don't have an independant rear suspension, but all 3 had what they call a Z-link or some call it a watts link and i can tell you that you don't need it. I had Civic and Accord back in the day and the Cruze with the Z-link (since not all Cruze have it) can keep up with them any day.
Anthony T (8 months ago)
Typical VW Fanboy review. Compared to the 2019 Accord or Camry....this looks like such an ugly POS with no innovation. That front Fascia looks like something from 10 years ago. 1.4L, 147HP and 184lb/ft....is that a JOKE? The new Accord will get 192 in both HP/Torque in a 1.5L Oh and no independent rear suspension.......that's just laughing stock.
Jeff K (7 months ago)
Also the 2.0T with DSG gets great mileage, I don't see the reason for anything less in the VW line.
Jeff K (7 months ago)
Personally I think the only Japanese company that is getting styling right is Mazda. I'm worried that Toyota is going to make the supra to funky looking.
Mr. Wonderful (7 months ago)
For someone who has a car as their pfp, you seem to have no understanding of them lmao.
Malik Brother (7 months ago)
Jerry Ken What? I already own 1.4 TSI mk7. And it has more torque than 2.5 litre. In turbo, you get low end torque from 1400 rpm all the way 3000 rpm which already helps you accelerating up to 120 km/h and beyond. It is 20 hp difference than same torque from 1.8 TSI. Test drove that engine too. With 1.4 tsi, you don’t need 1.8 due to same low end torque. It is faster, peppier, and fun to drive. Also very fuel efficient that gets closer to 33-34 mpg combined or 7.5 km/h combined. And I am speaking from the experience. Of course 2.5 is also great natural aspirated engine. That engine is classic but I prefer low end torque from 1400 rpm that helps me get off the line quicker with ample powers for highway passing.
Jerry Ken (7 months ago)
i don't want to say Jetta is not good, i'm driving one, and i love it. and this good video,
Pawel X (8 months ago)
I like it.
Bradley Groot (8 months ago)
Lots of poor handling cars with independent rear suspensions out there. If all the other components of the suspension can be higher quality due to using a live rear axle you might be better off.
David Schultz (7 months ago)
Can't argue with that.
Maestro_T (8 months ago)
I wonder what the numbers would be for the Golf in Canada if they hadn't changed the name to Rabbit a couple of times in its existence.
BORU (8 months ago)
I thought you were a big fan of the Audi digital dash. Why the change? I prefer a well engineered instrument cluster and you were one of the guys swinging me to the digital.
Frank Ober (8 months ago)
I believe Zack has always said the digital dash is gimmicky. I agree with what has been said in other reviews. Digital dash will be fun for the first week, then it will be set to the drivers preference and likely not be messed with again.
Maestro_T (8 months ago)
Guess it doesn't hold up over the long term.
lexusfan100 (8 months ago)
so i noticed that the back seats have got no vents?? wtf!!!..kinda lame..but u said they will had heated rear seats later on?? kinda confusing
Kellington Link (8 months ago)
Thanks Zack, another great video. My Wife drives an ‘12 Jetta Highline (2.5 L) and loves it. My only concern with the Jetta is the degree of noise and vibration. Bear in mind, I am comparing it against my ‘07 Buick Allure or my older 2001 740i. Good car the Jetta, just not amazing. After a few years it just feels ordinary. Thanks again.
Norman Ran (8 months ago)
the 2.5L engine is a great engine! it's even better than some 2.0T engine,
Cars1999 (8 months ago)
William Bouma (8 months ago)
Gotta love the completely fake and closed exhaust tips. You can get real metal dual exhaust tips on a ford escape, but only fake plastic bumper moulding on a vw or audi.
Aleks Lajzer (8 months ago)
William Bouma Mercedes started this trend. Most cars will come this way soon as hiding the “dirty” tailpipes will become the norm.
Right Lane Hog (8 months ago)
"Zack you're just a VW fanboy," he said while rolling his eyes.
chargersrt10 (8 months ago)
Boo hoo. No diesel. :-(.
Joe E. (8 months ago)
Torque is pretty good but this makes me a little worried about it's long term reliability. I heard that turbo engines contribute more on the wear and tear of a car. Higher repair cost means a no no for me.
Sebastian Stoger (5 months ago)
Joe E. Our passat has 230,000 miles on it with barely any issues. Vw's are generally very reliable cars.
Jeff K (7 months ago)
The 2.0T in my GTI is an iron block.
Malik Brother (8 months ago)
This engine is reliable. Ironed out for all those issues in the last five years tested and released in Europe. Luckily, North America got the engine that is truly worked out free of error thank to Europe and the rest of worlds being beta testers. I own it. So far, no issue. If you are concerned about the long term reliability while maintenance cost, Corolla might be your best bet, albeit very boring but practically reliable and cheap maintenance.
Cyril Matthew (8 months ago)
Dude power is the resultant of factors like Torque, HP and acceleration no? Most reviewers usually says its the torque that matters while some others say its just hp. In reality both factors are essential and how car builds up again depends on how power is delivered through out its revv range etc.. Yes 147 hp is not that great and 250 NM is fair for a gasoline engine.Its available from a lower 1500 rpm all the way across 4000+rpm range. If we compare it with the 2.0 diesel counterpart with 138hp and a 320NM figures on paper are quiet less. But i've tested both engines and the 1.4 (in its 120PS and 200NM tune stage) can simply out perform the diesel in 0-60 as well as in intermediate acceleration, thanks to gasoline's wider power band. But the low end lag is quite notable than diesel and it requires some more work on the gas pedal especially when car is fully loaded or climbing a steep inclines and over takings do require downshift. 1.8 TSI is a good option but it aint available in manual any more. Even though 1.8 TSI manual is able to produce 320 NM torque(Superb Manual), the dq 200 DSG limits torque to 250 NM same as that of 1.4TSI manual/auto/DSG. 1.8 TSI still is faster mainly due to more hp produced by it, So even with same amount of torque it accelerates faster.
V Poje (8 months ago)
Personaly, i don't buy cars anymore, i rent them for 4 years and any car on the market right now will last 4 years. Torque is nice, i have a Diesel right now so torque is endless, but power is where the speed comes from, so if you want a good 1/4 mile time, you need power and 147hp is low, but competitive as a base engine.
Adam C (8 months ago)
The back looks like a model 3
jh5kl (8 months ago)
WTF?? sir, step aside of your keyboard please
Erkal (8 months ago)
Looks more like a midsize sedan
Cyril Matthew (8 months ago)
DAVID Y yes passat isnt a full size car as superb. It's still a large mid size
DAVID Y (8 months ago)
The Passat will feel more like a large sized sedan with the way things are going ....
Erkal (8 months ago)
Cyril Matthew the Passat is
Cyril Matthew (8 months ago)
Its a midsize sedan no ..in US and Canada
DAVID Y (8 months ago)
I was gonna say the same thing. So sick of cars getting bigger with every redesign.
Teddy Kamau (8 months ago)
Nice family car
Roy Park (8 months ago)

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