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BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH does Chewbacca Impression - The Graham Norton Show BBC AMERICA

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See BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH's much-talked-about Chewbacca Impression on the premiere of the new series of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW *** Saturday OCT 19 at 10pm/9c *** Only on BBC AMERICA. Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bbcamericatv Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcamerica Tumblr: http://bbcamerica.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica Plus HARRISON FORD, UK comedian & presenter JACK WHITEHALL and musical guest JAMES BLUNT.
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Daniru Jayasuriya (9 days ago)
Harrison's reaction is priceless omg
Mr. Sheppard (1 month ago)
Benny, we are home
Conor Birkett (1 month ago)
That chewbacca impression wasn’t even that good 😂
WegZeg (1 month ago)
Holly Hocks (1 month ago)
Is there nothing Cumberbatch can’t do? Amazing Chewbacca !
Cashnique (2 months ago)
Harrison's reaction made my heart smile <3
Ruby Anne Locklear (2 months ago)
harrison was like surprised then happy then real depressed real fast
Dan Frost (3 months ago)
Harrison Ford's expression...........Priceless
Mädchen des Mondes (3 months ago)
rilsen (3 months ago)
The pop Collector (4 months ago)
1:08 his face warms my heart
Aly In Wonderland (4 months ago)
Aniket Giri (4 months ago)
One of the most talented actors of Hollywood today's time.
hhhk20 (4 months ago)
Harrison Ford looks like death.
Big bad Gull (4 months ago)
Cumberbatch never stop to impress me. I love it🙂
MR x MaDnEsS (5 months ago)
Seeing Harrison here and knowing of his amazing legacy, it'll be such a shame when he passes
Italian Pride (5 months ago)
If you can yawn and roll your tongue at the same time, you have a stellar Chewbacca impression.
Cacinggg (5 months ago)
Harrison face's tell us he want to say "chewy we're home"
Thomas Mills (5 months ago)
That Chewie impression have Harrison a Vietnam flashback! His face!
Strygwyr (5 months ago)
1:07 harrison Ford be like what????
XxAnimenatorxX (6 months ago)
How can a 75 old man be this precious
P Ξ Λ C Y Λ L P H Λ (7 months ago)
Ford's smile defrosted antartica
Dreamtrain (7 months ago)
its hilarious to see harrison ford go back in time for a moment
matthew crichton (7 months ago)
Harrison ford forgot it was benedict cumberbatch who did the noise not chewbacca
Nohiro (7 months ago)
that reaction was priceless.
Jeffrey Kressin (8 months ago)
Doctor strange is Chewbacca. Confirmed
Morpho (9 months ago)
Miro Witch (9 months ago)
God damn Harrison has got stars in the eyes, after Chewbacca impressions
Jaden Renee (10 months ago)
harrisons face omg
Tranthony 17 (10 months ago)
1:08 Harrison Ford: Chewie, we're home...
Buxenwolf (10 months ago)
That’s odd... Harrison Ford smiled about something Star Wars related moment of the interview 😂
Kaarina Polly (10 months ago)
This is the best thing in the world
パン工場 (10 months ago)
David Romine (10 months ago)
Benelict Cumbumbercrack
Eszter Antal (11 months ago)
Harrisons reaction :’)
Dewayne Anthony Velez (1 year ago)
Ford has PTSD from star wars....
Alessia Bono (1 year ago)
Benedict's voice is soooooo deep 😲
ORxven (1 year ago)
Oh look its Doctor Holmes Strange xD
Tejbekifli Tv (1 year ago)
0:32 "No" Was that a Sidious impression?😂😂
Jabnia Soberanis (1 year ago)
Superwholock ian (1 year ago)
Chewbacca is so good😂😂😂
He was so happy😂💕
scizodd (1 year ago)
hes a parrot
Spicy Mikey (1 year ago)
The guy who was basically silent the whole time sitting next to Benedict looked like he was terrified after the chewbaca impression
Matt (1 year ago)
Harrison had some flashbacks
Jun Taiohara (1 year ago)
I love how everyone in the comment section is happy about Harrison being happy :,)
L. Mix16 (1 year ago)
i loved harrison's reaction it was the cutest thing ever
Natalie Lampman (1 year ago)
Harrison's reaction. Hilarious.
thatonecoolpirate (1 year ago)
damnnn who could know a sex god could be a chewbacca
Cherryfan001 (1 year ago)
Happy anniversary Star Wars!
L (1 year ago)
Ess Tea (1 year ago)
Harrison Ford looks so impressed by Ben's Chewbacca noise.
Simon Coles (1 year ago)
Cannot STAND Jake Whitehall
Carla Cervantes (1 year ago)
Harrison's face just light up
evelyn y (1 year ago)
His face literally lit up
strahinjagov (1 year ago)
Ford's reaction was priceless 😂😂😂
Mansour AlSubaie (1 year ago)
Ford was like just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!
Fantasy Parade (1 year ago)
Oh my goodness, the flashbacks that hit Harrison the second Benedict did that impression 😂😂
Sara Rose (1 year ago)
Why is Benedict so perfect!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Nikhil (1 year ago)
This has to be the best talk show in the English speaking world ever.
spikelilgirl (1 year ago)
Awww... The look on Harrison's face was so sweet.
riman (1 year ago)
Just don't ask him to say penguin XD
Aaron Burr (1 year ago)
양지아 (1 year ago)
Seriously look at his FACE!!
Nuckz (1 year ago)
Prefiro o Jorge Pontual
willmo42 (1 year ago)
Every time I see Harrison Ford on Television I am convinced he is on drugs.
Miinii Birdie (1 year ago)
ayotechnologymylove (1 year ago)
0:22 that was the sweetest laugh I've heard in a while <3
CharLiix31 (2 years ago)
Ford was like "the hell was that"
qreylarason_draws (2 years ago)
CharLiix31 Ikr
ChooseYour Poison (2 years ago)
LOL Harrison's face just lit up like a beacon . . Chewie, we're home . . XD
Michelle (2 years ago)
1:08 Harrison looks genuinely shocked and ecstatic looool.
moxie (1 year ago)
He enjoyed himself on this show for sure. Graham's the best and Benedict and Jack are always top notch guests.
Edward Brock Jr (1 year ago)
Michelle Also very happy
Creativewizzkid (2 years ago)
Jack looks so happy
karyna (2 years ago)
Harrison looked as if he just met real Chewbacca x') so cute
Matthew Hughes (2 years ago)
cumberbatch top lip lol
Celeste Blu (2 years ago)
0:22 a child ready to steal a candy
sunny singh (2 years ago)
I see this video again and again to see ford's reaction and cry out of happiness
Holly Protoolis (2 years ago)
mineman8044 (2 years ago)
Tongue Less (2 years ago)
Harrison Ford was like "OMG!!!! that's who was under the suit all the time!!"
Gourmet Salad (2 years ago)
broccoliwipe clumperstack is my favorite actor
Ino Uchiha (2 years ago)
Can we get him and Tom Hiddleston and let them go at it
Raven Wright (2 years ago)
Ino Uchiha SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (Sorry, I had to)
Marshall's Fiero (2 years ago)
Eric Stark (2 years ago)
Harrison's reaction is gold
MovieNerd_EP (2 years ago)
Harrison ford not grumpy for once? What a delight
*Mad as a Hatter* (2 years ago)
omg i cant stop laughing!♡
Dani Bd (2 years ago)
Ponds (2 years ago)
Dani Bd o
뿡 뿡 (2 years ago)
베네딕트 개좋아 미친ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ내한하면 학교고 뭐고 다 재치고 그냥 찾아간다 ㄹㅇ♡♡♡
LOL BEN AND HARRISON CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!! Have u seen his Alan Rickman impression?! It scared me cuz it was so accurate. U gotta watch it it's amazing. Just type in "Benedict Cumberbatch Alan Rickman impression".
b. kels (2 years ago)
did you guys notice how much Harrison Ford's eyes lit up when Benedict did the chewbacca sound??
Sam Lubas (2 years ago)
I feel like he should be a doctor in Doctor who
frying nugget (2 years ago)
1:05 LOL
Julian Vasquez (2 years ago)
when he said "no" it sounded like the emperor from star wars
Anna Scholle (2 years ago)
mineman8044 (2 years ago)
wow, that's funny!!
Rich Johnson (2 years ago)
It sounds like stewy from family guy is doing chewy
Bleachboy8542 1 (2 years ago)
0:32 nice palpatine impression benedict
The Pink Frog (2 years ago)
karthu1993 (2 years ago)
Thumbs up if you are here to see Harrison's reaction after Benedict's Chewbacca impression.
Ghost Mau (2 years ago)
is it just me or in 0:32 benedict sounds like darth sidious
Lori Wolfcat (2 years ago)
Anyone else think that Benedict looks so much like Alan Rickman?
Manshun Neupane (2 years ago)
O my gosh
insanelykim (2 years ago)
insanelykim (2 years ago)
Steven *

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