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Alpha Men Multivitamin | Product Benefits & Overview by Myprotein

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For more info on this product - click here: http://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/alpha-men/10530421.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=overview_alphamen&affil=social
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Text Comments (9)
kyuubi (8 months ago)
on the package it says: take 1-2 tablets daily and in the video you say 2 in the morning 2 in the evening? :O
Andrew Angeles (1 year ago)
When will you guys restock?!
LedHead (2 years ago)
Why do i have to take 4 pills.Why not put everything in just 1?
Adam (1 year ago)
BlackHole they dont want people to choke on them and then suing them, plus there are probably standard for pill sizes in the industry
Robert-Alexandru Nita (1 year ago)
Dunno if you still care,but they did that mainly so it's not too hard to swallow and so you can take it in different times of the day because your body can't absorb so many vitamins at once.
Heavy E (1 year ago)
Maybe it would get to big and would be hard to swallow. I recently started to drink them and i just take one in morning and SOMETIMES one with dinner.
ummahusla (2 years ago)
Nice! I'm using it atm.
Mike Hughes (2 years ago)
Alpha: class A, beginning or first.
Simo Jrn (2 years ago)
I love it💪🏼

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