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🥚 The Shocking Difference Between White & Brown Eggs

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If you want to discover the truth between free range, cage free and pasture raised eggs, watch this video I've done: 👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEv1ysPQhtI =============================================== 🥚 The Shocking Difference Between White & Brown Eggs =============================================== #cholesterol #eggs I get a lot of questions about eggs, which is good because there’s a LOT of misinformation about this wonderful food source. It’s easily one of the best sources of complete protein. It’s erroneously thought to be bad for you because the media has lied and said how it’s “bad” for your cholesterol levels because it increases it. However, they failed to mention that it increases your “good”, HDL cholesterol. Eggs are good for your brain, muscles, fat loss, skin, hair, memory, hormones and sex drive… just to name a few of the benefits. And with that said, today’s topic is going to reveal the REAL difference between white and brown eggs. What makes the egg brown or white? Is there a different in the chicken that laid the egg? Is one healthier than the other? What makes the shell harder? Why are brown eggs more expensive? Does one taste better than the other? Does the color of the yolk make a difference? Which is the best type of egg to eat?... free range, pasture raised or cage free? What Makes The Egg Brown or White? The color of the egg is determined by the breed of chicken. In general, white-feathered chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs, and reddish-brown-feathered chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs. There are also breeds that lay less commonly found blue eggs and speckled eggs. Which One Is “Better” For You? The truth is it makes no difference. The color of the egg does NOT mean it’s healthier for you, better, different type of nutritional value or even taste different. Unfortunately, because we’re told that we shouldn’t have “white” foods -- white rice, pasta, breads, white sugars, etc., etc. … Brown eggs costs more than white, even though there’s no difference in them. Why Do Brown Eggs Cost More? Other than marketing and the perception that white has less nutritional value… Brown eggs tend to have a higher price tag simply because the reddish-feathered chickens that lay brown eggs are larger than the breed that lays white eggs, and as such, they require more feed/food. That extra cost is offset by — you guessed it — a higher price at the grocery store. What Makes The Shell Harder? The shells of both color eggs have the same thickness. If you've ever noticed that an eggshell seems tougher, it's because of the age of the chicken, and not the color of the egg. Younger chickens tend to lay eggs with harder shells, while older chicken lay eggs with thinner shells. This is true of both white and brown eggs. However, the harder the shell, the more calcium it typically has. What About The Color Of The Yolk? Healthier eggs that are fed better food and also liver better lives, tend to have darker yolks - which is better for you. There are more nutrients and the egg does taste better. But again, this has nothing to do with the color of the egg shell, but rather the feed the chickens eat and the healthier lifestyle they have. What’s The Best Egg To Eat? So, the color of the egg shell doesn’t matter in regards to the quality of the egg - nor the taste. It has to do with the BREED of the chicken. However, the bottom line and probably the most confusing is: What’s the difference between free range, cage free and pasture raised eggs? What’s the healthiest? ======================================== ========================================­ Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins ========================================= Thanks DrSamRobbins
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Text Comments (476)
Alexandre DURAND (5 days ago)
Deep voice
Henrik G (26 days ago)
Is it racist to prefer white eggs?
Dr Sam Robbins (23 days ago)
kim jong su (27 days ago)
Informative videos as always thanks doc!!
Dr Sam Robbins (23 days ago)
thanks kim
elmer cook (28 days ago)
An egg is a superfood the FDA says it’s bad for you because they want your money it is super healthy for you eating them raw is the best way
Miti Abulaiti (1 month ago)
Shockingly, there is no fuckin difference :) Nice title by the way
Ocean Paddles (1 month ago)
I've heard that some chickens are feed a colourant to make the yolks look darker; obviously without improving the nutritional value.
John Elton (1 month ago)
Dis-like due to false lead in to the story: you want us to watch another video...to find out the answer to the question you posed in the first video but don't answer...otherwise an ok video, just don't like the trick.
Guided Meditation (1 month ago)
Which eggs stick better to a house when you throw them? I had always thought the browns were better but I guess it was just my perception.
Baba Yaga (1 month ago)
Marcelo S (1 month ago)
Very important information! Thanks
Norman Carrington (1 month ago)
Only difference is the color of the shell.
Norman Carrington (1 month ago)
+Dr Sam Robbins right study the difference between the chickens laying the eggs. This is all b.s. from the media years ago.
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
not true..
Sakonema (1 month ago)
Why did the chicken lay an egg?
ryan g (1 month ago)
Can you do a video of natural foods that increase sex drive for men naturally??
M C (1 month ago)
Anything that is not processed.
Isaiah Daniel Israel (1 month ago)
He made a video for increasing testosterone, saying eat 2 brown eggs a day, which I just started doing. Now, he has this video, saying there’s no difference between white and brown eggs...
gourav jangra (1 month ago)
Welcome Egg eaters
And I bet the next video is about promoting your supplement.
+Dr Sam Robbins as a doctor you know you cant do that. Right? There is medical ethics. We are a doctor not a salesman. Greetings from singapore dr sam.
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
sometimes yes, sometimes no.. it depends if I belive the product adds value to what i'm saying.
Ura Nium (1 month ago)
I have never seen white chicken eggs.
Steve Parker (1 month ago)
The eggs I eat are blue; and always have orange yolks, and always free range farm.
Ved Kapur (1 month ago)
How to brown eggs healthier
Velsbasketcase (1 month ago)
Brown eggs have less privelege and are more ghetto, most chickens from brown eggs end up locked up. Lots of Brown egg layers are in flocks which are like little gangs with a pecking order.
M C (1 month ago)
They also smell bad and chickens who lay them can't speak Chicken properly and have to raise their chicks as single mothers.
Anthony Whelan (1 month ago)
I just bought a dozen green hen eggs. I never knew they existed except in doctor Zeus.
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
Rawiri Welsh (1 month ago)
Yeah and your full of shit as well ,why did you avoid the battery ( caged predominantly white )) chickens that are fed gmo wheat , producing a sickly yellow yoke or that the hardness of shell is dependant upon the grit they eat which is why free range produces harder shells deeper yellow yokes because of food variety scavenging around the farmyard instead of locked in sheds or caged being fed wheat and or pallets full of amphetamines and yes antibiotics . This asshole is the one giving false info , I doubt he has spent one day on a farm .
Shae Holden (1 month ago)
Very informative and very well presented. Thank you!
Michael Hood (1 month ago)
I have had plenty of white but I have a sensitive taste and I say 95 percent of brown eggs are much better in smooth taste than any other
Barbara Vick (2 months ago)
Free range
babz anderson (2 months ago)
Pasture raised is best
Lasting Impressions (2 months ago)
Like you would know..
LudVan 74 (2 months ago)
If brown shelled eggs cost more in the US, this is just another example of ripping off the customer. Where I live brown and white eggs cost the same. How to stop this rip pff. Just boycot the brown eggs. As the man says, there is no nutritional difference between the whit abd brown eggs.
Rui Duarte Andrade Adao (2 months ago)
Very good video. There is a commercial on TV, and it says "Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh". And there is a farm, about 3 miles from my house, and they sell eggs, and they do happen to be brown. I do notice a difference in taste from the farm eggs and the supermarket eggs. The farm eggs are a bit more expensive than store-bought, but it's worth it, because of the taste, and richer colour of the yolk (a very deep yellow).
Andres Olimpo Tamayo (2 months ago)
Hello Doc, does a hard boiled egg have less nutrition than a raw egg or a lightly scramble egg ?????
Sally Dela cruz (2 months ago)
White Eggs usually a lot of anti biotics. While Brown eggs are organic and free range...
kahtra1 (2 months ago)
HI Doc, When I was a kid I ate Eggs all they time. And it didn't matter which color I ate. Then later in life I started having a problem with smelling like sulfur. And, I discovered that it was the eggs that were causing me to smell like sulfur. So, I stopped eating eggs & egg products. A few years went by and I was at a party and accidentally ate something made with eggs in it and figured oh well, I'll just smell like sulfur for several days until the eggs a completely flushed out of me. but I didn't start smelling like sulfur. So, I asked my hostess what type of eggs she used and she said brown eggs. So, I went to the market and bought half a carton of brown eggs, to test whether they would effect me with the sulfur stench. I ate one… No stench. I ate 2 more… No stench. And I've been eating eggs again ever since. I find that the Brown Organic Free Range eggs are the best.
David Bolaños (2 months ago)
The healthier the animals environment the less stress on the animal read about eating a stressed animals .i learned it when i starting hunting js
Paul Moore (2 months ago)
At least one fact wrong. Yolk colour is often due to dye added to feed to make it look more yellow because people associate deeper yelliw with quality etc. Nothing to do with real qaulity, taste, health benefit... in fact the dye added could have health risks though no real evidence either way.
pepekristian2 (2 months ago)
Why the organic eggs is always always BROWN then?
James Tuller (2 months ago)
pepekristian2 still brown chicken. Maybe dual purpose birds. Most dark chickens are more meaty.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
pepekristian2 they come from dark chickens, more pigment maybe?
swizzy bk (2 months ago)
so.. what came first the chicken or the egg?
Mick Carson (2 months ago)
I honestly hate brown eggs. Nowdays, every store sells brown eggs. White eggs are nowhere to be seen. Before these brown eggs ever appeared in stores we've had white eggs for years and enjoyed them without any browns around. Then a brown chicken was bred and now every fucking farm has grown chicken and brown eggs sent to market. What's happening to the chickens that produced white eggs? White eggs taste better than brown eggs, are light to the palate. Brown eggs taste about the same but after a meal I get this funny sensation and strange taste 8n my throat and in the morning this bad breath is the result of 4 eggs I had the previous evening. White eggs don't seem to trigger this stomach feeling. So, when I want to return to white eggs there aren't any because every store/supermarket has brown eggs, by the tons, destroying my rights to have white eggs. Bastard humans and their interference with nature, removing white eggs and replacing with something that is allergic to some. Yes, that's the shocking difference.
Bill (2 months ago)
I have never in my life come across ANYONE who thought white eggs had less nutritional value. 99% of us know that most eggs you buy in the store have been colored white anyway even if they were off-white to begin with to make them even whiter. The idea is to make them appear _cleaner._
gattutit (2 months ago)
You are referring to chickens mainly raised free. It is some years ago I became allergic to Yellow #5, a coloring added to some foods. A friend of mine who was a food distributor for a main food company advised me to avoid dark colored eggs because, as he said, the color came not because the chickens were dark or red colored, it was something added to the food, (which he distributed) so as white chickens could bring dark-colored eggs which sold better. As you say, dark-colored eggs are commonly preferred to the white ones.
Patrick Rhodes (2 months ago)
Patrick Rhodes (2 months ago)
Tuten Vanman (2 months ago)
White eggs have to fight the way out but black eggs just sit and wait for the white eggs to do all the work.
Tuten Vanman (2 months ago)
So birds are laid how strange. The widest part of the egg still has to come out so I don't understand your logic.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Tuten Vanman eggs are pointed on one end so birds don't get bruises when they are laid.
Denise Van Hulle (2 months ago)
Don't like white eggs. Have to be brown. Also have green eggs. Wheat bread for me. I have found that brown eggs DO taste better and fry better than white eggs.
saffron blu (2 months ago)
Really interesting! Thanks! New sub!
smont mstep (2 months ago)
My uncle has 3 different kinds of chickens, some lay white, some lay brown, some lay a greenish color. They all look and taste the same
Barney Rubble (2 months ago)
The Caged up chicken! Because then when they kill it for the meat it hasn't had a life to lose worth having a life for!
Ralph Stewart (2 months ago)
I'm raising backyard chickens the eggs of tasted great the yolks are much darker than the ones I could receive in the store I'm glad to hear that somebody is telling the truth is out there but my question is I have family members who believed the chickens will become more aggressive and possibly out of control by feeding them Meats it in your video you are saying they are carnivores I thought they were omnivorous my chickens eat lots of grass vegetables fish and they're constantly digging through my compost pile which consists of all kinds of yard waste I don't use chemicals and other things in the yard am I being misled?
Goodie Gurl (2 months ago)
I remember when eggs had a soft fluffy texture, I would boil an egg and flake it with a fork to make egg & tuna salad. Hard boiled eggs now have a rubbery texture. No longer want to eat hard boiled eggs, they don't taste the same as they used to, yuck!
Both of doctor's presentations are interesting.Food for thought. Sorry for the pun !!!
bluexman1 bluexman1 (2 months ago)
Chicken was having a crap at the same time.
Jimmy Ganglia (2 months ago)
My chickens lay brown and light green eggs
HappyChair Sabel (2 months ago)
WhenI was very .little,oneof my fondeset memories is going toPhenixville too visit Grandmom,and eating a soft boilrd Brown egg for breaklast every morning. So now,(I'm 68)when I buy my eggs at my local farmers mkt(it's cheeeper-get it-chEEper)I always say"I'm here to buy the ,memories""They know what I mean,and give me 26 Brown eggs!YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
xXxBUNDIExXx (2 months ago)
I know you will judge but i moved from England to Canada and honestly thought white eggs were only in looney tunes cartoons lol. I didn't know they actually existed. Dont tell anyone!
Yep, well said and we have raised chickens for many years and rarely ever have to eat store eggs. They do not taste the same by a long shot, we feed our hens well and they scratch the property eating what chickens eat and turning it to delicious and healthy white and brown eggs. Thanks for a great video....
Ryben Flynn (2 months ago)
There is no difference. They're both eggs. I have chickens that lay white, brown, green, light blue and pink. It all depends on the breed of chicken. Now cuck eggs, tell us about those. I have ducks and they lay huge white eggs.
Robert Severson (2 months ago)
I don't care. Brown white they are both edible as long as there is no chick inside when I cook it
Deacon (2 months ago)
Eat more bacon.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Deacon amen.
Sofia M (2 months ago)
Color of yolk can also just mean that the farmer gave certain additives or special foods, no proof for health
M F (2 months ago)
The doctors told my mother in law to eat one egg a day. She ended up with heart problems and had heart surgery. She continued to eat 1 egg/day and 14 yrs. later her heart went bad again. She is now dead. The egg yolk is loaded with cholesterol.
Lourdes Gayas (2 months ago)
Thank you.
P North (2 months ago)
The white ones work, take responsibility for their children and obey the law. The brown ones do just the opposite.
georgio jansen (2 months ago)
i love white ..women
lock n load (2 months ago)
great video AND information. thanks!
Blue (2 months ago)
A chicken egg is a chicken egg. There's some difference in nutrition by what the chicken eats, but there are breeds that lay tan and brown spotted eggs, soft lovely green eggs, swirled pinkish eggs, and on and on. They are all the same once they're on your plate. A chicken egg is a chicken egg.
Dorothy Malone (2 months ago)
People eat whatever they want. Its my choice to eat the brown egg instead of the white egg. There is nothing wrong with the white egg. My choice is the brown egg.
Dahlia (2 months ago)
Clickbait clickbait clickbait
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Dahlia still more fun than political discussion.
Norm Loren (2 months ago)
Crappy video, not shocking just click bait. not worth watching
Leland Gaunt (2 months ago)
I like to charge more for my eggs because they are gluten free, even though eggs don’t have flour in them.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Leland Gaunt gluten probably a myth. Ciliac disease only happens in approximately 1% of population.
the final frontier (2 months ago)
Eggs are great!
Chris (2 months ago)
Just wasted a few mins ofmy life
Aurora Jones (2 months ago)
I have 3 hens out back. And they are the best by far. If you like eggs and you have some space get some hens. They are fun to watch and feed is like 11 bucks for a months worth of food. Thats like 11 bucks for a pet and a months worth of eggs and then some. Its a pretty good deal.
Thomopolus Rex (2 months ago)
White eggs come from white chickens. Brown eggs come from brown chickens.
jfsfrnd (2 months ago)
PETER JOHN BRANDAL (2 months ago)
My local dollar store is selling a dozen brown eggs for $1.00. This runs counter to your theory that brown egg laying chickens cost more to maintain. Perhaps they are not real chickens? Or maybe they are not real eggs? Or maybe the yoke is on me and these are white eggs with brown paint? Or could it be that I've finally cracked and now my brain is scrambled?
joette (2 months ago)
I had chickens and calcium intake determine shell thickness of. All ages of birds too thick shells are harder to check. Fertility
KLM Hooked Moore (2 months ago)
There is no nutritional difference between brown eggs vs white eggs. The color of the egg shell is determined by the genetics of the chicken. It's like saying there is a difference between how a 20/20 visioned brown-eyed person sees as opposed to a blue-eyed person. Research before you agree with and take for gospel what is said on the internet.
Farmer Dude357 (2 months ago)
Well the biggest reason difference is the fact that the chickens that lay the white eggs are better egg layers in these high production factory farms. The brown egg layers are much better at free range and finding the food they need. Many free range eggs are still given the same feed as a factory farm chicken. The only difference is they eat out doors. Like you eating in a restaurant instead of a outside table. The key is to know the person that’s caring for the chickens. But it almost a sure bet that the brown eggs are better choice.
THE DAYWALKER (2 months ago)
Well answer me this Dr Sam Robbins Which came first The chicken or the egg ......was the egg white or Brown or maybe the chicken
THE DAYWALKER (2 months ago)
Well now the big mystery is why did the chicken cross the road Who knows
James Tuller (2 months ago)
THE DAYWALKER I believe it was the roosters first, then the hens, eggs came later. As in humans, the first one can anytime The rest take 9months, just joking
James Tuller (2 months ago)
THE DAYWALKER genetics, still not fully developed, many variables probably in the billions.
Joe ROBBINS (2 months ago)
World of difference between store bought battery chicken eggs and my eggs my babies lay my chickens are all natural farm HENS even my Dr. buys them.
james ferrante (2 months ago)
here's something you didn't know about eggs, jumbo eggs are produced by young healthy chickens! as a chicken ages the eggs become smaller and less healthy. I learned that from a man who owned an egg Farm. the fact that nobody talks about it is the mystery.
Winifred Thompson (2 months ago)
Everything in an egg to make a chicken if hatched 21 days into a live chicken. provided that a rooster is running with the hens. A hen needs to have a good quality grit left for it every day,, grit is in the gizzard that is the hens teeth, and the grit helps to put the shell on the egg. There us no difference between white and brown eggs, . A free range hen is a hen that is allowed to wander freely around a yard or garden, and can pick up micro grubs and everything else that is in the ground, living out a natural life style. A barn fed hen is a hen that has freedom of movement but kept in a large house, a battery cage hen, is a small cage like affair where up to 4 to 6 hens share a cage, no quality of movement, not enough room to spread their wings, they are fed with a conveyor belt feed system, watered the same way, cages can be 4 teir or 5 teir in height, the person looking after them cannot see into the top tier cages, many hens are trampled to death and even eaten by their comrades. Cannibalism is rife. Chicken mortality is high. This is a cheap convenient way to keep a large number of hens, and many thousand of birds are looked after by one person, their eggs are very much cheaper than the barn egg system but the free range or semi free range top both these methods, The hens in the battery cage system, are usually culled after one year in the system, they are pitiful, loss of feathers, ragged necks, bare backs, they cannot walk, some when released from the battery cage system will lie on their sides, their feet are so sore with standing on wire slots for the year . Most of these hens are culled, some go into making chicken pies, and cheap chicken dishes. Value chicken burgers etc. Will some of these hens recover, they can with a wee bit of care, if Brough out into clean open air space, most of them will have their upper beak cut or shortened to,stop them picking in the cage system.Some people will take a few for pet hens to run in a garden , this enables them to recover, and they will lay quite well again within about 3 months recovery. Others remain sickly and do not recover well. If you want a few pet hens it is well worth trying , and giving these little hens the taste of good life. But I do not recommend you taking them to the vets, as the costs can sore exorbitantly. I hope this wee bit of information is of help to,you out there. If you have any questions to,ask , reply and I will get back to you. Greetings from Northern Ireland.
Medical Ops (2 months ago)
Is this another racial debate?
Medical Ops (2 months ago)
+James Tuller next time...can you elaborate the difference between African eggs and Asian eggs...me thinketh the African eggs are more athletic...but I want a professional opinion
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Medical Ops of course--- I still think there's only one human race, it keeps my mind straight.
Rumple Stiltskin (2 months ago)
Yep, I'll agree with another one of the commenters. The use of the word "Shocking" is pure click baiting. There is nothing shocking about eggs. Now, for the answer to the question which style of raising a chicken is best for egg layers. Personally I believe that Pasture raised chickens produce the best flavor and also because the chickens are not stressed thus those stress hormones are not imparted to their eggs. Personally, I drive about an hour east of where I live and go to an egg ranch and purchase flats of "Double Yoke" eggs laid by younger pullets whose bodies have not yet learned proper egg construction. But if you want to feed the whole family on one egg, purchase an Ostrich egg. But, they are not cheap.
Rumple Stiltskin (2 months ago)
Maybe you should study up on what each type of environment means what. Pasture raised is Free Range my friend, but the free range they speak of is a pen that is no more than 10x 10 with hundreds of chickens using that same space. If they are pasture raised that means exactly what you described. "Free Range" is a total BS marketing term.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Rumple Stiltskin free range, more variety of feed? More variety of bugs, protean? Nothing is shocking about variety.
Dennis B. (2 months ago)
My grand mothers hens got fed potato peels,water mellon rinds & any thing else like that. The old timers also used to shoot a jack rabbit in the winter time & hang it in the chicken house if the hens started pecking each other.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
Dennis B. Used to get fish scrap to mix with whole grains. Oyster shells gave hard shells too. Often wish I l liked Eggs more, just haven't Been able to acquire a taste. Deviled and Omelets are ok.
james dolph (2 months ago)
there is no difference
Mary C (2 months ago)
I thought there was no nutritional difference! Yes, I was right, save yourself some time, they are the same except for the price.
3077nrth 40 (2 months ago)
okay one is brown and the other one is white case closed
Mike Steel (2 months ago)
This info made my life complete 😜
Ms Daisy (2 months ago)
I didnt like anything about this video. You'd have to be 20 yrs old or younger to not already know every single thing you said. You just STRESS the point that "White" or "being White" is undesireable in today's culture. Which we can CLEARLY say you are just full of crap. The WORLD CHOOSES white eggs. And always have.
JoachimderZweite (2 months ago)
I used to have chickens running around on my acreage eating bugs and things and their eggs were very hard shelled and the yolks were very dark. They tasted wonderful. The rooster hated me and used to attack me. Good eggs are all about chicken diet and happy chickens but mostly diet I think. My dogs used to herd the chickens into the hen house at night. The eggs of chickens allowed to graze outside in pastures are much more expensive in stores by about x 4.
James Tuller (2 months ago)
JoachimderZweite used to chase them out of trees too. Oh well it's what farm kids like to do, ( and I thought it was just playing), ha ha.
Eric Sherman (2 months ago)
Nothing "shocking" here. You get a thumbs down for that.
Dan D. Dirges (2 months ago)
Nothing SHOCKING about this. Click bait. Worked this time but never again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
pantherwmn70 (2 months ago)
BS. l taste the difference.
mary CBS news jane (2 months ago)
I've also had green and blue eggs.My daycare provider went on vacation and I wad allowed to collect her eggs while she was gone.They made a beautiful center piece on my table until they were refrigerated. Blue,green,brown and white eggs (like Easter without the dye).
Philip Nothnagel (2 months ago)
In South Africa white eggs are way more expensive...........and hard to get.........
Who am I Really (2 months ago)
In South Africa, the brown eggs are taking away the property of white eggs and killing them.
Gajanan Phadte (2 months ago)
Scarcity raises price.
Cheryl Pemberton (2 months ago)
Clickbait CRAP! Thumb DOWN!
Dr Sam Robbins (2 months ago)
that's your opinion... but the majority found the video valuable
Chas Peking (2 months ago)
I'm glad eggs only cost a few bucks.
Wayne ho Cho (2 months ago)
U R the sensation seeker like media, using fake title. So what’s the dam difference between white and brown eggs ? Dr.
ronald fousek (2 months ago)
all true
Kevin Coffey (2 months ago)
White eggs are racist 😎
Dr Sam Robbins (2 months ago)
lol Kevin

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