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💪 Does Lifting Weights Make You Short?

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See how to naturally reverse your “low testosterone”, burn fat, build muscle and look younger: 👉👉 http://drsam.co/yt/GreatPhysique Or discover the only 4 ways to build muscle: 👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6ZSOu2CinM =============================================== 💪 Does Lifting Weights Make You Short? =============================================== I got a question from one of my viewers asking if “lifting weights will make me short”? This is an interesting question because growing up, I was told to not lift weights because it would make me short. In fact, I was told to “play basketball” if I want to grow up tall. And, not to play soccer either, since that’ll also make me short. Of course, this is just idiotic and stupid. Playing basketball doesn’t make you tall - It just happens that TALL people play basketball. And playing soccer doesn’t make you short either -- it just happens that “shorter” people tend to play soccer. And similar to lifting weights, most “muscular” people are shorter simply because they don’t need to gain as much muscle to look big… Versus someone like me who is 6’3”, I need to gain a lot of muscle to fill out my large frame. So it’s a lot more work for me. However, certain exercises can cause damage to your spine, not allowing you to get as tall as you could. Additionally, some exercises CAN actually improve your height, make your shoulders and rib cage bigger, if you do them during puberty and up to the age of maybe 21-23 or so. And I’ll get to the exercises in a minute. However, genetics aside, the secret to getting taller is to lower your estrogen and increase your testosterone and GH/IGF levels at the same time. You see, estrogen fuses the end of the bones and thus, prevents them from growing. This is why girls are actually taller than boys when everyone first starts puberty … But after about a year or two of puberty, once estrogen shoots up, the ends of the bones “fuse” and growth and height slows down dramatically. Yet, the boys keep getting taller and taller , slowly… because they don’t have as much estrogen and have higher testosterone. And when you have a lot more growth hormone and IGF, your bones will keep growing because the ends haven’t “fused” yet because of the high estrogen. And this is why women who typically have naturally big breasts, are shorter. While taller women generally have smaller breasts -- again, due to estrogen. And you’ve probably heard the saying about guys who are “short, fat, bald and hairy”. Well, the “short and fat” is due to higher estrogen and the “bald and hairy” is due to higher DHT levels. And in both of these cases, these men also have LOWER testosterone levels. However, all of this only matters if you’re under the age of 23 and are still going through puberty. And yes, genetics does play the biggest role here - however, if done correctly, you can “naturally” grow an extra 2-4 inches or more. And yes, I’ve seen this happen many times. Now, regarding the exercises that can potentially keep you shorter -- don’t do anything that compresses the spine. This means no squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, shrugs and similar exercises. Instead, focus on doing pull ups and “chins”. Not machine pull-downs. You want to pull yourself up and at the bottom, hang for 2 seconds. This makes your shoulders wider by stretching out your scapula and decompress your spine, which will help accelerate growth for your nerves, CNS and bone growth. Of course there are diet factors as well, but that’s for another video. Just do your best to eat as natural as possible and eliminate any foods that can increase your estrogen and decrease your testosterone. #muscle, #weightlifting ======================================== ========================================­ Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends. Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins ========================================= Thanks DrSamRobbins
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Text Comments (713)
TeamFunTheFirst (15 days ago)
Thanks for that I’ll take your advice.
Vanilla Splash (19 days ago)
I'm 16 and only 5'6 😑🤦‍♂️
Janis Jansons (20 days ago)
Simple Answar is NO
Abdullah Umar (20 days ago)
3:06 is the answer
BlackNova (21 days ago)
5 feet 7 20yr at the moment. I was wondering about muscle and height increase i had my lazy period for a while but i wanna know more about the body and testosterone. I watched your video and im interested in trying it. Many people i know suggested to increase testosterone but at the moment im just doing calisthenic workouts with a couple of dumbbell exercises to keep my body i guess fit/flexible. Im not yet eating enough healthy food and enough calories and that's just one of many things im missing. I began learning more about the body but that's from website to website which is helpfull in a way but more information is always welcome. Currently im far from truly understand how my body works so i hope to change that in a couple days/weeks/months etc. We only have one body so we gotta keep it healthy for as long as possible I seek. A healthy body, good muscles and a couple extra centimeters if possible I'll be searching for as much information as i can and hope i can combine it with your information and make something good out of it. If you have anything which could help me on the way please find it in your time to share it with me. Thanks for sharing what you know i appreciate it.
pavan bhutiya (24 days ago)
he is fake
Dr Sam Robbins (23 days ago)
you haven't seen my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y78tnECpm9E
Jeremiah Suddreth (24 days ago)
I CANT DEADLIFT ANYMORE?? I’m 5’9 at 18 years old but my brothers are 6’3 and 6’4 at 25 years old. Did I draw the short stick? ;(
Jeremiah Suddreth (24 days ago)
+Dr Sam Robbins oh sorry seems i wasted you time
Dr Sam Robbins (24 days ago)
You can, but I've explained it in the video...
Bottle Crafty (25 days ago)
U just earned another sub👍🏻👍🏻
Stan Shady (25 days ago)
5’6 here
Dr Sam Robbins (25 days ago)
thanks for sharing that Stan
Josef OG (26 days ago)
Grew 3 inches in college, I’m 20 and avoid all these work outs (occasional overhead).... 6’6’’ and still growing
Dr Sam Robbins (25 days ago)
thanks for sharing your experience
Guglielmo Ghiurghi (1 month ago)
Thanks man
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
you're welcome
Shazam (1 month ago)
Does push up make you short?
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
Luka Zivkovic (1 month ago)
Can pull ups make u short
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
Tadas Vasiliauskas (2 months ago)
So squats are bad for hight
Bled Krasniqi (2 months ago)
Does hanging make you taller?
Dr Sam Robbins (2 months ago)
I don't know any research on this Bled...
Hate Filled (2 months ago)
You sound like someone on khan academy
Dr Sam Robbins (2 months ago)
I have no relation to anyone there
SUDEEP RAJ (2 months ago)
thank u sir
monsour tecson (5 months ago)
I hope all doctors know that youtube is not that bad.
Hisam Nirob (5 months ago)
Bicep curls are okay ? I'm 16
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
Jared Hermans (6 months ago)
Deadlifts are my favorite exercise
SIVASELVAN YOUGEN (6 months ago)
Thanks for your information
Random Random (7 months ago)
Thank you doctor sam your videos are really helpfull
Suraj Kumar (7 months ago)
Guys with high level estrogen disliked this...
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Zildjian Cruz (7 months ago)
Somebody said that going to gym can make my penis small is that true Doc?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
not true Edith... longterm, your body will be healthier and more blood will flow to your penis, making it look bigger. Don't forget to not skip "leg day".
Arianna Reardon (7 months ago)
You're not a real doctor.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
you should check out: http://drsam.co/yt/mywebsite
Mazer Roxas (7 months ago)
Can you do squats without weights?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
yes, no problem
ReD GuY (7 months ago)
Thanks SUB!
Kousei Arima (7 months ago)
Very helpful
SuPErIor MeME (7 months ago)
Dont masturbate to increase testorone
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
yes, that affects testosterone and I've talked about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_5xl0w_mXE&list=PLkoAH5env5qXWCISGTmOlLAxWdA1rgZTx&index=12
Senator (7 months ago)
HEEELL NO. I will do squats shrugs overheadpress and deadlift.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
that's your choice Senator!
Joseph Ignacio (7 months ago)
What about curling weights?
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
that's ok
ボン (7 months ago)
I actually experienced growth in height due to pull ups before I even watched this video.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing your personal experience.
Ithehill's Mind (7 months ago)
Adam Joseph Scherr ...
Radio Jayde (7 months ago)
This guys voice is cool
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Benjamin Borja (7 months ago)
Damn ive done all of the not to do exercises.
immaget datrarri (7 months ago)
I subbed to this genious
Donte DiVincenzo (7 months ago)
Oh my...I have been doing weighted squats like for a year now and im 15,i hope it didn't mess up my spine
Innuendo P (7 months ago)
when you do a 190 squat then see this while being 13...
TheFalconForce (7 months ago)
What about body weight squats
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Perfectly fine and very good. You can slow it down if it gets too easy for you.
Teamkillermaniac (7 months ago)
Deadlifting and squat are like main parts in my workout..
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Okay, well… you have a decision to make. It’s up to you. You’re in control of your body. I’m just giving you the facts from someone who has 35+ years of experience (me!). Besides, most people I know who have been squatting and deadlifting almost all have hip and back issues later in life (including ME!).
Shaikh GInobli (7 months ago)
If no overhead presses and shoulder presses, what exercises do I do for my shoulders...?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Laterals, dumbbell upright rows, etc. You CAN do overhead presses, just don’t go super heavy. Do it at the END of your shoulder workout where you’re more tired and need to use lighter weight.
THE SKOLLION 19 (7 months ago)
How machin pull down effect your height
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No difference.
CHRONOS THE GOD (7 months ago)
Can i train with weights standing
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
ChaosKill3rz (7 months ago)
Can bench press stunt the growth ?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No, they’re fine. But you may have shoulder problems later in life.
Evgenios Megas (7 months ago)
5'11 here
Alex w (7 months ago)
When I started I was 5ft 5 or 6 now I’m 5ft 10.5
liam smith (7 months ago)
Is squats with light weight ok? And does it work to do squats and then do pullups afterwards to be left with zero?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
That can work, just don’t go too heavy. You can do all sorts of leg exercises first, tire them out and maybe end with lighter weight squats which will “feel” heavy. You can also just hang for a min or so after each squat set.
caleb vincent (7 months ago)
What if after i did my workout involving squats i did a spine decompression stretch to counter the comprossion because of the squats?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
That will help.That can work, just don’t go too heavy. You can do all sorts of leg exercises first, tire them out and maybe end with lighter weight squats which will “feel” heavy. You can also just hang for a min or so after each squat set.
damian michael (7 months ago)
Thanks for the info Dr.
Suptho Bros (7 months ago)
But wouldn’t doing squats and pull downs increase testosterone and hgh making you taller? And what about doing bench presses?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Testosterone isn't going to make you taller, especially if it’s converting more to estrogen. Pull-ups is more powerful than pull-downs. Bench press is fine. Remember, you can’t grow if you’re compressed and most people do exercises incorrectly anyway. You have plenty of time to do squats later in life, IF you want.
Ali Khan (7 months ago)
Hey Doc, I was doing a middle heavy weight bench press a few months ago and I came home feeling sore all across my right shoulder/clavicle area. Ever since, I feel a jamming sensation in my clavicle area like from time to time as if something is locking and I move to unlock it. It only hurts when its jammed other than that all good. I'm 15, 6'4 if that has anything to do with it. Will I heal because I don't want to carry this issue into later life, Thanks.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Yes, you’ll heal. Bench presses cause most people shoulder problems, especially us call guys - I’m 6’3”. We have long arms, it’s not a good exercise. Better to start with isolation and finish with lighter compounds movements for us taller guys.
David Nguyen (7 months ago)
What about calisthenics? Pistols squats for example, would that effect it?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
That’s fine
Baron Cheung (7 months ago)
Will bench press harm my height?
Baron Cheung (7 months ago)
wow that's quick,thxx
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No Baron
Andrew Serwanga (7 months ago)
I'm 15 and I work my biceps with weights. Is that bad?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
GAMING ZONE (7 months ago)
Does lifting weight one time can reduce my height. I actually have taken my friend in shoulder for one or two times he is heavy like 80 kilos does that make me short I will be waiting for the answer. Thank you sir!😊
BZ (7 months ago)
Is leg presses a better alternative than squats? I've also heard that squats activates your growth hormone, is that true?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Exercise activates GH, so let’s leave it at that. Leg Press has its own set of problems and many times, it can compress the spine more. For quads, I prefer high reps and lighter weights. Easier on your joints and back and will build more muscle too.
Lawreading Green (7 months ago)
Does sit-up decompress your spine?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No, in fact the help open the spine up more, it’s very good for the lower back.
Biggity BOOM (7 months ago)
5.9 is this height short?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
It’s average and probably tall in some places
Lazz (7 months ago)
basketball does make you taller.
James Mummery (7 months ago)
What’s worse for u front squat or back squat
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Back squats because you can lift more weight and thus, more pressure on your lower back and hips.
Tabacc Lastname (7 months ago)
Finally got the video I was searching for years
Ben Scimon (7 months ago)
I was wondering if handstand push ups would be good as well?Or would that compress the spine more?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No problem, just fine if you can do them. =)
RedRobin3800 (7 months ago)
Is the extra height that you gain from hanging and pull ups just temporary or permanent?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
dope memer (7 months ago)
I've heard from other doctors that deadlifts would actually increase growth because it increases hgh levels
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
That’s just silly. EXERCISE increases GH. Deadlifts and squats may do so a TINY bit more, but not enough to actually cause growth. You need a lot more GH all day long, like a baby, to grow from GH
HardcoreTrader (7 months ago)
i stop lifting weights at 19-n and i grow taller 7cm before age 20 and now im 6'1 feet
Gallafia (7 months ago)
If squats are a no go then what should I do for legs because a squatting/lunging motion is how the muscles are activated.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Well, you can of course work hamstrings with leg curls and thus, that will help legs grow. As far as the quads, an ideal workout would be to first start with leg extensions and pre-exhaust your quads. From there, you can do walking lungs. You don’t need much weight and if you did, you can hold some light dumbells in your hands, no need to put weight on your traps/upper back. At this point, your legs are going to be tired. Now you can do high rep leg presses or front squats. Because you’re quads are tired, less weight will be needed and thus, less pressure on your back, spin and hips. And if you do squat, don’t break parallel. The “ass to heels” method is murder on your lower back.
Wolfy (7 months ago)
Is planks ok?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Dan (7 months ago)
Do farmers walks/carries affect your spine?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Yes, they’re pulling you down. Not as bad as squats, but the do compress the spine - especially with heavy weights. They can also cause neck problems over time.
Abdul Youssef (7 months ago)
Would weighted pull-ups benefit us more as opposed to normal pullups
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No. Use enough “weight” to do proper pullups, where you are squeezing and contracting the back muscles. If you’re light and very strong and can do your own body weight for 15+ reps, then it’s time to add weight. But if you hang weight and aren’t doing the pullup correctly, that’s not good, nor will it make you taller.
Afiq Fajar (7 months ago)
Im thinking the same.. Because normal pullups are not challenging since my weight is only about 62kg. Would be great if it does add some height growth.
real_g 30 (7 months ago)
I'm 5'8 and 20 yrs any suggestions to get naturally taller please?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
I stated in this video that you would need Growth Hormone and an estrogen inhibitor. However, at age 20 you will get minimum growth. Sorry...
Αγνωστος Ζ (7 months ago)
can squats without weight on stunt your growth?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No, they’re fine
doc Phunk (7 months ago)
I'm 28 and I'm just over 5'7 I wish I knew about this when I was 16 I'd be taller.
Spicy Banana (7 months ago)
can i ask a question?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Akib Choudhury (7 months ago)
What about pushups?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
those are ok Akib
Boris Bozovic (7 months ago)
Do how to grow taller video!
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
will try Boris!
Duke Levi (7 months ago)
I just turned 16 and I’m 5’11, will I actually get any taller
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
it depends on your body Duke...
Nick C (7 months ago)
Rip leg day?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
not really, you can do other exercises... I will talk about this in a future video!
Sam GW (7 months ago)
I was a midget long before I started going to the gym.
choda 555333 (7 months ago)
Can i do squats and deadelft?I am 14
hand tutorials (7 months ago)
Can I do squats without weights?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Yes, as stated in the video - body weight squats are fine.
Divesh Surve (7 months ago)
But sir..can I perform those exercises by using light weights??
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Yes, fine
Dr_ ADDIN (7 months ago)
What kind of exercise i cant to do to get taller?deadlift n squat also?another exercise?Is it jumping rope help to get taller?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No, jumping rope wouldn’t do it. The video explained all of this
Swan Man (7 months ago)
woah woah woah, squats and shoulder presses are one of my favorite excersises
oliver lanaque (7 months ago)
Doc, my age is 19 and my height is 5'5, can I still grow? :(
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
that depends on your body and genetics!
Andrewtopher (7 months ago)
so how do we workout our shoulders without over head presses? please respond thanks:)
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Side laterals, upright rows and light overhead processes as the end of the workout
Mustafa Fadlelmula (7 months ago)
I made it 6’11 so I’m straight
Lakers fan (7 months ago)
im saying it does. both me and my buddy started lifting around 15. both our little brothers are taller than us by a couple inches...
DonutPlays (7 months ago)
Can i do bent over rows or it will stunt my growth?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
it’s fine
leomes spidey (7 months ago)
Thnx doc
Knsa Khan (7 months ago)
Is this video for guys? Because I'm pretty sure females don’t grow at the age of 21-23. Correct me if I’m wrong please.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
It’s not about guys, it’s about people who want to get as tall as possible. YES, this is typically men. However, there are many women I know who wish there were a couple inches taller, right? =)
Lorenzo Carpio (7 months ago)
What shoulder exercise should I do if I want to avoid overhead press?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Laterals, dumbbell upright rows, etc. You CAN do overhead presses, just don’t go super heavy. Do it at the END of your shoulder workout where you’re more tired and need to use lighter weight.
Carl Ortiz (7 months ago)
This is my main exercises on my workouts..... Deadlifts,Squats,Bench Press,Overhead Presses,Shrugs....and I'm 15.. :(
Shivam Sati (7 months ago)
I was 172cm when I started lifting at 17 y/o, now I'm 177cm at 18y/o
Sakis Papad (7 months ago)
what if after a set of squat i hang for a bit to decompress the spine?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
It can help, but it’s not going to undo the damage. But it’s good to do anyway. Remember, just sitting can compress the spine, so hanging is something we should all do daily.
Raza Iqbal (7 months ago)
Does masturbating stunt height and does it decrease testoereone
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
No, it doesn’t stunt growth and it increases testosterone and after you orgasim, there’s a decrease. At the end, it balances itself out.
Nick Gamer (7 months ago)
What if I do push ups?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
those are ok Nick
Mirko Peric (7 months ago)
Best exercises for obliques?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Don’t do them. They are one of the fastest growing muscles in the body and they make your hips and waist WIDE, you don’t want that. Lifting weight stimulates the obliques plenty. You want to focus more on the lower abs primarily and uppers abs secondary. Also the upper serratus
Account 973845572 (7 months ago)
Please doctor give us a good workout for teens 😀
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
I’ll do a video about this. Make you’re subscribed if you aren’t already, so you’ll be notified.
thanks doc
screw driver (8 months ago)
So interesting this one🎯

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