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Bio-Identical Hormones and Synthetic Hormones - Suzanne Somers Breaking Through

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Suzanne Somers talks to her gynecologist Dr. Prudence Hall, and Dr. Abe Morgentaler [author of 'Testosterone for Life'] about synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones, and how these hormones affect our bodies in different ways. Bio-identical hormones can be incredibly helpful in treating, and potentially eliminating, the many side effects of menopause. Find out more in this episode, and don't forget to subscribe to see a new episode of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through every Thursday!
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Karen Eng (11 days ago)
RIP Lily Seymour.....She ended up getting Ovarian cancer and the tumor was removed, and then it metastasized to other parts of her body. So sad...I loved watching her videos! Could the 'Estrogen' and 'Medroxyprogesterone' (synthetic hormones) taken together have led to her cancer?
Kristen Almonte (2 months ago)
How much are bioidentical hormones? Are they by prescription? How do you start the process? Bloodwork first?
Fran Sinclair (5 months ago)
They cant be exactly the same hormones as our in our bodies as our bodies dont have solvents in our hormone. BIOIDENTICAL hormones have solvents like propylene glycol in them so dont get sucked in by thinking it is ALL NATURAL I am sick of people saying that they are all natural as they are not. I dont even think Oprah would realize that what she is taking is full of other chemicals besides the YAM. There is heaps of solvents in bioidentical hormones so I cant say the they are identical to our hormones as we dont have solvents in our blood stream. People get sucked into believing they are all natural but it isnt their fault as that is what they are told until you speak to someone in compounding pharmacy and it opens a whole can of worms. Ask questions from the compounding pharmacy. Ask what carriers they use with the hormones and ask for them to write the names down. DO a google and you will see that the carriers and solvents are NOT natural but synthetic
Lisa Noelle (5 months ago)
Can hair falling out be hormoneI issues related?
Katie • (1 month ago)
Thyroid, low iron or high copper can all be causes
Blue Butterfly (2 months ago)
Yes. Usually it is low estrogen. Or in some cases high testosterone (or I heard possibly in rare cases really high estrogen)
THX 1138 (6 months ago)
After tapering off of 15 years of antidepressants I hit a bottom that held me in a two year suicidal torment. The unrelenting anguish was so intense I can not describe it accurately. I thought I was suffering from protracted withdrawal but was curious about my hormones as I had a hysterectomy several years earlier. I sent for a home hormone test and found that my hormones were extremely out of balance. I took the steps to get onto bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Within hours of my first dose I felt relief begin to set in. I have been using them for 2 months now and even though my sleep isn't restored to normal yet, I am no longer bedridden or living in a state of sheer torture. I am so grateful to all who have invested their lives into the research and development of bioidentical hormones. Literally restored my life.
alicia sciarrillo (7 months ago)
Estriol helped my skin
II-BadSport Vulture-II (8 months ago)
She is still hot Suzanne summer I love this girl ever cents three is company LOL my iPhone doesn’t spell things correctly. Every TV show every movie etc. I love Suzanne Somers no matter if she 71 years old she still beautiful I love you Suzanne Somers I would still marry her
Bible Believer (1 year ago)
My son is fighting low testosterone and no one in our area wants to prescribe anything to help him.
Brows ByMimi (10 months ago)
Bible Believer Try to google for 'low T' clinics in the area.
Sharon Kay Summerford (1 year ago)
bodylogic. wow learned a lot. wild yam is better than the cram progertone cream?  aks bodylogic Dr. soon. just got 9 tubes of blood taken.
Joan Massey Swift (1 year ago)
I am in postmenopause and gaining about 10 lbs a year. Time to go to a naturopath.
alex fernando Huenten (1 year ago)
kandi have reason.
Anna Maples (1 year ago)
Wow, Suzanne you got me to start taking these when I was like 30, and I have such a cool Doc, I get them made I take Estradiol and Estriol 8mg, and DHEA, progesterone, and all Bioidentical, I am really into alternative medicine, also, I have the hormone levels of a 20 year old. Plus I have my periods regular now, I am so happy I read your book Ageless, thank you, you make me so happy. I look at you and know I will look young for a long time.
magildeny (2 years ago)
what about endometrial cancer? do bio identical hormones increase this cancer?
Franka Sensale (2 years ago)
Avoiding anything natural that needs to happen to your body is un-natural. You want to stay young? You want to live forever? Get real! It's a natural process to go through the menopause - the natural decline of hormones as we age. However it can sometimes cause problems such as hot flushes, low sex drive, mood swings, sleeplessness, poor concentration & memory loss which can affect your quality of life and therefore need treating. But not with hormone replacement therapy. Change your diet. Eat pure natural foods that are free from additives. Exercise. Meditate. Accept you're getting older, but by no means accept all the ailments associated with ageing. Keeping your body in tip top shape by ensuring you have the right levels of essential nutrients. Just say no to synthetic hormone replacement 'therapy' and don't listen to vane people like La Somers who have ingested a lifetime of crap and now cry wolf. I'd even question her 2nd cancer - her body riddled with it... the mis-diagnosis by 6 doctors... (?) and wonder what it is they all saw that mimicked cancer as mould would have collected in her lung cavity (Aspergillosis with an Aspergilloma). Hmm... Use your own judgement and senses.
Sabrina Redmon (1 year ago)
Franka Sensale I realize your comment is a year old but I came across this and felt like I needed to reply because I don't believe all hormonal problems are caused by ageing and/or menopause. Various other reasons such as ovary removal and chemo therapy can cause these side effects and hormonal imbalance. Any amount of meditation, real food, staying hydrated or any other tips on taking care of your body might help a little, but some people do need these meditations, and bioidentical is the way to go. There are so many different people in the world with different stories. I just needed to mention that it's not just ageing and menopause that causes a need for HRT
Cassandra Seven (2 years ago)
To get really informed read Mark Starr, M.D.'s Hypothyroidism Type 2--the Epidemic. You won't be sorry.
Sylvia Polak (2 years ago)
She is unreliable oportunist with no professional background, don;t listen to her.
Diane Guarnieri (5 months ago)
You are either a government shill or very ignorant
Virginia Renata Gomez (7 months ago)
What do you mean? Her own doctor is right there with her! She doesn’t make up the information.
Lisa Hurley (2 years ago)
No physician was able to help. I got her books, took her advice.. and I'm 100% back to normal. For any of you experiencing problems, I'd highly recommend her books. If I had not ran across her info, I'd probably be in an insane asylum by now.
Michelle Bezesky (2 years ago)
When I was still having a period I would have very bad migraines for years now that I have not had my cycle it has been about 1 year I do not have the migraines thank goodness that took over my life, but now I cannot sleep for days at time and really bad hot flashes, just started about couple months ago and the not sleeping is horrible. I have copd and some of the symptoms I am not sure if they are copd of menopause. I do not want those headaches back but I cannot take the not sleeping for days at a time. Can you suggest something for me. Thank you very much!
Gigi D (3 years ago)
I HATED that hydroxyprogesterone (fake) and I asked for something else, that stuff is really bad. there are things on the market that are made with yams, that are better.
Gayle Skurnik (10 months ago)
Play list lex miz
Gina Grosse (4 years ago)
Im  going  to try  and  learn  from  you ,  but  when  i was  on  Bio type  I  gained  weight  just  plain  horribly  and  I  took  my  self  off     and  havent  been doing  anything   at  all..  so  Im  searching  to  learn  now  ....  not  sure  what  to do ?????
Brianna Bayon (3 years ago)
+Carol OBrocki Aww, I'm so happy for you! This is *exactly* how people should be living. Hormones are at the basis of good health, *especially* when it comes to bone-density. Good job. :)
Carol OBrocki (3 years ago)
+Charley Victoria James Charley, thank you!! Yes, I am very pleased that I decided to go this route. I was very concerned about my bones, and that is really what triggered my search for the best way to keep them healthy and strong, not to mention all of the other benefits of BHT. The difference has been amazing in the way I feel!!! I also try to closely follow Suzanne's Sexy Forever way of eating. I haven't had much energy or motivation in the past to exercise regularly, but that is beginning to change. Suzanne is bringing the truth to women (and men) and I am very excited that I chose to do the BHT.
Brianna Bayon (3 years ago)
+Carol OBrocki Carol, you've made an amazing decision for your health! Keep your body in balance, stay on those hormones and get checked regularly, listen to your body. Of course, you already know all this, I'm just iterating what you're wise enough to already know! Good call, stick with the hormones and enjoy your youth. :)
Carol OBrocki (3 years ago)
+Gina Grosse I did not gain weight from my bioidentical hormone therapy.
Carol OBrocki (3 years ago)
+Charley Victoria James Yes, I found my bioidentical hormone doctor through the ForeverHealth.com site. I'm very happy with my new doctor!
Mike Floyd (4 years ago)
Ok look here is the inside scoop. Big Pharma has a notorious reputation for being making profits at the cost of people's lives. Side effects etc... The hypocritical laws that are fabricated alone does not make any sense. There are many different estrogen metabolites in a human beings body, men and women. But there are good estrogens and bad estrogens. We want the good ones to fight off cancer. There is and always have been a cure in breast cancer. Companies that produce foods, plastics and all kinds of nasty garbage; including Drugs for you to take and eat is what's causing all this crazy cancer and side effects with children and adults. Americans have been lied to for many years and other countries are way ahead of the curve when it comes to health and healing naturally. Try diindolylmethane or even a product called DIM Plus.
Mike Floyd (4 years ago)
Ok I didn't proof read my paragraph, but I have more brains in my left pinky then most ignorant scientists.
Miguel Soto (5 years ago)
Laura Doherty (5 years ago)
I am 53 years old natural as it can be. I do not take any hormones nor do I take any anti-depressing medication. What I found out that is working with me is exercise, and eat healthy. I eat more organic vegetables, and I am in the JJ's Virgen Diet. (the best diet I have ever take. I have more energy than ever. I am also suggest to women to do body massages or detox body wraps. People think I am in my late 30's and I love it. I just though to share this with you.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
You are a harrassing bully and I've turned you in you sick, demented weirdo. You're not even a woman and you have the sick nerve to talk to people about things you know nothing about. You really are a sick person and I suggest you get some help. I've emailed everything you've stated and sent to me and now you'll see that hopefully you'll get warned to leave people alone and stay away from me and don't say another word to me. You're sickening. Get help from a doctor and get off of the str drugs!
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
To EF herne sent all your information out and emailed to authorities because of your constant harrassment. Your idiotic statements are going into my pesonal emails and I've reported and sent and made copies off to every person I mentioned. You put me down as a contact and it showed on my email address and this is invading my privacy. I stated to you to leave me the hell alone you crazy psycho. I draw the line here and I've deleted your insane name from you trying to get in touch with me.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
You can't handle the truth because no one on here is stating anywhere on this page that they're on drugs.Where did you get that idea? Oh let me guess, Hannibal Lector told you.Dude, you have issues and you need to lay off of what you're taking. You're not helping anyone. You're making and idiot out of yourself. because people, ALL OF THEM, disagree with you, you think you have them pegged as being on drugs. I think we know who is on drugs and that reads and sounds like you... get help.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
This part especially is stupid. I'm 32 years old. I am not on any hormones because I'm not going through menopause, You really are nuts. You know nothing about me except for the fact that your ranting about things you know nothing about because you're not a doctor and you sound mentally deranged. face it..you have issues..
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
things about women you know ZERO about and I would lay off the subject if I were you because read what you've said. You're coming across as someone who is so mentally ill , you need to go see a psychiatrist asap. I do suspect you may have seen one and maybe you're not taking medication because what you're saying is basically insane. now get lost and leave ME ALONE. I am not fooling around. I'm very serious. Leave me the hell alone.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
anne's areas she's speaking of when speaking of bioidenticals and I don't even know if you're a damn woman or man. Seems to me you' re a guy speaking of things he knows nothing of. I suggest you stop with your insane comments and go get help quickly because NO, YOU are NOT normal. Write on my private page again about your stupidity I've already made copies of this to show facebook and my local atty general and my Congressman for harrassment. You're bullying me on this page and you're stating
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
or thinks YOU have a problem has now a parasite problem. I'm thinking you have mental health issues and you need to address them quickly. If you write anything towards my private email page again, I'm reporting you to facebook for your insane remarks, for the mere fact that you're incredibly unstable mentally and you think because people disagree with you, you have some right to call them bi polar? I'm sure that would be your issue. I'm normal and I'm a woman who has read and researched Suz
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
You're a disgusting sick person. You're on this page yelling at people and stating that eveyone has some kind of latent infections and they're bi polar? you have no brains and no business even speaking of this issue. if you get on my page, my private email page again, because this is where I found your apparently insane behavior and your stupidity calling someon bi polar, what the heck is wrong with you? You sound like you have some major issues. All of a sudden everyone who doesn't agree with u
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
I meant to say those synthetic hormones not your cow BS theory is what I meant to say, they give heart attacks, strokes,
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
of women. YOu haven't watched anything. You're nuts. Cop a clue, watch her show and read her books. You have an adgenda although no one but myself read your garbage because no one gives a crap about your opinion. Get off her page if you think she's full of it.Suzanne is the best at knowing nutrition, has many cookbooks, knowing hormones, has many books on the issue and does seminars every year to doctors to show them what's new with the hormones and women. Cop a clue!!!
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
Go away you're so full of crap.. you apparently don't watch her show because all she talks about is eating organic, eating healthy and being healthy because exercise, organic foods, bioidenticals all work. you must have written this for some stupid joke because you have no clue about her .Maybe if you read her books and watched her show you would get your info straight.I think you're some big pharma rep writing garbage about her because she found out and figured this out and has helped millions
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
Plus you dated this junk back to 1939. An article written in 1939? It's 2013 and those are a moot point now. In case you didn't realize we've come a long, long way, 70 years you're speaking of from some BS article. Medicine has changed in the past 70 years. You must be kidding. An article written so long ago ...no way in hell. READ THE INFORMATION OF THE 21ST CENTURY.. JESUS!!!
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
It's decline in estrogen when you go through menopause that causes hot flashes, You don't know what the hell you're talking about. All women who go through menopause and don't use a thing to relieve themselves of the horror that our parents and grandparents went through is because with age, hormones decline. Do some research and you don't have a clue. You must be some guy because any woman would know better.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
have incredible choices and can now live a great full quality of life once you hit menopause. I'm so glad to know this because in about 10-15 years this will probably happen to me but my generation got lucky because we now know what to do about it. Bioidenticals and they're amazing!!!!! Don't doubt what the woman knows.She's smart.
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
the best in doctors that include natural holistic medical remedies when you don't need garbage pharmaceuticals especially if you can cure any symptoms or other issues with holistic natural medicine. I don't believe in taking statin drugs or the crap flu shot that doesn't do a damn bit of good. Read up on what's in it and believe me, you won't want to go near it.These people who are doubting her are angry because she's taking their fake disgusting drugs out of business and making women see they
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
they get precisely 4 hours, yes you heard right, 4 measly hours on training on hormones, so now that doctors have begun to open their eyes and see that these are working for women and are safe and natural,many doctors are now prescribing bioidenticals and as a woman you will never have hot flashes, never go sleepless, never have those horrid symptoms our mothers and grandmothers had to suffer through. To doubt her great work and her informative shows and books is insane. She knows the best of
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
from GMO and pesticide ridden food is much cheaper than getting a horrible autoimmunde disease, cancer and the list goes on. The more you find out about this and actually read Suzanne's books and the fact that she's talking to the top, very top doctors in the nation when she does her interviews. What more could you possibly ask for.She knows exactly what she's talking about. At first back in the early 2000 s doctors didn't know squat about these hormones becaues in their full medical schooling
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
exact truth.She interviews Doctors. Suzanne isn't giving advice. Her books are all from cutting edge doctors and every woman who has gone on bioidenticals feel 100% better, they feel normal again and they're safe. She personally has been taking them for 15 years and they've done her great. She also states you must eat a great diet of vegetables, take vitamins that you may be deficient in, stay away from chemicals and go as green as you can. Eat organic.I know it costs more, but to get cancer
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
a damn horse, so CRAP BIG PHARMA AND ANY DOCTORS THAT ARE PRESCRIBING THOSE SYNTHETIC HORMONES ARE EXTREMELY BAD FOR YOU. Bioidenticals are natural. They're not pills either. They're creams made by compounding pharmacies that are made especially for you. NOT a one size fits all that those other drugs are for. You apparently must work for Merk because they are for the crap drugs and pushing the bad hormones on women.U wouldn't be saying she's full of it when the world knows that she's telling
Miss Malibu California (5 years ago)
As for Ef Herne, you're the one who is full of crap,not Suzanne. She IS SPEAKING OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES, not those disgusting synthetic hormones that doctors were giving women like prempro and many others made of pregnant mares urine. This are the drugs that cause heart attacks, storks, cancer and they're disgusting. Those are synthetic hormones. Many women and dr's are giving women these hormones that are completely natural and made of SOY AND YAMS. NATURAL FOODS. We have nothing in common
boggie cruz (5 years ago)
oh than goodness suzane cleared that up in 30 takeing pergesterone to balance menstral cycle and pms natural cream.
Tina Cuevas (5 years ago)
Not in the long run. I have been using BHT for years. Love them. Pellets are more expensive than creams of course. But they are affordable.
ianhorshamable (6 years ago)
can you help me im linda of nz
nindalorthrup (6 years ago)
Suzanne Somers uses her product that she sells on ShopNBC called Facemaster. I have been following her food, jewelry, clothing and eating plan since 1999. you should check her out.
Filthydesire (6 years ago)
Don't care. Had blonde.
W J (6 years ago)
One very important topic that I hope Suzanne covers is how to choose the right BHRT physician. GO TO A NATUROPATH WHO IS TRAINED TO PRESCRIBE BHRT THERAPY! Avoid BHRT franchises that allow any type of doctor to prescribe these programs. It is costly and in my case was prescribed extremely high doses of progesterone from three different doctors. A Naturopath corrected and balanced our hormones. Feeling great for 3 years. Began in my late 30s. Eat organic, juice, sprout and take your vitamins!
Barbara Cornacchi (6 years ago)
Can bioidentical hormones work for my ER+(97%) PR -0 breast cancer. Just had a BMX and want to go the holistic route?
Marsha Bullock (6 years ago)
I think that bio-identical hormones could help a lot of women. I know women my age, 30's, that are having to have hysterectomies. These women are experiencing all of these symptoms could be alleviated with a natural hormone without worrying about all of the side effects. I had never heard of bio-identical hormones before but will be looking into them!
hartrose33 (6 years ago)
Natual progesterone saved my life. I am 41 with PCOS!
Daisy Styles (9 months ago)
hartrose33 Hi. I'm wondering if you could tell me what you did I'm experiencing major premenopausal symptoms. Been researching but would really appreciate if you could let me know what you did. Thank you
Barbarita Lucero (6 years ago)
susanne, you've had some surgery done, it shows, but looks good...

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