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Rip Off Medications: Vimovo

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maggie morales (3 months ago)
Loren Robertson (10 months ago)
Just got some samples of this drug today from my Dr. Leery of it since I always have a bad reaction to naproxen...makes me ill for at least a day if I take it. But because the government is forcing our dr.'s to decrease chronic illness medications I have been forced to use more and more over the counter med.'s. My GERD has gotten much worse. So much so that I wake up choking on my own emesis (vomit) several times a week. One night I won't wake up in time, or be able to breath again. The side effects of this medication are serious. I have been praying to go home to Heaven for so long, perhaps with this medication I will get there sooner. I'm disabled, home/bed bound, and in chronic severe pain. I have no income or insurance and my dr.'s office just went up on the cost of each monthly visit for the third or forth time in the last year. We pay almost $200/visit for both my husband and I plus the cost of our med's. Pain for us is life, and we only want to lessen our suffering a little bit. I have other health issues that need to be seen to, but cannot afford to go to the MD or get a diagnosis that would require surgery or treatment even if I could go. So I am ready to pass away. I am tired. I am so ready to go on. Thanks for the video...I was curious about the samples and you did a pretty good job explaining the price gouging....even though I was already aware of that end of the deal. I had been given Duexis before and it was a good break through pain med for me. Worked great. I expect this Vimovo to make me feel pretty bad...but I took one a little while ago. Been sick for a few days anyway with stomach/GERD and aspiration pneumonia symptoms.
David Tharp (1 year ago)
ok lets get this wright its $2493.99 #60 No SHIT

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