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SCH15 2 x 40ft Custom Container Home with Breezeway 3D render video

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How To Design And Build Your Container Home eBook https://ecohomedesigner.com/product/how-to-design-and-build-your-container-home-ebook/ 2 x 40ft Custom Shipping Container Home or Granny flat with partly enclosed breezeway between the containers. This design uses a custom 3.4m wide container and standard 2.4m wide container. Design by ecohomedesigner.com
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Text Comments (131)
Larry Quisno (4 days ago)
Grand design
It's a 3D render :)
mihai alex (30 days ago)
A Goerdin (1 month ago)
The cost of building varies greatly depending on where it is being built and who is building it. The cost of building DIY is often about half of getting a local builder, however there are other factors. We have a very helpful eBook here which helps with building the container home. https://ecohomedesigner.com/product/how-to-design-and-build-your-container-home-ebook/
Breeze Incognito (1 month ago)
What is the price of this container house?
Tanvir Khan (1 month ago)
My project is about portabale containers and i well design this one
Blue Moon (1 month ago)
Sam Tom (2 months ago)
Great video...What is the estimated budget for this project (excluding the furniture) ?
Thanks, It depends on a lot of fators such as location and who is building it, but I think this was built in Western Australia for about $130k
saint5367 (2 months ago)
Only one problem with that design. When it rains the water will sit on top the two containers because they are a flat surface. Other than that, a pretty good design
The containers are custom made so the roof slopes to one corner and then has a downpipe in the corner post.
Buen trabajo. hermosa propuesta de vivienda
Basta explorer (2 months ago)
Nick Henton (2 months ago)
Martin Thijn (2 months ago)
Very nice design !! What are the actual sizes of the two containers ? one seems wider!
Poh Bee (2 months ago)
Dary Marko (3 months ago)
SUPER 🤗👏👏👍
Habitar Construções (3 months ago)
good demonstration !!
Victory Des'Jarlais (3 months ago)
I was told that I could get these containers galvanised to prevent them from rusting
Victory Des'Jarlais (3 months ago)
I have 23 shipping containers of various sizes I'm researching and developing different products and services into my 3D cad drafted blueprints the design of the building and the entire complex is a self-contained unit which I plan to place it underground as a hidden refuge im hoping it will be buried about 16 feet below the surface in the foothills of Canadian rookies except for center half of one side iis open concept is extend outwards past the hillside my bio and ecosystem filtration system, all year round permaculture gardens and greenhouse, two electric driven 20Kw power generators
Jose Montalvo (3 months ago)
I always wanted to do a H style home. Shipping Containers makes it much more financially to achieve without a mortgage. Was this concept ever made into a actual house? I enjoyed watching! Thank you for sharing!
Joel Romero (4 months ago)
Sin palabras buena idea 👌
Patrick Ross (4 months ago)
Epic design I’ve saved this video bc I like this channel so much. I might have wanted the breeze way to extend closer to the ends however. Either way keep up the good work.
The dining room is missing 🤷‍♀️
Tyler Hendrix (5 months ago)
How much did this cost?
Estoy interesado favor comunicarse al 3144177726
Sanity Is for the Weak! (6 months ago)
Why is one container wider than the other? Shouldn't they be standard in size?
Matt Stanislen (3 months ago)
Containers can come in custom widths and heights and lengths. That customer wanted the wider model available.
Danny Klinkert (6 months ago)
Nicky Klinkert
RoseCo (6 months ago)
I've played around with a similar design. Why not stagger them by 8-10 ft or so, to create a porch/landing on either end, which also provides an architectual element? And make the breezeway in the middle the whole 32 ft remainder? opened fully internally to create a 30 -32 by 30 ft internal living space? Just a thought
Dad man (6 months ago)
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សិ ទ្ធា (6 months ago)
Stephanie Hughes (7 months ago)
Magnificent. Arizona here I come. I would just add a bit more shade. However, the Breezeway solves that, I think. Do you need a 2nd bedroom? I don't think so as the office uses that space. Simple, yet elegant. Love the shed dormer. I would add windows in it. I would add more of an adobe lighter colored exterior. Loved the video and music. Awesome.
Norlyn Montano (7 months ago)
I like containee house.,is this available in philppines?
mukesh kumar (7 months ago)
Please from me to tacknologe and cast or compny ardrata kmukeshigi@gmail.com
Ales Valenta (7 months ago)
Juanira Lucia Erazo (7 months ago)
Muy bellas
feel fresh (7 months ago)
How much price in India
Alok Tiwari (7 months ago)
8*50 ka plat. Ha
John Smith (8 months ago)
There are many factors in doing a pro job. One resource I found which succeeds in merging these is the Rohon home build (check it out on google) without a doubt the most incredible course that I have ever heard of. look at this great website.
alice mtshali (8 months ago)
I really love it how much would it be ,I am in South Africa is it possible for me to have it?
Southamericangirl42 (9 months ago)
I'd modify this. I'd use one 40 ft to house the bedroom, kitchen, living-room and bathroom (small house but it's for me only). Then I'd use the breeze way for dining and I imagine having friends and family over in the breeze way would be really nice! (I'm going to retire in the tropics.) And I'd like to make use of solar energy and rain water (I'd need to do something about the roof then). Yayyyy!
Cual es el precio
Riccardo Scalcon (9 months ago)
very interesting.... It would be my dream to build a house with containers in the Philippines, an area very beaten by typhoons .... but I have doubts about the thermal insulation because in the Philippines it is very hot .... and you can not think of using the air conditioner 365 days year ... how do you isolate your container houses?
Shannon Banman (9 months ago)
where is the mechanical room? hot water? furnace?
Brian Eggebrecht (10 months ago)
That breezeway could be turned into a really nice greenhouse.
Calgenonlaw (10 months ago)
What computer program created the rendering?
Carlos Eduardo (10 months ago)
teria como te a planta desse casa de conteiner ????
José Crisalide (11 months ago)
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gordana naseva (11 months ago)
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Marko Bradas (11 months ago)
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Vendi Vukelic (11 months ago)
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All in One (11 months ago)
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Oliver Queen (1 year ago)
If anyone is interested in container home plans the best results that I have ever had was by following the Magic Container Plans (i found it on google) without a doubt the most helpful course that I've tried.
Miljan Krkic (1 year ago)
There are many factors in creating an amazing design. One place I found that successfully combines these is the Magic Container Plans (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful info that I've heard of. Check out this awesome resource.
Bob Anderson (1 year ago)
Terrible design.
Dawn Reed (1 year ago)
Very unique
JoeCnNd (1 year ago)
I have a similar plan I'd like but the roof would extend from the bottom of one container to the end of the other container roughly on the same plan yours is using. To allow for sleeping. Then widen the middle and use it for the living room.
Murat Kurak (1 year ago)
Shipping container everything about home. https://buildhomecontainer.blogspot.com
WHDii (1 year ago)
How is this accurate and to scale if the one container is so much wider than the other? The enclosed section in the middle is also a waste of space. Unfortunately, this isn't a very useful design.
Tim Schutte (1 year ago)
ii , then don't build it dummy. it's just a demo anyway. it's only designed to give ideas to people. personally, I would have enclosed the entire middle section, used clear and smoke colored lexan roof panels, and made an indoor, outdoor type of swimming pool, BBQ outdoor kitchen area
Home and Offices (1 year ago)
Wow it is extremely good! I stay in brasilia, brazil, and i absolutely loved all of his motion pictures. You deserve a million tanned. God bless you. Andre boaventtura
Thank you Wilona :)
Corneilsha Malcom (1 year ago)
jack hamilton (1 year ago)
I love the idea of living in one of these.
sandor abri (1 year ago)
At present time building my shipping container home made of 9 40' high cube containers and enjoy the process
Muadib223 (1 year ago)
Finally, a design that I can live with given a few mods... No 3.4m wide containers in Thailand, so I will use 2X40 on the bedroom side to get the width I want... Plus, I will increase the width and depth of the center breezeway area to create family room... Do you have plans for this type of option for this home? Thanks for the idea!!!
Angelica Arcade (1 year ago)
Very good video, I also want to be able to make a video like this but it seems I still need to learn more
my Dr T (1 year ago)
Beautiful, I love this design
kotiroful (1 year ago)
What would it cost for you to come and build this for me in the Cook Islands? I'll supply all the gears. Quote me costs for building please. Thanks
Tim Schutte (1 year ago)
kotiroful , you supply all building materials, tools, just give me a cot or hammock to sleep on and 3 meals a day, then we can work on a price. I'm very professional, 35 years in construction,maintenance
Endin Roxezz (1 year ago)
x waitue dsio polik fotass vfn oliorrcih njhklp sssgcjuf..😀😀
Monika Dimkovic (1 year ago)
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Ron Singh (1 year ago)
what software you use to build and design in this video?
We use Revit to create our plans.
Eli (1 year ago)
where can i buy this program?
Ana Freitas (1 year ago)
Its like a new version of a dog trot house. Very nice
BuckGreywolfe (1 year ago)
How do you mow the grass under the house?
With a very short lawnmower :) The grass under the house does not grow well due to lack of water, normally only grows in about 30cm under the house.
Ann B (1 year ago)
How much is this house?
It depends on many aspects such as location, who is building it and cost of materials at time of building, for the plans you can visit our shop https://ecohomedesigner.com/shop/
Mister XF (1 year ago)
2 different width containers . .what the?
James Rodriquez (3 months ago)
I'm an intermodal truck driver here in the US. Custom sizes may be available, but I've never seen one actually used to ship anything. Still, a custom sized "shipping" container does add to the concept of using these containers to build homes.
Ketil it's best to ask questions before making statements. This is one company who make extra wide container homes http://www.containerhomes.net.au/ , they are shipped all over the world and placed on trucks as they have the normal 2.4m wide connection points as well. They just cost more to transport.
Ketil Overby (1 year ago)
i like the concept but i have never seen a 3.5m "shipping container". making them was my living for 2.5 years and i have also been wanting to do something like this myself so i have seen 100's of ideas but never one this size. to be a "shipping container" it must fit in a container ship and there is no containership made to carry this boxes. i am not trying to rubbish this clip, i like it, i can see the same being made from 3 40 foot boxes. the difference in 2.4m and 3.5m when it comes down to living in a box are big, so if somebody can point me in the right direction towards 3.5m wide "shipping containers" i be happy as the proverbial pig in shit.
Yep there are companies who make custom width containers. In Australia 3.4m wide can be transported without a wide load vehicle.
VideoMenu (1 year ago)
Even though it's not built, it's still better than these faux shipping container homes which are really just expensive stick buildings built around shipping containers.
We have actually just received photo's of this design being built in Western Australia. We will be posting the photo's to our Facebook page shortly.
Taint Meat (1 year ago)
I give this a 10 thumbs up.
Taint Meat (1 year ago)
I LOVE this layout...simple AND roomy .
Maria Morales (1 year ago)
How much it will cost me for this house. Nice and practical. I love it!
Tim Schutte (1 year ago)
Maria Morales , Google the shipping container, they are cheap considering how well they are made. if you buy the office models, they already come with plumbing, electric, lighting, bathrooms, different rooms, kitchens, already ready to live in, just do a slight remodle
Cine Roam (1 year ago)
Very nicely done indeed. I myself design and build small container units, which 3D animated software are you using for this rendering result ?
Wow that's amazing! I live in Brasilia, Brazil, and I really enjoyed all of his videos. You deserve a million tanned. God bless you. Andre Boaventtura
Thank you
CHRIS198490 (1 year ago)
right side is 40 ft lest side is smaller ?
CHRIS198490 (1 year ago)
wasted space in the middle
A square box would be more economical, however to say this design wastes space just shows you don't value visual aspects of design. A home is not simply the cheapest box you can build, it is about utilizing that which we have and making it into a home which the individual enjoys.
tocabob2 (1 year ago)
Excellent concept! There is a certain elegance in simplicity.
chris Rose (1 year ago)
meeh...I'm a just use a standard..but I'm gonna biuld this exact design at the end of this year
Brittany Sherida (9 months ago)
chris Rose have you built this yet? I love container houses.
HELENIA DUKES (1 year ago)
This is a visual representation of how I would like to design my house. This video just made me really excited!
xhoi dosti (6 days ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about build your own shipping container home try Container Recovery Tactics (http://container.RecoveryTactics.com ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.
No, but we have done one set of plans for Nigeria and we work from Australia for clients all around the world.
+Eco Home Designer Pty. Ltd. Do you have a branch in Nigeria?
Everyone has requirements which are different from others, 2 toilets is quite common, even in small homes. Insulation is on the internal walls between the containers and internal lining.
claudia maria preda (1 year ago)
FNCO Fencing Company (1 year ago)
Alliance Building Systems https://www.facebook.com/Modular-Building-Systems-1211207742305859/ <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fevents%2F144409436050082%2F&width=500" width="500" height="446" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> Tickets https://paypal.me/AllianceAR
Rocky Davis (1 year ago)
I like to see a design were the breezeway is the living room.
Anthony Wayne Daniell (1 year ago)
Hello, very nice design, thank you for sharing.
Thank you for the feedback.
Jersey L (1 year ago)
Omg...I just made a drawing (well in my own way...lol) of a home similar to this as my dream home...lol
Patricia Howard (1 year ago)
is that 2 different widths? and what are the width and length of each ?
Patricia Howard (1 year ago)
+Eco Home Designer Pty. Ltd. kool ty!
Yep, one is a custom width container at 3438mm wide and the other is a standard width container 2438mm wide. Both are 12192mm long.
Rob R (1 year ago)
how much? it's actually a very practical and cool design, I truly like it. hopefully the price is equally practical.
Drew Johnson (1 year ago)
Eco Home Designer Pty. Ltd. you can
Thanks Rob, Price for building depends on where you are and who is building it, at Eco Home Designer we focus on the design stage so people can use a builder in any area of Australia or the world.
Clem Blackman (2 years ago)
Lovely to die for.
Tsar Pushkin (2 years ago)
Not for all weather conditions .. this isnt good for winter SNOW ofcourse
Fight For Freedom (2 years ago)
Beautiful, I love this concept :)
crosspecans (2 years ago)
how long before that flat roof leaks?? why the dark color?? that would be a killer in hot texas.
Tim Schutte (1 year ago)
crosspecans , metal roofs last for many many decades. Especially in dryer areas of the country and away from the coast.
Christian H (1 year ago)
Patrick Conners mm mm mm. ...
Christian H (1 year ago)
crosspecapns o
With quality workmanship 50+ years and your right the colour will warm it up a little, however some of our designs are painted black and only use 50mm SIPs internally. They pass a 6 star energy rating and are fine even in sunny QLD Australia. It does depend on a lot of variables and will not suit every property.
Patrick Conners (2 years ago)
I have one, and in the five years not one drop of water intrusion.
joia b (2 years ago)
This is my future home! I love it! :)

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