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Top 10 Most Reliable Car Companies

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Consumer Reports released its Annual Auto Reliability Survey last month, which predicts the dependability of every new vehicle on sale today. There were plenty of eyebrow-raising tidbits like the fact that the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is projected to have average reliability, an unheard-of rating for the brand, especially with a first-year product. Additionally, Kia’s Niro hybrid crossover is supposedly the most dependable vehicle available today, a major win for this South Korean automaker. Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Survey is based on responses from their subscribers who have purchased or leased more than 640,000 new vehicles since the year 2000. This gives the influential watchdog organization a huge amount of data to base its predictions on, which apply to more than 300 different vehicle nameplates. Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AutoGuideVideo YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/AutoguideVideo Facebook - http://facebook.com/AutoGuide Twitter - http://twitter.com/AutoGuide Google+ - http://goo.gl/LBxsP Web - http://www.AutoGuide.com AutoGuide reviews the latest new cars with test drives, car comparisons and shootouts plus coverage of breaking auto industry news, auto shows, rumors and spy photos. Help shop for your new car with informative car buying tips and car recall news, and be entertained with feature stories, Top 10s and car review videos.
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Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Well have a passat tsi with 450k and have it 5 years now never skipped a beat. Well i minded my car very well anyways. Very suprised. Same with the jetta mk5 i had before i only traded it cuz it was a little thirsty on petrol.
Josh Frajer (3 days ago)
I’m sorry but kia’s are trash
tonks48 _ (3 days ago)
Kia and Hyundai should not be on there hahaha
Justin Cho (5 days ago)
This is bullshit report. Audi and BMW can’t be in top 10. Maybe worst top 10
Joonsuk Kim (8 days ago)
bmw should be like 50. engine fire epidemic
Soyel Aksar (12 days ago)
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Soyel Aksar seems about right
super Jenius11 (17 days ago)
Well I mean how would Toyota and Lexus not be number 1 and 2
super Jenius11 (17 days ago)
1:04 in Australia we call them Holden Captiva’s, or maybe they’re different cars and just look similar
The Aussie Farmers (20 days ago)
Abdirizak Mohamud (25 days ago)
No doubt about it toyota the best of all around the globe evey one of my family has a toyota and they never ever break down The worest experience we had was Ford that’s one horrible company
Abdirizak Mohamud (25 days ago)
Hell no kia
Hotwheelers 900s (30 days ago)
Idiot Kia is not reliable
john alphonze Romero (5 hours ago)
the people drivin kia only hundreds. low percentage hahahaha
Hotwheelers 900s (30 days ago)
Wrong! The most reliable Audi is q7
Jesse (1 month ago)
Yep, used to hate Toyota but are great cars
Samuel Parkinson (1 month ago)
Nah how come Volkswagen isn’t on the list
Michael W (1 month ago)
John Blond (1 month ago)
Yeah, we don't believe you. BMW and Audi are waaaay behind.
James Muhtar (1 month ago)
What about Nissan?
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
James Muhtar renault makes them french quality
how about mercedes?
Tanaka Samuel Kamutepfa (15 hours ago)
+Ben Crosbie which year exactly..how about the E class bluetech 2014??
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
if ya want a mercedes stick with old school
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
renault took over them giving them french quality and starting problems and limp modes and electrical gremlins
+Ben Crosbie how are they not reliable exactly?
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Tanaka Samuel Kamutepfa they usedto be
saul mike (1 month ago)
ford is best!!
maynor izquierdo (1 month ago)
Where Nissan at ?
Y dont have Mercedes WTFFF they made the best carss
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Στελιος Τσακαλιδης they usedto make THE best cars but not anynore they have been taken over by renault which is french quality. Old school mercs the best.
Jeff Brisson (1 month ago)
American Cars are trash
Servant of Christ (1 month ago)
Tariq Kiani (1 month ago)
A Doge (2 months ago)
Toyota bought lexus toyota and lexus ar on 1 and 2 toyota is doing a great job
ELPJM09 (2 months ago)
Toyota is the most reliable car maker because they focus on building reliable and durable vehicles, unlike other car brands that focus on looks and speed. The majority of people want a car that will go from point A to B, for many years, without problems. Toyota is the way to go.
Mr. Royale (2 months ago)
Whis Beerus (2 months ago)
Toyota is the best !!
Chris smith (2 months ago)
Bought a low mile pre-owned Toyota Camry Se over a year ago. I've had absolutely 0 problems with it. Oil and air filter change thats it.
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Chris smith camrys are the most reliable cars around
KEVIN 14 (2 months ago)
Most reliable brand is Nissan,Ford and toyota. Do you agree guys?
30minforasn (2 months ago)
All these top 10 video from you guys seem to contradict yourselves.
UrbanDogMil (3 months ago)
#100 Ferrari lol
Lava Yuki (3 months ago)
Yay Toyota! I have a Yaris hybrid and it's my first car. When I was in Australia the place was full of Toyotas
Charles Scott (3 months ago)
Get y'all a Hyundai
thatoriordanlad (3 months ago)
BMW and Audi in the top 10? Surely this renders the list invalid. The electronics in both are more unstable than Trump and, in BMW's especially, turbos, fuel pumps and injectors have the life expectency of milk.
Mashriq Afroze Alam (3 months ago)
Toyota for me
Ernesto Versoza (3 months ago)
No Kia is not realiable we have a kia rio after a month or two we can hear like little stalls when driving stalls when shifting so it is not realiable it should be inthe unreliable cars list and honda should be like third with lexus second and Toyota at first
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Ernesto Versoza agreed
Javed Niazi (3 months ago)
You win Toyota
Anish Paul (3 months ago)
No surprise that Toyota and Lexus are in top spots but Honda in 9th spot, its seems to be not relevant.
OSCAR BADILLO (3 months ago)
Where is Saab?
Sanam Jay (3 months ago)
I unsubcribed this channel.
Elvis Sanchez (3 months ago)
Subaru’s should not be on this list. They all have issues with piston rings and Subaru has been trying to hide it. Subaru sucks!!!!
Robert F. Koscinski (3 months ago)
Honda is crap!
Thomas ZINDROS (3 months ago)
Umm how in the world did Kia beat Honda this list is so stupid Honda is so more reliable it needs to be number one 🤬
xadam2dudex (3 months ago)
Ok, you made a video of least initial quality rank by JD Powers and Audi, Infinity and Subaru were all in that list
Yesseven Edge (3 months ago)
Emma watson
michael parris (3 months ago)
Honda forever
Statimtek (3 months ago)
OK Infinity, Subaru, and Audi are on the Most reliable list and the Least reliable list for the same year by AutoGuide. What gives?
Angel I. (3 months ago)
lol @ Buick's potato
E Khan (3 months ago)
Where stands Skoda? I had a Skoda Octavia for more than two years and I never went to mechanic except annual MOT and servicing. I think this is called reliability? I had a VW Passat for more than two years. It had a management light on indicating a problem with Turbo since I bought it but it never let me down. Where it stands? I saw Vauxhall and ford cars burning in flames and KIA & Hyundai car with broken tyre rods on the road but are list as "Rely Able" in this survey?
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Agreed even the taxi drivers love them clocking up the milage. Shame theyre not available in the us
E Khan (3 months ago)
Hi Skoda is not available in the US!!! Really? I am based in England. It is one of the most wanted car for trade purposes, especially for taxi and company staff transportation. These are manufactured in Czech Republic and is part of VW.
Mechthild Schoeberl (3 months ago)
E Khan Skoda is not available in the US! Where are you from??? Hungary ? Poland ?
Apollo Atmos (3 months ago)
The Germans will pay every single magazine, website, TVshow on earth in order to get their cars on a top10 list. The truth is that their products (not only cars) are designed to squeeze every little penny of your wallet during the years. They have a very good system at doing it and their government is involved on this as well i.e. the Volkswagen emissions scandal. If you want a reliable answer ask the mechanics. Every single one of them will praise the Japanese.
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
A lot of German cars are dead reliable. People who say otherwise either A) never owned a bmw and just spout what their uncle bob told them or B) buy the cheapest one they can find and complain when something breaks. German cars being unreliable is a folks tale at this point.
Apollo Atmos (3 months ago)
Neither. I just hate German products (for good reasons).I love the truth though.
Mechthild Schoeberl (3 months ago)
Apollo Atmos Oh my are you jealous or cannot afford the German Cars?
Gaming. Galaxy (4 months ago)
It's a shame Ford,Mitsubishii,Nissan didn't get in
How the bloody hell is Audi and BMW better than Honda? Like..err..isnt it pretty obvious?
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
BMWs are amazing cars, As the saying goes, if you take care of the car, the care will take care of you. and np
T0psid3 actually. You are correct. Our BMW was from 2010. But its still pretty nice. :) Thanks for the comemnt BTW! I am just really outdated on German cars :P
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
Hate to break it to you but your parents probably didn't take care of it then, Or it was an older used model. I've owned 3 BMWs haven't had a problem on one (Outside of an emissions sensor). Although all of the bmws I've owned had less than 80k miles so I can't speak for high mileage bmws.
T0psid3 mhm. My parents have. And they easily break. That's why they have to use hand signals for some time.
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
Jed Q have you ever owned a bmw?
Arvan Basir (4 months ago)
Mercedes Benz ????
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Arvan Basir they usedto be
Alchemier’s Musique (4 months ago)
I have owned and driving 3 Toyota cars. They are the most reliable vehicles I ever owned. They never left me stranded. As long as you keep up with your on time maintenance. An no negligence
MendezPresents (9 hours ago)
Japanse engines fucking reliable like the 2JZ GTE
amiro dusk (4 months ago)
Honda is the same as hyundai? Wtf
David Fernandez (4 months ago)
Honda is no where on the list????
Sylvanus Nnebedum (4 months ago)
So Audi and BMW even more reliable than a lovely Volvo??? Those two shouldn't be there....
Chuck Schoellkopf (4 months ago)
Honda's biggest mistake was switching to the CVT trans in the CR-V. Went with Escape Titanium, do far no issues 30K and counting Much More fun to drive Fuel economy isn't the best in segment but that us a reliability issue
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Chuck S yeah cvt is trash
Greg Egan (4 months ago)
OK AutoGuide.com's least reliable brands just included Audi, Infiniti, and Subaru, just to add to the confusion.
creative planet (4 months ago)
Where's Nissan?
Moody Abdullah (4 months ago)
Ahhahahah where is Lexus and Toyota.
Clifford Correa (4 months ago)
theRealAV8r (4 months ago)
When you actually know the whole picture, you see how misleading 'reports' like this can be. The *only* major complaint with the Tucson was trims with DCT transmissions, and that complicated by user acclimation to DCT even after firmware updates. And even then, the complaints were mostly from North America. And even _then_ the majority love Hyundai's DCT/1.6T combo. But, like any product, the major market determines perception. I can only imagine how many other misreads are here about other brands/models. These 'lists' are virtually useless when making a choice, do your test drives, pick any car YOU like, they're ALL gonna send you back to the dealership for SOME shit these days lol. "Reliability" is anything from confusing infotainment to uncomfortable seats, and it only takes a small fraction of complaints out of tens of thousands sold.
Ardoni Putra (4 months ago)
David (4 months ago)
Acura & Mercedes Benz?
jose gutierrez (4 months ago)
Acuras have bad and dull for years now, and mercedes...really the biggest money pit in history but luckily Land Rover has that award..
Yudi Uup (4 months ago)
Honda at number 9? As s a Honda guy, I disapprove this survey.......
ItsJustSharma (4 months ago)
The more modernized the car, the more issues for the driver
Icono clast (4 months ago)
Please stop the stupid music.
busywl69 (5 months ago)
you would think American cars would have got their act together after the auto crash. wow.
Marcel Tansie (5 months ago)
You always know the first and second place
Joseph Dan (5 months ago)
Ford motor company is just as reliable as Toyota, subaru, and Honda.
OSCAR BADILLO (3 months ago)
Lol. 😂. Thank you, I needed that
Adam Smith (3 months ago)
Ford's are hit or miss, some of their cars are great while others are just as unreliable as Euro cars.
Fury Gaming (4 months ago)
Joseph Dan you're right ford cars and their engines are the best and reliable
Joseph Dan (4 months ago)
Ford is just as reliable as Toyoata, Honda, and Subaru.
jose gutierrez (4 months ago)
your joking right.....they aren't the worst because jeep/chrysler has that award!
fired09 the BUP Dude (5 months ago)
Screw Honda Toyota and Kia. Toyota: too simple (exception is sienna) Honda: same as Toyota Kia: too simple and almost no one owns it
Ben Crosbie (3 days ago)
Yup well hyundai makes kia
fired09 the BUP Dude (4 months ago)
Forrest Hassell lol
Forrest Hassell (4 months ago)
I just agree with you that 99% of people who buy Toyota’s don’t care about what they are showing up in when they can have something cooler. I drive a 2007 Range Rover Supercharged and people will be all impressed at how nice my car is when their 2014 Corolla is worth way more
fired09 the BUP Dude (4 months ago)
Forrest Hassell (4 months ago)
fired09 the BUP Dude diddo
mccraejoey82 (5 months ago)
my Honda accord had 200,000 miles on it never had a problem at all
Recovering New Yorker (5 months ago)
I just got through watching Auto guides 10 least reliable Brands. Hyundai topped the list! Yet in this video they're saying it comes in as number 10 of the most reliable brands! C,mon! Make up my mind!
the waffle man (5 months ago)
honda is number fucking ten? it should be near toyota. like fucking please, AND you put audi, bmw, and buick infront of honda. fucking inhale yourself dude, you are retarded.
Caden Dowland (5 months ago)
I thought the most reliable Lexus car with the Lexus LS?
BrendenAerosmith Farr (5 months ago)
Now how on earth are BMW and Audi more reliable than a Buick or Honda? Don’t believe anything from this channel
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
BrendenAerosmith Farr Buick’s are pieces of GM shit. Honda has introduced a lot of technology these last couple of years. Bmw & Audi have been making technology for a while so it’s a lot more refined and reliable.
Just Das (5 months ago)
Cn nyone tl me abt reliablity of Toyota Fortuner(Indian model)
Walter White (5 months ago)
Honda #9?? GTFO
Malhar Dunakhe (6 months ago)
you are wrong 1 is not toyota it is volkswagen
Malhar Dunakhe (6 months ago)
you did not choose volkswagen
T0psid3 (3 months ago)
Audi ?
jose gutierrez (4 months ago)
Volkswagens suck, the only reason people buy them is because they can't afford a bmw or mercedes, they are the fords of europe.
derbigpr500 (6 months ago)
Most of these Asian brands apart from Lexus and Infinity actually have their reliability ratings boosted up by simple and cheap cars in their line ups, which are so spartan nothing can go wrong on them, and people who buy them are nowhere near as picky as someone who buys a BMW. You think someone who buys a base Toyota Yaris is going to be extremely picky and report every smallest issue he has? No. But a freaking BMW 7 series owner who pays 200k dollars for his car WILL be very picky and will expect perfection. You see, it's these MINOR faults that are actually most commonly reported in premium brands, in cheaper brands the issues reported are on average more serious and far more often have more to do with mechanical components rather than something minor like infotainment issues.
shmbbrkr (6 months ago)
Saw my old lexus ls400 that I gave away. Still runs pretty good 10 years later with 350k miles now. Wow
george phantom 222 (6 months ago)
audi is reliable? the mcdonalds fryer burning less oil than a VAG group car ,and the honda is 9 ,wtf are you smoking
Gaming Kid 101 (6 months ago)
German cars are least reliable dumbass Toyota should be 7-10 place bro. German cars have lots of problems with the transmition and the gas leaks.also Audi has fake ass exhausts
Gaming Kid 101 (6 months ago)
Flip the list the other way
Ravi Peiris (6 months ago)
Guy got it wrong regarding the Subaru.... it's the Impreza that is reliable and the BRZ that is problematic.
Forrest Hassell (4 months ago)
Ravi Peiris ya my Impreza just hit 300k miles without any problems
FastZ Deejnisch (6 months ago)
Volvo should’ve been nr one
MJ DGI (6 months ago)
Your list sucks there's easily more cars on there that's way more reliable .
Goga97 (6 months ago)
where is Mercedes on the list? lmao
Mechthild Schoeberl (3 months ago)
Goga97 Mercedes is not reliable !! That is why is it Not on the list!
Just go to J.D Power! They are the official company that rates vehicles and stores by reliability!
T.K. Morris (1 month ago)
So do you believe this rating from JD Powers? I just went to their site and copied their rating... Rating By Segment / Award Recipient CARS Compact Car... Toyota Prius Large Car... Buick LaCrosse Midsize Sporty Car... Dodge Challenger Midsize Car... Chevrolet Malibu Compact Premium Car... Lexus ES Small Car... Kia Rio Midsize Premium Car... Lexus GS
Johnlim Male (7 months ago)
Where is FCA ??
Bernie Fen (7 months ago)
3rd place for Kia.. we'll take it lol -brushes shoulders off-
Alex_TNW (7 months ago)
I would never buy anything but a Toyota or Lexus.
Mario Reyes (18 days ago)
Give the proper maintenance and your car will last longer, I drive a 2004 nissan frontier with 270,000 miles still same engine and transmission
The Dude (1 month ago)
T.K. Morris Some of the turbos are so small its more of a gimmick....plus turbos do tend to burn oil. They can be good or useless. My neighbor had a BMW. Loved it, no issues, but did get rid of it because of high maintenance costs. He ended up getting a Kia. My wife had a Kia Sportage that was pure crap.... but that was back when they were still new. I've never owned a Hyundai myself, but my parents did and my sister in law did. I like how the Genesis looks. Before I bought the VW I was looking at getting another Mazda. Had a 3, but was looking at a 6. Always liked Mazdas, the price just didn't fit my budget this time for what I wanted. I got free oil changes for life and an included maintenance plan not to mention the 72k warranty on the VW Passat R-Line. The deal just was to good to pass up. The only thing I dont like about the car is no push start. I was spoiled with that on the Nissan lol
T.K. Morris (1 month ago)
Well said. That is why I like new. I have been shopping for 2 years, reading and talking. Not visiting car lots because I may buy something on impulse because I like it.(2003 350Z) I want to buy something I can appreciate for at least 5 years and probably 10 years. Nothing yet has made me want to give up my daily driver Mazda3 5sp. I don't yet trust the CVT transmissions for sure and not really wanting a turbo engine even though turbo has been around a while. I love the way BMWs look and drive but don't trust the reliability and would really prefer a rear wheel drive sedan like the Lexus GS, but steep on price! My 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L v-6 has been good so far but we only have 39k miles on it. Weird to me is that the v-6 in my Genesis is rated 333hp and it is naturally aspirated/no turbo, but the new v-6 motors that are twin turbo are only rated at 365hp. Seems like they should stick to NA or have much more hp with twin turbo? And wouldn't the NA motor keep the cost and maintenance lower?
The Dude (1 month ago)
T.K. Morris You sound like me. I used to buy /trade every few years. Now I'm more of buy and keep until I know it's time. I recently bought a used Nissan Altima with 61k after the life of my Civic was done, but didn't keep it long which was originally the plan anyways. Worried about the known cvt failure on them and finding out the former owner didn't take care of it which I learned a few days of owning it I traded it in for a new VW Passat. Honestly the Passat is the best car I've owned. Just a solid driving car imo. My neighbor has an older one. Has 230k on it. Never a major issue. I've always had new cars last me pretty long, but not used. I don't think I'll ever buy used again because at least when new I know everything about the car and can take care of it so it will last. So many people neglect the simple stuff. I've owned 2 chevys. Well one was a Pontiac. Those probably had the most issues of any car. I've owned 2 Ford Mustangs.... same year same problems, a Dodge truck I didn't have long, then the others, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Honda, VW Jetta, etc. I definitely had variety. lol One brand I haven't owned yet that I almost bought was Subaru.
T.K. Morris (1 month ago)
Okay, I can agree with your explanation. I have owned 7 new Hondas (5 accords, 1 civic, 1 prelude) and have had some problems. But I forgot about the problems I had because I took the car back to the dealer under warranty and they fixed the problem. End of story, never took it back again but I never kept any of them for more than 36k miles. Chevrolets are different. Although I never bought a Chevrolet new but I did work at a dealership and experienced repeated visits from lots of customers for the same problem over and over. Actually, that is how I met my wife of 24 years now! That was the only good thing Chevrolet ever did for me! 1996 Infinity I30v-6, 2006 Mazda3 2.0L I-4, 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L v6 all purchased new and no problems to speak of. No longer own the I30 though, sold at 110k miles. These were my last three sedans that I bought. I did buy also a 2002 Chev Silverado 5.3L v-8 that I still have but the clear coat is peeling off now. Everything else mechanically has been pretty good except for one wheel bearing hub. I used to buy and trade every three years or less but now that I am older and a little wiser I think, I look to buy a car that will last me at least ten years. ... PS... I forgot about two other cars I bought. A new 2003 Nissan 350Z, no problems but sold it after 2 years with 20k miles and a used Cadillac Seville, 1999? bad choice with the NorthStar engine, traded it for the Z.
bựa team Reviewer (7 months ago)
Honda should be at the 3rd place.... cant believes you guys put BMW in tge list lol if that is for the Mercedes or Porsche I will not complain.
iLiketigerz101 (7 months ago)
Lots of Toyota haters are going to rage and are stuck with their crappy Hyundai Sonata. Because they want to be number 1.
braeden's diecast (7 months ago)
get a haircut old sam

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