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Holy White Hounds - Switchblade (Official Music Video)

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Holy White Hounds - "Switchblade" iTunes: http://geni.us/holywhitehounds Amazon: http://geni.us/holywhitehoundsamz Google Play: http://geni.us/holywhitehoundsgp Directed by Dylan Sires/Ambrose Lupercal Filmed/Edited by Dylan Sires Song and Lyrics by Holy White Hounds Connect with Holy White Hounds https://facebook.com/holywhitehounds http://twitter.com/holywhitehounds http://instagram.com/holywhitehounds http://holywhitehounds.com/ LYRICS sitting in the back seat sucking on a switchblade whisper in my ear but I cannot hear what you say your mama should've loved you but i know she's an animal even if she loves you she's riding with a handful sometimes all you need is just the taste you did what you could to hide your deed in the end it could not be erased and you found all you need was just a taste walked into the bathroom sucking on a switchblade your lips are made of rainbows you're never gonna behave came into my basement looks to me you're wasted said it was my last chance to take you to the wasteland tell me that you love me tell me that you love me sitting in the backseat sucking on a switchblade Music video by Holy White Hounds performing Switchblade. (C) 2016 Razor & Tie Recordings. Marketed by Razor & Tie Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc. http://vevo.ly/BryzAI
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Text Comments (424)
Jill Snider (16 days ago)
Love this song but the guitar solo+ brings it down.
flcmaybe (26 days ago)
This is what smoking marijuana sounds like.
Ivan fariñas (1 month ago)
my web www.vientosolar.cult.cu www.wordpress.com/vientosolar
Ivan fariñas (1 month ago)
My name is Ivan Fariñas named the grandfather of rock in Cuba my band is Viento Solar Switchblade with Holy White hounds mark head me congratolations rock men
nworbrelytthefirst (2 months ago)
ZxK (3 months ago)
Kendall T (5 months ago)
Bass tab?
Austin C (8 months ago)
Woohoo this was hot in Des Moines the first alley was is the royal mile a pub downtown. Saw them live a year ago at kum and go theater
Graham Liston (9 months ago)
the lead singer used to work with me when I was younger
Four Zero (9 months ago)
kameron thomason (9 months ago)
Listen to the first 5 sec on the radio and had to look this up
sarai isawsome (10 months ago)
It's the end I love most
Isaiah harrell (11 months ago)
I LOVE this song ROCK for LIFE
Isaiah harrell (1 year ago)
I love this song but my brothers hate rock I turned on this song and screened SWITCH BLADE
Flávio Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Michaela Clark (1 year ago)
Heard this playing on the radio, had to find it again! Love the guitar
Kelly Pratt (1 year ago)
iamlostajax (1 year ago)
So freaking good!
Rukiye Celik (1 year ago)
Türk var mı acep
TREBOR 97 (1 year ago)
Venus Chinaski (1 year ago)
Cant believe that, a fucking good sound AAAAAAA LOVE IT
ΛΛRONMNSKY (1 year ago)
Great tune!!
Austin Voelker (1 year ago)
As I hear this song, make me think of the Door in the opening
Carol Santos (1 year ago)
Gostei,só faltou tocar a bateria direito kkk
Daniel M. Culp (1 year ago)
These guys are really really good live. I saw them at PointFest in St. Louis...never heard of them before that, but they're great. Definitely check out their show if you ever get a chance.
John Pearson (1 year ago)
That solo 👌
Chris Clark (1 year ago)
I love this song
Linda Kovacs (1 year ago)
One semi hit wonder. This and what else you got Holy White Hounds?
William Roberts (1 year ago)
does anyone know if this was in a movie or tv show because it sounds really familiar
Rob Brian (1 year ago)
Horrible music
eddieawesomeness (1 year ago)
saw them open for the pretty reckless in Toronto they were great! ... but the best part was when the singer started making out with one of the guitarists during this song, it was hot. lmao and I unintentionally got a snapchat video of it :)
sarai isawsome (1 year ago)
God he's gorgeous
Tanya Edwards (1 year ago)
Seen them At Stage AE At a Third Eye Blind Concert. Loved Em!
Littlewing6was9 (1 year ago)
That bass is deep n dirty n u got me with ur first line....good shit!!
Peterson0809 (1 year ago)
Love it!
Johnathon Aragon (1 year ago)
good in the car with sub's. earphones are painful with all the high pitch noises.
Jub Jub (1 year ago)
Refreshing compared to the mostly shitty rock they play on the radio
Ryan Charland (1 year ago)
ryan was here
marvin huffman (1 year ago)
best song of 2016
Caitlan S. (1 year ago)
Saw these guys in November at the Myth. They totally rocked, don't know why I didn't look on social media sooner for them
sarai isawsome (1 year ago)
this is my new fuck jam
John korb (1 year ago)
Anyone know where this was filmed at?
Star The Wars (1 year ago)
heard this on the radio
Sydnee Charters (1 year ago)
Cant wait for their next album!
Bewaretheshoe H (1 year ago)
These guys were awesome
Valiant Rose (1 year ago)
Saw them at the TPR concert. Better live tbh.
Patrick Kutzke (1 year ago)
Saw them open for the pretty reckless last night and I have to say that compared to these guys TPR were not very good, I hope they read this but they were fantastic entertainers, not just musicians, and their stage presence was phenomenal!
Bewaretheshoe H (1 year ago)
I came here bc Im gonna see The Pretty Reckless and these guys are opening
Bewaretheshoe H (1 year ago)
+Im868 it was awesome
Im868 (1 year ago)
how was the show?
Jake LaVine (1 year ago)
Great music, when you listen to them on the radio. Just saw them open for The Pretty Reckless last night though, and they are huge tools and douchebags. Great musicians, horrible people, thus making it difficult for me to still like them.
WayneTrain 2400 (1 year ago)
Jake LaVine really? I saw them open for the struts and they seemed cool af. what did they do?
nancy jakubiec (1 year ago)
I wanted to see them tonight but have to work tomorrow. Damn it.
Nagito Hinata (1 year ago)
Saw them and got autographs last night! Great band, love you guys :) (if you happen to remember I'm the small person who had purple hair xD )
Emma McMenomy (1 year ago)
Saw them last night in Clive, and they were awesome! The music is so much better live and the impressions and jokes were a nice added bonus🤘🏻
JC Houdek (1 year ago)
I went to your concert in Clive, Iowa and you guys are incredible. The music is so much better live. And I loved your impressions and jokes.
JC Houdek (1 year ago)
I went to your concert in Clive, Iowa and you guys are incredible. The music is so much better live. And I loved your impressions and jokes.
Vivalaleta Godfrey (1 year ago)
So much Beck.
Lili Dara (1 year ago)
Mia Cabrera (1 year ago)
one of my favorite songs for sure
Patrick Nealon (1 year ago)
Please make more music
runtpacket (1 year ago)
Saw you guys preform last night at St Andrews. Really love the sound. Thanks for a great performance!
EurynomeStolas (1 year ago)
Good shit love this song
PandaManWill (1 year ago)
not gonna lie this song is shit
Xavier G (1 year ago)
they were amazing before Pretty Reckless
Addie Smith (1 year ago)
Saw them open up for The Pretty Reckless last night in Atlanta. They put on a really good show and I can't wait to see what they do next!
Jenna Harrison (1 year ago)
these guys were awesome at the TPR show in Atlanta. they had incredible energy, they were hilarious and super nice after the show. :)
Sara Buck (1 year ago)
y'all were awesome in Houston :) much love
deephouse412 (1 year ago)
Thought this was Beck and he went back to his roots
Jessica Moody-Habets (1 year ago)
I have to a have to at least listen to this everyday I go to work, so that's five times a week...... ssshhhh I sometimes have to listen to it twice in a row
Soccer Legend (1 year ago)
Here I am in Florida and they don't even play this in my area... *_*
Soccer Legend (1 year ago)
Jake LaVine oh alright
Jake LaVine (1 year ago)
They are from the midwest, they aren't that popular yet, give it time.
Tara Olson (1 year ago)
Saw them Thursday in Dallas. Love the energy they had on stage <3
Whitewolf Wendi Brown (1 year ago)
Oh yeah. Definitely delicious! These guys made C2C AM late night :) nice Reading the comments they've got losta 90's grunge fans. And side note I just noticed the name HOLY WHITE HOUNDS a week to the day after my white german shepherd Chelsea The Behr passed away. That's interesting. Maybe SHE BROUGHT ME. Cool gift, Dog! :)
Keely Nelson (1 year ago)
Saw them open up for The Pretty Reckless yesterday and they were amazing!
Carlos Rivas (1 year ago)
Skaterfolfe4 for real I was like holy sh*t!
Carlos Rivas (1 year ago)
Keely Nelson same!!! It was so awesome to be introduce to this band live lol!!
Raina Kordylasinski (1 year ago)
saw them tonight. definitely fucking amazing.
Skaterfolfe4 (1 year ago)
Steve Netzel No I saw them at the house of blues...
Steve Netzel (1 year ago)
+Skaterfolfe4 Yeah, we did, too. Was that in Fort Lauderdale? The guitarist gave the singer a "reach under", too.
Tamika S (1 year ago)
best "new" music I've heard in a long time!
Brian Kelly (2 years ago)
Thank you Rock 105.3 👍🏼 some dope music as usual
Kurt Bearinger (2 years ago)
The Mews!!!
Bruinschuss (2 years ago)
flat, repetitive and annoying song. go back and listen to the riffs in the likes of soundgarden and nirvana before comparing them. this shit isnt even close to grunge
I love this
T (2 years ago)
anyone else hear a little twinge of Nirvana in this? Feel like this could've snuck onto In Utero
Heather Zinsser (2 years ago)
OMG - these guys are awesome! Finally after 10+ years of shit a band I can get behind! I'm a 20-something of the 90's & have been waiting for these guys!
ArvelDreth (2 years ago)
Lead singer reminds me a bit of Beck.
May Courteau (1 year ago)
ArvelDreth more drugs though
sam borden (2 years ago)
found this song in April when it had 6 thousand views and the band had 28 subscribers, glad to see it blew up a little
Alà Eddin Abugrara (2 years ago)
Why i'm here? i was listening to good music now this
Alà Eddin Abugrara (2 years ago)
you'r bass player LOOOOOL
ThatOneChickMadi cx (2 years ago)
lmao I thought I just imagined this song
Fred Ziegler (2 years ago)
Whoever thinks this sounds like Beck is a "Loser"!
Jireh Ekol (2 years ago)
first time watching this, is amazing!!!
Jireh Ekol (2 years ago)
holy cow !" seizure warning! shoul have
Valerie Hade (2 years ago)
I wonder if they like switch foot
Jeff Patton (2 years ago)
hottie at the store turned me on to this !great song sounds like beck/nirvana great song
Teaghan Iverson (2 years ago)
entire album is solid. Must buy.
Royale with cheese (2 years ago)
Beavis and Butthead would approve of this song.
Royale with cheese (2 years ago)
The whole entire album is great. I can't stop listening to it. The songs are full of infectious hooks that remind me of Pavement, Nirvana, the Pixies, Beck, and QOTSA all perfectly blended together.
Brenton Dean (2 years ago)
the highest of compliments
Marie Odom (2 years ago)
I saw them in person in Destin a few weeks back! They're great, had me laughing with their jokes they were cracking between songs. <3
ShadyFisherman (2 years ago)
literally sounds nothing like nirvana
Bruinschuss (2 years ago)
ShadyFisherman yeah it's lile people have never heard nirvana
Christopher Tucker (2 years ago)
Not beck?!? wow.
Agnes Lii (2 years ago)
They'll be opening for The Pretty Reckless on tour. Not bad. Looking forward on seeing them live in new york! :)
Rita Myers (2 years ago)
favorite song ever right now
Jesse Mattingly (2 years ago)
anyone's else feeling a Gorillaz vibe?
imacloud (2 years ago)
This video does not do them justice. Their live show at Riot Fest was spectacular. Great stage presence.
Jamgram Corkster (2 years ago)
girls making out in your music video...that's a like.
Go Hard Gary (2 years ago)
hands down my favorite song out right now
Brock Lesnar (2 years ago)
I live in Iowa they live or were born in southern Des Moines I saw them at the state fair there really good but not that good of a music vid
ChaosReignsAll (2 years ago)
Anyone have a bass tab for this?

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