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Killing RATS! What works, Non toxic homemade killer or commercial grade poison?

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Killing RATS! What works, Non toxic homemade killer or commercial grade poison?
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Jednorožec Petra (5 days ago)
I hate you
ThisGamingDragon (6 days ago)
These people are too stupid even for the internet
peepla7 (22 days ago)
Replace the plaster of Paris with baking soda ... The plaster hardens after a couple of days and become useless, the baking soda kills them if you disguise it with maple or peanut butter or sugar. I mixed up a baking soda, sugar and flour mixture... powder line..... waited until I seen tracks...when I seen footprints...I mixed in some peanut butter into it with extra baking soda ( doesn't spoil or harden) into a lid....and left it on floor by where the tracks were. In the morning there was signs of ingestion. Then more evidence. About 24 hours later no signs of activity. Then we started finding the body's or following the smell to find where they went. Thought it was only one. There were 5. Then in the place we found the last one.. we left more of the mixure ....that way any new ones will eat it. No more problems.
foxybrown2 (28 days ago)
The sticky traps worked for me as soon as i put them out. and the regular traps about an hour later with bologna put on it. i usually put peanut butter on the trap but i think meat works best.
Gigi Devoe (2 months ago)
I have about 50 under boldere in the park behind my house... They walk all over my fence & house.. they love the green professional rat poison. Took them as fast put them out. But didn't reduce population. Made bair cups & they won't go near it. Glue traps work if they accidentally hit one but they've gotten so smart they roll them till they get loose.
alaska Madelin123 (2 months ago)
Can you please tell me the ingredients you useto make the poison, Puerto Rican Rats are so smart,I try the green balls they didn't work I purchase an expensive mouse trap and nothing I felt like the rat is laughing.
steph zinsmeister (2 months ago)
Thank u so much! Loved your video:-)
Edward Pavers (2 months ago)
Dude you sounded like Anselmo from Pantera!\m/!!!!!!
shane lauer (3 months ago)
I need your help. I have been killing these damn rats for a year. Last night they broke into my rat poison and they ate the whole bag. I kept smelling rat piss all night and the stench kept me up all night. Can you help?
116falconer (3 months ago)
Well hopefully they're all dead BUT I read that they can quickly become immune to the run of the mill poisons. Apparently there are a few different poisons that attack different parts of the rat, it's trial by error.
ZPD Survival (3 months ago)
Gummy Bears in bright colors. I use the Gummy worms. Get em. Peace man.
ZPD Survival (3 months ago)
LOL. Cool Video.
Steve's Outdoor World (3 months ago)
Can you show us how to make the bait balls?
vermasean (3 months ago)
Opening 30 seconds....LOL!!! Great Vid!
Davegbuf (3 months ago)
Wondering if anyone who has issues with rats can try this experiment in the name of science ... After seeing several videos on different homemade rat poison recepies, I am reminded of a video for a different problem that might offer an effective solution which I haven't heard anyone else mention. I once saw a YouTube video on how to create a bed bug trap (link below). The first part of it makes a mixture of one packet of yeast with a cup of sugar and water which causes it to foam up. I'm just thinking that if you make a dry rat recepie which includes the sugar and the yeast. Maybe when rats eat the mix, the ingredients will mixe with the moisture in the rat's stomach; it will begin the same type of chemical reaction. It will foam-up in their stomachs and die in minutes. I thought a tablet of Alkaseltzer might be similar, but the reaction would be to fast or not attract them; but sugar and yeast are food items; and have a delayed reaction to less than 10 minutes. Bed bug trap link: https://youtu.be/o6DP2H7lS0A
Rayshaunna Pratcher (4 months ago)
None of your traps work because you touch them with your bare hands the rats can smell your human body oils on them and which is why it jumped away from the snaptrap.
dick carr (4 months ago)
I hope he washed his damn hands
makaveli shaman (5 months ago)
Read the article: MYTHOLOGY OF VERTEBRATE PEST CONTROL BY WILLIAM D. FITZWATER. Fitzwater did a test on plaster of paris. This method does not work! And if you don't believe this, I've tried it personally myself, it does not work!!!
mlewsimpson51 (5 months ago)
Also try (as in previous video - google it) - equal parts baking soda + sugar or coco mix + flour or corn meal ... mix. set it out dry in jar lids or mix with a little water to form cakes.
mlewsimpson51 (5 months ago)
the green cakes are BAD: they work, but the poison moves up the food chain to anything that eats the dead rat later - cats, dogs, owls, coyotes, hawks ... etc. ... once the larger species get enough of the poison heavy metals/salts ... they die excruciating deaths. The Plaster Paris or Baking Soda baits work well and non toxic to other creatures.
738polarbear (5 months ago)
Jeez ,I never knew they were so smart.
what is the ingredient for the mix?
116falconer (5 months ago)
It’s 1/3rd water, 1/3rd plaster and 1/3 tasty stuff (flour, brown sugar, oatmeal, etc). Mix it until it’s like dough. The most important part is the plaster 👍👍
Anonymous 101 (6 months ago)
Well ain't you just Beautiful lol That mask
i an (6 months ago)
nontoxic poison?
Biggus Diggus (6 months ago)
The best way with smart rats is, a fenn trap shallow hole enough for the trap to fit, set, cover with tissue kitchen towel, then gently cover with soil just enough to cover towel sprinkle with bait, works every time, good luck.
Biggus Diggus (3 months ago)
Tyrrel Davis when I say rat bait I mean peanut butter or chocolate not poison.
Tyrrel Davis (3 months ago)
Biggus Diggus fenn traps are very good. I have the mk 6 they will hold and kilĺ most 0f the unwanted furry vermin , just placed in tunnel made of wood or wire no problem. Rat bait block's should never be used outside of buildings it tells you that on the label. I have used them outside where i have come across a rat warren with twenty or more holes and baited most of them by pushing blocks down them with a stick then stamp the holes hard and they die in the ground. I have never had an hole 0pened up by an escapee .
Orions Eye (6 months ago)
Always use gloves, the can smell you and will avoid your treats.
Terry Shilo (6 months ago)
I am feeling your frustration with these monsters! Thanks for the video. How did you block the entry holes they created? Did they come back?
Freedom Bear (6 months ago)
I am at war with squirrels. The 2018 squirrel invasion has begun. God help us all. 😱😅
Tyrrel Davis (3 months ago)
Wooly Bling Puppy you are well armed but the only problem is you have to be there all the time. If you have the traps and keep them set then they will work for you 365 days ayear . Yes worth their weight in gold.
Freedom Bear (3 months ago)
Those are some good options, will look into. I do have one Hava hart live trap, and also a Gamo .22 pellet rifle with upgraded scope, and 2 bb pistols! So far this year I've already lost count, it's like 10 or 20 or something that I've shot. Currently a lull in the action for a few weeks, it's quiet...too quiet? Lol. The squirrels are getting reinforcements, and possibly going to launch a fresh insurgency! 😲😵 😅
Tyrrel Davis (3 months ago)
Wooly Bling Puppy use the mark 6fenn or solway same asother one. You can purchase them from solway feeders scotland and they will be a lot cheaper directly off of them.
Rocket Man (7 months ago)
That's one Creepy Mask. It Freaked me out.
Duke Of Hesse (7 months ago)
My solution is simple and non toxic. Place an old tv with a vcr in it in the area you want to clear of rats. Put a tape of the View with Whoopie Goldberg and play it in a loop. Any living thing within hearing distance will commit suicide after about two minutes. This also works with Obama speeches and old 'I love Lucy' episodes.
Silver Chopsticks (7 months ago)
The reason I wouldn't use those green blocks from the exterminator is OSHA says that to set the bait alone, you have to wear a mouth and nose mask, eye protector, gloves, long sleeve shirts and long sleeve pants and covered shoes and socks. After laying the bait you must remove your clothes and launder them and shower immediately. Not for me. Those things are lethal. If the dust is eaten by birds, they die. If they pick on the rats that die by this poison, the birds die also. If a cat or dog eats a dead rat that has died from this stuff, they can get very sick and even die. This stuff is HAZARDOUS. Too hazardous for home use unfortunately.
Rayshaunna Pratcher (4 months ago)
None Target pest can be affected by eating a dead carcass of an animal that has been poisoned by contract block but they would have to consume their own weight in the poison to die
Rayshaunna Pratcher (4 months ago)
Not true
Recovering Soul (7 months ago)
I hope you have found Shawn Woods channel by now. Problem with poison is that you have to find the decomposing rat by it's stench. Also, other scavengers like possums and owls, skunks who eat the dead rodents, might also be killed.
firecloud77 (7 months ago)
I had rats digging tunnels under my greenhouse and getting inside to eat the wheat. I finally decided to flood the holes with *runny mortar cement.* Every time I discovered a new hole I flooded it with *mortar cement* that I mixed to a runny consistency. No more rats.
djchinatown (8 months ago)
I love the Victor rat traps. If you take a bit of a slim jim or pepperoni stick it slides onto the bait pedal and gets rats everytime.
Elizabeth Cas (8 months ago)
Just a thought for next time maybe use vanilla extract or any flavor to coat the trap so it won't smell like metal or wood. Its sad to see some of those rats having higher IQ than so many people lol I put lol but it's actually truly sad.
pocopal (8 months ago)
Caffeine tablets in a cheese ball and bye-bye rat...crush 100 0r 200 mg per golf ball size cheese ball and a pinch of sugar
Thanks so much for vid & recipe. Was going to try live trap, but after your vid, I'd rather the nasty things be dead! Got these bastards & damn squirrles, in my attic, due to 1/2 of soffit down. Hubby didn't get it finished, due to having to move to OK, for job. Spots started appearing on my ceiling, found out these are the cause. Can't keep them out, w/o all of soffit put up. Have all supplies, but can't find anyone to finish job, for reasonable price. So, stink or not, they have to DIE, now! Thanks again!
Renee Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Have a rat problem!! Get a Cat! Problem solved lol .. worked for me 😂
Becky Mears (5 months ago)
I have four. Rats and mice entering and detouring where the cats can't get to them.
Steve Nelson (8 months ago)
I use the large wooden Victor Rat traps as seen in this video. They work but cost $2 each. These rat traps are dangerous to use, they can break your finger easily! But they really do work! Every time I deploy these traps I get large 2 to 5 lb. Rats right away, usually by next morning. I toss out the traps with the rat bodies, as I am not interested in prying apart each trap and reusing each trap. We have chickens and gardens, but Never before have we had rats, till Home Construction outfits started building homes in Every single field for miles around in every direction, and right in the middle is us with our chickens and gardens. Little mice the chickens will hunt and eat, but the Big Rats they stay away from. Even cats are afraid of them! There's a Home Building Boom here in Utah! I can't wait till the bottom falls out from the Home building industry!!! I don't give a shit if they are all unemployed either!!! Was it coincidental that this Rat Invasion came precisely when this home building Boom started up? I don't think so! As the home builders tore up every single field in every single direction all around this area, the rats had to go somewhere, and we were the target! I go through a half dozen of these big wooden rat traps a week, this is getting expensive! I want to find a way to KILL RATS for good! Kill 'em!!! Dead! Kill! Kill!! Kill!!! Kill 'em All!!! Think I'm goin nuts? Just you try and operate a botanical garden and a flock of chickens while being overrun with Tons of Huge Rats! They eat everything!!! The Rats lift the lid right off the chicken scratch bucket and get right in to it and eat the chicken scratch. Soon as I can afford, I'm buying out Walmart again! Walmart is Constantly selling out of these big Rat traps because Everybody is having to battle this Rat Invasion, thanks to these Home builders! I'm getting a whole case of these traps! Meat is the best bait! Peanut butter just melts off in the summer sun, or the Rats just lick it off the traps and don't set it off. I tried Spam, but they hate spam worse that the U.S. Army! I'll try some freshly cooked really fatty Bacon next. That should do it. Now tell me this; Why in Hell does Anyone want to come to this Desert Waist Land called Utah? There's NOTHING HERE! Just Salt Flats, Zillions of Mosquitoes, Rats, Snakes and a Frozen waist land 9 months out of the year! Please Stay away if you want a good life! There's Nothing Here for you! Go Away! Take Your Rats with you!
ace eggerson (8 months ago)
just get a dog or cat
ForYahshua (8 months ago)
We feel your pain! Our Caddie in the garage was chewed up inside to the tune of about $2000.00 (with $500 deductible Comprehensive AAA was $500.00 still TOO MUCH!) I never saw or heard any roof rat! Now we have to make sure that ALL rats are gone before we park inside. So far I tried that homemade rat bait which he/they ate most of. I tried the newer wood traps with yellow bait pads and peanut butter bait. All bait was eaten off none trapped. I then bought the old Victor original traps with the same result. Then engineer hubby said to bait the traps with melted cheese. I used the Kerrygold Grass-fed brand and rubber gloves with the traps NOT my hands. When putting traps out at night I used a small flashlight not the over head lighting. With this last method two rats have been killed so far (different nights). I will keep putting these out. When I think we got them all, I'll put out some traps with peanut butter (not set) to see if the rats are still with us. I hope that relating my experience here will help others. RATS ARE VERY SMART, SADLY MORE BRIGHT THAN MOST OF US!
Zip Polla (8 months ago)
How about anti-freeze and a loaf of bread? It’s sweet and when they eat it the bread puffs up in their belly and they die in 12 hours..
Zip Polla (8 months ago)
Those rats are some smart mofos. They’re smarter than humans. Actually I prefer them over some of the humans I know.
marjamada (9 months ago)
I caught more than a hundred rats, mice and more with a 5-gal bucket buried all but 1", 2/3 full of water, cover water with styro peanuts and paint a few with peanut butter, or smear some on the bucket just above the water. Rats smell the bait, look in and it appears solid so they jump in and drown. I have caught ten in one night. I put half cup salt in the water so it doesn't foul.
Ivori Balas (7 months ago)
marjamada like the buried all but 1”? And what kind of bucket? Does it have to be that big or will a regular bucket work
Ivori Balas (7 months ago)
marjamada hey can you give a more detailed explanation like step by step?? my moms house has a problem there getting bold now and they’ve gotta go!!
Cookie_Dreamy_ Cakes (9 months ago)
7c8f (9 months ago)
I take an 8x8 inch floor tile, ceramic, mix the rat poison with peanut butter and they ate all of it, it works, start with a little and make it stronger, I take a knife and shave the poison bait squares and mix it up, they love it! pretty soon they are gone
Steve Legend (9 months ago)
The bait balls take a long time, the only reason the 1st few traps didnt work is bait. I use a cage trap like the 1st one and i get shit loads (im in the philippines, an unending supply of rats), i just put seeds (usually wheat) in a little plastic and and hang off the trip wire.
116falconer (9 months ago)
Thankfully where I live rats are not very willing to announce their presence, they stay in the sewers.
Janet Pattison (10 months ago)
I've purchased the electric zapper boxes for rat killing - very expensive & didn't work at all. TalonG worked for a long time, but not now. I thought they'd scram when I loaded the attic w/ mothballs but they're still up there. I've bombed in the past & it worked but not now.  So i'm ready to make the "rat cookies" u mention.  I got the green blocks of bait at Home Depot in the past & the rats wouldn't touch it,  but the do it yourself pest killing store has a different , very potent brand that I need to try. At this point I'm seriously loosing the battle.
roscoe c. tarver (9 months ago)
Janet Pattison l
Janet Pattison (9 months ago)
yes, the buggers r very smart. They know the TalonG bait just showed up & they lost a few "friends" to it a week or so ago, & like crows the info is  probably passed around to their mates. I made the rat cookies so i'll see if it gets eaten.
116falconer (9 months ago)
I was going to buy an electric trap but everything I read said they pretty much suck. Rats are INCREDIBLY smart, to the point where you have to respect them but the damage they cause is severe. I wish you luck with your battle and suggest that you set up a camera in order to track your progress, you can pick up really nice trail cameras for under a hundred bucks.
Marcia Palazzi (10 months ago)
Que bueno
jeremy thole (10 months ago)
Neat video! Use a mashed up chunk of tootsie role candy globbed up around the rat trap bait plate.
Painter Dave (11 months ago)
Rats arnt retarded. I mean some have to be cause every species has its fuck ups. But remeber who out numbers who and who ran the black plague that killed 80% of humans. Bird ful? Swine flu? Rats FUUUCKED us up. And they still out number humans by the 100s of 1000s...for crying out loud we shovel pigs and birds in our face. Ever eat a rat? Rant over.
Jakeofjoy (11 months ago)
I've caught several rats with just a cheap live trap, you have to be patient, it can be 1-2 weeks before they will be careless and you catch them, dont move the traps around, regular, strong snap traps has also worked. When i catch them alive ive gassed them with my car, it seems pretty humane.
Love your video.
Sean Jones (11 months ago)
Sorry to say but the "No Bakes" had zero impact on the rats here. They couldn't wait for feeding time. Matter of fact they seemed to be getting fat on the no bakes... Although I did see one dead rat after about a week with clear liquid coming from it's mouth. But then I put down 9 old style Victor rat traps with peanut butter as bait and then things started to rock. I had 14 confirmed kills in 5 days. One trap even killed 2 medium sized rat pup fuckers at the same time. WTF... Fucking wicked as Hell. Reminded me of the Incredible 2 headed transplant (A very Old Sick Ass Movie) The trick is to ALWAYS wear rubber gloves and use a lot of traps. These SOBs love peanut butter. Enuff said
Brookster Q (1 year ago)
When they eat rat poison they get dehydrated and search for water so usually they leave and Die out side outside
Brookster Q (1 year ago)
Rat poison is the best
Brookster Q (1 year ago)
You trained the smartest rats ever
Kurt Berube (1 year ago)
I would use poison except if other animals were endangered, rats are such a pest and health danger who cares if they suffer. They breed so fast and carry every disease known to man so all is fair in war against rats!!!
Stella Orvad (1 year ago)
Lol you should not wear Blue eyeshadow...it makes you...look cheap..and like a "Hussie" lol stick with pale colors and go easy on the lipstick or you will not catch and mice or rats but you will catch an S.T.D. lolol
Stella Orvad (1 year ago)
Hello from Australia Mate...At the EXACT MOMENT you asked if your lenses were fogged So did mine lol I am a very Spiritual Person and I believe that we have a connection now..in some way...I will try to try your method of getting those little Pixie and Dixie cotton pickin..Mees'es and thankyou for sharing your knowledge with us all Cheers Mate
Victoria Hills (11 months ago)
Suzy Muir mate, are you pondering what I'm pondering??? .. Exorcism! The rats need an exorcism!!!
bkbella bell (1 year ago)
I have a mouse prob in my apt...I didnt need an 8+min vid. explaining what did NOT work. Just a bit of advice?? Get to the point first then you could go on telling YOUR story. I'm panicked no time for la de da' ing. ;)
bkbella bell (5 months ago)
Natalie Gamble I have not... (knocking on wood, right now, but...) I was able to rid the critter(s) after plugging up the hole which they made. I have heard peppermint oil before and that WILL be something I will try if lil "Jerry"or his friends pay me another visit.😉 THANK YOU KINDLY FOR THE SUGGESTION, IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED! 👍
Natalie Gamble (6 months ago)
Have you tried peppermint oil?
bkbella bell (7 months ago)
WILDflower As far as the 2 legged rat trolls? Thank you- but I too, only laughed at their ignorance. The only reason I kept responding was bc i was entertained. 😂 But on a very serious side. You're right, once again! Its a shame how childish people act. Some people can not simply respect other people's OPINIONS, whether they agree or not. I cant stand BULLIES. My biggest pet peeve in life! 😡 Im old enough and mature enough to know where their nastiness comes from...their misery. But their misery shouldnt be pushed off onto someone else. Kids nowadays have it hard. I try to sympathize but no sympathy for bullies until they see the errs of their ways. Until then, I WILL continue to be childish and bully them back twice as hard.(no matter how wrong or petty my actions are 😊😋😂)Because these two above can NEVER outsmart me in words.Fact! 😊😋TAKE CARE..BE BLESSED!
bkbella bell (7 months ago)
WILDflower Yes, yes, yes and yes! lol As for the 4 legged rats (or mice) they ARE smart. For those tiny heads they have, I find it amazing just how smart they are not too mention how they adapt. I find the only thing to do is plug up every single crack, crevice, or hole. My problem was NYC rats dont play. lol They ate the plaster (board) where my gas pipe goes into wall behind stove. I honestly thought Id die right there! We may have seen a mouse once in a blue. But with new construction everywhere here in Brooklyn... I guess they got desperate?? (and wanted some home cookin'..lol) I will tell you the ONLY thing that Ive found that works BUT CAUTION it is HIGHLY HIGHLY toxic. It comes in vials and looks like saw dust powder. Its not even legal here in the state, its made in China or Japan. Keeps EVERY critter, bug, or pest away. And prob kills us too... Hence the reason I couldnt use it anymore w a dog in the house. Just a sprinkle keeps them away. OBVIOUSLY NOT THE SMARTEST SOLUTION. (but desperation does make some people do desperate things. lol)
ForPETE’S sake (7 months ago)
kulwant dhaliwal What a dumb ass you are! She expressed her freedom of speech ! You’re dumb as a box of rocks. - I can’t stop laughing at your stupidity
Milosz Ostrow (1 year ago)
Commercial smoke bombs for gophers and rats don't generate enough smoke and the smoke isn't lethal. I've had better success with a 10-minute or 15-minute highway flare stuffed into the burrow. Cap the opening with a board and tamp soil around the edges of the board to seal it off, forcing the fumes to travel along the tunnels. Gophers may try to block off the tunnel with soil to stop fumes from coming their way, but if the fumes build up quickly enough, they'll suffocate before they can complete the job.
Anita J in FLA (1 year ago)
I don't have plaster of paris but I have a rat that git in my house under kitchen sink...lil bastard! I'm gonna be like Bill Murray with the gophers in Caddyshack! Lol Im gonna make that mixture. Ive seen where people leave it dry...but I will make lil poison balls for these farking bastards... Lol
lov3sponge (1 year ago)
I got some bait blocks the green ones but, it doesn’t look like they are even eating it
Bradley Brewer (1 year ago)
I hope you don't accidently kill a cat with you're poison rats can poison a cat if hunted
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Bradley Brewer no I found the rat dead in the garage and disposed of it 👍👍👍
JimmyLani Creations (1 year ago)
Plaster paris and kool aid leave a little bowl of water near once they drink water they choke and belly hardens, they die
Carey Conley (1 year ago)
You DO realize that you can simply point to all that nasty shit without constantly touching it, yes?
Tiffany Brown (2 months ago)
SauceyN Covered (3 months ago)
Moon Shadow (5 months ago)
Carey Conley He's a touchie feel kind a guy . But yes,gloves would be good!
Michael Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Carey Conley My buddy Pablo actually died by just touching where Rats had Roamed😣😣😷😷Rats leave virulent Strains of germs everywhere🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🎯🎯🎯🎯
Celestial Chef (1 year ago)
This is so informative & yet I lmbo at the commentary thinking of my husband frantically hunting smart ass rats. Thanks!
Richard McGuire (1 year ago)
Rats love almonds. With the live cage traps I will drill a small hole into the almond and then wire it to the inside of the cage toward the back. That way it has to struggle with the almond and therefore trip the trigger. I caught 1 rat a night for 5 nights. If you use snap traps use no less than 6 traps at a time. Pry the metal prong up with a screw driver just a little bit and fasten an almond on to it. However remember that rats are very suspicious of new objects. It takes at least a week and a half for them to even think about touching something new. Have patience and you can also set food down around the trap every night to get them used to eating around the traps. I think the best way is to buy a multi catch trap and wire some almonds into that.
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Richard McGuire excellent info! Rats are amazing, it's such a shame that they're filthy destructive pains in the ass.
ung427 (1 year ago)
The rats ate the first rat poison which made them not be able to poop, but then the rats ate the rat poison #2 which thinned their blood enough and gave them diarrhea and so they were able to poo again, and now they are ok.
mari ss (10 months ago)
ung427 🤣
jewelbell5 (1 year ago)
Jennifer Rose (1 year ago)
Those poison blocks just made rats high as a kite when we used them. They would eat, then walk around right in front of us and our dogs like they had plenty of sense. At least it made them easy to hit and kill with a stick. It didn't even keep their numbers down. They just kept procreating. We put out ammonia soaked rags in places humans don't go often, so that helped drive them away from there. But I think there's a reason they call those green blocks "bait" and not "poison." It draws them in and makes them queasy and drunk. They will not enter an enclosed trap, either.
Raquel Bauman (1 year ago)
been fighting with a rat digging the foundation of my barn out, seems nothing works, im gonna sit and shoot the little bastard before they destroy the whole barn.
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Raquel Bauman YES! .22 shot works just as well but it's loads more fun 🍻🍻
David Alvarez (1 year ago)
how do you make the non toxic homemade poison balls
Judy Morris (8 months ago)
A farmer told me to toss instant potato around the house outside have a dish of water near by. When they drink the water it bloats them, they die
tropicthunderbolt (8 months ago)
Kris Kringle what's plaster of paris
SJ R (1 year ago)
Equal parts of plaster of paris, flour, brown sugar, water to shape a ball. Need water nearby for them to drink so the mixture will bind the rat's insides up. I add peanutbutter to the recipe.
A. May (1 year ago)
Is there anything else you can use instead of plaster that is non-toxic? I don't have any plaster and I need an immediate fix here! I got rats the size of my freakin formarm running around. Is there anything else that I can use to kill a rat that they can't digest? I'm afraid that if my dog or cat catches them they're going to get sick if I use actual poison.
Angela Hartzell (2 months ago)
A. May baking soda works too!!!!! Rats can’t belch and baking soda produces carbon dioxide in their stomachs and causes it to rupture. Use peanut butter with it and oatmeal to bind it together to form a ball and place it in spots that the rats are. It takes a couple days but it works
mlewsimpson51 (5 months ago)
baking soda + sugar or instant coco mix or maple syrup + flour or corn meal. Equal parts - leave it dry in a jar lid or mix it with a little water to form balls. they cannot FART ... so blow up and croak.
Victoria Hills (11 months ago)
Amanda Shuler get a gun or a sharp shooter rifleman... Or spend lots of money on an exterminator but the risk with that, you might get a heart attack as you get woken up by a bunch of cops crawling all over your house. Rats that size Stephen king says, will attack to kill anything they sense is threat. "Externinator found eaten alive by in the basement by Rats!!!"
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Mandy May most any hardware store will sell plaster if not try drywall joint compound, it's a little wetter but will still work. Sorry I can't be of more help, I got rid of my one rat and haven't had to deal with it since.
Delete This (1 year ago)
placing bait directly onto the trap is your first mistake.
Manuel Luis (1 year ago)
you shall NEVER touch those things with your hands . Because it spteads your killing intentions towards the rats . ALLWAYS burn those artefacts throught a small flame to get rid of the ferhormones that informs the rats about your killing intentions , like an informatic virus .
Michael Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Manuel Luis also the virulent Strains of bad germs have killed humans just by touching what Rats TOUCHED😨😨😨RATS HAVE KILLED MANY MILLIONS OF HUMANS!
Mama Otter (1 year ago)
well falcon I'm back...after winning the rat war last fall they're back!!! we've had alot of rain and I think it's bringing them out so I broke out the Tomcat bait coated it with Nutella and rolled it in bacon bits and planted the tasty treats along the walls of my shed and under the platform feeder I saw him at tonight. just went to grab milk and it looks like he took the bait!! ammonia bombing the shed on Saturday
TheSquirrelady (1 year ago)
Can you give the recipe for the plaster of paris mixture you made? how much of each ingredient. thanks.
116falconer (1 year ago)
+TheSquirrelady 1 part plaster, 1 part oatmeal, 1 part brown sugar. Mix with water until you can make balls or no-bakes. It takes a while so don't get impatient 👍👍👍👍🍻🍻🍻🍻
F De Mascio (1 year ago)
Get to the point. Leave out the fluff & weak explanations.
STEVE CROMWELL (1 year ago)
Unexpected ending, ha ha love it!
Raunaq SJB Rana (1 year ago)
we don't need to hear this crap. quit watching.
R ON (1 year ago)
Lol the ending
Fearless Feedle (1 year ago)
I got something new for bait you need to try. I got this idea from got blood outdoors ultimate bait to catch mice on youtube. Go to dollar tree or dollar store.. Buy a bag of mini tootsie rolls. Chew them up until they are moldable. Put them on the bait trap. Get a bbq lighter and cook some of the tootsie roll.. Until you get a cotton candy smell. Place the trap where they like to go and i promise you you will get a mouse or a rat. If the bait is melting off or ants try to eat it.. Put it a clean trap w bait moulded in freezer to harden it. Place the trap before 9 pm.. Give it 3 hours i promise you that something will be caught. If you need help watch his video.. I caught a big rat with tootsie roll.
Harry Potter (1 year ago)
man u have done some serious rat killin!! thanks for the info..this shit is really helpful..
tahira1 (1 year ago)
I tried many things tben after watching a programme about a poisoner. Hit on the idea of leaving them a drink which was antifreeze, they loved it and were dead within the week.
grahepo (1 year ago)
the plastic of paris mix is great but if they don't come out of their hiding place before they die, it will stink up the place w/c i rather not have. i've seen the barrel trap on youtube w/c seems to be quite effective, i personally just use fly paper
Absoleet (1 year ago)
The plaster of paris bait is similar to the flour+cement recipe which kills by stopping up the rats digestive system after some time. You can't add any liquids like milk/water otherwise the cement or plaster will harden and the rats won't eat that.
vistaprime (6 months ago)
we're trying this for the first time tonight. We have at least three big rats. we caught 6 young ones and one big one in traps but these last two or three seem very smart. but will they eat this recipe. I know they are neophobic, scared of trying anything new. Did it work for you the first time you put out the mix?
sam frankss (1 year ago)
dry ice down the holes , or you could use a hose hooked to your car in the tunnels both the co1 or co2 is heaver then air and will fill the tunnels but you need to be careful if your garage is attached to the home it the rats have tunnels to the home fill the basement with the gas. no bake add baking soda, to the plaster Paris , sugar, salt leave water for the rats to activate the plaster and baking soda. also rats mice can not burp so cheep soft drinks will also cause them to die.
Davegbuf (3 months ago)
sam frankss - if the CO2 from using dry ice works as you say, then the same method for creating a bed bug trap could work also. Look it up on YouTube and you see that it generates also CO2 and is easy to make with yeast, sugar, and water. Yet as a separate idea I wonder ... Can we make something with the dry yeast since it seems possible that when mixing with water in the rat's stomach might trigger the same foaming reaction that can kill them very quickly.
David Brown (1 year ago)
we will kill you bitches
D D (1 year ago)
awesome. I have been in the same situation. the rats won't touch bait in any metal traps. so I put out some of the poison blocks. they have eaten over a pound and a half of them already. poison blocks work great! thank you for the informative video!
Hx Sep (1 year ago)
Electric trap. Silent warrior.
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Hx Sep I've read very mixed reviews on the electric traps, but I suppose just like everything else they work for some but not for others 👍👍
Sean Nesbitt (1 year ago)
great video
Carmel Pule' (1 year ago)
If a rat is killed with poison , one does not know where it went to die, so would the rotting body of the rat give an awful smell if it happens to die under the house or the garage?
Bike Cycle (1 year ago)
It happens, the same with killing mice with that poison, the smell is horrible.
tahira1 (1 year ago)
Carmel Pule' Yes and you may get flies lots and lots of them. It happened to me until I got someone to remove the baseboards in the kitchen and found their lair.
thangquocnguyenmdp (1 year ago)
Don't have time to hear
chaparral285 (1 year ago)
Chicken feed pellets in trap #1 works aweome
QAIB Ej (1 year ago)
what's the recipes of that non toxic rat poison
Noel Hood (1 year ago)
116falconer j
QAIB Ej (1 year ago)
116falconer thanks i will try it too... i got lots if rats issues too
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Aluna chang 1 part plaster of Paris, 1 part flour, 1 part sugar then add water till you can make dough balls. I made mine with plaster, oatmeal and brown sugar, I wasn't able to get a dough texture they were more like no bake cookies.
Kenny Shepherd (1 year ago)
What kind of game camera are you using in the garage? Mine doesn't work that well.
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Kenny Shepherd the video is from my old Sony DCR-SR100 handycam, it has night shot plus I used a 25 bulb IR light that I picked up on eBay a few years ago for $5. Both were plugged in so I could run them night after night.
DuendeDude (1 year ago)
Rats are not repelled by the smell of metal. They are however, very suspicious of anything new in their environment.(leave it for a week). I have caught numerous rats with metal" fen" traps under wooden tunnels, place alongside buildings. No bait. If there is a tunnel ,they will go through it.
Throgsneckguy Brigades (9 months ago)
DuendeDude thanks...now I know to get a card board thube from a paper tvowel role that leads to the glue trap
Eva Mena Carrillo (10 months ago)
DuendeDude. how do you make cement vals for the rats
royalbookshopper (1 year ago)
The black plastic snap traps worked best for me. The key is to thoroughly clean (bleach, hot water, soap, rinse rinse rinse) each trap after a kill, and change the bait. I have four snap traps, with removable bait cups. Each one is sterilized (to remove all smells of the previous kill and of the bait), dried and baited with a different bait than used previously. Best baits? Smooth peanut butter with some chocolate crumbs on top, pressed into the bait cup; a sweet dough (flour, water, sugar) with a bit of cocoa added, cat kibbles pressed into smooth peanut butter (yes, really!), salmon bits pressed into the bait cups, etc. I had a late fall infestation of my 108 year old house, and have been diligent and methodical with the traps. After you've rotated through the various baits, you can start with the first one again. The buggers in my house were eating the warfarin and pooping it out, but not dying. I did set out flour, sugar, corn meal mixed with dry concrete mix (in a stainless steel bowl) and that was very effective without the use of a poison that might end up harming another animal. I hate killing these animals, but they are filthy, flea-ridden and disease-carriers. They have no place in my home! So far, 16 dead (in about 8 weeks) and I haven't heard any rat-related noises in my house for two weeks (but the traps are set and waiting for the next one!). Good luck with yours!
Milosz Ostrow (1 year ago)
Others report that in place of Portland cement, plaster of Paris, quick-setting drywall joint compound or Fix-It-All Patching Compound by Custom Building Products (formerly sold as Dowman's Fix-All) can be used as the hardening agent in the rat killer mix that you describe here. That gives one more choices, and doesn't require one to purchase a 50-pound, or larger, sack of Portland cement, much of which is likely to harden before it can be used.
JimmyLani Creations (1 year ago)
royalbookshopper p
chad Lewis (1 year ago)
Ok thanks man
chad Lewis (1 year ago)
Where did you buy that wire trap?
116falconer (1 year ago)
+Dove and pigeon Channel the live trap came from Tractor Supply but you can buy them at most any hardware store.
TN The Governor (1 year ago)
can you replace the plaster of paris with pye plaster or polyfilla etc? tvm
116falconer (1 year ago)
+TN The Governor I suppose, just as long as it doesn't harden prior to the rats eating it. I tried premixed joint compound but found it to be way to watery.

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