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Streets of Chicago

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The City of Chicago is the third-most populous city in the United States and the most populous city in both the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States. In terms of wealth and economy, Chicago is considered one of the most important business centers in the world. Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed, and grew rapidly in the mid-nineteenth century. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which razed several square miles and left more than 100,000 homeless, the city made a concerted effort to rebuild on the damage. The construction boom accelerated population growth throughout the following decades, leading Chicago to become among the five largest cities in the world by 1900. During this period Chicago is noted for its contribution to urban planning and zoning standards, new constructions styles (including the Chicago School of architecture), the embracement of the City Beautiful Movement, and the eventual creation of the steel-framed skyscraper. Positioned along Lake Michigan, the city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation: O'Hare International Airport is the second-busiest airport in the world when measured by aircraft traffic; the region also has the largest number of U.S. highways and rail road freight. Landmarks in the city include Millennium Park, Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Campus, the Willis (Sears) Tower, Museum of Science and Industry, and Lincoln Park Zoo. Chicago's culture includes the visual arts, novels, film, theater, especially improvisational comedy, and music, particularly jazz, blues, soul, hip hop, gospel and house music. There are many colleges and universities in the Chicago area; among these, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago are classified as "highest research" doctoral universities. Additionally, Chicago has professional sports teams in each of the major professional leagues. The city has many nicknames, the best-known being the Windy City.
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Text Comments (258)
Suraj Kumar (21 hours ago)
Why the Muslim nations are intolerant towards religious minorities. Why aren't they secular societies.
Você nem ver guarda de trânsito, polícia.,povo educado é outra coisa...
Cidade limpa...
Asif Shah (16 days ago)
I really like this place
Iyappan Iyappa (20 days ago)
super video
Antônio Araújo (22 days ago)
Wonderful! Hello, I really enjoyed this video, and wanted to know if you have the copyright on it. If the copyright to this video is yours, I would like you to ask permission to use some parts of it in my compilation of video clips to promote my music on YouTube and Facebook. Thank you very much!
Antônio Araújo (21 days ago)
Bahador Alast (22 days ago)
Thank you! Yes, it is copyrighted, however, you are more than welcome to use it, provided you could mention my channel. Thank you!
I am from kyrgyzstan
Rahat Moin khan (1 month ago)
Beautiful city I remember the famous Dewan street & the interesting cow festival which has a story.
Imran mashallah Khan (1 month ago)
Love this city ❤
zul yusuf (1 month ago)
7:52 what a crazy exhaust
harsha palmeri (2 months ago)
Pretty boring city
RINI RUNI (2 months ago)
Al Morrison (2 months ago)
Vote early and vote often (including corpses) in Chicago ! 😁☻
Arun Sahasrabuddhe (2 months ago)
No murder or robbery shown, useless video
Marwa Ali Nassrat (2 months ago)
My vacation place every summer. Love michigan ave.!!!
Warren Cotton (2 months ago)
Chicago has some interesting residential streets as well.
Kumar.n Mahtani (2 months ago)
Great watching, I've been here !
Dawood Dawood (2 months ago)
Kia bat hy
MAKARA BB (2 months ago)
Very nice. Great ❤️
raymond caruso (2 months ago)
Shitcago, another victim of the tax happy liberal dummycrats that turned my hometown into a crime ridden , over taxed shithole!!!!!! Keep voting Democrat you morons, you deserve what you get.
moviemagic (2 months ago)
Nice you went to check out Baha’i temple! Love going to Evanston and Wilmette! Great video!
MUHAMMAD ARAFAT (2 months ago)
Charing Pension House (2 months ago)
Been here in 2015! Comes with the territory of flying during winter months... i enjoyed my experienced! I visited; China Town, Millennium Park, Fashion Outlet in Baltimore Avenue (one half mile west of ORD International Airport in Rosemont and Chicago Skyline including Lake Shore Drive. Nice people! I Love Chicago! See you soon this December!
Pha Yaya (2 months ago)
Love you video
Леонардо (2 months ago)
лучше чем в Нью-Йорке?
Yriimedov Volhebnic (2 months ago)
Очень Красивый Город 👍👍👍👍👍
Princess Heavens (2 months ago)
I wish to visit Chicago much love from Uganda
Eddie X (2 months ago)
Nice video, but you just showed what every tourist sees. Why didn't you show some neighborhoods? South Shore, Lincoln Park, Pullman, Sauganash; neighborhoods rich with history where the people live?
Modern Tribe (2 months ago)
Heyo Guyz! Here is my visit to Tallest Tower In North America USA video on **SKY DECK Willis Tower** Chicago https://youtu.be/SLGk3QfJdfc
Faisal Fahad (3 months ago)
Wow...very peacefull and mesmerizing place 😀...i am going to visit chicago soon... ❤😀
paree Khan (3 months ago)
I love my city Chicago
rokon bablu (3 months ago)
Nice city, thanks.
HARILAL Phoenix (3 months ago)
Satlite city fantastic views
Eny Setiawati (3 months ago)
Aku cma.bisa liat di you tube ajah..
OPTIMUS PRIMUS (3 months ago)
OPTIMUS PRIMUS (3 months ago)
I live here and have visited every famouse landmark sorry for english
Hadi Rafiee rad (3 months ago)
چقدر خوب انگلیسی صحبت میکنی ، ای ول👍👍👍
Bahador Alast (3 months ago)
سپاسگزارم :)
Jaya Sir (3 months ago)
leebog31 (3 months ago)
Chicago the shithole of America.
crazy eddy (3 months ago)
last time I ate a italian roast beef w/sweet pepper /juice was 40 fucking years ago , and I miss dearly
Madhukar Walve (3 months ago)
Highly Developed Country.Sufficient Population.Hired Brilliant People around the World.Ready to War with Eliens of the other Planet.
S.Kamaraj Kamaraj (3 months ago)
Heaven of earth. The Chicago cith. S.K India.
nawal kishore sharma (3 months ago)
It is new experience to watch such video
James G. Gibbs (3 months ago)
Great city! But the corrupt one-sided political party system sucks.
Martin Sahagun (2 months ago)
let me guess who you voted for
A K M Wahiduzzaman (3 months ago)
Oh my USA . I love you and also Chicago and all cities and places
World Tour Guide (3 months ago)
Someday, i will visit Chicago. HAHA
Kabil Chy (3 months ago)
mconceicao Santos (3 months ago)
saudade de Chicago
toni7777ful (3 months ago)
Mr. T. is a hideously ugly man....poor country
Maureen Tuohy (3 months ago)
Don’t care what anyone says. Chicago is the MOST beautiful city in America. My home sweet home.
RITESH RAJ (1 month ago)
I like this city..
Brijesh Lala (1 month ago)
nAmE. Brijash. Omar IdIa
Robert Preston (1 month ago)
+MOHAMMAD ASIF You should visit you will love it
MOHAMMAD ASIF (1 month ago)
I wish to visit Chicago
Robert Preston (1 month ago)
+Rj Jackson Liar. rahm has spent all of his efforts on the blacks and what did it get him? More crime!
Truth Finder (3 months ago)
In every Indian city you can find the crowds of cows wondering here and there making the whole city very very dirty with their dungs..No rules and regulations to control it...No descipline in the driving in India.... India is 100 years backward than USA...
Truth Finder (3 months ago)
USA is 100 years ahead than India... India is a very dirty country where you can find the cows wondering on the street and making it dirty...On every Indian streets you can find the dump of garbage....
Ashvin Parmar (3 months ago)
wow what a traffic sense
bruce mcclendon (3 months ago)
I was stationed in North Chicago for 3 years. You are only showing a few of the BEST areas....Chicago is a SLUM CITY and a shit hole where most of the area white people won't dare to go - day or night!
Anne Bellette (3 months ago)
Beautiful city ..thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day
Betka Djoudi (4 months ago)
Nous nous somme dans l'enfer
Betka Djoudi (4 months ago)
Vive les USA abat les les Peter bas
Shashi kala Benani (4 months ago)
Lovely city! Loved watching. Thanks for sharing.
only all video patel (4 months ago)
beautiful city
Ahmad Sajjad (4 months ago)
Nice Video, Unlimited Enjoy.
Ahmad Sajjad (3 months ago)
+Saba Shakoor What's Up?
Saba Shakoor (3 months ago)
Hello and maham
Kirpa Ram Verma (4 months ago)
love me trump president of the family trump American by kŕipa ram verma verma Veerpur babaganj Bahraich Bahraich up INDIA love America n girls love America
Christina Mancuso (4 months ago)
Someone who has been born and raised in Chicagoland this is what you may want to know or what to expect. Pros: The best deep dish pizza you will ever eat in your life. And Popcorn and Hot Dogs yummy too. Sports are pretty good. Beautiful theatre district and shopping on Michigan Ave. Arts and Culture. Beautiful architecture especially Sears Tower (Yes I still call it that) Fun Night life. Good clubs and House music. Diverse. Places are reasonably easy to get to via train, cab, uber, walking, the L, etc. Awesome bars and fun boating events. Navy Pier etc. Lake Michigan beautiful. Decent jobs for working class and college students there are good Universities. The Cons: Expensive depending on your life style. Sadly, there has been insane amounts of violence, especially homicides and shootings, particularly on Chicagos South and West sides. Corrupt politicians. Illinois property tax is very high. The weather: summers are humid here and the winter is bitter and it is wicked cold, I mean it can get like -20 below 0 and that is not an exaggeration. It can get so cold here it is unbearable here in winter no joke. There can be racial segregation seemingly. Many homeless people or beggars. Chicago is my kinda town. I love it here and it will always be home. Though I may move to another city to explore something different. But this is just an FYI for anyone coming here; bring your appetite, your fat pocket book, a camera and the heaviest coat you can find. And oh yea, they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing. Hold on to your hat! :-)
Christina Mancuso (4 months ago)
Michael S Well I mean duh. Why are you telling me stuff I already know? I am confused lol. I know about the real reason it is the windy city that was a joke smh, and the thin crust yada yada , people like you need to always be the “correct” people. Haha
Michael S (4 months ago)
Christina Mancuso of course, the name Windy City is NOT because of the atmospheric wind, and most natives eat tavern style (very, very thin) pizza cut in squares. These are lots of the touristy areas.. the city has rough parts, as well as very quiet, residential areas of single family homes on far NW, SW and SE sides where lots of city workers and ethnic populations live for generations. In part because until most US cities, city workers must reside in the city limits...
Raju Gohel (4 months ago)
vriy nice
Rj Jackson (4 months ago)
I'll tell anyone don't come to Chicago Chicago is the most racist city in the world
Lumen Praetorius (23 days ago)
Nonsense. Grow up.
Billie Dale (4 months ago)
Nice tour. Wish we could have stopped for refreshments.
Gilbert Rivera (4 months ago)
But you failed to mention the Racism!! Political corruption. Child pedophilia. it's a Communist city. They blame blacks for everything. While Millions of dollars of drug money is flushed thru banks. One of the first things you notice is all the Construction. A city that claims it's broke. gen·tri·fi·ca·tion = the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.
Dj Roly G. (4 months ago)
These guy only showing nice areas..I lived in Chicago over 30 yrs full of gangs & violence everywhere....it's a nice place if you are in the good area's only...even in nice areas you are not safe...😁
gangs and violence aren't "Everywhere"... there are pockets all over the city.. but it's not EVERYWHERE like you stated.. I live here... have for 25 years.. and I don't feel unsafe.. pay attention to your surroundings.. don't walk and stare into your phone.. you will be good..
easy way (4 months ago)
Chicago lovley city
Naturalblues (4 months ago)
People look so chill. And the city looks nice😎
Negev (4 months ago)
The streets smell like ass
PRHILL9696 (4 months ago)
you wish
BRUCE ASKEW (4 months ago)
Great video bro ,, it shows what else my city has to offer then just violence
Yo Doe (4 months ago)
Ok so the expense....now if you park in that area.....40.00 for 6hrs..... don not bother trying to park on the street. Ticket is 100.00 average. Now the bus 6.00 round trip. 3 transfer only 9.00. take your trip 4 miles south on Michigan avenue. You find the real Chicago.
Jitendra Kumar (4 months ago)
I love America
Murlidhar Khiste (4 months ago)
Chicago is the best city
Nisha Uttam (5 months ago)
Nice video! Enjoyed watching thanks.
Lety Gaber (5 months ago)
I love Chicago
Karim Hattab (1 month ago)
Yah it is good
Neal Hagan (5 months ago)
update 7/2018.city is more lawless by the day.violent crime in all areas.police are as violent as gang members.
PRHILL9696 (4 months ago)
you wish
YouTube Moderator (5 months ago)
The "sanctuary city" nonsense is ruining Chicago, plus the enormous debt from bad leadership is going to bankrupt us. So many have fled already. I'm staying and fighting for now though.
OPTIMUS PRIMUS (3 months ago)
Good its you and me so far
Usama Fayyaz (5 months ago)
How much will a 10 day America tour cost for 2 persons?? Including everything
Bahador Alast (4 months ago)
I'd say it would cost you around $200-$300 per day, if you're going a bit above average and depending on how much activity you want to take part in
Usama Fayyaz (4 months ago)
Bahador Alast not too luxury but not average either.... a bit more than average on food,hotel,etc .....
Bahador Alast (5 months ago)
It depends on where you want to stay and how much you want to spend on food.
My home for 23 years 💕💕💕
chicago ilinois (5 months ago)
Yo vivo en chicago al sur esta feo no todo es vonito el centro es mas vonito pero caro
Ig Big (3 months ago)
Bonito se escribe con b. B de burro, no v de vaca.
Beethovenini (5 months ago)
Better Salerno.
Brandon Greenleaf (5 months ago)
Yeah. Downtown and one neighborhood. Show them the real Chicago. Go to the west and south sides. Lol!!!
PRHILL9696 (4 months ago)
This does show the real Chicago
KaiserSchnitzel (5 months ago)
I'm homesick
karthikeyen k (5 months ago)
Modern Tribe (2 months ago)
Heyo Guyz! Here is my visit to Tallest Tower In North America USA video on **SKY DECK Willis Tower** Chicago https://youtu.be/SLGk3QfJdfc
karthikeyen k (5 months ago)
Daniel Arellano (5 months ago)
He should come to the inner city.
margine louis (5 months ago)
Daniel Arellano goes for every country. Why would I travel to Dubai and go to the poor parts?
Keke*from* Shtcago (5 months ago)
Nice video I’ve lived here all my life 😊 (although i don’t plan to retire here lmao 🤭)
Mariia Sviderska (5 months ago)
mweb1 (5 months ago)
Chicago, soon to be no.4 in most populous city in America.
changes 2come (5 months ago)
Great video 👍
changes 2come (5 months ago)
Chi Town is Beautiful !! My hometown ..love it ! GO CUBS !
Jonhattan S. Flores (5 months ago)
Explore North America(USA)*, America(South America, Central America and North America)
Truth (5 months ago)
Nice video basically of Michigan ave. One street in the downtown area and a little of the river and a train ride whoopee! You showed everyone about 1/1000 of 1% of the city. You missed 99.999% of Chicago. You managed to get in some Bahai temple which has to be 1,654th on the list of things to see in Chicago. You didn't show any of the hundreds of landmarks. You were less than a mile from the lake and didn't show it. Navy Pier and 3 world class museums were within walking distance. Oh wait I'm sorry you did show the Watertower so you got in one landmark out of the hundreds in the city. A large city like Chicago is impossible to see or understand in one video for sure but you could have shown 10 times what you did.
Bahador Alast (5 months ago)
don't like it, go make your own video.
siphora g (5 months ago)
Beautifully shot, Windy City always BEAUTIFUL more in winter with Christmas lighting. Thank you.
Prince Dubai (5 months ago)
I m Sharjeel from Dubai
Prince Dubai (5 months ago)
I love U.S.A🇺🇸 Dollars 💟💟💟💟💟
Prince Dubai (5 months ago)
I love U.S.A🇺🇸💟💟💟💟💟
tempo (5 months ago)
wow so good to much ! Thank you sir
keeping IT REAL88 (5 months ago)
I miss my city Chicago ❤️ it's none other like it!
Modern Tribe (2 months ago)
Heyo! Here is my visit to Tallest Tower In North America USA video on **SKY DECK Willis Tower** Chicago https://youtu.be/SLGk3QfJdfc

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