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Angry scenes at meeting on proposed mosque in kilkenny

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Angry scenes at meeting on proposed mosque in kilkenny Angry scenes marred a public information meeting on a planned mosque which took place in Kilkenny yesterday. The meeting was requested by public representatives, John and Andrew McGuinness, in response to queries from local residents. Approximately 200 people attended the meeting which was organised to provide information on the planning application and the planning process. Shouting and heckling dominated the two-hour meeting which took place at O'Loughlin Gaels GAA club. Imam Ebrahim Ndure add...
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Greg VanHooser (15 days ago)
That's what these fucks do. They are like a cancer, they grow until they kill the host. That's their plan to take over the world.
Ray Burton (17 days ago)
The Irish people are a very very tough,fearless breed of people, if a mosque is built, I bet it won't be there for long.
SALZOPYRIN (18 days ago)
NO Mosques in Ireland OR IN Europe until Muslim country's allow Churches and places of Christian worship and the wearing of the Cross in their lands, .......simple solution !
Etho Nyuthe (19 days ago)
I don't understand why you want to bring the evil of all evils!
LD NOTW (19 days ago)
Burn baby burn.
Wilhelmina Rayos (19 days ago)
What's the latest news on this issue, Kilkenny ???
Daniel Griffin (19 days ago)
Tear them all down every one of them caveman bullsh t don't be dceved mark of the beast
the final frontier (19 days ago)
Mosques in Ireland? If we build it, they will come. No respect for the host country's culture.
Selia Ortiz (20 days ago)
let them build i HELP BURN IT
alex reid (20 days ago)
Yeah, allowed to practice your religion in a Muslim country - go try & build some kind of church there. If the Muslims want to practice their religion, they don't need a Mosque - pray @ home!. Why allow them into Ireland anyways - what Trades/skills have they got to benefit the country? Islam & Muslims look down on anything & everything that is non - Islamic. FACT!! Ireland has had enough troubles over the centuries with religion. It doesn't need any more! If they want a Mosque tell them to go to Mecca!!
nice Amigo (20 days ago)
dont be fooled they pray to Al-lah the demon of mekka/mecca NOT god mosque.masjid are fronts for crime sex with children drugs and fake goods all come from mosque in the U.K.
ge45ge Called (20 days ago)
we must stop those that want to destroy America's Christianity way and our constitutional law, it they want different way, fine a different place.
Tez Wharton (20 days ago)
Gone forward so far and now going backwards!.
Dolphin Dream (22 days ago)
All those business-related details that the meeting was supposed to cover are IRRELEVANT!!! The ONLY thing that matters is that islam is absolutely trying its best to take over the west, everyone knows it by now unless they're dead, and muslims will never stop pushing their crap on citizens in western countries as long as the door is open. They WILL overwhelm the town in various ways, and establishing a 'mosque' which is actually a comprehensive center for all manner of islamic activities--religious, political, & legal--is their way of claiming territory. Let them get a foothold and their numbers & influence will increase exponentially and soon the Irish WILL be minorities in their own towns, and the encroachment will continue apace. If the Irish people wish to become islamic, this is the way to go. Time to Decide.
Katie Bresser (22 days ago)
Are you people insane? Your going to let these pigs ruin your veautiful country?
KEN HARDY (23 days ago)
There are 160 mosques in Paris, just look at the problems over there.
Joy Kamiza (28 days ago)
That is how Muslims conquer, by building a mosque.
Belinda Kennedy (1 month ago)
Mosques are a sign that this land has been conquered and as long as it there that land is islamic,it attracts more muslims to the area then they have to build more mosques,it how islam works.
bigearedmouse17 (1 month ago)
Who is Funding the 5 Million Euros ? Any one have an update on this Story ?
Da Cappo (1 month ago)
once they get a foothold youll need the devil himself to drive them out .
Bobby Cape (1 month ago)
Ireland a war is coming to your country cause of the mooslumb snail slugs stand up and fight remove the slugs from your country before it's lost and no Ireland only Islam slugs one shot one kill fight fight don't let your country go to waste
Troll Hunter (1 month ago)
I thought the culture in Ireland was Irish so why do we hear of respecting the Moslem culture I thought the apologists said they were going to integrate and assimilate and become Irish......what a sad joke. In the Koran and Sharia it is not wrong for a Muslim to lie to a Kaffir [ yes, that's you ] in Britain there are god knows how many mosques and god help you as a Kaffir if you go near or attempt to film do you REALLY want this I promise you your culture will be eroded as their population outstrips yours [ they say this themselves !! ] eventually your culture will only be celebrated in small enclaves outside of Ireland, you don't believe me ? I am a racist ? ok just wait and see
tommy crosbie (4 months ago)
We taught the brits for our country , an now after years of fighting we are sitting back an letting our country be taken away but in a sneaky way and everybody is unaware ,only when females have to cover there heads an faces in public and no rights will everyone wake the fuck up ,
tommy crosbie (4 months ago)
The whole country should be behind this ,and our fucking government are letting this go ahead ,but really it's the EU ,/new world order ,be ready for lots more of this ,maybe lightning will strick
Thomas Esmonde (4 months ago)
Michael Collins is rolling in he's grave.
Abdul Abdullah (4 months ago)
Thick as you paddys might be ,even you know an invasive alien non participating parasitical ideology. So why vote the present Indian President into office ?
Yaelra R. (4 months ago)
Muslims choose strategic countries to come to to spread their ideology, while living off the taxpayers. It makes no sense why muslims would come to Ireland. There are tons of Islamic countries they could go to where they would be in their element. This is the infiltration of the islamic ideology into the west. You are an idiot if you think it is anything else. And to add insult to injury, the innocent taxpayer gets the unwanted "privilege" of paying for these muslims to live off of them.
Irishravr63 (4 months ago)
All part of the Kalergi plan.
Dermot O'Logical (4 months ago)
Ireland kept the flame of Christianity alive when all of Europe lost its way. You now, like most rational beings in the 21st century want to be allowed to keep your faith or LACK of it to yourselves and NOT be judged on any attendance to cavorting about for priests and others. I ask the people of Kilkenny and Ireland this; Why o why are you even thinking (never mind allowing) Ireland to embrace a 5th century eejit upstart to fill the "nature abhors a vacuum" void left by your determined refusal to be lectured and hectored by men and women dressed like a group of lonely people going to a stag do or fancy dress party and demanding to know your innermost sins? STOP this encirclement and "Saudi" instigated spread of a wanker called Mo. He doesn't exist. Pingu the fcuking penguin is more real. How do i know this, because it is 2018 and I am NOT being smitten with any fcuking think except perhaps a muslim wielding a fcuking machete because I upset his spastic God with his MALE seriously under-thought arrogant stance on the world written by MEN to keep better men (and women, especially women) UNDER CONTROL. DON'T ALLOW this. You are Ireland and better men than you have died to keep you Irish, not Welsh or English or even Scottish, or French. DO NOT believe a dopey fcuking word from the mouths of these daft squitters. They'll be asking you to fcuk the Blarney stone off soon. They cannot abide ANY other religion or thought processes. It is NOT Catholicism. It is dogma and cant.
John 1 (4 months ago)
There are almost as many muslims, (4million-ish) living here in the uk as there are native Irish who live just across the water in the republic. In the uk we have about two thousand mosques and if you let it happen it will happen.
bill bliss (4 months ago)
For years the Irish fought the English,but just let the muslims immigration take over,just like Sweden
Frank Keller (4 months ago)
Build one build 10.. Look at the rape map of Britain. Everywhere a Mosque is built there are rape gangs.. 1 million on their way to Ireland as we speak. Oust these snowflakes as fast as you can using your local and national votes to get rid of this traitorous filthy politicians and local councillor's as fast as humanly possible...
paul davies (4 months ago)
Tondalaya Kapoofnick (4 months ago)
The Irish people better start fighting back and soon! Your beautiful island and culture are on their way to being destroyed. Just look at Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Italy... complete takeover is the goal.
mikey holt (4 months ago)
Your out of your tiny minds,Muslims are the enemy of the world and an insult to humanity,they have never interested in any society anywhere in the world ever.
Sea Angler (4 months ago)
Listen to Bob Strout:The Truth about the Refugee Crisis it is very educational on You Tube
0311RFLMN (4 months ago)
how stupid if the irish allow this. 1 mosque then more muslims then another mosque.  then more and more. the goal to take over Ireland. if your irish reject these muslims .
Padraig Flanagan (4 months ago)
islam is cancer. terrorists will plan attacks from this satan worshipper temple. it is a national disgrace.
allie fisher (4 months ago)
You will have this Mosque in Kilkenny, it has already been decided, Merkel has decreed that Ireland will become Islamic by 2040, as an Englishman I must say I never thought I would see the day, my Grandad god bless his soul, a proud Irishman from County Mayo just wouldn't have believed that we would simply surrender our lands, both Ireland and Britain, it will be a worse world that's for sure.
Milky Barkid (4 months ago)
The government already gave the go ahead for a huge mosque to be built in Blanchardstown, didn't hear anything about that on the msm here either, what a load of bollox, we need to stop this, now , no more muslim welfare tourists under the guise of refugees, who have trapsed across a whole continent to get to Ireland. Why don't they go to a country where their culture and beliefs are compatible, because those countries won't take them is why, why won't they take them? People of Ireland wake the fuck up, we need to revolt as soon as possible before we are 2nd class citizens in OUR LAND!
Proinnsias O'Dubhlaoich (4 months ago)
Islam means Submit, this is what their goal is all over Europe and beyond. Just keep saying it "no more mosques in Ireland" and further more any public representative who supports the spread of Islam and Muslim power in any Western society should be voted out of office and deselected as a candidate for every constitutional party. Islam does not believe in democracy so has no place in a free society.
Schitzy Fitzy (4 months ago)
I know a perfect place to build it Saudi Arabia, educate yourselves as to what is being preached at these mosques its utter hatred of non Muslims and a policy of non integration, these people hate western culture but don’t mind accepting western welfare. There are videos filmed undercover in these mosques in the UK where what they teach and preach to children is sickening.
Julie Westmacott (5 months ago)
Planning permission for a mosque on the outer Hebrides has just been deceitfully obtained.. This is happening right across the EU .. small communities won’t survive this.. https://youtu.be/yEQrc4nrR4w
Al L (5 months ago)
Irish people should just look to the many Muslim rape gangs that exist in England, and then decide whether they want mass Islamic immigration.
N/A N/A (5 months ago)
thehotash1 (5 months ago)
tell that shower of fine gael , fianna fail and sinn fein and the rest of the leinster house do gooders that we want no illegal immigrants in our country. Ireland for the irish.
Ray Diaytor (5 months ago)
It is the start. First a mosque then mass immigration, reproduction and a Muslim state. Sounds ridiculous but who’d have thought 20 years ago a mosque would be built in a catholic country like Ireland. It’s happening in the UK, it will happen unless it’s stopped now in Ireland. Eastern Europe has woken up to it, France is realising the seriousness of it, the UK sits by and lets it happen
,jgvfyufcgvk' (5 months ago)
1,000,000 MIGRANTS ARE ON THEIR WAY TOO!! Say "thank you EU"
Winston Smith (5 months ago)
when you joined the E U you sold your sole to the devil Ireland does not exist any more its just a state of the EU kilkenny castle will make a nice mosque....lol... do as the EU masters orders you to do
simply_enchanting (5 months ago)
Look at Europe wake up or you will witness your country being destroyed!
BIG POPPA PUMP (5 months ago)
Lets go build a church in Islamabad n see what they say
Angry Man (5 months ago)
It's all part of the Kalergi plan for a united states of Europe. Dissolve ALL national cultures and customs by letting into the EU countless Asian and African immigrants, so that there is only one party, one flag, one army. The residents of Europe in time resembling Egyptians in colour and appearance. Don't believe me? Google "The Kalergi Plan" It was all decided in 1922 by the nobility, elite and big business to rule over us.
gi Man (5 months ago)
Closing date for objections 19th April. !!!! That gives people at least 5 minutes to forward an objection. !!! Very questionable timetable ...
James Hunt (5 months ago)
Read this and pass it on people https://www.isesco.org.ma/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/StrategieExtVELR.pdf
Scahoni (5 months ago)
When is the civil war starting?
Mark Holmes (5 months ago)
Remember if a pig is cut up and placed in the ground a mosque can not be built there, I'm just saying
jason walshe (5 months ago)
Fuck those rape-monkeys, everything possible must be done to stop them moving here. They destroy the quality of life wherever they're allowed to live with their demands and 'culture'. NO WOMAN WILL BE SAFE ON THE STREETS WHERE THEY LIVE.
realnameunknown2011 (5 months ago)
1400 years ago started taken over countries and building up mosques , and they are told to say raceist card and islampobia excuse they use as a weapon to silence ppl, be4 they start killing non-muslims.
Kenny Evans (5 months ago)
Its an insult to the lamb to have this barbarian ideology within the walls of Christian towns you will reap what you sow!! Cultural marxist feminazi, SJW, traitors and usefull idiots helping to destroy the west and its culture!!
Cryptobradley200 (5 months ago)
just say NO!!!
dudadeda1234 (5 months ago)
It's spreading all over Europe....
Coach TMAC (5 months ago)
Any halal product or process goes towards buying or supporting the islamization and has direct ties to the political Islamization of nations and acquiring more territories. STOP equating islam on par with other religions. Islam is a political ideology that requires people to submit to it or be conquered, including resulting in death to those who do not submit and convert to Islam. Why can’t people read for themselves, oh wait, because the very Koran these politicians are comparing the bible to is written in Arabic. Hint #1, if the islamic’s god, ali, was all powerful why could he only speak arabic. Hint #2, if mohamed was a peaceful and perfect prophet why did he murder so many hundreds of people and why was he a pedophile? So, before you totally destroy your nation why don’t you take a moment to stop virtue signalling and look at the facts.
Yaelra R. (4 months ago)
Coach TMAC Excellent post.
What next sharia law.
Sea Angler (5 months ago)
As the last terror shooting in Paris happen the Muslims got away by dressing with a Niqab Muslim Hijab a 3 layer Islamic Face cover Veil burqa .I call it a black sack.Because People on the street believed they were Muslim Women . So easy was it to get away. To Confuse them we should all order one on Ebay cost only 8£ an see what happens . All they will see is your eyes.What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.
TheDessez (5 months ago)
Come to Shepherds Bush, London for the call to prayer. That's a "small" mosque. People over spill to the pavements outside. They always seem to want the mosque in the busiest and most congested (and visible) area of town.
Proud_Ape (5 months ago)
Irish brothers do not go the same way the UK has. Fight it now with all your worth or your sons sons will by on their knees!
Karen McGrath Kirt (5 months ago)
You would not be allowed practice your Christian faith in a muslim country. Kilkenny is the new Mecca.
susan amoroso (5 months ago)
Europeans, stand up and fight for your culture and Christian heritage. Do not kowtow to these Muslims who are out to conquer the world, not only Europe with Saudi oil money and imams preaching hate against non-Muslims in their mosques and madrassas.
fathead adolf barry (5 months ago)
stop dancing round the main issue you pussys ! muh parking muh graves.. YOURE ALLOWED TO SAY 'WERE BELOW REPLACEMENT LEVELS STOP INVITING OTHER RACES YOU CUNTS ' 😐
Sea Angler (5 months ago)
You Irish People are a one of the nicest People in Europe you are generous and good. Don't give you identity away. Don't let history repeat your suffering you had to deal with in the past, you must not forget. If you make now the wrong choice. Future generations maybe will be whippet out. ISLAM DON'T LIKE CHRISTIANS AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. IT GOES ON FOR 1000 YEARS AND DON'T THINK IT WILL CHANGE TOMORROW. The outdated Koran will not allow it. We are the Infidels and have to be Killed. There are translations you can follow it up .Christians have been Beheaded and Stoned to Dead, in the middle east we don't wont it. Hate Preachers will always come later when they got everything and have settled. Good LUCK YOU IRISH PEOPLE
Andrew Blackadder (5 months ago)
The best way to stop the building of this house of hate called a mosque is to place a dead pigs head ON the building site BEFORE they even start. This way the area is unclean for these ragheads.
Mike Johnson (5 months ago)
Identitarian Generation Identity Stop the Islamisation of Europe Oppose globalisation Stop and reverse the Great Replacement https://www.generation-identity.org.uk/ Please read our FAQs and Demands pages to learn more about our movement.
terry tunney (5 months ago)
for gods sake ireland dont end up like uk,if we mention rape and grooming gangs ,its classed as hate crime,how can protecting your kids be a hate crime
Owen Sheridan (5 months ago)
There is no such thing as Islam-phobia, as a word it is an oxymoron. Islam is not a race of people rather it is just a belief like any other religion. Therefore a person who denies a religion such as Catholicism or Islam is an atheist, a doubter, an agnostic, a nonbeliever but is never a Catholic-phobia or an Islam-phobia; one can only be phobic about a specific race of people, never religion. All one has to do is look at the islamization of England and the establishment of over eighty Sharia Law courts there, which will eventually challenge the supremacy of the original English judicial system. The marriage of nine year old children and the FGM, female genital mutilation is a tenant of Islam. The rape of hundreds of thousands of young English girls by Muslim child sex grooming gangs the length and breadth of England IS NOT A FANTASY. The whole disgusting practice of paedophilia marriage is a real thing for Muslims, which they still practice today. If your intent is to help and encourage the establishment of this religion then you plainly are ANTI-IRISH. One can easily educate themselves through GOOGLE and understand how divisive Islam as a belief is to western values and traditions. Take a good hard look at the division the Muslim religion has brought down on the head of our closest neighbour the UK, and all of Europe, especially Sweden. Swedish people who have accommodated this invasion of Islam into their country have brought their nation close to being subsumed by this unprecedented influx of people who will not assimilate. Some time ago Angela Markel admitted that Multiculturalism had failed; she never said a truer word. You can look up all I claim on Google, do it. So far the do-gooders in Sweden have brought their country people and traditions close to the brink of genocide by accommodating the Muslim practice of child marriage. This western accommodation of Islam is a gastly turn of events and can only end in tears the Irish people. The following is a pamphlet published by the Swedish authority and is as follows: Mar 29, 2018 - Sweden's board of Health and Welfare. Welfare pamphlet: 'Information for one married to a child. Cooperation with the Migration Authority, released a pamphlet titled Information for one who is married to a Child, intended to help guide men who marry underage girls through the Swedish welfare system. The anger I hear at this meeting is not about parking and the suchlike but rather a yet to be articulated cacophony of righteous anger from simple Irish country people who see the beginning invasion of an odd and unfathomable religion into their home and birthplace and have an undeniable right to object to the steamrolling of officious Irelands Gombeen men, sleveens, and cute hoors over the rightful objections, in THEIR Irish Democratic society.
pabby (5 months ago)
Owen Sheridan Unfortunately that statement is valid and true, and I was left wing and I'm mixed race. Any argument I'd be lying to myself, I wish it wasn't the case and everyone could get on. But with this is implausible
David Browne (5 months ago)
The first thing you have to understand is that there are a number of forces operating here. On the one hand we are told that radicals are only a small percentage of Muslims and as Sadiq Khan says, we are expected to live with terrorism. Sorry Sadiq I don’t accept that. Just making the comments you make will get you a free trip out of the country. Why do the radicals do what they do? Simple really it guarantees them a spot in Paradise with 72 virgins, who once deflowered, become virgins again. Not only does it guarantee them a spot in Paradise, it means that 70 of their immediate family have a much better chance to go to Paradise. That is why Muslim mothers say nothing about their martyred sons. Is it just me or does Paradise appear to be overly carnal? I doubt any deity would be so focused on a carnal Paradise. That to me is more a man-made place of pleasure. I would have thought it was right up Muhammad’s alley. We shall always have radicals because martyrdom is so compelling for them. If they do not make martyrs of themselves then they have to recite verses of the Quran in classical Arabic to Allah and hope they know enough. Remember also that only 10% of Muslims speak Arabic so it becomes a great deal more difficult for the non-Arab speaking Muslims. Of course, we are told repeatedly that they only make up a small percentage of all Muslims and this is fairly true, if 22 million world wide is a small number The next group is not quite so small and is a group which the media and the politicians are not quite as focused on but who by their beliefs are just as dangerous, in the long run, as the radicals. These are the fundamentalists or Muhammadans, who widely believe in the caliphate and adhere to the Sharia. These are a more insidious group as they want to take over the west by democratic means. They call it Hijrah. It is where they pretend to be “moderate” until their numbers are large enough to come out. We are no longer talking 1-1 1/2% as with the radicals but 30-40% of all Muslims or at least 600,000,000 worldwide. Your apologists fit into this group. You know, as Tonto says, Muslim speak with forked tongue. To give you a true idea of what the Sharia involves, please read the following: Beheadings - Stonings - Hangings - Crucifixions - Honor killings Genocide - Burning infidels alive - Supremacy and global domination - Warfare/conquest - -Beatings -Torture - Limb amputations - Genital mutilation - Death to apostates - Forced conversion Slavery - Sex slavery and rape - Misogyny/sexism - Women enslavement - Wife beating - Child marriage/rape -Brutality against homosexuals - Censorship - Dictatorship - Bigotry and hatred - Robbery and pillage - Extortion of nonbelievers - Persecution and/or death for blasphemy/atheism - Animal cruelty - Prohibition of music/singing - Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities Etc., ad nauseam Now Muslims would argue that this is not what the sharia is at all and they will put up seven lovey dovey expressions of what they want you and I to believe the Sharia is. I say to them which Quran are the terrorists and radicals reading and which Quran are they reading as they are obviously reading different books. They have no answer to that one. All you have to do is go to Surah 4.89 to see what they are on about and have a look at Islamic countries to get a better idea of which form of the Sharia is imposed. "They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper." surah 4.89 These people want to impose this rubbish all over Europe. Don't worry about the nice Muslims they say and do nothing except occasionally play the victim. As Brigitte Gabriel says, "The silent majority are worthless. Where were they during the Nazis, Soviets, Japanese in the 1930s, the Chinese etc and so on. They were nowhere. They were just that the silent majority. The same applies today. Until the liberal left wake up and see they are being manipulated and used by these Muhammadans nothing will change until it explodes into civil war. That result is definitive. That is what happened in Lebanon and it will happen in Europe. Look at Sweden - 80% of the police are looking to resign. The EU has to come out and say the Barcelona Declaration was a mistake and Draconian rules have to be implemented in the short term to reverse this problem. Equally, everybody has to be aware of Islamic deceit. It has got to the stage with me, I do not believe anything that comes out of their mouths. This is because they are either very ignorant or they are being deceitful. For all you infidels, kafirs etc etc there are nine words in the Islamic text you should be aware of. These words all refer to deceit in various forms in Islam. They are (1)taqiyya (Shia) and (2)Muda’rat (Sunni) which are the tactical forms of deceit for spreading Islam. This is going on all of the time. Then we have (3) tawriya, which is deceit by ambiguity. (4) Kitman which is deceit by omission. (5)Taysir which is deceit through facilitation. (6)Darura is deceit through necessity (doing something haram). (7)Maruna is the temporary suspension of the Sharia by Muslims in the West to make them look moderate. (8)Hudna is the temporary truce which the Muslim might make but which can be broken at a moment’s notice. (9)hijrah which is Muslim immigration to peacefully occupy and then take over a kafir country. My advice is look up the meaning of these words and that will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with. I have only given you a brief overview. To give you an example of "kitman". How often do we hear Islamic apologists telling us that jihad is nothing but an internal struggle while the rest of the world sees what these so called people immersed in "inner struggle" are actually doing when given half a chance. We even have these naive politicians that tell us it is an inner struggle and that terrorism is not indicative of the true Islam. Bullshit Theresa May. In the Quran it uses jihad and its derivatives 59 times. Of these, only 16 or 27% could be considered "internal" with no object as target of the struggle based on the context of the surah. So you know what to say the next time a Muslim tells you the "true meaning" of jihad. . What we need in the West is an action plan to deal with the radicals and the fundamentalists. I put this forward for discussion. So what do we do? Point 1. Declassify this ideology for what it is. Take away its religious entitlements under the Act by saying it is no longer a recognised religion Point 2. Close down all mosques and physically remove them from the landscape. They did it in Angola so there is no reason why we cannot do it. Mosques are the first step in implementing the Sharia and in radicalising young Muslims. Point 3. All people under suspicion of being radicals should be rounded up and deported straight away. You would save 12 billion pound a year in the UK alone. They are starting to do it in the UK as they have stand by jets sitting there waiting to move these people on. Jets will not solve the problem long term. Point 4. Segregate all gaols. There are so many Muslims in gaol at present that I would stick them all in the one institution. Maybe we will not see the forced conversions we are now seeing. Once their sentences are over get rid of them. Point 5 Identify the fundamentalists or Muhammadans in the crowd by asking them two questions. a) Do you think the Sharia should supersede manmade secular laws? b) Do you believe in the world caliphate? If they say YES to either question they are incompatible with western culture – so round them up and put them in a holding environment until it is time to repatriate them to Turkey. Another question might be, Are you an Australian Muslim or a Muslim Australian? If they give the second choice then deport them as they are not going to integrate. Point 6. Once you have a sizeable number of Fundamentalist Muslims march them from Europe, and the UK, to Turkey. Army can do that. As they are Muslims, a Muslim country has to take them in. What they do with them after that is up to them and that delightful Islamic Bloc in the United Nations. Some might suggest that this was what actually happened in in Myanmar. They were not going to have a separate independent Islamic state being set up in their country so they marched them out to the nearest Islamic country - Bangladesh. The country where they probably came from illegally in the first place. Point 7 Bull doze the United Nations as they are a major part of the problem. This institution is simply a tool for both the Islamic Bloc and the Globalists. Point 8 Arrest and charge all these politicians who allowed this to happen; who invited these Islamists into our countries; and who betrayed the people of their own countries. They should be charged with treason. Remember, Angel Merkel only allowed this to go on for economic reasons without any consideration for the social ramifications. Not only were the economic reasons lost in the hailstorm of outgoing social benefits, these people are told not to assimilate. It says it in the Quran. Go back to the old Surah 4.89 it says it there. No wonder they form No Go Zones. Now saying all I have said, you cannot blame all Muslims. Many of them want to live normal lives. Many of them have never read the Quran and put their own liberal interpretation on what their religion is all about. When you tell them about what the Quran actually says, they do not want to listen. To them it is all metaphors and poetry. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Can you reform the Quran? Not really as to change the text is to change God’s word and they are not going to put up with that Maajid Nawaz . I hope this helps in some way.
Mich Elle (12 days ago)
STOP listening to sad dick.
David Browne (4 months ago)
Too true. BUT the longer it goes on and the more they are allowed to pursue their hijrah the more difficult it becomes.
Gary england (4 months ago)
Seems to me we're all in this together mate . The whole of Europe . And we will fight this to the bitter end .
David Browne (4 months ago)
Gary Only if you let it happen. The UK needs to set up its own militia or get the people to wake up and get rid of these spineless politicians who seem to be coming up in every democratic country. Political correctness is a disease which is used to control people's thinking. It needs to be thrown out the window where it belongs.
Gary england (4 months ago)
Welcome to the party mate . It's an eu party . learn to love going back to the stone age . No more cars just camels . No more cinema. Just public floggings and beheadings for entertainment .
David Browne (5 months ago)
Sorry you do not need to stop the building of mosques in Ireland, you need to remove all mosques from the landscape. Each small win for the Islamic community is a win for the Islamic theocracy. Unfortunately, too many of the politicians are in the pay of Soros. Just have a look at the number of politicians in the EU who are in his control. Every mosque is a nail in the coffin of the UK and Ireland. Under the Hijrah these people intend to take over the west. They tell me this is the case - well the loudmouths do anyway. So if the average citizens can see what they intend doing then why can't the politicians? Of course they can. So therefore we have to assume they have sold out their constituents and have committed treason against their country and should be treated accordingly. The only only outcomes for all of this, unless something is not done soon, is CIVIL WAR. Is that really what the politicians want. Forget the Party Line you wankers and come up with a plan of action because at the present, I have not seen one of you say something constructive. I'll give you a staring point up above if you need a push.
P Ennis (5 months ago)
Stephanie McDermott is deluded, Muslims treat Christians as second class citizens. Just look at the history of islam, read the koran, look at the problems wherever islam is. Do NOT tolerate the intolerant cult.
TheButcherkevin (5 months ago)
Watch what happens when you allow Muslims/Islam into your home.
Hereticking (5 months ago)
They hate you and they want your religion destroyed by force and your women enslaved yet the feminzis and left wing enable it all, WHY? Stand up Ireland before it is too late for you too.
Tequila Mockingbird (5 months ago)
Islam is a hostile invasive ideology dressed up as just another harmless religion. Politicians pretend otherwise because they anticipate the future Islamised population will be docile and easily controlled and they, the politicians, will ascend to global elite status as a reward for selling out their country to Islam. Unlikely, I don't see many politicians/administrators from pre-Islamic revolution Iran flourishing afterwards. They will have Dhimmi status at best.
culminate100 (1 month ago)
Tequila Mockingbird spot on
Tequila Mockingbird (5 months ago)
Seems Irish people aren't quite ready to be ethnically cleansed from Ireland without a fight.
Karl Beating (5 months ago)
My home town of Nuneaton as a big mosque all the streets are home to mainly Muslims nothing to worry about , unless one gets arrested with connections to the Manchester bombing like one did
T J Q (5 months ago)
What the fuck would take Muslims to a freezing hole like this, Have sense they'll soon catch themselves on and leave like most of the Irish do
Karl Beating (5 months ago)
T J Q like your thinking only it didn't happen in the UK , they just brought thicker jumpers bigger coats and body warmers or actually look up some Islamic counties and the weather is wetter and colder than both Eire and the UK
MrJoecool9999 (5 months ago)
To achieve the aims of Project Ireland 2040 and increase the population by adding 1 million "New Citizens" - the government plan to double the size of the population of every city in Ireland outside Dublin.....! Think about what that will mean...! - In 20 years time every City in Ireland will have a population that will be 50+% non-Irish born - and the vast majority of them will be from Islamic states - SO - Project Ireland 2040 will essentially turn Ireland into an Islamic state within a single generation......!
MrJoecool9999 (4 months ago)
Hi Proinnsias - The only reason they are getting away with this is because the Government and MSM are completely ignoring the disastrous effects of this Mass Immigration/Replacement policy in the rest of Europe..! Police in 2 Swedish Cities have advised women not to go out after dark - this is the norm in hundreds of towns and cities throughout Europe - regardless of whether the Police give that advice or not....!
Proinnsias O'Dubhlaoich (4 months ago)
Spot on
pabby (5 months ago)
MrJoecool9999 wouldn't be bad if they went for Brazilians or Spanish Caribbeans, Indians Italians all offer something. Unfortunately If just Muhammadan Islamics which does not change or reform. It will not be a good look.
John Lilliott (5 months ago)
Let them have 1 & they will be sprouting like mushrooms all over Ireland !
James Murphy (5 months ago)
What is worse you still want to belong to the EU.
Rosemary Spencer (5 months ago)
James Murphy Yes.
star buster (5 months ago)
Only the corrupt politicians and brainwashed lefties want that.
Damian (4 months ago)
Let them build it................and then burn it down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZdguX_7xJA
joe robinson (5 months ago)
Ireland is fucked
Alan Blight (5 months ago)
Every Mosque is a further inclusion in our society of an radically alien and authoritarianism ideology, it's not just a prayer space. They create agitprop, have courts, schools, the lot. Who's paying for the Mosque ?
Jewel Heart (1 month ago)
Saudi Arabia or the Muslim Brotherhood or both
7x34hj (5 months ago)
Putting any kind of structure in place is a major power statement. This building comes with enough space for 220 worshippers, a small school of about 300 pupils, a Muslim community centre and a Halal shop. A place to read their religion, teach children in their ways, commune with like-minded followers and a place for their food. It is an invitation to push the Irish people away (there is nothing here for them) and they will be thanked by more and more coming, then more and more structures, then ... well just look around Europe.
Karen McGrath Kirt (5 months ago)
Brother's and sister's of Ireland I call on you all today to find your belief in Jesus Christ again! As a predominant Catholic country we have lost our way. And yes i understand this is a lot to do with the evil of the priests that infiltrated the church but remember not all is bad and those that remain are more genuine than you could imagine. Spiritual warfare is at its strongest now with the increase of Islam in the western world. Not only is democracy at risk but our whole culture as a nation of people is too. Islam has one agenda and that is to rid the world of all that isn't Islamic. The so called region of Islam is an ideology created 1400 years ago by a so called prophet named Muhammad. If you research him you will discover he was in fact a war monger an adulterous and pedophile as he married a young girl of six ( Aisha ) and had sex with her from nine onwards. This is a religion ( sect ) that so far has destroyed every country it has imposed itself on . Our so called leaders in government has allowed thousands upon thousands of Muslims into our country as political refugees ? If you look at the majority of these so called asylum seekers you will see the majority are young men of fighting age. This needs to be stopped now it is estimated that by 2050 there will be over 100/150 thousand Muslims in Ireland an increase of over 248% . Muslims will tell you they believe in Jesus Christ but only as a messenger of God. They do not believe Jesus Christ the holy spirit is in fact God as in the Trinity . This is a dangerous belief as its Antichrist and a danger to all who oppose it. Not all Muslims however are bad but in small numbers they are quiet . Its when the numbers grow the changes then come. Protect your children's futures and grand children's also and say no to the government that's inflicting this potential hatred on you.. Whether you use a church or not the key is to keep your worship to Jesus Christ alive . the lords prayer once a day is all he asked of you .. Thank you all who read this and God bless you all..
NyuuMikuru1 (13 days ago)
Or, you can tar and feather elected officials for buttkissing muslims and replace them who WILL listen to non muslims.
Katie Bresser (22 days ago)
Do not let this happen.
kid 007 (5 months ago)
The Ra is gonna have to sort this 1!! 🍀
Longfordboy (4 months ago)
The Ra is a big part of the problem.
James Hunt (5 months ago)
If this is allowed to go ahead.. this is what is going to happen! 1; Parking Jihad, they will park cars to block your drive and refuse to move them until the prayers are over, this will happen many times per day! If you call the police the police will side with the Muslims in the interest of social cohesion. 2; Dog Jihad, They will bombard the council and any left wing group, Councillor and politicians about the dogs in the area as dogs are offensive to Islam...all dogs will be banned from been anywhere near the Mosque! 3; Property Jihad, After a while the will approach the elderly people first and offer to buy the house at around half its value, the person will naturally refuse, they will then be told...accept the money because who else will want to live next to a mosque but a Muslim...those of you who do not own your house will be driven out over time! the this area will end up a no go zone for non Muslims!....How do I know this? because lived in London for over 20 years I have seen this happen! you have been warned people...Do not be fooled by these people they look at this from a generational perspective!
SALZOPYRIN (18 days ago)
Burn the cars, they wont park them then.
Cylon1954 (19 days ago)
Easy fix , set fire to their fucking car!!!
Dolphin Dream (22 days ago)
#4 will be: they will outbreed you, invite in MANY more of their number to move into the area to add to their numbers, and in general succeed in outnumbering the Irish citizens in short order. There is no #5, since #4 is The End.
Yaelra R. (4 months ago)
James Hunt Food jihad:They demand certain foods served in schools. Street jihad:They demand prayer space on the streets to pray. Airport jihad:They demand prayer rooms and special foot baths built in airports. It doesnt end.
Gary england (4 months ago)
Good old London eh . Our firm was moving a man out of his house as we're a removal firm . He was sourounded by muslims . He been threatened. Spat at .he was the last white man in that street . He sold the house cheap to get out of there . A car pulled up to me with 4 muslims in . They said . FUCK off this is our country now . All I was going was walking round the corner to get a can of coke .. I would not live in London if you paid me . I wasn't going to take on 4 blokes and probably get stabbed
gerpool7 (5 months ago)
people have the right to say no and not be labelled islamophobes also I'm against halah foods. every European country seem to be having this thanks to merkel
Peter Murphy (5 months ago)
I have a suggestion to all these Muslim people, give them the same option as their fellow religious give christian people in their Countries, namely, turn christian or else get out of our Country, then you will not need a mosque or have to kill Animals in the barbaric fashion you do. Evertime you kill an animal for your halal meat you are breaking the law in this Country. We have laws here as regards animal cruelty and you will not even show us the respect of obeying our laws. If you do not want to live like us and obey our laws I suggest you get out of our Country , we did not send for you and will only be to happy to see the back of you.
J Cahill (5 months ago)
This is only the beginning of the Muslim population starting to segregate themselves as their numbers increase in IRELAND it is being paid for with Saudi money and it will have hate preachers preaching the extreme form of islam that is though in Saudi as Is happening all over Britain
Dictum1 (4 months ago)
"Saudi Money"!!!!!....I didn't know George Soros is an Arab. I thought he was a Jew....
Proinnsias O'Dubhlaoich (4 months ago)
Simple solution, how about banning Islam in Ireland altogether. What would our country lose, nothing except decades of hassle and problems like in the UK , France and alike. The West needs to get over it's guilt trip about former empires. Take South Africa for example, the average life span of a black male has declined by 9 years since the whites lost power.
Sea Angler (5 months ago)
Check this out ; Italian citizen take to the streets :We can not stand this anymore.
Rosemary Spencer (5 months ago)
J Cahill True.
big toe (5 months ago)
so true get ready ,they are coming.
Peter Murphy (5 months ago)
Stephanie McDermott ,all across the middle east and Africa christian people are been butchered ,murdered and raped by Islamic savages, and you have the neck to to say to the people at that meeting that they should let this vile Mosque be built in their City. The most gauling thing about your statement is the fact that you as a woman you would be in the greatest danger from these savages of Islam. How dare you stand up for these animals and put our girls at peril from the vile rapists like the ones that have been operating in parts of Britian for years. I suggest if you do not like our Country as it is, get yourself out of it because in my mind you are nothing short of a traitor to our people.
kitemanmusic (5 months ago)
What happens in a mosque: https://youtu.be/nkIY9Pa-OmQ
Richard James (5 months ago)
This "meeting" is just a part of the process, they have no regard for your views Killkenny....the globalists want you displaced, weakened and finally outbred, whereupon you will loose your island by demographic conquest.
Proinnsias O'Dubhlaoich (4 months ago)
100% correct. Kalergi Plan by the EU
Rosemary Spencer (5 months ago)
Richard James That's the truth.
Sea Angler (5 months ago)
Check out Anni Cyrus A child bride in her home country Iran abused and imprisoned as a Teen and escape to USA. (The Glazoo Gang) It make your Skin crawl .
James Audia520 (5 months ago)
We need to stop The building of mosques in Ireland. You cannot build a church in Saudi. You will be killed for even trying. Wake up Ireland and protect your christian heritage before it's too late. The feminist SJW need to be thrown into jail.
Raymond Francis (1 day ago)
You sound like a fucking dork?
Daniel Griffin (19 days ago)
Demo all mosques all over the world and haul them to the dump
Tez Wharton (20 days ago)
more than likly funded by Saudi or Iran or an Islamic country.
Sea Angler (5 months ago)
Another Lorry Terror attack in Toronto Kill's many People as the CU-RAN mention Kill the non Muslims wherever you catch them.Ireland wake up.

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