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Rude Technical Support scammer and a failed Windows 10 install

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To celebrate Microsoft's launch of Windows 10, I decided to call up those tech support scammers to see how they will handle a failed windows 10 install. Unsurprisingly, all I got was a rude scammer who insisted my supposed Windows 10 install glitch was a virus. As always, Never fall victim to this or any other scams from unknown suspicious callers! MUSIC: Tigoolio - Summer Trip Twitter: @itsomedudeguy http://Somedudeguy.com
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Text Comments (42)
yamen Jolak (1 month ago)
Indian bitches don't know anything. They don't even have private toilet to take a shit in.
Samantha Ferricher (1 year ago)
You have the patience of a saint! That rude lady would have gotten me pissed! Props to you my friend!
Mac M (1 year ago)
that woman really owned your ass!!!
JON-SAB MOTO (1 year ago)
lol this was a lot of fun man. i enjoyed it alot.
TheWilygrower (2 years ago)
Hereby , Today I am disclosing the details of a person based in united kingdom , he is actually an Indian , an illiterate one, some how managed to migrate to united kingdom since then for the last 4 to 5 years running the scams of different kinds from uk itself. Modus operandi given below : 1.he has opened many companies 2. then he opened many bank accounts on these companies names 3.he then opened payment gateways 4.he has been assisting Indians from india for sure to run technical support scam , every one is aware of tech support scam.if you are not , google technical support scam. 5. he is also assisting Indians the same way in pharmacy scams where Indians sell medicines cheaply to uk people and usa people without prescriptions and send them through international courier. 6. i am not sure as he supporting Indians , there could be chances he may be supporting Pakistanis too. 7. these bloody Indians and Pakistanis call the customers , gullible customers in uk and usa. 8. these Indians and Pakistanis trick these innocent people and scam them. 9. take their money and put it in uk accounts by cash , cheque or credit card or debit card 10. money goes to the uk citizen accounts 11. this bloody uk citizen cuts his share 40% and rest transfers to india or Pakistan 12. you do not believe me? This is how he works. I am ready to testify but the problem is I am n india 13. I would like to help and I am doing your 90% of the work. thanks for that. Hereby the details of this bloody uk citizen mentioned below This email has been marked to every possible authority in united kingdom From every newspaper to almost every scam buster teams Every police department to every investigation department I know that authorities of united kingdom will investigate it. Name : Mr rattan jaiswal Personal mobile : 7956013161 All companies registered at same address Some of his companies are not registered and some are dissolved address : 359 Rochford Gardens, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5XE number 1 Tech Help Guru Internet Service in Slough View others nearby Add review 359 Rochford Gardens Slough Berkshire SL2 5XE View on map • T: 0808 234 2376 Visit Website Contact Us Got a question? Suggestion? Complaint? We'd love to here from you Address: 359 Rochford Gardens Slough Berkshire SL2 5XE UK Contact Number: 0 203 289 0359 Email: support@techhelpguru.com number 2 Clay Solutions LTD DISSOLVED 359 Rochford Gardens, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5XE Company Number09163920 Number 3 Infenion Software Ltd.ACTIVE 08594268 • Cash: £1,511 • Net Worth: £-2,368 • Assets: £1,511 • Liabilities: £3,879 359 ROCHFORDS GARDENS, SLOUGH, SL2 5XE Infenion Software 0 Ratings <span07956013161</span 359 Rochford Gardens , Slough, BRK - SL2 5XE near Absolutely Ice - Slough Ice Arena (Map) Computer Softwares, Computer Software Co... ...more NA Number 4 TRAVELOVAST TOURS LIMITED Company number 09549717 Registered office address 359 Rochford Gardens 359 Rochford Gardens, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL2 5XE Company status Active Company type Private limited Company 1 current officer / 0 resignations JAISWAL, Rattan Rattan Correspondence address 359 Rochford Gardens, 359 Rochford Gardens, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL2 5XE Role Director Date of birth March 1956 Appointed on 20 April 2015 Nationality Indian Country of residence United Kingdom Occupation Travelovast Tours Proof that he operates from india http://travelovast.com/booknow.php number 5 Company details: I Support Geek Ltd. has been registered on 15/01/2013 (company registration number: 08361370). Company's headquarter is located at 359 Rochfords Gardens, , Slough, , SL2 5XE, United Kingdom. I Support Geek Ltd. principal business activity based on SIC code is 62090 - Other Information Technology Service Activities. Company Name:I Support Geek Ltd. (t) Reg Number:08361370 Address:359 Rochfords Gardens, , Slough, , SL2 5XE, United Kingdom Post Code:SL2 5XE County:- United Kingdom Category:Private Limited Company Status:Active Account Ref Day:31 Account Ref Month:1 Next Due Date:15/10/2014 Last Made Up Date: SIC Code:62090 - Other Information Technology Service Activities Next Due Date:15/10/2014 Incorporation Date:15/01/2013 I Support Geek Ltd.ACTIVE 08361370 • Cash: £0 • Net Worth: £0 • Assets: £0 • Liabilities: £0 359 ROCHFORDS GARDENS, SLOUGH, SL2 5XE • About • Accoun
The Phantom Safety Pin (2 years ago)
Computer not working? MUST be a wirus.
Omedchazak613 (2 years ago)
When that bitch got inpatient with me I said "I would appreciate it if you were not so condescending!!!!"
Gordon Shumway (2 years ago)
A wirus on your computer? What is that?
starkness65 (2 years ago)
Jesus what is with this guy voice? It like he trying to jack off in bed while doing the call.
James Bond (2 years ago)
If you live in australia call them on 1800 656 052 and have some fun too
david marshall (2 years ago)
shit ill call them im in america its called destroy madarchod time rofl
shoyb ahmed (2 years ago)
What's the number you called lol
dirtyfred1 (2 years ago)
LOL, those ladies have tempers.
Mario583 (2 years ago)
"You need to update your Windows 10 machine" How can he do that when the Win10 install failed? I blame Mircosoft.
Ron Voortman (2 years ago)
Great work!
makinjica (2 years ago)
User : Helooo ? Scammer : Hi ,You have a Wirus !!!!! User : Nooo , rly ?? Scammer : Yes its on my script sitting there .
grammargrub (2 years ago)
haha. very good and well done.
Eric Wood (2 years ago)
Gotta love it. No matter what problem you tell them you have, it's a WIRUS!!! DO NOT ARGUE!!
"Hello bitch!" xD
BobEckert56 (2 years ago)
She needs a big thick juicy sirloin burger forced down her Hindu throat.
999LDS (2 years ago)
Virus = Wyrus
your voice is funny :P , she is behaving like a bad A$$ teacher haa haa.. she sound like she is not getting paid , she is in a hurry .. please share her phone number
Charity Dell (2 years ago)
@somedudeguytv Can you call the more polite but equally Trifling Slime Devils at 646-568-9699? It corresponds to the vicious scam website fixmypc247.net. Ask to speak to Senior Supervisor SAMEER CHOPRA. Sameer and His Scurvy Band of Digital Heathens called me out of the blue one day and scammed me. Now you know GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY, and scamming elderly folks and honest folks is an ABOMINATION to the Most High, so frankly, any Tech Geeks who serve up some Komputer Karma are collectively THE LEFT HAND OF GOD, so to speak, since they are clearly doing GOOD DEEDS when they rout these Cybersinner Scammers on their own routers! (All puns intended.) :-)
Charity Dell (2 years ago)
WarsunGames (2 years ago)
HelloWorld! (3 years ago)
I love your voice man. But no homo.
BlackBeltPat (3 years ago)
I got a story to tell you about this. they are still calling me so I asked the guy so you guys are still doing this scam huh, so the guy says hummm yeesss?!! then I said ok so you are still doing this scam, ok I'll tell the police LOL
jaysonrobles25 (3 years ago)
That's why Indians are poor understanding English we Filipinos are great with understanding it since we speaks American English
Melissa Laetitia Gomes (2 years ago)
Lol bad joke. I hate fillipino shiity services they have not fixed my computer yet 3 months. And the fact you're comparing these scammers with Fillipino makes me laugh!
Craig Wilson (3 years ago)
Here is a computer scam numbers 1855 210 3300, 1877 914 6217 they call people telling them there computer has a virus and sending errors
Marc Sm (3 years ago)
You've got a Wirus!
Omedchazak613 (3 years ago)
Great video! You have earned another subscriber!
B. Luve (3 years ago)
I received an unexpected call from (909)-713-7135 describing to me they were seeing errors on their end from my windows 10 Upgrade and that I don't have the full license for it ( July 30) @ 1:40 eastern time. I detected this was a scam from their lack of unacceptable customer experience behavior. thanks for the vid!! ;) ;)
BlackBeltPat (3 years ago)
how did you get windows 10 update when it's not out til august?
somedudeguytv (3 years ago)
Windows 10 was launched on July 29th. If your waiting for your que to download windows 10, you can find tutorials on how to jump the cue and get Windows 10 today.
Shermanbay (3 years ago)
Thanks for wasting their time!
mango (2 years ago)
+somedudeguytv nws
somedudeguytv (3 years ago)
It's a good way to relive stress after a stressful day! :p
HurricaneJain (3 years ago)
699 subscribers
sp5ism (3 years ago)
YES!! Another somedudeguy upload!! *cheers*
The Hoax Hotel (3 years ago)
Do not try to waste your time and mine as well! Oh the poor scammer :( Those damn wiruses...
DM DM (2 years ago)
Can't wait for your new upload📡📡📡💾💾💾💾☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️💳💳💳💰💰💰💰💸💸💸

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