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Calcium Channel Blockers

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In this video Dr. Mahmudul Hoque Jassy discusses about following topics 1. Classification of Calcium Channel Blocker 2. Indication of amlodipine , nifedipine SR, Larcanidipine, clinidipine and nimodipine 3. Mechanism of contration of vascular smooth muscle and role of voltage sensitive L-type calcium channel in contraction of vascular smooth muscle ( with details intracellular events). 4. How does Amlodipine / Nifedipine SR/ Larcanidipine/ Clinidipine lower BP? 5. Why Nifedipine is used in Raynaud phenomenon in COLD, in EMOTIONAL stress , in SLE and in Scleroderma. ( this indication is confirmed from professor Azizul kahhar sir) 6. Why CCB is used in preterm labor? What is the problem of preterm labour? 7. What is the role of nimodipine in Subaracnoid Hemorrhage and intracerebral hemorrhage with ventricular extension ( Many mechanisms are proposed in different books. but the most acceptable mechanism is discussed with approval of Professor Azizul Kahhar sir) 8. Common adverse effects of CCB( including ankle edema). 9. how Nifedipine and Felodipine produce reflex tachycardia? This video will be useful for medical and nursing students all over the world. Students who take preparation for USMLE, AMC, MRCP, MBBS may find this video helpful
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tanvir rakin (30 days ago)
James Franko (1 month ago)
Excellent video!
Raidah Munia (2 months ago)
Thanks sir for your great explanation.
Minahil Tariq (3 months ago)
Plz upload nondihydropyridines lecture..
Mohd Salman (5 months ago)
Please upload videos about Verapamil and diltiazem
Good and clear explanation! Thank you!
Arnab Roy (5 months ago)
Thank you sir . You made my concept clear .
sworadip chy (8 months ago)
Easy to understand....
Dina Nassar (8 months ago)
Excellent lecture, thanks a lot
Firdous Rashid (9 months ago)
very nice but these vd can not download
Geethu Ram (9 months ago)
Amazing lecture sir! It helped me a lot!
RONY LMU (9 months ago)
Nice lecture ever.
Morgan Gravley (1 year ago)
Excellent lecture!
Imran Kahn (1 year ago)
Excellent lecture .I appretiate your teaching.
All Videos (1 year ago)
jabir tahsin (1 year ago)
Chisom Chukwu (1 year ago)
You should receive and award for best explained concept !!!!!
bhaumik patel (1 year ago)
where are the videos regarding Verapamil and Diltiazem
Geethu Ram (9 months ago)
Yeah i want it too!
Maria Teresa (1 year ago)
Great lecture!!
tanvir rakin (1 year ago)
great work !😀
Excellent lecture vai. it was very easy to understand.
Medi Scope (1 year ago)
Excellent lecture.. & .was very easy to understand
goooood veery much I like

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