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2018 Ford EcoSport Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

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The 2018 Ford EcoSport aims to offer SUV versatility in a pint-sized package. However, the EcoSport's powertrain and small size may have a hard time competing against more established subcompact SUVs. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez Follow Us on Social: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1IQ2w5q Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Yf5Fh2 Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1P37mM9 Instagram: http://bit.ly/1I49Bzo Google+: http://bit.ly/1Md3gfQ
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Text Comments (256)
onenikkione (23 days ago)
you can get a 2018 RAV4 LE for 22,000 (year end clearance) and it will be loaded with safety features
ruzzell907 (1 month ago)
EcoBoom engine.
Zach Perez (2 months ago)
It’s a dam coffin with four fucking wheels!!!!
bill smith (3 months ago)
Got about 4400 km on my 2018 ecosport.i went with an SE in 4wd and the 2.0 liter engine.its just amazing,really enjoying fords quality and fit & finish,the drive is buttery smooth and the vehicle seems very solid over all.shes a keeper.
vaztion (3 months ago)
Idiot, of course is “Echo-Sport” is just this little thing comes from South America where is in its 3th Generation already
Trades46 (3 months ago)
It is a shame that the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion (the last of which I own) is going to die for crap like this. Hope Ford reverses its decision soon.
live N let live (3 months ago)
the dislikes are all for the reviewer.. not for the car.. u suck.. ecosport is an awesome car though
Gabi Star (3 months ago)
Lol I agree. It drives like my old 2012 focus. But I still sort of like it. It's compact and love the gadgets. I am 5'2 so the seats are perfect for me. a nice girl car, for girls who love slow cars :) not very happy with 9.5l/100km. Lots and lots could be improved.
Oskar Ngo (3 months ago)
28k! Too much
Eddie Villegas (3 months ago)
Ford only has the raptor the focus rs and the super duty the rest is Garbage.
Mr Mustang (4 months ago)
Why does everyone like to hate on this nice car
Dustin Hart (4 months ago)
Aww you need little yellow lights and rear cross traffic alert to her you back up a bigger versioned go cart? WOW!
joe robinson (5 months ago)
Not echo but eco no it's eco because echo the rebound of sound is spelt with a ( h) echo. so it's eco. eco friendly
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
The only things good about it is the responsive touchscreen display as well as having Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SiriusXM available. Other than that, it’s not even comfortable to sit in regardless, the tailgate opening to the left instead of above is not good if you parallel parked and someone behind parks close enough to where you can’t open it, and the fuel efficiency of the EcoSport is bad as well. There are vehicles that have higher hp and much more fuel efficient than even the EcoSport’s lowly 1 liter 3 cylinder.
Brian Conover (5 months ago)
$28,000 as shown...not worth it.
colderbeer (5 months ago)
So amazingly over-priced.....a base model should sell for 14 K, and loaded should be UNDER 22K. In contrast, the Nissan Kicks looks pretty decent....
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
If you’re ok with just 125 hp and no AWD available but yeah, a top of the line Kicks SR goes for around $23,000 to $24,000.
Buff Barnaby (5 months ago)
They made it for Mini-Me...but he died !
Gemini 64 (3 months ago)
Buff Barnaby So did Gary Coleman and Herve Villechaize (Tattoo from "Fantasy Island").
Buff Barnaby (5 months ago)
Ford...laid a 💩
YTDC exposed (5 months ago)
28 grand lol that’s funny
RAN D (6 months ago)
love the review not so in love with the car. Great job!
joseph niño bandong (6 months ago)
Super underpowered
John Doe (6 months ago)
And this thing is suppose to replace all of Ford Cars line up and save the Company. Hahahaha Im gonna enjoy watching them crash and burn.
troy smith (6 months ago)
trash again from ford
Ben (6 months ago)
28 Grand for this piece of crap?! At this rate, their crossovers will disappear just like their sedans.
Jacob Witmer (6 months ago)
Ummmm......No. I'll get the New Expedition Max instead of this! The Ecosport is WAY too small!
DeadofWinter321 (6 months ago)
I ignored everyone’s negative comments about this vehicle and went to test drive one of these, and I’m glad I did. I test drove the mid trim level and it was very nice. I also tried the Honda HRV, Toyota CHR and Chevy Trax. I gotta say, this or the Toyota CHR I really have my eye on. The Chevy Trax was an absolute joke, not only that, Buick makes a rebadged Trax and slaps a HUGE price tag on it? WTF GM.... 😂😂
RadioActiveStephen (6 months ago)
This is the perfect example of why older, used vehicles are holding their value so well. Overpriced, under-powered, and probably assembled in India or China.
Kent (6 months ago)
Why the hell would anyone waste their money on this ugly ass turd?
Aumar Aslam (6 months ago)
In india this version is for just $15000. (top end variant) I wonder why is it so expensive there.
kn7gez (6 months ago)
Ford has a better idea?
nhprman (6 months ago)
Fun to drive.... But slow. Got it. LOL
Slicer Vorzakh (6 months ago)
So this is a bloated, cheaper Fiesta? Got it.
DigitalYojimbo (6 months ago)
richard button (6 months ago)
For that price Im better off getting an Escape or a 1 year old Edge
Maximiliano Luera (6 months ago)
I can’t fathom why anyone would buy a subcompact “SUV” over a hatchback
cassmanio (6 months ago)
I really like to know what they smoke at Ford's product planning dept. Given the competition, they should feel ashamed with this offering.
Tyler Sanders (6 months ago)
This is crazy expensive and there are much better vehicles out for less. Ford is going to regret everything when the stupid crossover trend dies. It’s just a bunch of vehicles with weak car engines and large bodies. They get the worst of every type of vehicle.
Mile Chaser (6 months ago)
$30k for this little pos?! Ford is right, they're focusing on HIGH PROFIT vehicles. Would you pay $30k for a Fiesta? No. But i bet alot of dumb females would pay $30k for this, not knowing it's the same damn thing as a Fiesta. It is ridiculous how Ford is upcharging all of their vehicles. Especially the trucks. I see the automotive market collapsing in the next 5 years. Too much useless tech too many greedy manufacturers Bring back WELL BUILT cheaper vehicles to hell with this ipad tech shit
Bossworx (6 months ago)
For 28,000 you could have... 1999-2004 Porsche 911 2016 BMW 3 series 2016 C-Class Ford Focus ST Ford Mustang (ecoboost)
Bossworx (6 months ago)
and more
SeaBass (6 months ago)
Why is anyone even trying to compete with the king of the class that is the RAV4?
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
The EcoSport is supposed to compete with the C-HR. The Escape competes with the RAV4 (and will lose since the 2019 RAV4 is a complete redesign).
ak2112 (6 months ago)
Absolute garbage vehicle
Emh0303 (6 months ago)
Buy a Trax or step up to an Encore
brandon wright (6 months ago)
Meanwhile Chevy’s version has a 1.4 turbo standard and starts at 18k and well equipped at 24-25 not 28k ford you peaked.
brandon wright (6 months ago)
Looks like a lifted focus looks ridiculous.
Robby Robinson (6 months ago)
28 grand...okay Honda Hyundai Toyota and Mazda should get a good laugh at this attempt. Ford this is a hot mess...really?
Colton85 (6 months ago)
Better than that crappy Buick encorck luxury compact get real.
Thomas Tironi (6 months ago)
I really don't understand what Ford wants putting Ecosport and Ranger after almost a decade of their launch in another countrys, they are old, can't beat anyone
Mr. Wonderful (6 months ago)
This is 'echo' This is 'eco' You decide.
Michael Cunningham (6 months ago)
I have the 2018 SES.... I don't get the hate. It is fun as hell to drive in "sport mode". Great features, comfy seats, great handling. Perfect for city dwellers in the north east with the 4wd. People seem to be very angry about a product they don't own and have not driven. Don't buy the 1 Liter... it is under powered. The 2 Liter is the way to go. Honestly, it really is pretty great.
wolfman9999999 (6 months ago)
Since CR doesn't like it, it must be good. I don't see a Honda or Toyota appliance badge, so it's a given the testers are automatically going to hate it. I've seen their domestic car bias displayed many times, with Mazda badge products getting good reviews while the badge engineered Ford vehicle gets bad, even though they are literally identical.
bestpilot98 (6 months ago)
so sad that ford has decided to ditch building handsome sedans in favor of ugly pieces of s*** like this. rollin' my eyes and shakin' my head!!!!!
Bryan Smith (6 months ago)
Not much, IF ANYTHING, going for it. Especially in a segment overflowing with small, more advanced , better looking small crossovers (?) all in similar price points.
troy smith (6 months ago)
this thing ugly..............trash
andy g (6 months ago)
it looks like an egg
Scott Vickery (6 months ago)
2000 lb. tow rating?! I have to say wow to that...
interceptor1986 (6 months ago)
That's the most pointless little shit box I've ever seen. Ford axeing the Taurus and Fusion for shitty Grandma cars like this.
Dave Travels (6 months ago)
More expensive than a Honda CR-V EX, which is a superior vehicle in every way, and comes with all of the safety tech. What is Ford thinking?!@#$%^&* I got to drive one of these as a rental in Germany... No thank you!
Edu.G (6 months ago)
Would prefer buying a Subaru forester
HI MY NAME IS JAJAHOI!!! (6 months ago)
Looks like shit.
Ian R (6 months ago)
I'd rather pay for a bigger, better SUV like the Mazda CX-5 at THAT price point...
John Dooris (6 months ago)
Literally who tf would even buy this car? It's just too small and way under-powered
coldwynn (6 months ago)
Ford sucks with their lack of support for family transports. Good luck Ford, many people think your pickups and SUVs are junk as well. What a freaking shame this American icon has been pissed on by greedy, prick head, loser corporate executives who embraced the "I got mine" and "Devil take the hindmost" economy. *edit* Oh but good on CR for covering things
Alec V. (6 months ago)
What a compete waste of a car. All this, just because idiotic Americans prefer SUVs to small cars, or cars at all (including low wagons), we have this... anathema.
da jo (6 months ago)
no thank..... ford really?
Michael Webber (6 months ago)
The Focus Hatchback and Fiesta Hatchback are dead. No, wait, the EcoSport. Ford's motto: "we can make the 1.6L in the Fiesta look big"
Noo_ Worries_ (6 months ago)
Truck looks ugly af, even seeing one in person looks even more atrocious🤮
Mike Pearis (6 months ago)
I'm usually a pro-Ford guy but this seems like an overpriced and under performing excuse for a pint size SUV.
WtrDogg20 (6 months ago)
A trashy car that should have never been introduced to US market... Same as the Mitsubishi Mirage... Vehicles for 3rd World countries sold in US market... Absurd...
Dennis Challinor (6 months ago)
IN OTHER WORDS : another Ford piece of crap. Whatever happened to the company that gave us the original Mustang and Thunderbirds!?!?!
just a bagel (6 months ago)
0:40 you mean like every other auto on the market ?
Harry Flores (6 months ago)
There's no H to call it that!
Rajiv Kishore (7 months ago)
Man in India this car with the 1.0 engine is considered sporty to drive😭😭😭
bill smith (7 months ago)
Driving a 2018 ecosport rignt here with the 2.0 and 4wd and all i can say is wow!! What a high quality well built vehicle.the fit and finish is above and beyond alot of imports who feel like pizza delivery vehicles compared to a ford.glad i drive a ford,never going ackwards and buying imports again.
bill smith (2 months ago)
+Nicholas Gauthier nerd
Gabi Star (3 months ago)
+Nicholas Gauthier oh...that is disappointing
jgirtman012 (3 months ago)
Your lovely hunk of junk is about as import as it can get as it was built on India. Also, it is not 4WD. 4WD and AWD are two different things.
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
Hate to burst your bubble, but the EcoSport was imported to the US from Ford’s assembly plant in Chennai, India.
Michael Cunningham (6 months ago)
Seriously. I can see some "meh" comments about the base models, but the SES is a really, really decent ride.
Nodak81 (7 months ago)
Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so ridiculously overpriced.
Marty (7 months ago)
TRASH. Who approved that atrocity..
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
If you mean by who approved the sale of the EcoSport in the US it would be their current CEO.
suwadu moore (7 months ago)
Geeze what the fuck is this?
Robbie Steinmetz (7 months ago)
No auto emergency braking and forward collision warning and non-standard blind spot sensors? Awesome! I hate all those stupid things. Pay the hell attention when you’re driving and don’t rely on electronics that might fail. Not saying I’d buy one because it’s not my style, just saying what you say is a “let down” I see as a great thing.
Phrancis5 (7 months ago)
What a POS! Thanks for ditching your car production. For $28k you could get any number of larger better equipped and better engineered small SUVs, but I bet Ford loyalists will still buy these shitboxes.
Steve C# (7 months ago)
Which is lamer the "Echo" Sport or this guy?
J Segal (7 months ago)
it cannot be echo-sport. pronounce the following: economy. it's eekohsport. Ford can kiss my ass.
padistedor (7 months ago)
I sat in this car. Way too much hard plastic and everything feels cheap. It’s like Ford made it from a 3D printer.
José Fernando Vega (7 months ago)
Ugly car 🚘
Andre Thewhite (7 months ago)
I own one and it is awesome. I also have a 2015 f150 and 2017 f250 platinum for comparison
ShaneO Live (7 months ago)
Iti domt think its worth it for 28k plus tax when well equipped. When theres other options. Edge or focus hatch would be better.
Aaron ___ (7 months ago)
Sounds like poorly thought-out POS.
Darksyne (7 months ago)
Looks like the kid of car that will start to fall apart in 5 years once the warranty wears out. Such a waste of resources...
Rob L. (7 months ago)
It’s not Eco as in Echo. It’s Eco as in Economical. 😉
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
It’s not even fuel efficient. The HR-V’s 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine at 141 hp has much better fuel economy than the EcoSport’s 1.0 liter 3 cylinder 123 hp EcoBoost engine.
Claire Kennedy (7 months ago)
Took the Fiesta raised it up and added AWD and nearly doubled the price
Anthony h (7 months ago)
the Escape failed the IIHS right front offset crash, so how badly will this do? Ford wants some market from the hrv and little Chevy with this half baked toy built for the Asian market.
Eugene Walker (7 months ago)
It is cheap looking piece off junk .
jmcascardo (7 months ago)
This car was not designed for the USA market, and will be another failure for Ford!
Anthony Jenkins (7 months ago)
Bob Force (7 months ago)
I'm a ford guy but yikes! What waa that???
One Journey (7 months ago)
🎬 1 🤔 🧐 🎥 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🌎🌍🌏 What is FORD doing? Please make Ford great again!
Lester Luczak (7 months ago)
$28,000!!??? For a ‘Found On Road Dead’ mini suv!??
Nicholas Gauthier (5 months ago)
Luther Reid True because it wasn’t built in America. The EcoSport was imported from a Ford plant in India.
Luther Reid (6 months ago)
Lester Luczak it's start at 20k... Plus you won't find this dead
Mustafa Yılmaz (7 months ago)
This is a car that no one knows why and for whom it was designed for?
Frank Yousif (7 months ago)
Rental Queen
Cedric M (7 months ago)
This is an indian intended car. It's crap. They're getting rid of their good sedans so they can bring in crap, like this. At $28,000 + you should look at getting a Subaru Legacy or Outback. MUCH better cars, for the money.
Paul Ho (7 months ago)
The only domestic auto manufacturer to not need a bailout during the recession, and this is what they come up with?
Benjamin Francis (7 months ago)
What an utter waste of $28k! Looks awful, drives awful, I'm certain the reliability will be awful too. Hateful thing.

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