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2018 Ford EcoSport Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

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The 2018 Ford EcoSport aims to offer SUV versatility in a pint-sized package. However, the EcoSport's powertrain and small size may have a hard time competing against more established subcompact SUVs. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez Follow Us on Social: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1IQ2w5q Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Yf5Fh2 Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1P37mM9 Instagram: http://bit.ly/1I49Bzo Google+: http://bit.ly/1Md3gfQ
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Text Comments (180)
Dennis Xu (22 hours ago)
This is 'echo' This is 'eco' You decide.
Michael Cunningham (1 day ago)
I have the 2018 SES.... I don't get the hate. It is fun as hell to drive in "sport mode". Great features, comfy seats, great handling. Perfect for city dwellers in the north east with the 4wd. People seem to be very angry about a product they don't own and have not driven. Don't buy the 1 Liter... it is under powered. The 2 Liter is the way to go. Honestly, it really is pretty great.
wolfman9999999 (1 day ago)
Since CR doesn't like it, it must be good. I don't see a Honda or Toyota appliance badge, so it's a given the testers are automatically going to hate it. I've seen their domestic car bias displayed many times, with Mazda badge products getting good reviews while the badge engineered Ford vehicle gets bad, even though they are literally identical.
bestpilot98 (1 day ago)
so sad that ford has decided to ditch building handsome sedans in favor of ugly pieces of s*** like this. rollin' my eyes and shakin' my head!!!!!
Bryan Smith (1 day ago)
Not much, IF ANYTHING, going for it. Especially in a segment overflowing with small, more advanced , better looking small crossovers (?) all in similar price points.
troy smith (2 days ago)
this thing ugly..............trash
andy g (2 days ago)
it looks like an egg
Scott Vickery (3 days ago)
2000 lb. tow rating?! I have to say wow to that...
interceptor1986 (3 days ago)
That's the most pointless little shit box I've ever seen. Ford axeing the Taurus and Fusion for shitty Grandma cars like this.
Dave Travels (3 days ago)
More expensive than a Honda CR-V EX, which is a superior vehicle in every way, and comes with all of the safety tech. What is Ford thinking?!@#$%^&* I got to drive one of these as a rental in Germany... No thank you!
Edu.G (3 days ago)
Would prefer buying a Subaru forester
Looks like shit.
Ian R (3 days ago)
I'd rather pay for a bigger, better SUV like the Mazda CX-5 at THAT price point...
John Dooris (3 days ago)
Literally who tf would even buy this car? It's just too small and way under-powered
coldwynn (3 days ago)
Ford sucks with their lack of support for family transports. Good luck Ford, many people think your pickups and SUVs are junk as well. What a freaking shame this American icon has been pissed on by greedy, prick head, loser corporate executives who embraced the "I got mine" and "Devil take the hindmost" economy. *edit* Oh but good on CR for covering things
Alec V. (4 days ago)
What a compete waste of a car. All this, just because idiotic Americans prefer SUVs to small cars, or cars at all (including low wagons), we have this... anathema.
da jo (4 days ago)
no thank..... ford really?
Michael Webber (4 days ago)
The Focus Hatchback and Fiesta Hatchback are dead. No, wait, the EcoSport. Ford's motto: "we can make the 1.6L in the Fiesta look big"
Noo_ Worries_ (4 days ago)
Truck looks ugly af, even seeing one in person looks even more atrocious🤮
ltunedkc (4 days ago)
I'm usually a pro-Ford guy but this seems like an overpriced and under performing excuse for a pint size SUV.
WtrDogg20 (4 days ago)
A trashy car that should have never been introduced to US market... Same as the Mitsubishi Mirage... Vehicles for 3rd World countries sold in US market... Absurd...
Dennis Challinor (4 days ago)
IN OTHER WORDS : another Ford piece of crap. Whatever happened to the company that gave us the original Mustang and Thunderbirds!?!?!
just a bagel (4 days ago)
0:40 you mean like every other auto on the market ?
Harry Flores (5 days ago)
There's no H to call it that!
Rajiv Kishore (5 days ago)
Man in India this car with the 1.0 engine is considered sporty to drive😭😭😭
bill smith (5 days ago)
Driving a 2018 ecosport rignt here with the 2.0 and 4wd and all i can say is wow!! What a high quality well built vehicle.the fit and finish is above and beyond alot of imports who feel like pizza delivery vehicles compared to a ford.glad i drive a ford,never going ackwards and buying imports again.
Michael Cunningham (1 day ago)
Seriously. I can see some "meh" comments about the base models, but the SES is a really, really decent ride.
datingsas (2 days ago)
I left a positive review also since I own one also. And they deleted my comment it seems.
Nodak81 (5 days ago)
Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so ridiculously overpriced.
Marty (5 days ago)
TRASH. Who approved that atrocity..
suwadu moore (5 days ago)
Geeze what the fuck is this?
Robbie Steinmetz (5 days ago)
No auto emergency braking and forward collision warning and non-standard blind spot sensors? Awesome! I hate all those stupid things. Pay the hell attention when you’re driving and don’t rely on electronics that might fail. Not saying I’d buy one because it’s not my style, just saying what you say is a “let down” I see as a great thing.
Phrancis5 (5 days ago)
What a POS! Thanks for ditching your car production. For $28k you could get any number of larger better equipped and better engineered small SUVs, but I bet Ford loyalists will still buy these shitboxes.
Steve C# (6 days ago)
Which is lamer the "Echo" Sport or this guy?
J Segal (6 days ago)
it cannot be echo-sport. pronounce the following: economy. it's eekohsport. Ford can kiss my ass.
padistedor (6 days ago)
I sat in this car. Way too much hard plastic and everything feels cheap. It’s like Ford made it from a 3D printer.
José Fernando Vega (6 days ago)
Ugly car 🚘
Andre Thewhite (6 days ago)
I own one and it is awesome. I also have a 2015 f150 and 2017 f250 platinum for comparison
ShaneO Sho Live (6 days ago)
Iti domt think its worth it for 28k plus tax when well equipped. When theres other options. Edge or focus hatch would be better.
Aaron ___ (6 days ago)
Sounds like poorly thought-out POS.
Darksyne (6 days ago)
Looks like the kid of car that will start to fall apart in 5 years once the warranty wears out. Such a waste of resources...
Robert LeBlanc (6 days ago)
It’s not Eco as in Echo. It’s Eco as in Economical. 😉
Claire Kennedy (6 days ago)
Took the Fiesta raised it up and added AWD and nearly doubled the price
a h (6 days ago)
the Escape failed the IIHS right front offset crash, so how badly will this do? Ford wants some market from the hrv and little Chevy with this half baked toy built for the Asian market.
Eugene Walker (6 days ago)
It is cheap looking piece off junk .
jmcascardo (7 days ago)
This car was not designed for the USA market, and will be another failure for Ford!
Anthony Jenkins (7 days ago)
Bob Force (7 days ago)
I'm a ford guy but yikes! What waa that???
One Journey (7 days ago)
🎬 1 🤔 🧐 🎥 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🌎🌍🌏 What is FORD doing? Please make Ford great again!
Lester Luczak (7 days ago)
$28,000!!??? For a ‘Found On Road Dead’ mini suv!??
Mustafa Yılmaz (7 days ago)
This is a car that no one knows why and for whom it was designed for?
Frank Yousif (7 days ago)
Rental Queen
Cedric M (7 days ago)
This is an indian intended car. It's crap. They're getting rid of their good sedans so they can bring in crap, like this. At $28,000 + you should look at getting a Subaru Legacy or Outback. MUCH better cars, for the money.
Paul Ho (7 days ago)
The only domestic auto manufacturer to not need a bailout during the recession, and this is what they come up with?
Benjamin Francis (7 days ago)
What an utter waste of $28k! Looks awful, drives awful, I'm certain the reliability will be awful too. Hateful thing.
mountainhobo (7 days ago)
"It's pronounced ECHO, not ECO" -- No, it isn't. Please stop obliging marketing idiots.
Pinkpolo85 (7 days ago)
$30,000???? I just saw a 2015 E350 with 22,000 miles for the same price as this little toy car!!!
Ivan Vojt (7 days ago)
28K is a CR-V EX 2WD with Destination.
Brady Bisgard (7 days ago)
What a piece of utter garbage. Why would you buy this over the HRV
Johnathan Glez (7 days ago)
ford keeps bringing their third world crap to America
rabit818 (7 days ago)
$28k for this junk? Better alternatives for that money.
Dr. Skillz (7 days ago)
Why did you guys buy this?
syxepop (6 days ago)
So you don't have to...
Hayden's Productions (7 days ago)
Hideous and clunky
Mo Doza (7 days ago)
This car is garbage!!! Ford is going to go out of business, if they keep making this types mistakes
Jeff Morse (7 days ago)
While automatic braking is available on some of its competitors you have to order the top of the line trim and usually an expensive package as well to get it. The vast majority of buyers don't.
carpuppy (7 days ago)
Crappy Ford. I'll stick with my reliable Toyota.
TJC450 (7 days ago)
For that price you could get a nice Encore.
lizardgreen2121 (7 days ago)
ill take the sexy Hyundai Kona with the turbooo for a lot cheaper too
Nafone14 (6 days ago)
Gage M. (7 days ago)
$28,000 for that? I can get a reasonably equipped Escape (which is a better SUV) for the same money. Is it too late to ask for Allen Mulally to come back to Ford?
Jonathan A (7 days ago)
I'm sorry, this looks dated already. Those lack of safety features is a BIG mistake! No LED headlights either!?? You're becoming a disappointment Ford. You're going backwards.
colton phillips (7 days ago)
This is the worst sub-compact suv I’ve ever seen. Ford wants to discontinue the fusion and replace it with this junk???
Willis Su (7 days ago)
I will be pronouncing it YEE-coh sport, thank you.
Jacob Shreve (7 days ago)
Overpriced, ugly junk.
Jonathan Hayes (7 days ago)
This seems like Ford trying to cash in on the compact CUV/SUV market shift with a rushed-out-the-door unfinished vehicle.
rhaven50 (7 days ago)
I test drove this vehicle. It was a hoot.
What a waste of money
Nicholas Smith (7 days ago)
Sorry Ford but you can't change the laws of the English language at your whim. If you want me to call this this an echo sport, spell it Echosport, not Ecosport, especially when you spell and pronounce Ecoboost correctly. You are also allowed to spell Echosport as Eckosport if you prefer that spelling but I refuse to pronounce the name of this thing the way you want me to with the way you spell it.
Phos9 (7 days ago)
Then they shouldn’t have spelled it ecosport.
CLMDADE (7 days ago)
28 grand?
Brenden Pragasam (7 days ago)
It's.... A fiesta with a lift kit...
Matt P (7 days ago)
Just like every other subcompact SUV lol. Overpriced too. Hard pass.
Jack Techcrazzy (7 days ago)
I knowwwww!! The front looks like a transit.. But who in the FUCK thinks they are moving 5000+ pounds with an engine that's smaller than my soda bottle. The curb weight of this cart is 3300 ish pounds. 500ish pounds for people in the car and other shit they bring, and max 2000 pounds for the trailer. You moving right about 5500 pounds with an engine that's smaller than my soda bottle on my desk. Its fucking ridiculous!!
abbaby555 (7 days ago)
Where is this assembled? Looks cheaply made...
WtrDogg20 (4 days ago)
abbaby555 Well, that car is sold since long time in Latin America and Asian markets, made in India or Brazil... For US, it is maybe made in Mexico...
Jonathan Gahan (6 days ago)
Yes, Ford was asleep at the wheel, and is very late to this subcompact SUV party. The EcoSport was already in production in India for overseas markets, and Ford did a quick and dirty, minimum change version of that vehicle for the North American market.
Robert LeBlanc (6 days ago)
Materials and design has nothing to do with assembly location. For example, many new Audis are assembled in Mexico.
ngana31 (7 days ago)
Waka Tipu (7 days ago)
Blake Swan (7 days ago)
Ford junk. This is the best example of a money grab I've seen from a company.
Gurbir Singh (7 days ago)
Wow! That's a steep price to get into an SUV. I won't be surprised if the consumers can't see past the raised hatchback that most of these are.
95thRiflesOCI (7 days ago)
For the same price you can get a regular cross over with plenty of the amenities and all the safety features standard like a Rav4 or a Forester. Not sure who would buy this.
KOLT (7 days ago)
Thanks! I will not be buying this car. Does not seem to be good value.
jimmelay71 (7 days ago)
A lifted Fiesta with a weaker engine for $22,000. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
just a bagel (4 days ago)
the 1.0 ecoboost actually has more power then the 1.6 .i know i have the 1.0 in a fiesta .
Tardisius (7 days ago)
I bought a Subaru Forester for about $28,000 =))
naga sravan (2 days ago)
Tardisius I bought EcoSport for 1301000 rs. 😅
Dan the car man (7 days ago)
Just another junky European Ford.
Jeff Morse (7 days ago)
Ford has had a "One World" design philosophy for a number of years. Same model for all global markets.
rhaven50 (7 days ago)
Dan the car man indian
Grant Albrecht (7 days ago)
I don’t understand the name, that makes no sense that it’s pronounced that way. Echo is a word and spelled with and h. Eco is also already a word (well a prefix that’s become a common vernacular sort of slang word). You can’t just remove letters and create a “new” word that already exists and has an existing pronunciation, and they say it’s pronounced the same as the old word. That’s going to drive me nuts.
WtrDogg20 (4 days ago)
Grant Albrecht The car was named for LatinAmerican countries in its beginnings.. Eco, as Economico or Ecologico in Spanish...
I believe it was developed in Brazil, so the name in portuguese / spanish is pronounced that way. (Eco form the word ecológia = ecology)
Sunset Originals (7 days ago)
If it was pronounced that way it would be echo! Not eco
TradeAlong 99 (7 days ago)
FORD...POS. Just get a Tesla or...
Jason Wade (7 days ago)
For a company that recently killed most of it's car brands, they sure aren't hitting it out of the park with this mini-suv.
NFSCamilo4 (7 days ago)
Waiting to see if ford will offer a manual transmission later on.
ChuckV192 (7 days ago)
$28,000? What a turd of a car.
mike c (7 days ago)
Why would anyone buy this? The Subaru Crosstrek is likely the best choice for a smaller AWD vehicle with ground clearance.
Rocky Tu (5 days ago)
mike c aaaa
God Speed 913 (7 days ago)
mike c this is smaller than the Crosstreck. Ford plans to sell the new Focus Activ here to compete with that.
Matthew Marlowe (7 days ago)
While I'm sure that most of the complaints here are valid, I'm not the only one to notice that CR never ever seems to give a ford vehicle a positive review, while providing glowing praise to other manufacturers that might offer worse vehicles. Not saying that CR is wrong, but for whatever reason , I don't consider their review of Ford vehicles fair.
wolfman9999999 (1 day ago)
So... you expect Ford to simply shrug off all those sales going to FCA for the Renegade and Compass, and to GM for the Trax, Honda for their HRV, Toyota for their H-CR?
wolfman9999999 (1 day ago)
Yep. That's been their mantra for domestics for decades.
Ian R (3 days ago)
OR Mitsubishi, Chevy, Subaru, and Volkswagen...
Jake Kennedy (7 days ago)
This car doesn’t deserve the nice things they even said. It’s an old design that they are asking way too much for. They shouldn’t have brought it over, it’s just a money grab as they own the tooling for it and didn’t have a new design ready.
Tacoma98 (7 days ago)
Matthew Marlowe they like and praise the Fusion
Jeremy Bonham (7 days ago)
Ford cancelled there cars to build this piece of junk? So no more fiesta st? Or focus st? This piece of junk is what's going to sell?
interceptor1986 (3 days ago)
Jeremy Bonham Ford's new CEO is a retard that's why
Darksyne (6 days ago)
Blame the brain-dead consumers.
gedaman (7 days ago)
People are dumb enough to buy any crossover or SUV these days. Even Rolls-Royce and Bentley are getting in on the SUV craze. It’s ridiculous. The Fiesta wasn’t a great car, but I’d much rather have a fun to drive Fiesta ST or Focus ST over this EcoSport. I think Ford’s plan to kill their entire car lineup in favor of trucks is going to backfire on them in the long run. Cars may make a comeback in the near future and Ford will be left with nothing to sell to car buyers just like Chrysler.
mountainhobo (7 days ago)
"This piece of junk is what's going to sell?" -- And, mind-bogglingly, it probably will.
William D (7 days ago)
What an EcoJoke
albert7139 (7 days ago)
Just do yourself a favour and get a Mazda CX-3 instead. I'm sorry but this Ford just doesn't make sense.. like why not spend a bit more and get the much bigger and quicker Escape??
John Pui (7 days ago)
The new EcoSport, neither Eco nor Sport! Courtesy of Ford, the company now focusing on only making trucks and SUVs!
Made in India
nickolas (7 days ago)
what an odd looking vehicle - it is worse in person

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