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Why doctors get bad reviews. Reading between the lines of a bad review

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I am proud of my 5 star ratings and always do.my best to care for patients. I take it very personally when someone gives me a bad review on line. Because of the HIPPA privacy rules I can not defend myself. Whenever I get a bad review, I try to identify what I might do better, and almost always it is because of one of the 3 reasons I mentioned. I literally had a patient call and threaten to five me a bad review if I didn't write off the $500 Bill his wife had due to 4 office visits and labs that were dome on her.
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Mark Bell (10 months ago)
Conditions can change over time. Medications sometimes can cause imperceptible side effects not noticed by the patient unless picked up on blood work or specifically asked about eg cough with ACE inhibitors, impotence with beta blockers. New evidence is found all the time for medications eg altered calcium/magnesium metabolism with proton pump inhibitors . Good doctors review patients but some people will always be cynical. Keep smiling.
Dexter (10 months ago)
To be fair, you only get compensated if you see the patient. This is another main reasons doctors won’t prescribe over the phone, email or over longer periods of times. As one physician I know put it “nobody likes to prescribe for free”
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
Josie Cantu Has it occurred to you that maybe you have a bad doctor? First off in 1900, life expectancy was 47. In 1930 it was 60. It is now 78. That is because of modern medicine. Second and most ridiculous of your claims, doctors do not get a kickback for writing prescriptions. Drug companies are literally prohibited from giving me a pen, literally. In just the last 20 years I have been practicing, I have seen huge changes in heart disease and diabetes and heart failure and dialysis. You are correct,, if your blood pressure is high when you first get in the room, it should be rechecked, and by the doctor with his stethascope, not the stupid electronic machine. And if you are given an antibiotic that you don't take, why are you still seeing that doctor when you get sick? So, do not drag all doctors under the same bus you are throwing your doctors.
Josie Cantu (10 months ago)
I am 70 yrs young and with my experience, I have found that doctors will do my blood pressure immediately upon getting into the exam room without having time for my heart to level off so they can try to convince me that I have high blood pressure. Well I do my blood pressure at home and at A public machine and get very good readings so having said that, I don't buy it. When the dr says I have high blood pressure . And other times they tell me I'm sick of something else and give me a script for it. I don't believe it and don't take the med later I go for the recommended follow up and I'm ok! Too many time Drs are quick to write out a script. Those unnecessary scripts are a kick back for the drs! I feel often times they don't take some if the cholesterol meds themselves cause hey know how dangerous they are. DOCTORS ARE QUACKS!!!
Dexter (10 months ago)
Dr. Greg Castello I completely agree with diagnosing in person. I’m referring to medication refills, and not necessarily controlled substances. I get it though... it’s a business.
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
Dexter theDog To be fair, the patient I do not make come in on a regular basis is the first patient to sue me when they get sick. It's called failure to diagnose. How can I diagnose if I don't see you?

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