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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

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Altheia Bass-Seldon (14 days ago)
I’m a family NP. This was the best lecture I’ve ever heard . Love it ! Very very informative
Max Bien (16 days ago)
disability.2677 Pickett (3 months ago)
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Nazire Duka (3 months ago)
I never said like this doctor to talk through
Nazire Duka (3 months ago)
You are the best
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
I am at the end of my rope I'm single lady and not sufficient support, but I don't give up because of Jesus Christ.
cco4545 USA (1 month ago)
Yes! Keep the faith, Carrie Wood!
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
Tell me how to get in contact.
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
I can't handle the pain it's at all time worse.
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
I'm young and my whole life in front of me please help.
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
I agree with you, nothing works that even helps my innerstial cystitis. Help
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
My Dr will prescribe but I have to know it, the one I'm looking for is liquid that u put under your tongue. It has taken people's pain away in minutes please help. I'm praying u hear my call.
Carrie Wood (4 months ago)
I have severe interstitial cystitis with one ulcer. I have been in pain 4 years I am in so much pain. Help me. I can't afford these Dr that don't take insurance. I had to have a hysterectomy because of major reasons whole hysterectomy, I'm on premerian. My pain is level a 100. I want to give up, but I won't because of Jesus, there are plans God has for me. Please help me.
Annie Conway (4 months ago)
Why are medical aids so reluctant to follow this route? Not enough kickbacks? Because these little darlin’s can’t be patented? Sick .....
Viva Kroeger (9 months ago)
What are symptoms /effects of reverse T3?
Viva Kroeger (9 months ago)
I believe people have hormone deficiencies even if they aren't old enough. My daughter in law had breakthrough bleeding along withmany other huge symptoms of estrogen dominance/ progesteroneg deficiency. (Lack of being able to get pregnant etc. ) She should be able to have help as well. Pms is a hormone deficiency. Adhd actually could be a hormone deficiency of progesterone. hypoglycemia (which i struggled withall my young adult life) is due to combination of hormone deficiencies and imbalance Pmdd showed up in my early thirties. Etc. Hormone deficiency. I wish young ones could take them to help prevent future illness. Like diabetes, cancer, etc. I wish there was some way i can help
xoxoFreaks (9 months ago)
Thank you!
alexander zureikat (11 months ago)
I am a physician who found this so useful and eye opener. I wish I can start my practice again as natural medicine
Muhammad gufran (1 month ago)
alexander zureikat hi
audrey pistor (1 year ago)
What about people who can't take hormones because of cancer what harmony would you suggest for them?
Julie Sperber (1 year ago)
I've been to 3 gynecologists who wont give me BIHT!! I've been to an endrocronologist... Not happening!! When can I feel better!?? I'm really fed up with of feeling old, hair falling out, no energy,  I know I'm probably going to have to pay privately for this. I've read on 'Yelp' about women who've gone to people who rip them off hugely... Give them stuff to decrease their weight and that's it.  What to do? And why is  it such a problem finding the right doctor in NYC?? Perhaps this is just a fantasy. I keep googling it and a few 'specialists' show up in New Jersey!
lucci (2 months ago)
Get Suzanne Somers book. Reg MD don't do natural therapies bec. not FDA approved & FDA will not approve bec $$. NYS has for decades refused to license NDs even though they get same or better education as MD, yet insurance plans cover ND appointment in CT. One of the benefits of moving out of NYS I believe there are more medical options that are not hindered by stupid outdated NY rules.
Louise Watson (1 year ago)
But if you cant be tested, then how do you know which hormone to take?
Annie Conway (4 months ago)
Louise Watson you can’t know if you haven’t been tested unfortunately. The treatment protocol without tests will necessitate a far slower and cautious approach.
Julie Sperber (1 year ago)
Bla bla bla!! There dont appear to be any doctors in NYC who will prescribe Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. Seriously absurd. Google it! Doesn't happen. My daughter-in- law in SF had pellets but into her butt every three months...She feels amazing! Huge energy. Good for her. Why on earth is this important meds not available to us on the East Coast? OK so GP's dont want to be bothered with this or have no experience in administering it. Mental. My friends in the UK and in Australia both have doctors who give them hormone therapy. SO frustrating. If anyone knows of Doctors who can help me? I know it's expensive and not covered by insurance ... Why cant I get the drugs? I'm so tired. I have no energy any more and I feel like I'm half dead.
THX 1138 (7 months ago)
+Jay smiht Don't know if you will read this but I am on the west coast and used a clinic in Ohio along with my gyn and a local compounding pharmacy to finally get onto bioidentical hormone replacement. Google "The Happy Hormone Cottage in Ohio" for their website. They will send you a home testing kit to first see where your hormone levels are. You do the test at home, send it off to the lab and once they have the results they will formulate a compounded prescription specifically for your needs. They send the recommended formula to your doctor and your local compounding pharmacy will create your prescription. It's not covered through insurance so know that up front. Hope this helps.
Julie Sperber (1 year ago)
As usual after filling in the information required to hear back from the doctors doing this hormone treatment, the focus seems to be on their selling pills to reduce your weight! My weight is perfect and always has been .. I exercise frequently and pay great attention to eating healthy food with no sugar or preservatives! So what to do!???  I cant find any docs who administer BHRT in NYC by injecting it into the body in pellet form as they do in LA. I had been taking progesterone until 2 years ago was advised to discontinue by my GP. Now get hot flashes all the time and my hair is falling out. Horrible.   Thanks.
guitaraddict426 (1 year ago)
Julie Sperber Go to Foreverhealth.com and find a Dr near you. They all prescribe BHRT or Bioidenticaldoctors.com. Good luck !
Joe Shmoe (1 year ago)
"The key mistake that many well intentioned knowledgeable doctors, including myself made is to advise to use the cream on your skin. While this certainly provides better results than swallowing the hormones, it can still be improved..." https://www.google.com/amp/articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/18/amp/oral-progesterone-and-progesterone-cream-complications.aspx
Ruby (1 year ago)
Hello there, please can you tell me do you use armour thyroid or synthetic T4 & T3 to replace thyroid hormones. I hope you had a moment to answer me. Thanks alot
gerarda bernadette (1 year ago)
what about the women's initiative? what do you mean that there isn't any studies.
Daniela G (1 year ago)
what brand of progesterone cream is the best to use for estrogen dominance? where can I buy it?
Truth seeker (1 year ago)
what bioidentical hormone is made of?
ombra306 (1 year ago)
Ladies we need to get up and get our hormone levels checked period!! I am done with this suffering. Not ready to die at age 48 I want my old self back
Martha Garcia (1 year ago)
thank you for all that amazing information I'm using progesterone cream and estradiol patches can you please tell me if estradiol transdermal system patches are bioidentical hormones? thank you again
Nanci Vonbehens (4 days ago)
Martha. I have used about 4 month the Bioident hormone . My Dra is in Illinois... progesterone and estrogel.. i'm good now I'm 53 years old...
Luna Diosdeluna (1 year ago)
I need help I'm going through sever depression for more then 8-10 yrs. before at peri menopause & now at post menopause. How can I get in touch with you doctor.
Luna Diosdeluna go get on BIO Identical hormones especially Testosterone. I'm going to get testosterone pellet therepy tomorrow and I cannot wait I've been so flipping miserable not just hot flashes and night sweats MUCH worse. Hope you found the help your looking for
Luna Diosdeluna (1 year ago)
I'm 55 yrs. I live in an ASEAN country where doctors still have not reached your type of qualifications & even if there maybe anyone it's difficult to find out his/her address. But here doctors are more in money making business not really to help patients. Or they do trial & error type of experiments.
Linda McDonald (1 year ago)
Same here in the USA Luna, believe me!!
Ruby (1 year ago)
Please tell Me how can you give a woman Bioidentical hrt for peri menopause when she has autoimmune hashimotos hypothyroidism. The estrogen can make the thyroid hormone inactive and the Progesterone can cause a hashimotos flare up. So you end up hypo. I need to treat both problems. Hypothyroidism and peri menopause. This is my problem Thanks
Joanna W (21 days ago)
Lookup Barbara Hoffman. Progesterone and DHEA cream may help, but give her a call. 👍
benoit Lapierre (1 year ago)
Josephine Romero http://hypothyroidmom.com/peri-menopause-and-your-thyroid/
Ruby (1 year ago)
Carrie Trautman Hi there, unfortunately no I've received no answer. I did try to just up my t3 dose to compensate for the increase in thyroglobulin caused by the estrogen, causing the t3 not to reach my cells to function, but didn't work well. So I stopped my hrt cold turkey, not advisable but I did it. The withdrawal wasn't pleasant however I'm doing ok now. my t3 is more important to keep me alive than the difficult unpleasant symptoms of peri menopause. Shame because I felt that bioidentical hrt has great benefits. I'll do more research and reassess myself. Bad care when your GPS don't advise and monitor hypothyroid patients what can happen to thyroid hormones when taking estrogens. Hope you get some answers 😁 soon
Carrie Trautman (1 year ago)
Josephine Romero did u ever receive an answer to your question? I am at the same cross roads as you and in need of the same answers.
Julie Churchwell (2 years ago)
I am 65, is it too late?
Mitch Brown (1 year ago)
Julie Churchwell No its not to late.My mother is 67 today and her and my dad act like teenagers. She has no problem with making love . Found everything she needed by watching the Oprah and Suzanne Summers Show .
Lawyer Rock (1 year ago)
+Julie Churchwell- NO! Watch or read Suzanne Somers books! She says its never too late!1
keila santos (2 years ago)
Awesome video!
Cassandra Seven (2 years ago)
Very helpful as I'm about to ask my doctor for bioidentical testosterone. I take desiccated thyroid. Dr. Jerry Tennant (Healing Is Voltage) explains why the body will probably not convert the T4 to T3 and he explains what Reverse T3 is. I'm 77 now and when I was 70 I was just about "half dead"--very weak and cold. I heard Mark Starr, M.D. talking about his book Hypothyroidism Type 2--the Epidemic and it saved my life. I took my basal temp and it was almost 2 degrees below normal. It was feeling cold all the time that prompted me to ask for a blood test, the results said my thyroid was just fine and dandy. (Reading Mark Starr's book I made a list of 40 symptoms of hypothyroidism that I had--undetected by the blood test.) Thank God I found out about Mark Starr and Jerry Tennant. And thank you for this helpful information.
Viva Kroeger (9 months ago)
Cassandra Seven I'm so glad you found their wisdom. I hope you are taking hormones now. Lol at Suzanne Somers book I'm too young for this. It explains so well the need
Negin Khalili (2 years ago)
Thank you for the great info. I asked my doctor to check my hormones, he said because I still have my regular period my hormones would be up and down depend on time of my cycle, how can I know if I need estrogen? I am 49.
Negin Khalili you have to find a doctor who specializes in bio identicle hormone replacement therepy. Regular docs don't understand hormones like this doc.
Kayla Pham (2 years ago)
Usually have them check it on day 21 to 23 of your cycle. Also the lab result will have ranges on what phase in the cycle you're in. Hope this help.
Julia Wren-Hilton (2 years ago)
Great stuff! So much crucial info and excellent teaching skills. Thanks so much.
Nerissa Thomas (2 years ago)
Perfectly clear DOC, thank you ever so and God bless you
Evelyn Woollard (2 years ago)
Hi. I live in south Orange County (CA). Can you recommend a doctor in my area. Thank you!
Shirley Martin (2 years ago)
i got a question i had to have a complete historectomy when i was 22 .my doctor put me on premaran and amytriptline 500mg i am now 49 and i just had two full hip replacements in the last year and my elbow bones are deforming and im in so much pain im bedridden aprox70 persent i almost given up is it to late?
jojo bach (1 year ago)
Shirley Martin Hi Shirley. U hope you quit the premarin after seeing this video. Hope you are doing okay..
Jasmin Flower (2 years ago)
How are you doing Shirley? How are your hips doing and your elbows?
GG p (2 years ago)
God bless you. Dr.Frank thoroughly enjoyed your lecture!
miss pretty (2 years ago)
Thanks Dr Frank. You are a smart guy :)
Mary Magee (2 years ago)
Mona Montgomery, I'd be happy to send you my unused, unopened tube of expensive Premarin. I don't like it. If you offer me a way to send it to an address accessible to you, it's yours!!
S B (2 years ago)
is there a study that I can find online that proves BHRT effectiveness and safety? I spent hours online last week and only found one study COHORT if correct, but I need find data. I currently went off of BHRT. Didn't like some side effects but it could have been the dosage. Anyhow, searching studies, and doctors. Thanks
Linda Foss (3 years ago)
I was on Cymbalta, and it damaged my nervous system. Hard to talk now. Can this be healed? I am 65 now.
jojo bach (1 year ago)
Linda Foss If you still need answers, look up Dr John Bergman on YouTube. He has hundreds of videos all very informative and he does answer questions many times, but usually after he has made them it seems. He also is very very smart on many things.
Bonnie Small (3 years ago)
I was just diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer which the DR blamed on my bio-identical hormones.
Lawyer Rock (1 year ago)
+Bonnie Small- Did you ever take birth control pills? BC pills keep the female body in a state of high estrogen (and low progesterone) which is cancer causing. Their was a hugh study by the women's health initiative which looked at 80,000 women on 'synthetic' hormones (horse hormones) and women on bio identical. The women on synthetic hormones had a 69% increase in breast cancer!! Women on the bio identical hormones had a decrease, so I am suspecting your cancer was either caused from long term BC pills or genetic or other pharmaceuticals you may have taken throughout your life. There are so many toxic substances in our lives (plastics used in water, foods, etc) MSG food additives, aspartame, etc. I highly doubt your cancer was caused from bio identical hormones.
Walter Johnson (3 years ago)
A drug company can in fact get a patent on a manufacturing process even though they can't get it on the product if it is an exact natural match.
Walter Johnson (3 years ago)
Some breast cancers are estrogen fed, but not all types of breast cancer.   The hormone replacement you take in any case is almost certainly not the full chemical formula equivalent but a chemically synthesized subset.  In my case I discovered I could use Armour thyroid which is derived from animal thyroid glands but it is not as precise a dose as Synthyroid or equivalents, but when I tried a low dose of Synthyroid it gave me heart palpitations, a sure sign of too much thyroid when taken in response to any dose of either thyroid hormone..
Walter Johnson (3 years ago)
Although the body does keep rebuilding itself, as the cells reproduce they lose telomere length which was proven beyond doubt with Dolly, the cloned sheep.
Chandra Singh (3 years ago)
i was about to do the lab test again, but thanks for clearing it up for me.
Mona Montgomery (3 years ago)
I am 72.  Five years ago I told the County Gyno (ugly old letch) that I wanted reassurance that he would not take the hormone cream (Premarin) away from me because dry vagina gave me horrendous pain and I did not believe I would be making more liquid as I got older.   This f***ker told me that I did not need to worry because "Nature is gracious to old ladies."  He marked my chart and no one in that clinic has given me Premarin since.  I am told I my pain is not real.  I found another doctor, thank God, but it's still the same old c***p.  They withhold the medication to the point where you are in terror or in pain or both.  I am a smart woman and I know that pain and suffering are not good for people.  I am seeing a hormone guy in January and I am so happy about this video because I will know what to expect.  Oh, but one thing.  Medi-Care does not pay for this stuff so, watch out, ladies, and be prepared to pay for your hormones out of your dog food money.  You know the dog food I mean.   I am talking about the dog food you are eating yourself.  Hahahaaaa.  (Grrrrr.)  I hate the male dominated gyno industry.  It took me ten years to find a lady doctor and she retired in only a year.  All that time I have been slithering my way around male gynos and their subservient lady rat doctors.
Jasmin Flower (2 years ago)
Gale Judge. Surely you could use a better quality oil than crisco for this job. I would be using a cold pressed organic oil.
Mona Montgomery (2 years ago)
There is a wonderful new technology.  It is a laser treatment called "Mona Lisa Touch" invented in Italy.  It actually rejuvenates the vagina and puts a total stop to the pain.  You need four treatments in succession and then once a year.  You can use bio-identical hormone cream as well.
Gale Judge (3 years ago)
+Mona Montgomery The pain is real,for men just squeeze your rectum tight and hold it for an hour,you get the gest of the pain......I do a lot of natural and Mona, I know this sounds funny,but it works!! Take Crisco and mix probiotics into it, make suppositories "small balls of it on wax paper,put in freezer to set" Place one in your vagina daily. It will not work like the cream, but will work on easing the pain.
Walter Johnson (3 years ago)
+Mona Montgomery S-Trace is a safe way to get the parts you are worried about tight enough to avoid leakage with the lowest does, but their is also a biofeedback treatment that can help, especially with great frequency or leakage from bladder pressure.  It turns out that some women actually don't know how to relax the muscles on the floor of the abdomen which can if bad enough keep the bladder under pressure.  I just wish my mother had gotten the quality care every elderly woman deserves. You should go to doctor rating sites and down score the doctor who ignored your problem to warn other elderly woman away, but stick to facts.
Ar Blog (3 years ago)
It's good they're not promoting Premarin. There are safer, better alternatives. Locally the adequate solution is ESTRIOL (not estradiol) gel/cream. If you do not wish to compound it and it there's no FDA approved ESTRIOL cream just order it online. Read virginia hopkins. Meanwhile why not move on to phyto supplements? Flaxseed oil is excellent for that purpose besides of many other benefits. Good luck.

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