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Urinary Tract Infection

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Half of all women experience at least one urinary tract infection or UTI by age 35 with recurrences affecting at least 25%. Most episodes begin when a particular strain of E. coli gains entrance to the bladder from the large intestine and attacks the surface of the epithelial cells lining the organ. At times these bacteria enter the interior of the cells and hide for months to years before making their appearance known in the form of a recurrent infection. This roughly parallels the situation with the herpes virus. Symptoms of cystitis include pain while urinating, increased frequency and the urgent need to void. Still mostly treated with a short course of antibiotics, a moderate number of infections spontaneously clear and require only anti-inflammatory therapy.
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La Dolce Vita (4 months ago)
Hi Dr. Ken, I just subscribed to your channel. You are a Wealth of information ! I would like to see a video on lower back pain, herniated discs, and breathing pattern disorders related to back pain and the role of the Psoas muscle or not, and unrelated to the heart or lungs. Also, if Perimenopause or Menopause or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have something to do with the shortness of breath again, unrelated to the heart or lungs. Ive been suffering with low back pain for some time and it affects my breathing and the breathing is relieved only when I adjust my back. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for all your informative videos.
anarky4321 (4 months ago)
please make more videos
Shelly j (6 months ago)
I so much appreciate your videos! Wow! Wish theyre were doctors everywhere with your knowledge and were well versed to explain to the patient as you are! I am 52 post menopause and very ill After a flair up of active mono (I assume I've struggled with flairs of EBV for years as this is the ONLY real diagnosis I have had) However, this time ive been mostly bedridden for 10mos and have developed severe burning mouth and irritated gum pain (no dental issue) and burning vagina and urethra after urination which has become very frequent..no appetite, severe constipation, stomach bloating and itching skin, numbness in feet and severe brain fog and depression which is most distressing as I've never experienced before. Also weakness and anxiety also new to me..(all tests including thyroid ok) my doctor doesnt think it's caused by EBV and I am searching for what I may discuss trying with my Dr at my visit next week..I wonder if you would have any idea of possible cause..I believe he would be willing to try an antibiotic (which i NEVER took in my adult life) or do you think these symptoms could be caused by some strain of Candida? Sorry for disorganized post! Thank you in advance for any reply..
Bilal Smadi (6 months ago)
Thanks Dr. Ken for your great efforts

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