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Mandela sees grandson reclaim family's traditional leadership role

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1. Wide of Mvezo 2. Close-up of sign: The Kingdom of Abathembu 3. Various of arrivals 4. Former South African President Nelson Mandela sitting on chair with two other men 5. Close-up of Nelson Mandela 6. Various of arrivals entering tent 7. Wide of Nelson Mandela's helicopter landing 8. Nelson Mandela's car pulling up to front of tent 9. Mandela exiting car 10. Mandela entering tent 11. Wide of people sitting in tent 12. SOUNDBITE: (Xhosa) Nelson Mandela, Former South African President: "Because I am still alive today so that I can be able to rest in peace because my grandson has taken chieftaincy and rules here at Mvezo. That will make me sleep forever being a happy man in my grave knowing that Mandla has taken this chieftaincy that I was supposed to have taken. This young man has always been of help to me and in my life." 13. Various of animal skins on floor 14. Close-up of Mandla Mandela, tilt down to his feet 15. Mid-shot of Mandla Mandela 16. Mid-shot of King Goodwill Zwelithini's daughter 17. Mandla Mandela being anointed by local priests and chiefs 18. Close-up of Nelson Mandela nodding STORYLINE: Former South African President Nelson Mandela beamed on Monday as he watched his grandson reclaim a traditional leadership post that Mandela had renounced decades ago to become a lawyer and dedicate his life to fighting apartheid. Mandla Mandela, 32, was draped in a lion skin, the symbol of royalty, and officially installed as head of the Mvezo Traditional Council by the king of the AbaThembu, Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo, one of six kings of the Xhosa people. The ceremony took place in front of hundreds of well wishers, including tribal royalty from across the country, most of them clad in brightly coloured traditional dress and beaded headdresses. It was the first time in nearly 70 years that a member of Mandela's family from the Madiba clan took up the mantle of traditional leadership. Dressed in a black and white animal print shirt, he walked with difficulty up the stairs but otherwise looked in good health and in radiant spirits as he delivered a short speech in Xhosa in a firm voice. "That will make me sleep forever being a happy man in my grave knowing that Mandla has taken this chieftaincy that I was supposed to have taken," said Nelson Mandela. Mandla Mandela's father Makgatho, Nelson Mandela's last surviving son, died in 2005 of AIDS-related complications. His mother, Rayne Mandela-Perry, said her late husband would have been proud to see his son carry on the family legacy. Mandla Mandela, who graduated from Rhodes University's political science program last week, now has the power to decide disputes and try certain criminal and civil cases. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/ad494e1c5bd71f81f1fcee4d5a20c2d9 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (27)
Rod Muza (4 months ago)
I do not care about any political party...the other one stole our money and this new one begs for sanctions to remain on. B.....S......
BONKE XAKATHA (5 months ago)
Aah! Dalibhunga
Bethsider Tavares (6 months ago)
Ngubee exuka lala kahle tata
phelokazi florence (6 months ago)
Me too Major its my first time to hear Tata Nelson Mandela speaking Xhosa
phelokazi florence (6 months ago)
it my first time
phelokazi florence (6 months ago)
me too major it myen first time to hear Tata Madela speaking Xhosa
Thandeka Mabena (6 months ago)
inkonde njee ,betuna utata wam
tumi reneilwe (7 months ago)
I dnt like her woman thou she dnt deserve him..only Winnie does
Sakie 4YESHUA (6 months ago)
But He liked her. Amd that is what matters!
Ntsebo Mokoena (7 months ago)
tumi reneilwe I also never liked her even now
Anne-Marie Brooks (7 months ago)
I felt so honored to be able to just observe this tradition! Thanks for this video!
robala ka kgotso my leader
sindiswa ntsoko (7 months ago)
Jaco Jordaan (7 months ago)
Nature of the voice (7 months ago)
I see you are horny, why don't you look for a dog as usual and fuck it Fool.
Securitie Slangwe (9 months ago)
aaah Dalubhuuuuuunga...!!!!!!
Jim Ramoshaba (10 months ago)
Malema can give u tough time no matter wat conditions ,he is the best
Major Lloyd (10 months ago)
Lol it my first time hearing Nelson Mandela speak Zulu or Xhosa. He sound so weird kikikikikiki
Lem Weazma (7 months ago)
Hi Major, he was speaking isiXhosa. It was good to hear him doing that.
Sibusiso Siso (1 year ago)
Aaaah Dalibhungaaaa
Mark andryi (1 year ago)
its so sad that we lost mandela , mandela sinto muito saudades de seus conselho , para sempre mandela em nossos coracoes
sabizeze (2 years ago)
0:16-0:20: would like to know the R/S between this guy and Madiba: copy!
omar i bilal (6 months ago)
njabulo zoko (7 months ago)
It is Mandela's eldest grandson
Bonga (1 year ago)
he looks just like him..maybe its his little brother His father had other sons, Mandela just never spoke about them
Hassan Ali (2 years ago)
Long live comrade mandela
Native Roots (2 years ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Diba Omde :'(

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