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Building a Cedar Canoe without Staples

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Building a Cedar Canoe without Staples In this video, I begin stripping the cedar strip canoe. This wooden canoe is being built without an inner stem and staple free construction.
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Jason Eke (11 months ago)
After watching this video, I highly recommend you check out my new video stripping the deck of a cedar strip kayak staple free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0pQxzddeZY
Adeeka Putra Jaya (6 months ago)
In indonesia this is name SAMPAN
Jason Eke (6 months ago)
A little different from a Sampan I believe but they both get you out on the water.
Yuri Carcamo (7 months ago)
Hello Friend I'm from Brazil and I found your canoe really cool. I'm trying to make one for myself, but I'm having a hard time molding. Could you provide me the size of the molds? Thank you so much.
Jason Eke (7 months ago)
Please refer to the book Canoecraft by Ted Moores as a good starting point.
bmeier118 (10 months ago)
socks and sandles... my brother!!! thanks for the great video.
M1garand m1 (1 month ago)
real builders built with no safety boots. If so they are amateurs.
Jason Eke (10 months ago)
Lol. Four years after making that video, somebody noticed. Glad you liked it.
kinniguy (1 year ago)
Hi Jason, awesome video! You mention the prospector build video that uses a different technique, straight strip versus bent down. Where can I find the prospector videos?
Jason Eke (1 year ago)
Hey. I'm terribly sorry but I'm not sure which video you mean. I hate to suggest it (because there are so many) but perhaps scroll through the canoe building playlist on my channel. Thanks for watching
Ely Vidigal (1 year ago)
Congratulations, beautiful work. It gave me new ideas for car body manufacturing.
OnTheFritz602 (1 year ago)
Silly question. We all know that Cedar resists rotting. Since these are covered in fabric/fiberglass, does anybody use a cheaper wood, fir, pine? One can stain it or whatever, and still a beautiful canoe at less cost.
OnTheFritz602 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the input.
Jason Eke (1 year ago)
yes, you can use different woods. Cedar is used for other reasons than rot resistance, like straight running grain and light weight. If you look at some of the boats with accent strips you will see the use of different woods. I have thought about using a wood like poplar, but it would be crazy heavy.
Wade Patton (1 year ago)
Some folks use hot glue in place of staples or tape, clamping is only needed for a minute or two, then move on. I've yet to do either, but am leaning hard toward hot glue. Thanks for vid.
Brian Sephton (1 year ago)
Loved the video but two points ,why do you not use the strip the other way up as it is easier to glue and you didn't show but when you do staple ,do you use a small piece of plywood so it doesn't mark the wood ?
Brian Sephton (1 year ago)
Hi Again thanks for the reply on the gluing , I was on a slightly different track with the stapling ,I watched the video and I see what you did ,my way is to use a longer staple and fire it across a very narrow piece of plywood -if your staples are 3/8 wide then use 1/4 wide ply -I then leave the ply in place until it has had time for the glue to set then break it away and the staple is left high and dry and is really easy to take out
Jason Eke (1 year ago)
Whether the bead is up or the cove is up is a matter of preference. Most people build by stapling each strip, in this case the cove can be up with no issue. The reason I lay up the strips so that the bead is up is because of building without staples. Cove down protects the cove when you lay up the strips and strap or tape them in place while the glue sets. There are other videos in this series which demonstrate it. As for the stapler, check out this video https://youtu.be/en0pQ1ASY3Y
michael knowlden (1 year ago)
do you leave the tape in place while still adding strips?
Jason Eke (1 year ago)
elton herrera (1 year ago)
impressive! I got the idea of building my own strip canoe just bouncing all over my head but I didnt like so much the idea of having staples or fine nails or if there was a way it would some complicated way of doing it. And so I thought that there is no choice but to use staples or nails, but came across your video and I can say that I was wrong about it. Thanks, your video is very informative, the masking tape and those little cleats really work, also thanjs for explaining about jointing strips and where is best to do it.
lumarabotti (1 year ago)
Good evening. Could you send me the measurements and drawings in PDF of the caves of the canoe?
Handcrafted Bushcraft (2 years ago)
hey, very very cool, do you have a plan ? we are very interested, wich wood did you use? greetings from germany, andy and marc :)
ron0126 (2 years ago)
How many hours do you have invested in a canoe like this?
Rabbit Empire (2 years ago)
Very nice video Jason, thanks you very much, im planning to build myself one canoe, i live in Patagonia Argentina, and its full of lakes, its been years ive been living here, and just about a year ago i decided i need a canoe... im planning to start building it in a month or two, i have some questions though about the painting, ill ask you if its ok when im in that part of the building.
Donald Thebo (2 years ago)
ontario yellow cedar ? where do u get it
Thomas Bögel (2 years ago)
Would it make sense to put down battens along the curve of the bulkheads, to glue the planks to? The idea would be to get strip planks in the end, on the inside. Besides - what's the music?
Steve Elliott (2 years ago)
What size are strips cut? Like thickness I mean
brad notpitt (1 year ago)
5/8 wide and 1/4 thick...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWVbnVU1g5o  some more of his great videos
twobears1224 (2 years ago)
are the edges of the strips flat?
Fraser Wright (2 years ago)
Jason do you sell the wood strips coved separately?
John-Peter Hundt (2 years ago)
You may have addressed this point in one of your other videos but I couldn't resist asking here. It looks like you have a round tongue and groove on your cedar strips. How did you achive that?
ed plow (7 months ago)
special router bits with bead and cove form.
how thick are the strips and how long
Brandon Robbins (3 years ago)
Jason, have you ever built a canvas canoe? Judging by your grid marks, you obviously loft your stuff...badass. I'm too lazy, and eager to build a thing. I have to use software. One thing I get irritated by is lack of attention to detail and you don't lack any. It's good to see a little bit of an artistic eye in a guys work.
Matt Folsom (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this technique!
ran dom (3 years ago)
Do you use not scarf joint or use any other joints to join the shorter strips (end to end). Also how do you guage the waterline? So I would know where it would be on every build . Thanks
Kevin G (3 years ago)
I noticed it's nice and quiet in the shop where you were working. Is it true that the presence of a wifus whobotherus (latin I believe) can not only spoil the overall look of the canoe, but can cause the glue to unstick from the intense heat and humidity caused by they're overactive nagging pieholes? Was wondering your workaround for that. I'm thinking of attack dogs perhaps.....
kim beck (3 years ago)
wow!!!!!!  impressed good video thank you for your time and knowledge.
skipstah70 (3 years ago)
love your videos.  very informative!
Krestian Kvart (3 years ago)
i was wondering, instead of using cedar, could i use pine? it is impossible to get a hold of cedar here in northern norway, since we have an abundance of pine, that is one of the few tree types that are sold.  and also, is there somewhere i could find a template for the canoe, it would be very convenient if i found that instead of having to mess around with a small scale model.
Curtis Fox (3 years ago)
What kind of glue did you use? Sure is a nice canoe
Experience Everything (4 years ago)
What does it cost to build something like this? Id like to build a 7' or so sea kayak for a kid.
Pezulia club de pesca (4 years ago)
how many pers. is this conoe??? where can i get plans??
Andrew Thompson (4 years ago)
I did this.  I made an 18 foot canoe from 20 ft boards. no seams but a lot of clamps.
Paul Kalac (4 years ago)
Where are you from, friend? I just started building a 21' Grand Laker. Ha, for the strongback, I used an 18' hickory firemans ladder that I found in my barn when I moved in. I think it bloody worked! But for real, I was wondering where you're from?
C .Wright (4 years ago)
Lovely looking project. I'm guessing you use cedar because it's weight and water resistance. what is the size of the cedar strips?
Joseph Niemira (2 years ago)
C .Wright b
David Yeoman (4 years ago)
Is your form home-made?  Where do you get the dimensions to make the forms? 
Mike Wallybanger (4 years ago)
I know that shop....  I get the feeling that I have been in that shop before.  We had a cottage in outside of Chesley Ont and canoe builders in the family.  That said, I bet there are tonnes of boat builders in that area.
Jason Eke (5 years ago)
It depends on a few things like type of glue and climate in the workshop (if it's humid the glue takes longer to dry, etc). But typically I can lay a strip on one side and then go to the other side, and alternate back and forth. Sometimes I need to let the strips sit for 5 to 10 minutes. I can usually get 2 or 3 strips on each side and then take a break for a few minutes and do something else. 
Tyler Troyer (5 years ago)
How long do you have to wait until you can lay another strip on top of the one you just laid down. (If you aren't using staples) Do you have to wait for it to dry?

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