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DEMO: NABi and ALPHRED (Dennis Hong, UCLA) | TC Sessions Robotics 2018

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See the latest in the fields of bipedal and humanoid robots from the UCLA lab. A packed demo featuring a number of its robots, including the sideways-walking NABi: Non Anthropomorphic Biped.
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Chrismofer (5 days ago)
yeah of course boston dynamics has far better closed loop software and probably much more responsive actuators and all that, but they're pretty much studying animal-inspired configurations, wheras this company is exploring both exotic configurations and futuristic actuator types. this company is not "behind" boston dynamics, they're working on other stuff.
PDB (8 days ago)
it sucks...
killerthunder15 (13 days ago)
theres probably an alien species out there with this form of locomotion just watching us recreate there anatomy out of thin air thinkin "wtf?"
Rudinei Meirelles (15 days ago)
vai toma no cú
Gabtube252 (22 days ago)
the BEAR actuator is actually really cool
Sean Cho (22 days ago)
ChrisViral Vlogs (26 days ago)
2:48 your left and light reg ????? lol
Did3D (28 days ago)
its a support of sinthetizer?
Did3D (28 days ago)
what shet!
David Bacon (29 days ago)
HOMELESS with a 'weird' robot-companion to carry a 100-lbs. backpack across People's Park (Berkeley) and up into the forest canyons, every night?!! if 'he' can jump up and down (and tell jokes!) along Telegraph Ave., maybe we could get some good spare change going?!
J Simo (1 month ago)
meanwhile the ceo of boston dynamics is thinking "that's cute."
Superspiderbatman (1 month ago)
This guy assembled a robotic face in 6 seconds - UCLA lab. 1:0 Boston Dynamics
Kewal Bajaj (1 month ago)
can the bear motor turn 360 and do continuous rotations ??
MACHINE_BUILDER (1 month ago)
1:35 - They're too expensive, Too complex, and they're too expensive... hmmm ok.. :P
David Chen (1 month ago)
A little late on the robotics game, maybe that actuator can be used for prosthetics instead?
Gabriel John (2 months ago)
Garbage. These clowns only know about computers not about movement. They should spend some time studying bio-mechanics of living organisms.
SoCalFreelance (2 months ago)
Meh, Boston Dynamics robots are running and doing back flips
Anatole Sokol (2 months ago)
you said "it's has no sensors" but I can see it's eyes!
Anatole Sokol (2 months ago)
if you seek "simple &stable" why you don't came up with "4 wheels" instead...
Nabi Kurisi (2 months ago)
Why not name it clap trap. IDK why you guys had to steal my name.
Justin L (2 months ago)
IMO the most impressive part about this is how stable the prototypes are when controlled using OPEN LOOP control methods. aka the robots have *zero* feedback sensors and error calculations yet are still that stable.
mr CANTOYA (2 months ago)
this mechanism.... is a joke!!!
Cy2k Cy2k (2 months ago)
thats what lies deeply buried at the bottom of uncanny valley folks lol
Kaito Kaze (2 months ago)
well stop complaining and just do it, look at boston dynamics, they like to kick there robot around, and not treat it like spoil child, make them tough.
Jason Gooden (2 months ago)
When that toddler cheered at the robot kicking the ball it was just heart warming.
Shadow Heart (2 months ago)
Interesting leg movement. This one and the Google one have very different walking legs to 'conventional' robots I've seen here on youtube. And both Google's and MIT's are very different from each other too.
Lambda Calculus (2 months ago)
why are so many people comparing these guys to Boston Dynamics?
MassDynamic (2 months ago)
liking that springy-ness
Johnny Favorite (2 months ago)
Can I ride it into battle? 7:05
Sam Distel (2 months ago)
Those BEAR actuators could be really useful for suspension in vehicles. I would love to see this more widespread
Robert Palmore (2 months ago)
Notice that most of the guys were asian. Even with 200 to 300 points AGAINST the asian in the acceptance process they are STILL dominating technology. Universities should stop their racist acceptance policies and let everyone compete evenly on merit alone. Course that may make most of the students in university asian. That's OK with me so long as they are Americans.
Alexandre Jacquier (2 months ago)
Are they gonna do prosthesis with the actuator? It could be a good fit. This is also the more elegant alternative to "artificial muscles" and I totally bet on it. Robots were a bit underwhelming but let's see what they do next. I just wonder what it could achieve with the software and controls of let's say Atlas. Anyway we just have to wait and see
GOD (2 months ago)
You guys know that atlas costs a fuck load of money and this thing costs a fraction of it right? Plus it's light weight and the convertibility probably makes it way more versatile when it's fully developed.
abdelhak auxiliary (2 months ago)
and yet some people think some unicellular entities with no nervous system to think, thought to create human beings out of the process of evolution, and yet we can walk, run jump with no problem..............
Steve Moore (2 months ago)
this guy probably has $200,000 worth of education... yet he can't say "right".
Kaleb Kilfillen (2 months ago)
Alpha Machina (2 months ago)
That actuator is incredible.
Alpha Machina (2 months ago)
I have a Bioloid built into a 22DoF humanoid with inverse kinematics. Many of the robots in that competition were built using the same Dynamixel servos that I use.
Gen. Szadek (3 months ago)
oh wow, love the BEAR motor! That's perfectly solving the stiff look and behavior of robots.
herrerafour (3 months ago)
Pffft. Can't talk about how "stable" these are if you don't even try to kick it over or assault it with a hockey stick. Oh, wait. Unless they mean emotionally stable. Yeah, they do look like they're calmer than the Boston Dynamics robots, true.
Thomas Kamp (3 months ago)
That actuator is an step of evolution. I have never see something similar. Boston Dynamics will take months to steal it...lol
Boutlikhet Amine (3 months ago)
lesten there ! What would really help robotics research take off would be a standardized "NATO Alphabet" of descriptive words, to facilitate the rapid prototyping of cute clever robot names !!!!!!!!!!!! Old Chinese wisdom < when You can cheat, than cheat < why spending too much efforts on high complex Algorithmic when you can change the shape of the robot too get the same behavior on walk stability a nifty cheat/trick to get to the same matter and beyond Boston dynamics is like NASA and UCLA like Roskosmos they would make better Robots if they get money blown up their as too. like Boston dynamics or NASA!
GalaxyWolf 489 (3 months ago)
The BEAR actuator is a great idea, I am wondering what the difference in power consumption would be vs a traditional motor and could the actuator be scaled smaller.
AHAD•TM (3 months ago)
Me also prefer Boston's..why don't they use that gyro stuff n motorized wheel?then robot should be faster n more stable..
rotate85 (3 months ago)
Looks more like an undergraduate project than an advanced technology.
geniusmodernus (3 months ago)
Now I can see the future of fluid motion animatronics!
Vital Chance (3 months ago)
'Real'ly cool stuff here.
Dr. Zoidberg (3 months ago)
Even if these things come out & cost something like $10,000 when they're done, I can see them taking a lot of jobs. If I had a Pizza shop, for instance, $10,000 is only about 6 months of a full-time delivery boy's salary, so with self-driving cars implemented, this thing would pay for itself in half a year... except it wouldn't, because it could work all day every day, instead of 8 hour shifts for 5 days a week, so one of these would actually replace 2-3 delivery boys, making that kind of price-point an absolute no-brainer... even if it were as high as $50,000, it would still probably pay for itself in the range of a year & be nothing but profit from that point forward. Then, with just a few modifications, imagine how useful something like this would be in the back room of a store like Walmart... once they get working the way they're intended these things would do a way better job at stocking, picking, & binning product than tired, overworked, underpaid people do.
TheYuutuba (3 months ago)
This is nothing compared to Boston Dynamics...
suckhdeep1 (3 months ago)
this is piece of garbage, Boston dynamics is the best of best
mostafa saadinasab (3 months ago)
Version very good condition for future 📚📑📲📏📎💊🔭🔬
Blue Banana (3 months ago)
The guy is running out of breath just by talking. Should consider exercising instead 🤔
Christyn Pienaar (3 months ago)
lol so fakey and pointless it cant turn
Jimbob84141 (3 months ago)
First thing I look for: can it kill me.
ElijahTommy 777 (3 months ago)
1:43 - 1:50 "But still, they are too expensive, they're too complex, and they're too expensive." wow so they are pretty expensive then, lol
DoJo Starfox (3 months ago)
Ok. so how does NABi turn?
Chris Canal (3 months ago)
How do I get that actuator!?
Presjar (3 months ago)
Still using interlaced cameras in 2018... wtf
Moshunman (3 months ago)
Lol these guys are nowhere near Boston Dynamics.
Rain. Sic. (3 months ago)
Well boston dynamics was funded by DARPA what do we expect they have much more resources,
wll kr (3 months ago)
알프레드는 여러곳에 쉽게 적용해 쓸수 있을거 같습니다.
M4cex (3 months ago)
How can one be so out of breath just because he's talking? Dunno why but it's really annoying
Gichanasa (3 months ago)
Compliant Actuators will make it possible for robots to express Disney emotions!
Felipe (3 months ago)
Sorry, but this is a joke.
pancake D (3 months ago)
I don’t like the robot made by UCLA
simon liang (3 months ago)
It is work but too ugly.No human feel. I don't like that
skyhacker6 (3 months ago)
Why YOUR bipedal robots tends to fall so easily ? because you miss a degree of freedom ! The one situated in the pelvis area ! without it you'll be trying to make a brick walk straight !
Whorifice (3 months ago)
All the experts weighing in on how this is better than that and pointing out the obvious flaws in prototypes that are still being developed. Bi-pedal motion for machines while an admirable goal is just completely impractical when other configurations can demonstrate similar mobility without requiring nearly as much development, as the NABi team are well on their way to proving.
Whorifice 2 words, boston dynamics
Ulf Holmström (3 months ago)
Nabi suck compared to the competition
김영조 (4 months ago)
The ROMELA TEAM must have to deserved better at this. Of course, the Boston Dynamics has great robot. But if U (I mean, peaple) have more positive optism about that, that MOTOR and ROBOT have great possibility to progress. Cheer up, ROMELA!
Phoenix Marzrover (4 months ago)
Not that impressive for 2018.....
Shiburin (4 months ago)
Tre Salas (4 months ago)
You guys with the BEAR + Boston Dynamics can seriously change robots for the better. If you changed this from a race to a team effort, that will make these robots so much more advanced! Just think about it, Boston Dynamics has robot stability and movement down, but you have the BEAR, and if you put those together, it would be great
steevee1945 (4 months ago)
Probably the main advantage of any of these machines is cost. They are simple and limited in their capabilities. Boston Dynamics is years ahead of these machines. And the flow of technology vs cost is to first develop the capabilities (hardware and software), whatever the cost, then engineer the costs out of the mechanism. Most of the cost is in the hardware. BD is farther up the curve.
Glen Rwodzi (4 months ago)
Boston dynamics' atlas is already running and doing backflips in two legs
Glen Rwodzi (4 months ago)
these guys are far behind
Glen Rwodzi (4 months ago)
boston dynamics is far better
Natthone Cole (4 months ago)
1.they're too unstable 2. they're too slow 3. they're too expensive 4. they're too complex 5. they're too expensive
Jess Hull (4 months ago)
mick0maticNL (4 months ago)
Works with robots, cant get the audio stable. Fml.
chillincello (4 months ago)
That actuator is cool!!
HacktoR (4 months ago)
Is it just me or are the acronyms slides a reference to "Kids Next Door"?
HenryManson (4 months ago)
great talk, one of the best speakers! and that actuator really is breathtakingly "organic",great job!
sik Ahn (4 months ago)
억양 좀 부드럽게 좀.....
adisharr (4 months ago)
People seem to think the Boston Dynamics robots always run perfect. You don't see many of the failures.
xamael1989 (4 months ago)
So just to be clear hobbist build something better than professor
ATLAS (4 months ago)
this damn spider stuff is fking suck
Max We (4 months ago)
really reminds me of the robots from interstellar
Jakub Ziętal (4 months ago)
To all robot inventors: You should consicer to cease such practices like drawing faces of a robot on the box. Someday fully sapient robots will see this, and Humanity will be embarassed;p!
Yuran (4 months ago)
Зраавствуй храабрая птиица! ))) Напомнило http://prntscr.com/jkie3i
Gerardo Trovato (4 months ago)
LordDesAbsterdens (4 months ago)
It seems that this is a good independent unit. But they make humanoid robots so that they can use things designed for people. Doors, handle of the distribution board, cutters. Everything around us is meant for man. Sure fire truck more efficient than a man, but it did not multitask.
Good work
robert stevens (4 months ago)
It seems like we are trying to uninvent the wheel.
Tuckypoontapper 97 (4 months ago)
That's amazing
Colin Thibault (4 months ago)
Expensive, complex, and expensive
drong zhou (4 months ago)
Cool over BD.
Ondřej Řeháček (4 months ago)
The actuator is amazing. Damn
caitgems1 (4 months ago)
Do UCLA robots dream of Boston Dynamics sheep?
THEDON FONZ (4 months ago)
"The Left and L(r)ight R(L)eg" 😂

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