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DEMO: NABi and ALPHRED (Dennis Hong, UCLA) | TC Sessions Robotics 2018

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See the latest in the fields of bipedal and humanoid robots from the UCLA lab. A packed demo featuring a number of its robots, including the sideways-walking NABi: Non Anthropomorphic Biped.
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Natthone Cole (1 hour ago)
1.they're too unstable 2. they're too slow 3. they're too expensive 4. they're too complex 5. they're too expensive
Jess Hull (7 hours ago)
mick0maticNL (9 hours ago)
Works with robots, cant get the audio stable. Fml.
chillincello (9 hours ago)
That actuator is cool!!
K (12 hours ago)
Who ever did the Audio for this video really fucked it in the ass with no lube....i mean for fuck sake how did u get hired
HacktoR (13 hours ago)
Is it just me or are the acronyms slides a reference to "Kids Next Door"?
HenryManson (14 hours ago)
great talk, one of the best speakers! and that actuator really is breathtakingly "organic",great job!
sik Ahn (14 hours ago)
억양 좀 부드럽게 좀.....
adisharr (22 hours ago)
People seem to think the Boston Dynamics robots always run perfect. You don't see many of the failures.
xamael1989 (1 day ago)
So just to be clear hobbist build something better than professor
ATLAS (1 day ago)
this damn spider stuff is fking suck
Max We (1 day ago)
really reminds me of the robots from interstellar
Jakub Ziętal (1 day ago)
To all robot inventors: You should consicer to cease such practices like drawing faces of a robot on the box. Someday fully sapient robots will see this, and Humanity will be embarassed;p!
Yuran (1 day ago)
Зраавствуй храабрая птиица! ))) Напомнило http://prntscr.com/jkie3i
Gerardo Trovato (2 days ago)
LordDesAbsterdens (2 days ago)
It seems that this is a good independent unit. But they make humanoid robots so that they can use things designed for people. Doors, handle of the distribution board, cutters. Everything around us is meant for man. Sure fire truck more efficient than a man, but it did not multitask.
Good work
robert stevens (2 days ago)
It seems like we are trying to uninvent the wheel.
Dustin Cox (2 days ago)
That's amazing
Colin Thibault (2 days ago)
Expensive, complex, and expensive
drong zhou (2 days ago)
Cool over BD.
Ondřej Řeháček (2 days ago)
The actuator is amazing. Damn
caitgems1 (2 days ago)
Do UCLA robots dream of Boston Dynamics sheep?
THEDON FONZ (2 days ago)
"The Left and L(r)ight R(L)eg" 😂
Falcy Chead (2 days ago)
What would really help robotics research take off would be a standardized "NATO Alphabet" of descriptive words, to facilitate the rapid prototyping of cute clever robot names.
Ron G (2 days ago)
UCLA guy got a cool reception at Berkeley.
Beacon of Wierd (2 days ago)
"We need bipedal robots, but they are hard to build." Solution: Rename legs to limbs and make a 4 limbed robot! Totally makes sense
Lardah420 (2 days ago)
How about steering
ke ning (2 days ago)
How can your robot turn?
ObsessionPC (2 days ago)
just wow
Young Tang (3 days ago)
Has he seen the Boston Dynamic Spot Mini & Atlas?
Cookie Monster™ (3 days ago)
"Left and light reg"
NorCal Rider (3 days ago)
Meanwhile at Boston Dynamics... Humanoid robots opening doors and doing gymnastics.
Raven One (3 days ago)
Bring out the terminator----the military tech is years ahead of what is developing
Kiros (3 days ago)
2:47 left and light reg
Peter Dilworth (3 days ago)
Does anyone have any information on the BEAR actuator, I can't for the life of me find a single thing about it using google fu. I assume it is either a direct drive DC motor, or same with a 10:1 or so gear head, but I would really like to know if it is interesting or not.
SHRIKANT SHITRE (3 days ago)
Guys, great job.. Not using just gear motors you did a great job..this kind of motion control can give us almost more than 1000 types of motion controls. Very useful for space science. As you shown single arm can be used for in different ways..it's really amazed everyone. Best luck
Jim Bones (3 days ago)
alphred virgin 2 was the best one
ShooterMedic (3 days ago)
Reft and right reg haha
Emmanuel Ezenwere (3 days ago)
"Don't let it run really fast" Lmao.
Matt J (3 days ago)
I thought he said Oompa loompa.. (Open Loop)
Chris (3 days ago)
Anyone notice that the version 2 robot is water cooled??? XD
Robert Worton (3 days ago)
My girlfriend cheated on me with one of those robots 😔
Larry Cung (3 days ago)
how does it turn?
icebluscorpion (3 days ago)
Old Chinese wisdom " when You can cheat, than cheat" why spending too much efforts on high complex Algorithmic when you can change the shape of the robot too get the same behavior on walk stability a nifty cheat/trick to get to the same matter and beyond Boston dynamics is like NASA and UCLA like Roskosmos they would make better Robots if they get money blown up their as too. like Boston dynamics or NASA
Ion Ymous (3 days ago)
what happens when you kick one of these?
Mzaphod Bibl (3 days ago)
I dont get this video.. He says, bipedal locomotion is really really hard to implement. Then he goes shittig on it: It's so this, too that.. all in all bad.. So, we made this much more stable and simpler thing.. It looks like he's shaming bipedal locomotion so his could prais his leftover work after failing to make good usable humanoid thing.. Also, I dont get the appraisal of such an obvious thing.. Like saying, tripod is much more stable than monopod. I was actually surprised that video is from near past.. Looks like something from dunno.. ..2004? Actuator is another thing I guess..
Rolling Stop (3 days ago)
I want TARS
Taxtro (3 days ago)
That's a joke, right?
Kevin Parks (3 days ago)
The old classic left and light reg.....
Aidan Gomez (3 days ago)
That actuator is genius
Tristan D (3 days ago)
Loved the conference, idk why do people still focus on humanoid robots... Actually walking is very complicated and it does not only requires our legs, but our whole body: for instance, we use our arms and our spine to compensate the momentum he was talking about It is too early to try and make some realistic humanoid robots; trying to make them stable by giving them so large feet for instance is pointless in my opinion, that's why I enjoy alternative ideas like these
RaccoonMoustache (3 days ago)
Boston Dynamics are the best
The Undertaker (3 days ago)
"We need robots that look like humans to do the tasks humans don't want to do" Alphred: *hold my beer...*
MrLegoElite (3 days ago)
Go check out Boston Dynamics 2 legged robot running. It’s pretty legit 👍🏼
David Mays (3 days ago)
Let the market decide
Jiansen Zheng (3 days ago)
11:04, so it’s able to do a punching, which Atlas cannot do..
JulianEYT (3 days ago)
Can't you simulate the wobble effect just by software, using force or amperage sensors
LLific Y (3 days ago)
Gotta say, these guys r killing it. Good job.
Bang Nguyen (3 days ago)
Just joking, but their robots look womanish :)
Joel Austin (4 days ago)
Everyone is so far behind Boston Dynamics; it’s scary.
Untold Gaming (4 days ago)
10:49 that robot is also used in P**nHub
MonkeyKong (4 days ago)
"humanoid robots are too expensive and complex and they fall over :'( :'( :'( " ...meanwhile, in boston they have an untethered humanoid robot that can backflip and 360 no-scope from a ledge
MonkeyKong (1 day ago)
some humans would fall over in conditions such as being shoved, running on rough or icy outdoor terrain, or endlessly being experimented with to see what it takes to make you fall over. Personally, i'd probably break my neck trying to do a backflip
Anton Fosselius (1 day ago)
But they still fall over, but they do not share those videos.
Thomas Lee (4 days ago)
Obviously this dork has never seen Boston Robotics who has done all of the things that he says you cannot.
Alex Young (4 days ago)
What's the difference between a BEAR and an SEA(Serial Elastic Actuator)?
Kiran Goud (4 days ago)
While Boston is way advance, I see this guy's making real world robots which are much cheaper and gets the work done
Alfred Clement (4 days ago)
7:44 - Spiderdemon from Doom II, ummm..
Jonathan Correa Paiva (4 days ago)
I'm very interested in see how these actuators works. (Internally)
Jozef SK (4 days ago)
wow, these are really clever solutions, why didnt anyone come up with this sooner?
Mas Pras Channel (4 days ago)
don't make robot like a human, just be like a robot. :)
vipul P (4 days ago)
i mean its low cost solution
vipul P (4 days ago)
boston dynamics .......
jed23ify (4 days ago)
Progress in the smallest area of robotics is great, like that B.E.A.R actuator that they engineered. But I didn’t like the intro to this presentation, it’s almost as if they were embarrassed that they couldn’t reach that level of biped robotics like Boston Dynamics. We all know how stable the robotic bipeds from BD are, so I don’t think they should have used that as an excuse. But I understand that financing of the technology, it is very expensive, but please UC Berkeley, they have already figured out how to get away from the clumsiness of building bipeds.
Qinghua Guan (4 days ago)
Very,Very cool
Sterling Archer (4 days ago)
Humanoid robots look cool af, but they dont seem to be very effective at anything else.
Just for Fun (4 days ago)
Yes this is amazing it should go in every robot.
Glurb Don (4 days ago)
Atlas from Boston Dynamics should have walked up that stage, ran towards their bot, jumped over it and autonomously grabbed their bot with his arms to throw it of stage :D Just kidding, their bot is awesome too.
Dinko Colic (4 days ago)
These guys are so far behind boston dynamics.
Lanchester Naanyane (4 days ago)
This crowd is dead
Manfred Knorr (5 days ago)
I wish I could find more information about the BEAR actuator.
Xander Zoolander (5 days ago)
The bear motor, or whatever the acronym is, is the only interesting thing here. Everything else is way behind the curve, not just in relation to Boston Dynamics, but even hobbyists can create better robots. You need omni-rotational joints and bio-mimicry to have a successful bipedal robot. Boston doesn't yet implement this on Atlas, but even they have a better bipedal than what you've created. Sorry to be so critical, but you're doing what hobbyists have far surpassed, and hobbyists do it with their own money. Like I said, only interesting and new thing here is the bear motor, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone quickly re-engineers it. At least Boston gives us interesting updates, like a jogging Atlas. Can NABi or ALPHRED jog?
Rahul V (1 day ago)
in my opinion Nabi is a great advancement as compared to Boston Robotics' Atlas and family only on one and most dominating parameter - the cost! with the new actuator, they can change the game!
Roach DoggJR (2 days ago)
Well, I'd say the actuators are more than interesting.
Phillip Shcherbakov (3 days ago)
You are so right! I've noticed in the past the huge difference between human muscles and motors, but I thought that pnuenematics would be the answer. THIS ACTUATOR IS AMAZING, & QUITE AHEAD OF ITS TIME!
Asiatic Naga (5 days ago)
This motherfukers out of breath and he is f****** annoying
Who the fuck still records in 1080i at plain 2018?
dude 886644 (5 days ago)
crappy robots atlas is better
Vlad Cold (5 days ago)
Anyone else noticed disturbing kinematics similarity to smart mines from SC2?
Jona Varque (5 days ago)
OH I am NOT impressed. For UCLA, this is lame.
tr4nc3f0rm3r (5 days ago)
This is kind of cool
farefouse olly (5 days ago)
Does it say woop woop woop.
Chase Wood (5 days ago)
This is so fantastic. Love the motor especially, would love to mess around with some.
botato1977 (5 days ago)
Did he say they're too expensive twice?
FullFledged2010 (5 days ago)
I want 18 of them for my 3 dof hexapod ^^
RexExLiberi (5 days ago)
The the love of God stop drawing faces on them! lol
Seeing Dragons (5 days ago)
Maybe you should just call Boston Dynamics ... they're pretty much light years ahead of you ...
Gaurav Sharma (5 days ago)
It would be great to miniaturize that actuator
pjurkovi (5 days ago)
Kamyab Sherafat (5 days ago)
To me that bear actuator looks like a PID controlled stepper motor ...
Taylor White (5 days ago)
Too everything apparently... expect for boston dynamics.
Gerrit Okkema (5 days ago)
No free walking robots stronger than humans
Victor Tenma (5 days ago)
metal gear
trent jenkins (5 days ago)
I thought that was the ceo dude from NVidia , they do look similar

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