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Hybrid Car Facts : Pros & Cons of Hybrid Cars

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The pros of hybrid cars include less environmental footprint, increased fuel efficiency and less maintenance. Hybrid car cons include less availability and increased insurance costs. Weigh the pros and cons of buying a hybrid car using advice from a hybrid car salesman in this free video on hybrid cars. Expert: Kyle Sperry Contact: www.toyotaofTampaBay.com Bio: Kyle Sperry is a direct sales manager at Toyota of Tampa Bay. Hes been working for Toyota for more than five years, and is hybrid-certified. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Text Comments (14)
Rudy B (3 months ago)
I have a seven year old nephew who could have offered this much info.
Veronica Gomez (1 year ago)
i will buy a Prius 2010 for $7000 do i need a aditional warranty for the batterie?
Nithania Vincent (1 year ago)
Jonathan Bautista (1 year ago)
This is a shit. . . .!!!!!!11111]}1}1}1}1}1}1} 1}1} } !"1 121 2}12- 1+-2+ 2-1-+ 21- +12 -12} 12} 21
Shah Room (2 years ago)
I absolutely wasted my time...
ERER THOMAS (5 years ago)
Will do bud - it's now seven years old and still runs like a champ!
whole27 (6 years ago)
@dieselplow 4 years is nothing, why are you suprised that it still runs great after just 4 years. talk to us after 15 years
whole27 (6 years ago)
Well why would insurance care if the hybrids have more potential things to replace like the battery...the insurance companies won't pay to get the batteries or anything like that replaced? Insurance which is a scam, every kind of insurance is a scam...healthcare especially...they r making hundreds of millions in profit and yet refuse to pay out to people with severe medical issues who have been paying their premiums for years and years!
IT'SME (4 months ago)
whole27 Insurance companies may decide to charge higher rates for hybrid cars because thieves will steal them for the expensive to replace hybrid components. Batteries, inverters, generators and so on.
jf99151 (6 years ago)
Except for the large amount of Nickel that has to be processed and mined for batteries. Extreme pollution. Sulfur .. acid rain. Disposal of batteries.
ERER THOMAS (8 years ago)
Hybrid's are awesome. I love my Hybrid Civic. It is now 4 years old, and it still runs great and I hardly fill up with gas. Insurance cost? My insurance cost is the same as the standard civic. Geico does not charge a premium for Hybrids.
Martin Dixon (8 years ago)
yep hybrids sucks EVs or electric vehicles are better.
you toob (9 years ago)
Bankruptcy Sucks ASS HARDER
eschelar (9 years ago)
And if you find an insurance company that charges you a premium for environmentally friendly vehicles over other companies that don't, write your local government representatives and tell them to start taxing those pricks on the extra income they are pocketing by making environmentally friendly a less economical choice. Heck, write Obama, see if he might do something about it.

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