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Teaching in Korea: Lesson Planning!

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PREVIOUS TEACHING TIPS VIDEO | https://youtu.be/lcmz8QT-JDg TEACHING IN KOREA PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv59FtNXbkbKIIlC8Ba2MzG3hsduOXHtR RESOURCE LINKS: http://www.waygook.org/ http://korshare.jcink.net/index.php http://www.indischool.com/ MUSIC: THBD | https://soundcloud.com/thbdsultan Crayon Pop (크레용팝) | https://youtu.be/yMqL1iWfku4 Jollibeats | https://www.soundcloud.com/jollibeats FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL! ^^ BLOG | https://abbypblog.tumblr.com FACEBOOK | https://facebook.com/abbypeeofficial TWITTER: @abbyjpee | https://twitter.com/abbyjpee INSTAGRAM: @abbyjpee | https://instagram.com/abbyjpee -- LIFESTYLE CULTURE VLOGS LANGUAGE TRAVEL & MORE! It's me, Abby P! Waddup, MY P-PLE! -Currently based in South Korea. -Originally from California, USA. Welcome to my life! Watch my videos to find out more. 안녕하세요! 한국에서 살고 있는 미국인 애비라고 합니다! 일상생활/문화/브이로그/언어/여행 채널입니다~ 동영상 재미있게 봐주시고 구독해주세요 ^^
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예설 (7 days ago)
선생님 저 복주초에 다니는 아이에요!! 5-1이에여!! 친구들이 선생님 유튜브 한다길래 봤어요!! 진짜 이쁘세요!! 나중에 되면 저희랑도 찍어요!! Mr. Shue, I'm the one who goes to Bokjoo Elementary School! 5-1E! I saw your friends on YouTube! You're so pretty!! You can take a picture with us later!
옥동복주초등학교 5학년 이예용!!원어민 선생님~~다음에 저희도 찍어주세용!!
A.M albay (1 month ago)
How did you apply for this job? 🙂 Do i need to learned hangul first?
Tiffany Flores (1 month ago)
Hope I could also teach in Korea 😍
Pls... what is the title of this Song.
Monica Kim (2 months ago)
Monica Kim (2 months ago)
park joy (5 months ago)
How much time do you spend with one class per day?
Abby P (5 months ago)
One period (40 minutes) per class, and I see each grade once a week (elementary grades 3-6)
이윤 재 (5 months ago)
I’m thinking to go and teach English in Korea but my concerns are: English is not my native tongue, I am quite the shy type person, I’m not that creative creating PowerPoints/lesson plans etc and lastly do the school provides you the topic(s) that you have to talk about that day or you have to follow the book that they’re using? I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone and I am sure that being able to experience teaching other people will greatly help my growth as a individual.
이윤 재 (5 months ago)
Abby P thank you for that. Although I hold an American passport. Haha
Abby P (5 months ago)
It think it's really wonderful that you want to go out of your comfort zone, and I agree that teaching other people is definitely a way to help growth as an individual. The bad news is you need to be a native English speaker of certain select countries. :( With the program I went through (EPIK), there are a list of requirements, and that is one of them~ I don't personally know of any other programs that state otherwise, but I do hope more opportunities open up for you, if not in Korea, perhaps in other countries?
Edgesyndrome (6 months ago)
im folloing you on instagram. Ive applied now im ust waiting for my NOA, ima need all the lesson plan help i can get!
Sheryl Anne Peru (8 months ago)
I love it!!!❤
Rachel Boone (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this!! It really eases my worries about lesson planning. I recently accepted a teaching position and I'm flying out to Korea in a couple weeks. Thanks again for sharing these tips.
Cecekins (8 months ago)
Lesson planning is definitely giving me anxiety now that my move to Korea is a few days away. 😖 but this was definitely reassuring. Definitely going to follow you on ig for lesson plans and tips.
brian kim (9 months ago)
Jose A. Gómez (9 months ago)
So far with your 3 years in Korea what are your future plans, do you plan on teaching and making a life in South Korea or head back to the states?
Abby P (9 months ago)
Always just taking it year by year, so I can't say for sure until this next year passes and I finish this contract haha
Franny Teacher (9 months ago)
Amazing video, thanks Abby :) The beginning is so on point haha. Any new teachers, make sure you check out the textbook CD-roms (using a translator like Papago if you don't speak Korean) and explore all the folders - you'll find curriculum information and lesson plans containing all the objectives like the ones in the physical Teachers' Guide...but in English!!! I could've saved a week of sifting through the textbooks and Teachers' Guides and translating if I'd found them earlier! :D [For Cheonjae, you should find them at 초등학교 영어 [Grade ...] 지도서 [CD ...] / E-book / Data / Add / 2. 수업지도안 / 영문]
Abby P (9 months ago)
You're amazing yourself!! Thanks so much for this!!
Johnny Nomadic (9 months ago)
You make it look soo easy. Great job! You’re a great teacher! 👍🏼😊🇵🇭
EA Iceon (9 months ago)
"Okay get out of my classroom" with a sweet smile... LOL...hahahaha :D
EA Iceon (9 months ago)
Hahaha 😂
Abby P (9 months ago)
More like a creepy smile lolol
Dayna Mabin (9 months ago)
This video is amazing! I am going into my second year teaching in Korea, but I can honestly say that you explained the 3 P's more effectively in 7 minutes than the TEFL class I took. Literally when I was applying to EPIK I was so confused about the difference between Practice and Production. Great job Abby, loving your videos.
Abby P (5 months ago)
Thank you Dayna! Good luck on your second year here!
nukem384 (9 months ago)
Yay! How long does it take to you to create a lesson plan? Since you've been doing this for a few years, do you have the whole years worth of plans ready to go? Or do you create new ones all the time?
Ari Wanders (5 months ago)
I have only worked at hagwons so I have a bit of a different take. The hagwons I have worked at usually have a curriculum system that follows a pattern and usually comes with a teachers book. Within months of teaching, I could just open up the book when I got to the class and teach the lesson with no prep. Extra activities take some prep. I try to always have a few activities such as games, word searches, or crafts ready just in case. This is a valuable safety net!
Abby P (9 months ago)
Yes! Agreed with Dayna. Planning what to do is actually rather quick once you're used to it already. Prepping the materials or PPTs takes longest, some of them even a couple hours or more by scratch (my Wonder Woman PPT game I made from scratch took me a course of a couple weeks working on it a few hours here and there). But I can definitely re-use previous plans, activities, and materials since I have been here for a few years now, so it definitely does get easier with time. :)
Dayna Mabin (9 months ago)
I am going into my second year teaching in South Korea and for me lesson planning takes no more than an hour to complete. I think finding the correct materials to use such as PPTs or games and modifying those is what takes the longest. Hope this helps :)
chiirox (9 months ago)
Lol, "ok get out of my classroom" is too true though (lol, on some days at least XD)
Abby P (9 months ago)
(me after every class...lolol jkjk)
Manthipe Moila (9 months ago)
Thanks Abby. Im working on my EPIK lesson plan and this made me feel better.
Abby P (9 months ago)
Oh awesome, good luck!!
Jey Lee (9 months ago)
Hi^^ 한국말 잘 하시네요👍영상이 재미 있어요😃오늘도 화이팅!!😝😍
Rave Nation (9 months ago)
Beth Woods (9 months ago)
Literally just did my first lesson plan for the EPIK application last week, this gives me a bit more confidence I didn't completely screw it up 😂 thank you! 🙌🏻✨
Abby P (9 months ago)
Yay!! Good luck to you!
Monica Raya (9 months ago)
This video made me feel alot better.
Blooming Sims (9 months ago)
I'm the first comment, this was a lot of help
KevsCoolProductions (9 months ago)
first :P

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