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Engine Oil Codes Explained, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) numbers explained/Viscosity

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My mission is to take subjects that can seem quite daunting and somewhat difficult to understand and explain them in such a way that everyone can understand and benefit. All too often things are explained to us in a way that is difficult to grasp. I really hope that all of my tutorials are understandable by most, if not all, people who wish to view them. I want to help people understand as I was helped by some fantastic mentors during my years as a University student, in Science, and a trainee apprentice as an engineer. In fact, I could NOT have became a qualified repair engineer or a Science graduate if I never had these wonderful people in my life. Sadly, some of them are no longer with us to see these videos, which I really want to dedicate to them. More than anyone else, I want to dedicate these to my Father, who is still a practicing engineer, for always pushing me into this field and ensuring I applied my mind to it, and for my amazing late mother, who nurtured, cared, loved and motivated me all of my life. When I was down she would always reach down and stand me back up again, telling me I was worth something. I only wish I could thank her in person and show her these videos. I realise now that she was my biggest and most amazing mentor. Thank you for 40 Golden years mom! I hope you find this video useful. I have tried to explain the meaning behind the codes you find on the engine oil containers. It basically explains their meaning and why they have been given their particular codes. Codes may include 5w-30, 10w-30, 10w-40 or 15w-40, to name just a few available. If you are interested then I have other educational videos on Carburetors. Please take a look at some of the links below. Thank you: How a Two Stroke Carburetor Works - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSrcW3PJ0wQ How a Two Stroke Carburetor Works (Animated Version) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqfQ6B2_o_c 12 Reasons Why Two Stroke Cycle Engine may Bog Down (CRASH COURSE) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SshXK8Ehm74 How to Adjust Two Stroke Carburetor/What is Rich and Lean/Explained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pQ6Vir1uxc 7 Reasons Why a 2 Stroke Cycle Engine may Flood excess fuel, chainsaw, Strimmer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ask5Ax0ORUI Many thanks indeed Craig
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Text Comments (914)
Marcus Lex (1 day ago)
How cold is cool? 10 C ?
Praveen Chabuksawar (2 days ago)
Hello sir For 100cc scooters which is the best engine oil 20w40 or 10w30
Ali Farooq (3 days ago)
I have a new car. Its only two years old. I am these days living in KSA. Can i use oil of grade 20W-50 in my engine that has run only 60000 km, Some friends told me that i have to use 5W-40. Can you please refer me what oil to use.
Doppelganger (7 days ago)
100°C backwards is COOL
p1epoppa (8 days ago)
Okay so explain to us why oil drains quicker and more completely when it is drained hot as opposed to cold?
Shashi Dhar (9 days ago)
Yurii Syvko (10 days ago)
Saša (11 days ago)
At 2:03, you say that oil gets thinner (lower viscosity) at higher temperatures. But then you say that 5w-30 oil has a viscosity of 5 when it's cold, and viscosity of 30 when it's at 100 deg celsius, which is to say it's higher viscosity (thicker) when hotter. I'm confused...
mark herras (12 days ago)
if you have a motorcycle an AIRCOOLED engine and you live in hot place like INDIA recommended oil is 20w 50 or 15w 40
mukul mk (19 days ago)
Hey my car engine manual recommend 5w 30 but my car mechanic put 10w 30 . My car is 2006 nissan skyline .. any reason?
Abdul Rauf Salifu (24 days ago)
j have enjoyed it thanks
Juan Leonardo Vargas (25 days ago)
Awesome, finally an excellent way to explain for me an non-mechanic! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us!
Ghassan Al Ayassah (26 days ago)
So at what degree the 1st number Measured ???
Stellar V (28 days ago)
Good video Is it a bad idea to use 0-40 in an engine that used 10-40 previously?
Robert Stennett (28 days ago)
Oil just like water can not be compressed so no mater how thin the oil you will not have metal to metal contact as long as there is enough oil flowing, The W figure is at 30 Deg Fahrenheit, so the video author does not really know what he is talking about if he does not know that. Thin oil does not hurt your engine if the manufacturer specifies it, that means the bearing clearances and oil pump are designed to use the oil they recommend and it you use thicker oil than recommended you could damage your engine over time. The end result of using thicker oil is less oil flowing.
ishwar rajak (1 month ago)
Bhaihonda livo me konsa great ka oil dale
Devon Dorcas (1 month ago)
Well i live in Aruba which every day is warm, my question is if i buy a new car , which oil will be best to use ?
south star (1 month ago)
Clearly the best video on the subject.
Ahmed Saeed (1 month ago)
Hey thanks a lot for explaining it so clearly and concisely
TheRepairSpecialist (1 month ago)
Ahmed Saeed, thank you for adding this comment. I really appreciate it 😃👍
kiyonexus (1 month ago)
This guy goes on too much explaining the cold and hot temps but he still doesn't explain the difference between a 5w-20 and 5w-30 or 10w-30... it sounds to me like it doesn't really fucking matter if if the numbers aren't that far off
TheRepairSpecialist (1 month ago)
kiyonexus. Thank you for your comment. I realise that this subject matter can be very confusing. I do have a couple of videos explaining the differences between the grades of oil you mentioned. It goes into the sort of thing you might want to know in a little more detail. If you take a look through the vids you should see, which one best suits what you are looking for. Thanks again 👍
Shutto (1 month ago)
Finally, someone knows how to explain this.
Young Luo (1 month ago)
Teachers teach!
Rajkumar Lakhangave (1 month ago)
Sir BRO EXAM use of oiles /lubs
TreeShade Mechanic (1 month ago)
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established a numerical code system for grading motor oils according to their viscosity characteristics. The original viscosity grades were all mono-grades, e.g. a typical engine oil was a SAE 30 ... and blah blah blah...
TreeShade Mechanic (1 month ago)
The grades assigned by the SAE are formatted with a first number followed by a "W" and then a second number. The first number, along with the "W," signifies that the oil is suitable for winter use because it remains thin even in the cold. For example, 5W is suitable for use in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, 10W for temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, 15W for -15 degrees Celsius and 20W for -10 degrees Celsius. A 0W oil was recently developed and is used primarily in workshops, given its higher price tag. However it is sometimes used in places such as Canada that have extremely harsh winters. The second number indicates how the oil will perform in very hot temperatures---the goal is to keep the oil from getting too thin because thicker oil performs better in heat. These numbers range in multiples of 10 from 10 to 60, with 60 being the thickest. Oil that is graded 5W-60 is the most versatile oil that is widely available. It has the highest resistance to thickening in the winter and the highest resistance to thinning in the summer.
Rohit Arora (1 month ago)
which engine oil is better for Suzuki access 125? 10w30 or 10w40 ?
Adam Smith (1 month ago)
Biggest Thank u for sharing u knowledge.. It was the clearest explanation i've ever watched!
RE-L Mayer (1 month ago)
very nice diagrams and explanation,thanks for help
Vendetta (1 month ago)
Thank you
Baby Fireblade (2 months ago)
10w30 vs 5w40 vs 10w40.which is thinner? And which is thicker? If anyone know please reply
Kabongo J (2 months ago)
*10W-30 is thicker than 5W-40 in cold temperatures. *10W-30 is lighter (less viscous) than 5W-40 in warm temperatures. *10W-40 thicker than both warm+cold temperatures.
ansdrifter (2 months ago)
Thank you for the useful informations perfect
G K (2 months ago)
Hi I have a 2.8 turbo diesel in a 16 canyon I was thinking of using a 0w-40 oil. Which brand is the best for fall/winter conditions in Canada 🇨🇦✌️
Gangaraju Bandi (2 months ago)
Is suitable 10w -30 (engine oil) for 125cc bike? Please tell me
John P (2 months ago)
how is 'cool' defined?
Rahul Rane (2 months ago)
Very well explained
Rodney J (2 months ago)
Excellent content!
jess d (2 months ago)
How does 0w rate? It doesn't take 0 seconds to go through a viscometer. 0w kind of disapproves your rational does it not?
Dom Igbi (2 months ago)
Wow. That explains a lot, thanks for posting the video.
mclaren joao (2 months ago)
LUBRICATING OIL have the so called Viscosity Index, which indicates how much the viscosity will decrease by increasing the temperature, and there is no negative value for this Index, which means the oil viscosity won't decrease by reducing the temperature. "5w" is totally different from 30(they both indicate Viscosity, but different kind, the former is kinematic the latter Dynamic) and the 5w if converted to kinematic would be well above of the 30. The addictives are used to increase or decrease the viscosity index and not to make the oil lighter in cold climates. CHEERS
Ghervan Razvan (2 months ago)
For VW Touran 2,0 AZV Castrol Site recommend 5w-30 or 5w-40 . What should i choose ?
Kuku Gun (2 months ago)
If manual recommend to use SAE 30, can I use 10w30 instead of 30?
jay hunter (2 months ago)
Brilliant video, so simply and cleverly put :) Thank you!
Stewart (2 months ago)
Very informative
Ronald Escalante (2 months ago)
I use 20w50 in my car🙂
iPh I (2 months ago)
Can't be explained any better Thank you
jithu joseph (2 months ago)
thank you
Carlos Google Maps (3 months ago)
Very well done sir, thank you!!
Manoj Kumar (3 months ago)
no understand.. please just tell what oil is good for bajaj discover 125 CC bike..
R Johnson (3 months ago)
Thanks for this video!
Very Nice Video.
Gopal Krishna (3 months ago)
What is oil grade used for Kumar piston pump used for domestic purpose
Brendan Fraser (3 months ago)
Well Done Mate
Exotic Biker (3 months ago)
Can I Use 10w 40 oil in my Bike. Bt its oil code is 10w 30. Is it harmful or not. CBR250R. Motul 300v 10w40
Gurdip Singh (3 months ago)
Sir,which number is suitable for tractor, winter tem. Upto 5 centi and summer 42 centigrate
Pecos Bob (3 months ago)
One thing oil companies don't tell you is they self regulate the tolerance for their viscosity. A 10 W oil might fall in a scale of 5 to 15 weight and the same for the higher number. So a 10W30 could be marketed as a 15W 40.
Man Man (3 months ago)
Thanks for the knowledge sharing. It clear to understand for a layman like me. God bless u.
Jaiveer Singh (3 months ago)
really informative .. thanks.
Mansour Alyahya (3 months ago)
Canadian kid (3 months ago)
I guess both synthetics and petroleum based are the same as fare as this testing ?
Dalibor Benic (3 months ago)
Thank you for video
Jijeesh Pranoor (3 months ago)
Which oil best for Mercedes new model
neel pandey (3 months ago)
What is the difference between MA2 and MB printed on scooter engine oil ?
lakpium rajinda (3 months ago)
What's the best engine oil for honda v type engine
lakpium rajinda (3 months ago)
Thanks for posting
Raul Serna (3 months ago)
Go to www.bobistheoilguy.com so much info
Joey Neniu (3 months ago)
What a great video, I get it now, many thanks
Wei Sing Hoo (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for your very informative video.
Zagan Volac (3 months ago)
but while the oil is poured, the temperature goes down. so it's bull all the way
David Stockford (3 months ago)
Thank you for the explanation.
Hari Krishna (3 months ago)
Engine oil recommended for my bike is 10w 40, can i use 10w 50 does it bother my engine? Will that perform good or bad?
Thanks for sharing real explanation of engine oil.....
Jacob Alexander (3 months ago)
Thank you much needed clarification
Google User (4 months ago)
ALL multi viscosity oil is a COMPROMISE between convenience and protection............Straight weight oils are by far the best but require seasonal changing of grades...........The wider the viscosity range, the more additives are needed to attempt to copy single grade performance..........As a result, these wide range oils break down far quicker than those like 10w-30, 15w-40, or 20w-50 which rely on far less VI additives...........As always, there is no free lunch with oil..........Better lubrication or wider temperature range but you can't have both..........The best you can hope for is a COMPROMISE
Customer Service (4 months ago)
15W40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil | 5 Gal $44.95 Free shipping..https://www.walmart.com/ip/15W40-Synthetic-Diesel-Engine-Oil-5-Gallon-Pail/534351567
Jan Oyapoc (4 months ago)
What kind of motorcycle oil should you recommend on 150cc on hot places/country?
Manos 1985 (4 months ago)
Hellos..I have a FORD TRUCK E-250 2005 year. the manufacturer says to put 5w-20 oil in the US, now the car is in Europe and it has a warmer climate. it can put 5w-40 ??
Sadat Sani (4 months ago)
This video finally demystifies everything about engine oil. Thanks for sharing!
It’s Mr Lone Wolf (4 months ago)
I need 10w 60 and most places never have it
spelunkerd (4 months ago)
One day on a trip I had to add a litre of oil to a warm engine at a fuel station. They had stored the oil outside, and ambient temp was -40 degC. I was shocked how long it took to pour the oil out of the can into the engine, about 5 minutes. Truly, molasses.
August Biechy (4 months ago)
Excellent explanation
mac wee (4 months ago)
thanks for greasing my doubts on all these oil jargons.
John Sadler (4 months ago)
All these years and I never understood this. This video simplifies it.
Jonah Kale (4 months ago)
The best video explanation of oils
Sahil Maharaj (4 months ago)
What about 20W-50
Changeling (4 months ago)
Got it. Thanks !
Yumphal Langthabal (4 months ago)
Unintended vedio check. But, very helpful .
Sourava Kar (4 months ago)
Plz upload a rajdoot bike engine repair full video
Joey Eng (4 months ago)
so based on this, it sounds like it'd be okay to use 5w30 on lawnmowers that require sae30. is that right?
Karan Katiyar (4 months ago)
Thanks ...... a real good video
Eddie Arcega (4 months ago)
Damn my car has 0w-20... WTF!
rey yuy (4 months ago)
Honda recommends 5W 30 engine oil. The engine takes 3.5-3.8 quarts with an oil and filter change.
Roger Mirgard (4 months ago)
Thanks alot!
Paul Buttler (4 months ago)
Good vid.' Very clear and presice.
Mac Kobalt (4 months ago)
Note to self do not cook eggs with it
matt0198922 (4 months ago)
Wait. Oil "thins" out the hotter it gets, and "thickens" the cooler it gets. So how is an oil like 5w-30 doing the exact opposite of that? It's actually thinner when cold and thicker when hot? That's the opposite.
Vito Zhang (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing and if you want to learn more about lubricant additive products, view:www.sinoruifeng.com
Azwan young (5 months ago)
can you give more briefly explanation about w code, for example 10w . what is 10w maximum temperature in celcius . thankyou
Mohammad Sadiqur Rahman (5 months ago)
Easy enough explanation ! Thanks a ton!
jason9022 (5 months ago)
mostly wrong wrong wrong. fuck. you contradict yourself repeatedly. the stupid ass background music blurs a majority of peoples brain. that's probably why it's there. if you remove it, some smarter people would notice that . no one watching his has a damn clue though. I wanted to see how ridiculous your explanation would be , and sure enough it's heavily flawed.
Gregor Kos (5 months ago)
Thanks, very educational.
m m (5 months ago)
What temp is the winter side tested at?

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