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What It Feels Like To Take Adderall When You Don’t Have ADHD [Body & Mind]

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A lot of my classmates and friends took Adderall like it was a daily vitamin. And many of them took it even though they weren’t diagnosed with ADHD. Subscribe now for more Elite Daily videos: http://elitedai.ly/1U1e1cw Starring: Lauren A. Kennedy Featuring: Alexandra Mazzuchelli Morgan Hammel Olivia Blue Matt Webster Alexa Adderley Sean Hinckle Producer: Rebecca Hovel Director of Photography: Darren Joe Editor: Zach Frenchman Graphics: Scott Calderon Music Courtesy of Extreme Music: "Black Heath" Written by Stephen Coates, Angela Penhaligon Website: http://www.elitedaily.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EliteDaily/videos Twitter: http://twitter.com/EliteDaily Instagram: http://instagram.com/elitedaily G+: https://plus.google.com/+elitedaily Elite Daily Video captures the spirit of our generation through cinematic storytelling. This includes in-depth documentaries, emotional social experiments, entertaining social commentary, and original scripted series. For all video inquiries contact: VideoContact @ elitedaily.com http://www.youtube.com/elitedaily
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Text Comments (1213)
Maddie Lanaux (1 day ago)
it makes the world so vibrant, i feel so happy & ready to take on the day, i’m not hungry at all, i grind my teeth, & it’s just a grand ole time
Paul Kim (2 days ago)
sooo it's like speed
Rayne Marie (2 days ago)
Extreme hunger?!?! Girl no. What bootleg shit are you on
This is what I am after 3 cups of coffee! What the fuck?!
BlitzStudios (4 days ago)
It started off low key accurate than 1/3 of the way in is an absolute joke and it varies greatly, personally when I'm stimmed I enjoy other people's company, sleeplessness? That's a joke right? Anyone who takes adderall knows they aren't going to sleep, also extremely hungry wtf ? Today I literally bought my favorite candy to force feed myself because I was stimming didn't eat anything else besides the bagel I ate so I didn't stim with no food, and smh in reality when you opened your laptop you wouldn't have moved from that seat for at least 45 mimutes, I literally spent 5 hours straight programming yesterday didn't get up once on 20mg XR
Gabriel Mc Coy (4 days ago)
I abused adderall for awhile at doses of 150mgs to 190mgs because I wanted to get the high and the only good part was the buzzing feeling in my head it gave me, and the light weight feeling.the rest was really irritating and honestly horrific especially the come down and long nights awake . This video is very much inaccurate and it makes it seem like it’s ok to do it but it’s not .
Javier Ayala (5 days ago)
Damn I’m considering taking this! Especially since college makes you feel like you wanna jump off a building lmao!
Any stimulant comedown usually makes the user tired, irritable, and hungry. While high you could sweat and grind your teeth so it would be a good idea to have gum and drink plenty of water. As far as antisocial behavior just try not to be around people who piss you off until you can get some sleep.
Kole or Yajirobi (8 days ago)
This video was a life saveer thank ilyyy
danni (9 days ago)
It’s like coke but the pill version
Blue Pepper (11 days ago)
Ka Wrss (13 days ago)
adderall supresses the apitite in alot of people.
16jellyfish16 • (14 days ago)
To put this MUCH simpler since all ADHD medication are STIMULANTS if someone who DOESNT have ADHD takes ADHD medication it'll have the SAME effect on them as if they were taking SPEED :) hope that helped
Peggy Alonzo (15 days ago)
This video.......,Sucksssss
tess el abidi (16 days ago)
That’s all the effects you take it and have ADHD excepts the thing with eating much because if you have ADHD and take medicine(at least for me) you can’t eat
MaxWell PT (16 days ago)
Lol its almost like manic episodes in bipolar people.
Smile doge (16 days ago)
Holy heck this is what I need. I have to write couple of essays and I just can't keep writing because I'd rather do anything but write.
Betty M. (19 days ago)
Performance drug. Take it the right way. It's lovely.
That Guy (21 days ago)
so basically i gives people who dont have adhd adhd
Angel Smells (22 days ago)
Haha that last fact. I'm about to
Goodie Allen (23 days ago)
Hunger on Amphetamin? Yall trippin
Coming down you will just want to eat and sleep for 2 days straight if possible. Going 24 plus hours without eating will make you feel like you're starving when it wears off.
Will Yu (23 days ago)
"when you don't have ADHD"
Mohit Sharma (29 days ago)
First you will take the adderall and than after some time adderall will start taking you.
Jabril M. (30 days ago)
I'll risk it, i got an essay due Sunday
Chadwick Allen (1 month ago)
This is a reality for me. I take one fourth of a 30mg capsule if I need it. Any more and I'm about to do the most...
hgdge (1 month ago)
this video fake as shit and is just listing extra shit on it. you barely feel hunger when you take. another video thats trying to scare people.
Seth Davis (1 month ago)
Every video on Adderall seems so say something else
Jamie Eddolls (1 month ago)
3 out of 4 millenials have taken it? wtf do you lot do over the pond?
Alec Nguyen (1 month ago)
Exhaustion no duh you're taking meth you're not gonna be sleepinf
Alec Nguyen (1 month ago)
I get the shits bad and can't eat
Rose Kitty (1 month ago)
It honestly annoys me that people without ADHD take Adderall. 😅
ExplicitBlade (1 month ago)
Thanks education system for making us resort to drugs to try and keep up with the standards that are set for us and the extreme work loads that get put on us everyday
Brandon Reed (1 month ago)
What if I have all of these symptoms everyday but I have never taken adderall?
POOT (1 month ago)
I CANT STAND COLDSWEATS i never really sweat, but i feel really warm/hot and i get goosebumps and shiver because in reality im actually super cold
Maura Philipps (1 month ago)
So, as someone with ADHD this is very interesting. I literally have none of those "side effects" but I am told I act like a "normal" person when I take my adderall. What a very weird drug.
william arnold (1 month ago)
I’ve don’t a lot of Adderall this video is lying
voicedify (1 month ago)
Self Enggradizement?
meds purchase (1 month ago)
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Will _ (1 month ago)
Everyone is saying this is inaccurate, but this is the reality when clueless students illegally purchase ADHD medications. They are unaware of the dangers and usually consume more then they are meant to. When people get prescribed medication they are weighed, receiving many medical procedures to make sure they take a suitable amount, and when the medication is abused side effects can be unbearable, and the video represents it perfectly. The effects vary on the amount, remember that. Not to mention that the stimulants effect people differently.
H. Marsh (1 month ago)
For me it just makes my personality less like a brain damaged squirrel. But I have ADHD.
A (1 month ago)
My brother has ADHD and he gave me one of his meds (adderall ofc), and no word of a lie I was up for 30 hours and more than half of it was spent studying lmao. I also completely lost my appetite and didn’t eat anything for 24 hours. It’s wild and keeps you up for a long time but it really helped me study & actually remember things. Without adderall I can’t do homework / study for shit. This video is exaggerated and I dealt with none of those negative effects.
Mysterious Caravan (1 month ago)
When you have genuine adhd and you take medication, it balances your neurotransmitters, it’s like for example when you have bad vision and you wear glasses
Psi Lo (1 month ago)
They did not have to add that audible water swallow, licentiously perverted white devils.
gabriela argueta (1 month ago)
I'm not glorifying the drug for recreational uses but this does not happen lol take your Adderall pass your test. be happy for a while, be focused, (make sure to eat) and move on. if you have addict tendencies then don't touch it.
Kendell Perry (1 month ago)
So why the fuck are you taking them?
G Montana (1 month ago)
This bitch took ah high dosage 😂
Amanda.R.Edwards (1 month ago)
I have all those things NOT taking Adderall
amy g (1 month ago)
REEL SIXX (1 month ago)
Adderal is magic with add or ADHD I feel like I've been given a new lease on life literally everyone can benefit from it's use there's a lot of bs attack ads on the drug give it a bad name. It's only when you take too much you become buggy but with the correct dose it makes you feel calm and collected and happy very little makes me angry anymore. It's not an aggressive hyper focus like a lot of people think it is that's what concerta does but adderal is like the feeling after a massage my mind just feels at ease and relaxed in a way that keeps me from distracting myself. When my mind isn't on it it's usually going a mile a minute very inefficiently. Adderal makes your brain feel like a well built tuned engine only using as much energy as it needs to. Other drugs like concerta make your brain feel like a broken engine that's been fed nitrous. It's far more capable and powerful but it runs rough.
KZ Russ (1 month ago)
Wait, what if I literally have all of these traits on a daily? Like legit (except the erophia and focus) . Does that mean it does nothing or gets worse?
Poindexter Queue (1 month ago)
Most of these effects are the case when using Adderall/Vyvanse even when you _do_ have ADHD.
Kevin Jaye (1 month ago)
Fk dat sht..... Who the hell would want to feel like that. I already feel like a bunch of those symptoms clean....
Cactus Anal (1 month ago)
is 100 mg bad just 1 time if i do it
Scott Little (1 month ago)
Ummm so meth... Lol adderral is just middle class meth if you do not need to take it...
NAMELESS (1 month ago)
I have adhd dyslexia clinically diagnosed and all the people saying this is fake she took to much how the fuck would you know how much to take and most of these happen to me minus the extreme hunger
Veronica Jane (1 month ago)
we need that NTZ 48
lol i eat 3 pizzas without aderall , i eat so much pizza guy gets mad because i make him work to much and i get to be a hobo because i spent all my tuition money on pizza and had to drop out lol
Phillip Jenkins (1 month ago)
This is all inaccurate and these symptoms are backwards You don’t have hunger at all you actually have a lack of appetite and you do not become antisocial you become more sociable making it easy to mingle and network and the only time you’re really tired is when the pill wares off and that is sometimes when you’ve taken it for days in a row without any break whoever made this is a complete dumbasss
Penn McCullough (1 month ago)
Reefer Madness for the Juul Generation. Rubbish.
speghettini _ (2 months ago)
Lol im like fucking twelve and i pop this shit. Looks like im an early bloomer.and whats this redshit coming out of my dick
Christopher David (2 months ago)
Videos like this stigmatize use of dextroamphetamine (making it sound like a terrible drug) but without adderall I honestly don’t think I would be alive today.
Joe Laforest (2 months ago)
Non of this is true I’ve snorted a shit ton and never had this happen
Maria Jones (2 months ago)
I ate one sandwich in 3 days after taking one vyvanse pill lol I get the other symptoms but not extreme hunger
Dylan (2 months ago)
Taking ADHD meds without ADHD gives you ADHD.
Caastles Beats (2 months ago)
Title correction: what it’s like to be a methhead
Kosmos King (2 months ago)
Heavily exaggerated.
Kosmos King (2 months ago)
Yeah, amphetamines, kids.
Jordan A (2 months ago)
You can’t really tell the pain your going through till you see another
Jordan A (2 months ago)
I’m an asshole for faking my faults from addiction when went back on it addiction vs love vs love pill mixed emotions but I’m starting to see better 5 or 6 months off it I’m still heavily depressed and look quack but to say 5 months ago I’d look 3 times less quacker but I still do now
Jordan A (2 months ago)
The person who said they got kidney stones from it said after 2 years I’m still dealing with addiction but you could see less now when you stop taking it after long period it’ll take 3 Months least in my belief
Jordan A (2 months ago)
Now I heard someone got kidney stones from this I think that was what it was and someone killed them self be careful and take care
Jordan A (2 months ago)
Now when your a straight up addict you don’t care till 3 or 5 years pass well for me
Jordan A (2 months ago)
If you have depression before you take this your a straight up addict
Matthew Ledbetter (2 months ago)
did she snort coke?
Jaysann22 (2 months ago)
This is SERIOUSLY ridiculous and juvenile. Actually, since you don't seem to know what you're talking about, pharmaceutical Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine cause an increase in metabolism BUT since it floods the brain with dopamine, it causes a LACK of appetite. NOT "extreme hunger."
Alex Hughes (2 months ago)
Extreme hunger? I think not! This video just feeds you bullshit. I’ve been prescribed Adderall for 3 years. And in this video it’s like she took to much.
No Info (2 months ago)
I don’t feel that way when I take 20 milligram but I actually have adhd and righting this comment is a side affect of not taking adderall because I’m not paying attention anymore ok I’m going to shut up now
randall senase (2 months ago)
this vid was made by someone on adderall or something it can go along with the theme there
Son Goku (2 months ago)
What a horrible example of a woman addicted to Crystal Meth.... Don't change the name... And call it something else. The reason this video is flawed, that did not specify how much MG she took. What brand (xr) or (IR)? As I understand it she took the entire bag.... Cause that's the only thing she showed. Ya, sorry folks, this is video is trolling
Arturo Lopez (2 months ago)
just like fasting
Nathan Taylor (2 months ago)
I dont take adderall and i cant tell this video is utter bullshit
Yamikaiba123 (2 months ago)
I only have irritability. But then again, I have ADHD ^o^ Supposed to be writing a lab report right now. It was due 2 weeks ago.
Daniel Hanson (2 months ago)
Are you guys in the comments trying to make everyone wanna take adderall, taking this stuff for along time will change you lol trust
Nifara822 (2 months ago)
I have the 30mg ones They are like orange colored.. Are they instant release or extended release? And do u recommend I eat half of one or the whole thing? I never took one before. Or can I sniff it (To go easier on my kidney /Liver?
Leopard 2A6 (2 months ago)
All these comment... talking about taking adderall without ADHD...
Leah vapes86 (2 months ago)
It's similar to speed so it should suppresse appetite not make you feel super hunger, I've not tried it but I have tried amphetamines and I couldn't eat at all untill it wore off
AONE (2 months ago)
This video is based on a MYTH. As someone who’s diagnosed with adhd at 14 there is no “high” difference wether you have difficulty focusing or not. If you take too much you will be high and have the same effects as shown in the video, euphoria, boosted confidence, etc. For example when I take a 20mg, I feel high out of my mind and can’t sit still, on a 10mg I’m quiet reserved and focused, the pill doing what it’s meant for. So don’t believe the hype anyone can get high off this stuff, it contains methamphetamine.. so yes if you get a drug test they might question if you’ve been using meth.
VoiceBootcamp Inc (2 months ago)
I have taken for a few months though I do not have ADHD. Dry mouth yes, don't feel hungry. I actually lost weight and did more exercise. I was focused. I usually took in early in the morning. I was so productive that I finished 20 chapter of slides while in one sitting. I took for 90 days without getting addictive or need for more for a while. I have not taken it for 6 months and no problem. Though I am not focus compare to when I take it. I never had any anti-social problem, never felt so obsessive nor I was panicking. I took 20mg I think.
Gameboy (2 months ago)
I was just thinking about taking some for this big test I have coming up
cross prentice (3 months ago)
It doesn’t make a lot of people hungry I can go a few days without eating
tom z (3 months ago)
Extremely Not hunger.
gdgrl711 (3 months ago)
Unfortunately i experience almost all of these side effects, especially the cold sweats and irritability. But ive had add since i was little, its such an odd drug. Some days my dose gives me nothing but side effects and some days nothing but the good parts. It seems to never act the same way in my body twice very unpredictable. But I also can say when I'm crashing I definitely get at least three of these side effects every time.
Zach Tinawi (3 months ago)
This is actually on point. Not exaggerated
Jacob Edward Lynch (3 months ago)
I have ADD and I have to take aderall. It sucks. I hate it. It REALLY fucks up your appetite.
Calvin K (3 months ago)
Seems like my body produces Adderall itself..
The Wedge (3 months ago)
I've never taken it... but how this video describes it, sounds like it's just like cocaine lol.. I've tried coke, is it similar? or is coke better?
Allyson Mack (2 months ago)
coke is shit compared to addy.
swolo (3 months ago)
Maybe I just have ADHD or sumn and I didn't know about it but I get none of the shit on here besides euphoria, sharp vision, and focus
JMR (3 months ago)
Ajkslakajajshdgfhfksja YOOO this is SO accurate
cam the cam man cam (3 months ago)
i have adhd and the same shit happens. girl is an easy 9/10 tho
a w (3 months ago)
LMFAOOO 10000000% not true. I know because I’m on addy and I don’t have adhd and yes it’s prescribed 😊. And the only thing I experience is it makes me not hungry at all and super laser focused. Thanks addy for my 3.8gpa ..also I don’t take it every single day and you have to know HOW to take it to avoid the crash shown in the video ! Have a good day!
Chad Sticks (3 months ago)
Sums me up perfectly except for the anti social part
Sophie Doosaah (3 months ago)
Why would u want to take this medicine if u didn't have adhd omgg I used to take this medicine for my adhd I hated it it gave me issues too
Andrew Smith (3 months ago)
they will all happen especially the teeth grinding and the spinning vision
Claude Mitchell (3 months ago)
this is fucking silly. ppl take adderall for reasons other than adhd 😑
WorldFactsCentral (3 months ago)
It has a lot of prosocial effects. It is the best drug ever.

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