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Buggy bike CVT Titan initial install

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This Titan kit mod is a bolt on. The 10 tooth sprocket that comes with the Titan kit is a bolt on. The CVT clutch housing and mounting bolts also a bolt on. Still need to flip the carrier so the CVT sprocket will line up to the Titan jack shaft sprocket. Then maybe I'll retain the 3 speed eh eh eh!!!!
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Ivan M (6 years ago)
Weld rust look get a clank that fits in on the hub of wheel pirate cycles$ 80
Ivan M (6 years ago)
Dude I have the same kit with chin drive tranny the 142f is it the same one pls?? If so I can get it on eBay and does it fit easy?
Kevin S. (8 years ago)
are you familiar with the grubee's g4 t belt tranny and the Q matic by ez? don't you feel that this cvt outshines them all?. i think i'd use a freewheel. check out this ebay listing for me please of a pocket bike cvt for only $68 !!! so yours bolted up with no fab? i'm wondering how the ebay one would fit. hten i want my honda 50 inside the frame. ok: well yt is not letting me post a link; just search ebay for "pocket bike cvt" please and thank you dude; you rock!
griftereck (9 years ago)
on motor bikes theres a cush drive in the hub. Its a few bits of rubber. They get compressed and perished over time. Maybe you could get new cush drive rubbers.

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