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Difference in driving assists Full Low None Manual or Auto Gas Brake Real Racing 3

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Text Comments (190)
70 Year-old toddler (13 days ago)
What does traction control do?
RR3 X Initial D (1 month ago)
Realracing guru do a scandinavian flick on mt.panorama
RR3 X Initial D (1 month ago)
I can do it only with the SRT Viper and Nissan GT-R
Mohamed Ali Dakkak (2 months ago)
I used to only use traction control when I first started playing the game them I found this achievement that says win 300 races without assists. I was a bit annoyed and I turned off traction control. Best decision in my life, I never turned it on again
Nicole Dirda (3 months ago)
having steering assist on is better, also brake assist on low can be very good, at times though, it limes to brake on straights.
FirePhoenix (3 months ago)
I have tilt a with traction control and steering assist off and braking assis on low
István Lőrinczi (4 months ago)
666 likes. You are satan himself
RealRacingGURU (4 months ago)
liked it myself to go past that lol
Wolff (5 months ago)
I only use Traction Control.
Corey Gunz (5 months ago)
Ive always wondered what assists can effect
Corey Gunz (5 months ago)
But now i think i will be turning traction control off and put my steering up from 5 to 8 probably
Corey Gunz (5 months ago)
All assists off sound way more authentic to real life too lol
Corey Gunz (5 months ago)
I keep them off but keep traction control on lol just in case i go offroad so it wont cost me my whole race
Squid Gaming (5 months ago)
Manual acceleration is better then auto acceleration
EliteSuprah X (5 months ago)
i use low assists
kavolicious YT (6 months ago)
Anyone know how which button is the gas button on a keyboard
Breno Teixeira (7 months ago)
top top top
Johnny4388 (8 months ago)
It's too easy to drive with the assists in racing simulators.
Norberto Chung (8 months ago)
can i hire drivers in real racing 3
Norberto Chung (8 months ago)
then we have to wait to see then
RealRacingGURU (8 months ago)
No idea even if the developers will introduce it to the game
Norberto Chung (8 months ago)
when then
RealRacingGURU (8 months ago)
no you cannot at this time
Deni (9 months ago)
i only use traction control, i hate when the car slides or drifts
Thuyensh Nguyen (10 months ago)
i turn off all assists but i use touch control!
Brianna Tremblay (10 months ago)
I have steering off brakes low and traction control on and I have been 100× better in races very rarely I have to do a race twice
RealRacingGURU (10 months ago)
you have found what works for you, congrats
Rangga Angga (10 months ago)
i like Zero Assist.. iam the driver..i dont want autopilot car lol
Pete Pana (10 months ago)
Thankyou I couldn’t beat a speed snap level and this has helped
RealRacingGURU (10 months ago)
good to hear
Cyanide Gaming (10 months ago)
Who else prefers this first track he is on the most
Bert (7 months ago)
Cyanide Gaming - If you name the track you’d likely get more replies.
Danijel Vilotijevic (11 months ago)
Assistants all off, its a driving game not nfs or asphalt... we need more options for gas and break. Only thing we can do is full gas and full break, somewhere I need like 1/2 of gas or 3/4 for good cornering... but...
Rarity Nguyen Belle (1 year ago)
No Assists Because I Wanna Win A Race
nuriez akma (1 year ago)
ALSO DONT use assist if you are a gamer and NOT a simulator I am a simulator and if you turn assist on you can't get your car at the full potential
Costumize (6 months ago)
nuriez akma lol a mobile user who calls himself a *GAMER* LMAO
nuriez akma (1 year ago)
I will think I am better with no assist
WarMarine (1 year ago)
No assists & Manual FTW!
ImAsian (1 year ago)
And my friends laughed at me for turning off all the assists when I found out that I was an option...
Brianna Tremblay (9 months ago)
ImAsian why laugh at you it just means you have skills alot of people can't drive without all of the assistant off (like me) I drive better with the brakes on low TC on and steering off
Speed Gamer (1 year ago)
How you not get drifted on corners I always get drifted on long corners
KinG` M (11 months ago)
nuriez akma Thanks you help me 😘
nuriez akma (1 year ago)
THE NINJA GAMER (1 year ago)
I prefer off brake assist and low steering assits and off traction control and tilt steering and manual brake and manual accelarate
Roberto Rocca (1 year ago)
assistance should not exist at all. The game name is Real Racing! not Assisted Racing
Lord Walter Bautista (4 months ago)
I think they should've only made assists possible for amateur, and then maybe limit it to low afterwards to ease the transition.
darkshadow 002 (5 months ago)
Rangga Angga: so what
Rangga Angga (10 months ago)
Roberto Rocca for helping new people playing
Ân Dương Hoài (1 year ago)
Play on tablet you can turn off auto assitsts. Not fair
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
Can on phones too
Mystery box (1 year ago)
can you make a video on how to drive with assist off like when to brake and all because i crash in every corner with assist off.
nuriez akma (1 year ago)
Mystery box when you are in a narrow turn use brake early, when you are in the hair pin brake in the corner and don't touch the gas if you over 70 kilometer
Daniel Phillips (1 year ago)
I'm not too good at racing games so I tend to use low assists because i'm terrible at spotting breaking zones and usually overshoot corners.
KeithIsKeith (1 year ago)
You handle that like a professional
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
Ive played a lot since it came out
Fabrizio Ferrannini (1 year ago)
And one more question: I did not unlock Lemans series yet. I'm stuck on Legends, trying to update the lower end Koeninsegg. Whats next to buy, Gold or R$ cars, don't matter. I have the first Porsche from the 1st series, the Zonda R, not the F, the CCXR and Ferrari 599GTO. Missed all the discounted Enzo and the rest of the bunch because the lack of funds. What is really worth it to buy these days? I know 2017 is a fucked up year for new RR3 players.
Fabrizio Ferrannini (1 year ago)
What about steering assist and TC?
Fabrizio Ferrannini (1 year ago)
Shit, I knew something was way off... Thanks for sharing!!
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
I always preferred off for 3 years but they altered how it behaves so now I use High most of time
Fabrizio Ferrannini (1 year ago)
Yeak, I know about TC slowing you down. But there is nothing out there explaining about steerings assist settings. And I don't feel much difference to be honest, just need to fiddle a bit with sensitivity. What do you think or know about SA? Low/High/Off? What's the real difference? Thanks in advance, mate! Cheers.
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
TC slows you down, steering assists is all ok whatever you prefer
GT R (1 year ago)
get everything manual except for the traction control
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
TC slows you down
The Vaggsy Hedo (1 year ago)
TOP 10 GAMER (1 year ago)
i use traction control brake low wheel high for fast cars , and low brake and wheel low with traction on with slow cars
Heath Zamier (1 year ago)
i prefer no assist for both steering n brake but traction control on
ThunderGaming (1 year ago)
Assists off lets you go faster because with assists on, the auto braking slows u down to an optimum speed for a turn where as u if u have manual braking u can brake at your own discretion to make a turn how fast u want to, of course if u go too fast then you'll skid and fail and if u brake too much then you'll just lose speed, up to preference really, if u have good knowledge of when to brake and the turn angle, speed and car capabilities
Brianna Tremblay (9 months ago)
I have my brakes on low and TC on and steering off and I do alot better than when I had the brakes on high it took a few days to get use to braking but I'm doing alot better than I did when I first started doing it
Zen-O Sama (1 year ago)
ThunderGaming I'm having a doubt about the assist steering...care to explain
Gab Reyes (1 year ago)
I hate this track.. imagine how can you overtake your opponent with this very short and thin track plus only 2laps...
Zen-O Sama (1 year ago)
Gab Reyes just hit and slow them off...and services needed
Thelegend 27 (1 year ago)
fuck this gay track
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
Annoying very often isnt it
KandaPanda (1 year ago)
clear and concise! well done! you earned my sub.
Speed Gamer (1 year ago)
im a noob i used assist break (high) without that i always govoff the track anyone i need tips
i have 0000.0 points (1 year ago)
Syuk Hasni or look at the AI cars taillight
Syuk Hasni (1 year ago)
use high assists first,then once you get used to the braking zone of each circuit,you can turn it off or set to low and also,you have to look for signs that indicate the braking zone for every circuit like signboards,curbs or anything that is convenient to you or brake early for a new circuit that you race,that way you will know when to break everytime you race on that circuit that's how i play this game
Speed Gamer (1 year ago)
that's the problem if I turn I off I always go off the track because I don't know how to timing the break specially in curves and turns
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
turn off brake assists, slowest set up possible
EpiCrimson (1 year ago)
Levi Akerman (5 months ago)
Huy Nguyen Quang vãi. Vn à
CompackedCarrot15 (9 months ago)
EpiCrimson u prob us it urself
Huy Nguyen Quang (11 months ago)
toi thich luon hay day
Bhanu Pratap (1 year ago)
whenever I turnoff the steering assistant why my car not turn properly on corner by what amount I want even I have done sensitivity to 10 plz tell me
K Masato (1 year ago)
where are you from in UK? your accent is sometimes very strong
Sangwoon Lee (1 year ago)
Following correct line while driving without assist and following wrong line and keep slipping while with assist? NONSENSE Skidding with TCS on makes car a lot slower I know the fact that turning off assists makes laptime better, and I like the other explanation…but comparison vid is nonsense anyway
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
no worries mate
Sangwoon Lee (1 year ago)
REAL RACING GURU REAL RACING GURU No it isn't offending. I should've use "weird". I'm poor at English so didn't remember the word, and I thought it was same word. If you felt my comment is aggressive, really sorry 'bout that
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
sorry it offended you in some way
Oskar Google (1 year ago)
I've stopped using assist, they reallyslow me down
nuriez akma (1 year ago)
S&M Teen Racing Team (1 year ago)
Well although I dont use traction control and no brake assist I still use low steering assist I dont know why tho... do you think I should practise without steering assist?
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
Many use steering assists
Solfir (1 year ago)
I kinda like traction control because it takes the corners smoother
RR3 X Initial D (1 month ago)
perfection (5 months ago)
I don’t like using TC. I use Senna’s throttle technique when cornering. Also, with TC I can’t take some corners flat out.
amithabhbachan (6 months ago)
Ricky Roger When you drift your just slowing down and wasting time
Random Mongolian (7 months ago)
I dont like traction control because i cant really push the car at max bcs itll stall your pace if the system knows youll understeer or oversteer
I love My name (1 year ago)
GD solfir remove traction if u like drifting in the corners, ive done every corner perfect with every car i have
Vietējais (1 year ago)
hey does manual gas is beter than auto gas im prety new player to RR3 so advice would be aprciated . Im not using any assisst tho
Vietējais (1 year ago)
REAL RACING GURU Thanks! Did not expect to get answer on 2015 video so fast 👊👍
RealRacingGURU (1 year ago)
I choose manual everything with o assists as I like to have more of a challenge, its quickest of all with 1 assist and Tilt A IMO
The Narrator (1 year ago)
Really hate Melbourne Cups. It's a pain in the arse to overtake 21 freaking cars in 2 laps.
Jackson (1 month ago)
Melbourne is just my drifting track now
Mohammad Hussain (4 months ago)
The Narrator same pain in the asshole
Brianna Tremblay (7 months ago)
When I first started playing this game i hated Melbourne but now i came to really like the track once you memorize the track and get your braking points right it gets easier to win on that track
Ahmet Çalışkan (10 months ago)
play dirty
Did u play nascar cups it's fuckin 44 cars 😵☠
YT EXPERT (1 year ago)
when you play without assists correctly your time trials are also improve
Every car is so good without the assists, when I stopped using them I could never go back.
IndoHecksGT (1 year ago)
i use all off but steering low,idk if i use steering off the car is hard to control on turns.steering is useful for me
Cyanide Gaming (10 months ago)
I use almost no assists but I have low assist on the brakes because it hard for me to control the brake timing
Deemz (1 year ago)
IndoHecksGT You Should Do 10 Sensitivity And 0 Steeting Assist.
ToastyMemes (1 year ago)
Mr Peter cause you go to fast and tilt the wheel to much. I had the problem to but practiced now its all good
Khải Phạm (1 year ago)
I like off all. This is real racing. And i race carefull. When i steering low i usually go out because i brake too slow.
Mr Peter (1 year ago)
Yeah same here, I always crash to the walls when I turned off the traction :/
Recker 114 (2 years ago)
Can you free frace/ride in this game. I have it but I cant find any way to drive my new M3 GTS free on a track. I would have to get 10 more trophys or fully upgrade it to use it.
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
no there is not
Thacher Delrious (2 years ago)
do you run traction control on or off ? when you race normaly?
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
always off
ian manuel (2 years ago)
Do you use controllers?
ian manuel (2 years ago)
+REAL RACING GURU can U teach me how play using manual gas and brake because i always make the car spin off the track
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
just the phone or tablet
Muhammad Irwansyah (2 years ago)
For daytona road/motorcycle course, low assists + traction off is more than enough to make you on the top of time trial leaderboard
Didier Eliatha (2 years ago)
Hi I'm new to game but I can't handle any cars without assists. I tried using brake assist low and everything else on but i still go offtrack and I want to improve with Brake assist low but I still can't even handle any cars. Do u have any tips on how/where I'm supposed to Brake? Pls reply 😢
Jayz_-31 (1 year ago)
what I did was high brake low steering.
The Narrator (1 year ago)
Brake I mean
The Narrator (1 year ago)
Advanced Racing School helps a lot though, for a guy who really doesn't know when to break.
Seth100// Gaming (2 years ago)
Didier Eliatha Or Brake when you are near to the turn
Pwn Shop (2 years ago)
Yep, try to level the car as you steer out the corners
Baliwz GT (2 years ago)
Assists all OFF Manual Gas/Bra
Baliwz GT (2 years ago)
Brake Tilt B
Huuko Lakkarainen (2 years ago)
Very good video xD just as good as Randy Pobst in the head to heads xD
Màlek Azzouz (2 years ago)
i use all assists low
Aashish Jayant (2 years ago)
with traction control OFF it is like driving on a wet surface. Is it required to OFF all assists to lead in time trial leaderboard
Bert (7 months ago)
Aashish Jayant - What car? I can do Le Mans in 2:48:xx
Aashish Jayant (2 years ago)
One Hundred % agree. my best is 3:42:200 at Le Mans and I am satisfy with my result
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
They spend serious hours over and over each tiny section of the track before it knits together as 1 lap with a fully upgraded car.Both are required. Unless you can do the same you wont compete, be happy getting within a few seconds of their lap times
Aashish Jayant (2 years ago)
Thank you for your reply. Yes I asked for global leaderboard. I remember Koenigsegg Regera TT Leaderboard #1 was 2:28:xxx before it was reset by RR3. They drive like they are flying on the Track
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
Depends how fast your friends are. In world yes
Antonio Muniz (2 years ago)
why do i always drift when turning on a corner even when driving slow?
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
You only skid if you are taking the corner too sharply, accelerate through it too quickly or take it too fast
Meiu (2 years ago)
A is kinda hard.. but seems to be good
Tristanto Pambudi (2 years ago)
Have you got a day job hey guru?
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
yeah I have
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
What sensitivity do you prefer for driving?
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
I use 10
silvia boi (2 years ago)
I go with off ;)
Dynamically (2 years ago)
i have both gas/brake and steering on OFF, and traction control on ON. if i set traction control to OFF i seem to have 0 control over my car in any corners, maybe because i was driving the BMW M3 GTS that has 0 grip but hey! XD
Dylan (2 years ago)
I drive with steering and brake assist off and traction control on. I use the Tilt A setup (auto gas, manual brake, tilt steering).
RealRacingGURU (2 years ago)
+TURMOIL I cant steer with Traction control on
Noctowl (3 years ago)
B is best IF you not hold on the gas the car slow down slow and IF you brake same time is been double brake :)
xtreamer100 (3 years ago)
ok I see an advantage for manual settings, at some turns you just release the throttle and keep the momentum of the car through all the corner.. Good one! but sadly this thing do not avoid be defeated by the cheaters at the time laps events..
BoomSwish (3 years ago)
Helpful. Thnks
Vfor Vendetta (3 years ago)
do you know that there is a difference between low brakes on cups, speed snaps, autocross, eliminations, and endurance events and head to head, hunter, and time trials events
The Magic Man (3 years ago)
I uhh don't know how to do Facebook. So is YouTube comments good enough
RealRacingGURU (3 years ago)
+Archer Archi no mate, send me a message through google plus instead?
The Magic Man (3 years ago)
May I join your race team? If so, what's your gamecenter name
RealRacingGURU (3 years ago)
+Archer Archi I only use facebook and g+, both links are on my home page on the main picture
Marquez23 (3 years ago)
Why did you use tilt A throughout video if you like tilt b
Andi Levicky (3 years ago)
Good research, +REAL RACING GURU ! Thanks!!
Marquez23 (3 years ago)
Wait I'm confused. So do you like Tilt A or Tilt B Because last time you said tilt A but there you say tilt B
Spellz-etilenTM (3 years ago)
i want play you car the online multiplayer
RealRacingGURU (3 years ago)
Manual gas and brake is best
Frowny13 (3 years ago)
what was the error from the first one?
RealRacingGURU (3 years ago)
+Frowny13 showed the wrong device set up pic not to use at 5:40 ish
Siang H (3 years ago)
Thanks Guru, I've been training with no assist for a few days now. I used to race with brake and traction off but steering on. When I turn steering off, I felt it unresponsive. My steering sensivity is set at %, I will change that and see if it gets better. I've one question in mind, what do you think about the difference in manual acceleration/brakes as compare to auto acceleration/manual brakes.
Andi Levicky (3 years ago)
+Siang H Good timing what with the current "Brands Hatch No Assists Challenge"! Happy pedalling!

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