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This is the simple process of how to diagnose Rod Knock noise. Stay SOLID AND ANCHORED IN JESUS CHRIST.
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behzadutube (16 days ago)
Man that was really cool and old school indeed! really enjoyed your diagnosis method!
Esai Sarsfield (23 days ago)
you are spreading your good works brother. Thank you. I hope you are doing well.
Jonathan Benson (26 days ago)
I have a 2010 Chevy impala w/ 157,000. Bought recently and the oil has NOT been changed regularly. Good bit of sludge build up in it. It has a slight knock at 2-3k RPM. I have stopped driving it and won’t until I drop Pan and see what’s going on. You have taught me so much about cars and showed me how I can apply it to my spiritual life too!!! Thanks & keep it up!!!
mr. fix it (1 month ago)
u know wats funny the pipe almost hit the pole lol
manish murkar (1 month ago)
You Are just Excellent . Thank You So Much!!!
Casman (2 months ago)
Why don't you make a seperate channel for religion and lectures. There are many different religions in the world (and lack thereof) and they came here to learn about cars, not your religious views.
oldskool funk (2 months ago)
Casman because I can. If you don't like it then move on
Andrew MSheppard (2 months ago)
You don't care but made a video bout It? Let it go brudda, don't get mad cups you act funny when inebriated and can't take care of your issues on your own.
Eli Westphal (3 months ago)
you just spammed like a motherfucker. the first 5 minutes was a fucking psychotic rant about jesus and drugs.
Eli Westphal (3 months ago)
I thought white people are to blame for your problems? now you are blaming a plant??
Eli Westphal (3 months ago)
lazy people are lazy before they start smoking weed, stop looking for an easy scapegoat and try taking some responsibility like a grown ass man.
Danford Mwaba (3 months ago)
A true evangelist. You challenged me-spreading the gospel to the world,right in your office
MAJESTIC1 (3 months ago)
damn right 100% POSION. mind body and soul, Not to mention the chances of developing lung problems insanity depression ect esp if it has mold or pesicides.it can and does happen I know people. The stuff of today is highly dangerous way to strong and now there starting to mess with the DNA of the plants including our food aint nothing safe..
Bored00m (3 months ago)
whatever happened to that pitbull, brother? was a beautiful dog
Crysis (3 months ago)
Underworld Raps (4 months ago)
You did your drugs had your fun and now you talk down
oldskool funk (4 months ago)
Underworld Raps not talking down, bringing the truth about drugs and the effects on how millions are in bondage and headed for HELL. Snap out of the lie your in and wake up. WEED IS POISON FOR YOUR SOUL. Jesus Christ is the way and truth.
Andrew cole (4 months ago)
hey oldskool check this out keep up the great job in doing what your doing.....dont watch the haters for a number of reason.....they cant do what you can do plus they dont know what you have been through to get where you at......blessing sir
The Loose Moose (4 months ago)
I don't smoke weed but it's only bad if it's abused.. God put marijuana on earth for man to use.. its much better for joints and discomfort than these synthetic pills being pushed that turn people to heroin addicts... I've seen weed truly help cancer patients... just because young kids abuse it doesn't make it bad, it makes them bad.. every man is responsible for their own actions...
Rizal Galiza (4 months ago)
He lowkey getting tough over here... 🙄🤗
Eliceo Velazquez (4 months ago)
Great video man it helped a lot
John Shmith (4 months ago)
I just wanted to know what was wrong with my car
smallclone (4 months ago)
This is a straight shooter right here. No bullshit with this youtuber
Matt Friduss (4 months ago)
He littered that pipe though
CHICANO FOREVER (4 months ago)
it's all about my lord and savior Jesus Christ !!!! Thanks for the video bro!!!
Buck Lee (4 months ago)
You jus gained another subscriber 🙏🏽
XORBob (4 months ago)
Thanks Brother! You're 100% correct. Alcohol and drugs destroy lives -- no matter how hard they are marketed as good for us.
Space Suitor (4 months ago)
666 comments on this video before mine. OldSkool, I admire your passion and the lessons you share. Keep preaching it--Even if we don't believe!
Samson Bekele (5 months ago)
God bless you OG...keep it one hundred.
shonenlad one (5 months ago)
I don't agree with you brother, but I still watch your videos, because you're a person trying to do right. If weed (a plant placed here by the creator) is evil, then coffee is evil, alcohol is evil pharmaceutical drugs to cure illness is evil. Where does it end? No, marijuana is not to blame, man is. Moderation is the key. If you abuse coffee, you suffer. If you abuse alcohol, you suffer. If you abuse over the counter cold medicine, or cough syrup, you suffer. It's a plant put here for a reason, just lie all the other fruits and plants that give us coffee, wine, alcohol, active ingredients in many pharmaceuticals. Again, moderation is the key. You don't have to use it (i'll never advocate that) but if you do, don't abuse it.
Stevie D (5 months ago)
anyone care to take a look at my video please? Mechanic told me to come back if it get's worse, he couldn't put a finger on it. No change with spark plug removal. I've been driving it for over 1500 miles and it won't get any worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKz35Vo-xwY
GLEVUM REX (5 months ago)
Masons wrote bible, Jesus was another dude? prove me wrong please
Kevin Alt (5 months ago)
Lol, that’s so strange I was sitting here thinking earlier how far I strayed away from god compared to how close I used to be,, an this evening I thought I heard a nock in my engine an wanted to do a little research an here I find you an ur wisdom,, thank you brother
ForeverMods (5 months ago)
Wow... Was searching how to diagnose rod knock and came across your video. Bro I've got much more than I bargained for !!!! Seems that the Lord also sets up lures to make us see the true light :) Thanks bro funk
Palm Tree (5 months ago)
Big homie
Paul Gallegos (5 months ago)
Weed is medication . and the oils from it even help kids that have siezures . thats up to you what you think . you acting like people that use it for medicine cant have god in there life . the info on checking rod knock was pretty good . but all the preaching needs to be another video
oldskool funk (5 months ago)
Paul Gallegos Truth hurts huh.
Pro John Allen (5 months ago)
Don't stop .. for ever & always keep him in all that you do...
Bart Nuyts (5 months ago)
man you lost me when you got Jezus involved,now how does a normal man go from weed to Jezus in less then 1 min...
oldskool funk (5 months ago)
You actually got yourself lost you just don't know it. Pride comes before the fall.
Michael Mckinney (5 months ago)
I like this guy I was a former mechanic but if you have a rod knocking then replacing just the bearing who am I fix it the crank and the connecting rod will you be egg-shaped instead of round and the bearing Will fail soon after replacement
FunWithRy (6 months ago)
Thanks old school!
Southern Texan (6 months ago)
You remind me of dub c
noel mendoza (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video that you have shared. I was able to diagnose the issue with my 2001 Dodge Durango 4.7L, the culprit was the #5 connecting rod, Thanks again and God Bless You for sharing your knowledge.
twix (6 months ago)
weed is tight.. weed is tight. my 350 is knocking.
Stevie D (6 months ago)
Di Paolo (6 months ago)
Keep up the message brother! (And the videos!)
DavidBruce Allen (6 months ago)
Thank you again Oldskool! Stay STRONG!
Woollybugger86 (7 months ago)
Great video very helpful. Hats off to you for preaching the truth of Christ even in an auto repair video. Keep on preaching brother.
kawazaki16 (7 months ago)
Old-school funk keep spreading the The truth that's your job The most high chose you as one of his chosen children's blacks Hispanics Native Americans we are the real Hebrews and that's why were here on earth to spread the truth of the most high to help our lost brothers and sisters find their way back to him , ending times are coming and people don't see it but all we're trying to do is follow are 10 Commandments and spread the word so they make it to the borders of the most high!! And you my brother you're from the tribe of Judah your Israelite , reason why you will never stop spreading the truth because it's in your blood , not because of religion , religion is fake it doesn't mean anything remember that we need to reunite Brothers and sisters and get right !!! Shalam to all that seek the truth Ahayah Ashar ahayah , yashaya. The most high true name in Hebrew as religion call him Jesus Christ God in today's times but that's not what we should be calling him cause We must understand that Satan is very clever, he knew one day the children of Israel would wake-up and know who they were, but inject a name that we would think is the Most High, but its not. When you say Yahweh, YHWH, Yah and ect your calling on Satan, he is very tricky and clever. Shalam once agin take care and cleanse your soul with prayer .
tisoy909 (7 months ago)
Hey man, I was just browsing around about checking rod bearings. this is the first video of yours that I just came across, but you are straight up on the right man! I don't even know what your videos are about yet but I'm subscribing! God Bless!
Rothchild Relly (7 months ago)
I found your page because my Nissan Maxima 08 started knocking bad!!! At first I thought it was a blown head gasket then I found this video. I think it was meant for me to find your video .... Not only did you diagnose my issue and had the solution ( DIY ) . But you also solved my other life issue as well. Not Having a Solid Foundation .... IN Christ !!!!!!! Man I don’t know but I wish I did. I wish I knew you my brother. If I could I would build with you every week. Keep doing what your doing. The Devil is a Liar and A Thief . God Bless You!!!
James B (7 months ago)
Hard to take advice from a mechanic who tells you to change your oil, and fails to do so on his own vehicle. Just saying.
xxxg0temxxx stream (7 months ago)
cigarettes, alcohol, coke/meth is bad weed is good! it's way more benefitical than any pills a doctor gives you. if you was lazy on it that's you. and if your preaching? well god also don't like ugly. god doesn't like judgement either! if your that into jesus you need to change your foundation atleast weed is grown natural! your either going to wrong church or you have a screwed up beliefs god bless and help you! amen
Alpha1 Z (7 months ago)
Will this give me a check engine light?
Mateus Bald (7 months ago)
Man, amazing!
Esoterick Soul (7 months ago)
I came here for a rod knock diagnosis lmao got like a 10 minute sermon, some people use CLICK BAIT. No hate to what you saying but Jesus Christ man dial it back a bit we are all already gonna die and everything is already predetermined (if you believe in the Christian Bible) so just lighten up and enjoy life try and be a decent person to your fellow humans. That's my only hope for humanity
Esoterick Soul (7 months ago)
oldskool funk actually humanism has the potential to work out if we emulated Jesus, instead of being so busy worshipping him. Yashua Ben Yosuf did his actual title btw
oldskool funk (7 months ago)
Esoterick Soul Humanism= Pride. Pride comes before the fall. There is no salvation in it. Remember this as you keep on searching for the true meaning of life. Acts 4:12  King James Version (KJV) Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. His name is JESUS CHRIST, Don't get it twisted.
Steve Vachaviolos (7 months ago)
Amen brother
SRT8/power 6,4 (7 months ago)
WordUP bruh tell it just like it izzz facts
william duignan (7 months ago)
Me too bro....
robotmad (7 months ago)
Did you make a follow up video of this ?
gary gorman (8 months ago)
I was with you until the weed part
gary gorman (8 months ago)
Just wondering what your opinion is on ibuprofen Tylenol cough medicines
gary gorman (8 months ago)
oldskool funk not offended... Just not with you on the weed part bruh
oldskool funk (8 months ago)
gary gorman I'm not out for the praises of men, I'm here to preach the word of Jesus Christ and if it offends You, that means your outside of God's will and it's supposed to offend and convict your heart. If it doesn't then you are consumed by the lust of your FLESH .
Jerome White (8 months ago)
you are the man love your msg with i lived near you would love to hang out
SuperBooper4evez (8 months ago)
hi. find your videos very positive and informative. My car has knock on acceleration when in gear and nothing when its in neutral. I was told its the thrust bearings on the crankshaft. Is there any way to address that without taking the engine out and tearing it down ? Thanks for your help
Enrique Fernandez (8 months ago)
Amen.... God Bless
Arsenthall E. (8 months ago)
I love the old school stuffs because they´re simple, and functional. Thanks a lot for the information.
120lightsaber (8 months ago)
That is a qr25de. I had a 03 nissan sentra SER specV and within 6 months of owning the car it started smoking and the SES light was flashing. I couldnt get an accurate diagnosis with a code reader so i looked online and found out that the Sentra had a foot petal trick to get the SES light to blink and read out a code. Only one code flashed and it said CATALYST SYSTEM DEFICIENCY BELOW THRESHOLD BANK1. I did some research on this and found out in 2004 Nissan did a recall on the 2002 and 2003 modals with the qr25des. Aparently the car ran rich from the factory to get more horsepower and it did not include an EGR valve to recirculate the unburned fuel. Since they basically welded the catalytic converter to the manifold, the dumped gas ignites and breaks the catalyst into pieces and the backpressure cause particles to get sucked back into the Cylinder and it scratchs the bore causing a complete breakdown of the engine. All you have to do is Delete Stock header with precat and replace it with a set of headers. Nissan didnt do that because of Emissions. They eventually Hid the Recall as if it never existed because this problem exists in all qr25de models including the altima which is their main selling vehicle.
Gary Langley (8 months ago)
It is so uplifting to hear someone who feels the same way I do. Consider yourself hugged!! All that worldly bull on the street is of satan. I don't care if alcohol and marijuana are legal, that still doesn't make it right. It makes people lazy and stupid. We are here to learn and improve, so that we can return to God. By the way, I like your way of finding the play in the rod bearings. Old School works! I've shown my son some of these tricks. You can get it done without $100,000 worth of tools and equipment. It is more difficult than with my first cars from the '60's, but old school can still get a lot of jobs done. Bless you my friend.
Jocelyne Vienneau (8 months ago)
hello from terry from canada you inspire me god loves you brother you are a good man thank you i learned alot thankyou from you .
anthony carnevale (8 months ago)
Your video was incredible for me no words could describe the way you preach the word of God. I have a rod knock on my 98 s10 pickup and have been struggling to get the pan off however 10 hours later I got the pan unsealed but not off so I decided that I was going to take it to the shop, after seeing your video I was redeemed to now fix it myself. Most importantly you rebuilt my faith in God, I struggle with everything you spoke about with my flesh the devil is evil and he try's to run my life and a lot of the time he does but now after your single video I am going to fight until I get my anchor for my foundation. I am 48 years old with a family and married 18 years and have never thought about starting with a anchore but instead I have been baptized 9 years ago and thought I was serving the Lord but I wasn't I have been fooling myself. I can go forever what I would like to tell you is thank you, your a blessing in my life so keep doing what your doing because it works. God Bless you.  Anthony
Steve Livingston (8 months ago)
You're a blessing in more ways than one.  Great video dude.
Dave Boothney (8 months ago)
I used to be addicted to drugs, had two near fatal overdoses, one on methamphetamines, the other on methadone. Pot was my gateway drug, anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. It puts you in that drug world. It connects you with drug sellers of every kind. I've watched recreational marijuana use destroy some of my friends. These people are stuck in a dead end life and cannot escape. I used to think Marijuana was one of the worst drugs out there cos nobody took it seriously. Until I found out how many people died from prescription painkillers- people who weren't even necessarily abusing them, tens of thousands of people every year. It kills your will to live. I am talking about vicodin, oxycontin, those types of drugs. TO me, those drugs are the real killers... TO me, if someone has cancer and is in pain, let them spark up a joint, It is a natural pain killer and increases appetite. I believe Marijuana is heaven sent for that purpose. HOWEVER if someone is smoking it to get high, to have fun, if they are NOT IN PAIN, then that is wrong and will WRECK your life. I haven't smoked pot in close to 17 years and have no desire to. But if I am ever in severe pain I'd rather smoke pot than take these killer prescription drugs that kill tens of thousands of people yearly in the USA. At least the weed won't kill me.
oldskool funk (8 months ago)
Dave Boothney Stay tuned for my video on the spiritual deception of weed, mind altering psycho active lies. I am going to break it down through the eyes of God almighty. Not the way man views it.
Ali Aljumaily (8 months ago)
Hi how daignos the piston wrist pin knock
Muhammed Darwish (8 months ago)
Lol i like the way you preach with good intentions i think its funny, in a very good way dont care about the negative attention
Sr LiLLo (9 months ago)
And lets say your doin head gaskets. How much play cause you wiggle the piston in the cylinder or it doesn't suppose to have any play
Sr LiLLo (9 months ago)
What are the chances of the crankshaft being rounded out. Does that depend on how long the vehicle was driven after the knock
Tomas Martinez (9 months ago)
Amen Brother Funk . God Bless You and keep up the hard work .
Crypt Tonio (9 months ago)
my grandpa had two master degrees, a phd, and he smoked weed everyday. Just sayin
Adam Honda98 (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for teaching me old school mech work man thats incredible
Adam Honda98 (9 months ago)
100% no drugs i will never do any of that
Julio Ortega (9 months ago)
oldskool funk you are an angel man! . thank you for sharing us you're knowledge of God and mechanic s . you are an angel God bless you!
chris shook (9 months ago)
I know firsthand drugs are bad
chris shook (9 months ago)
People need to know the truth about drugs
chris shook (9 months ago)
I am with you 100 percent on drugs drugs are bad it’s a way for the Devil to get into your soul and destroy your life
Eric Abraham (9 months ago)
ambition just leads to dissapointment. Some people just get greedy ans take too much Sounds like you did
Mark Hinkle (9 months ago)
GOD bless you man, thanks brother. I don't know if I can fix my landrover but thanks brother for the good WORD of Jesus Christ the Son of GOD.
Mark Hinkle (9 months ago)
I praise the Name of Jesus Christ, that looking for info on my truck you start off with our Lord and Savior thanks. I smoke weed but hate it
PG M (9 months ago)
brother u rock, love from India
Russell Russell (9 months ago)
I respect that wa u say about the weed
nate Lossi (9 months ago)
I had so many question but you showed me the answer that no other mechanic could ever tell me now I know exactly how to find it
StaticGarage 7 (9 months ago)
good tips but that cranks fucked
Howard Mora (10 months ago)
Nice job ...but did ya have to do that on the freeway?
shaker 888 (10 months ago)
Shut up
EL Troquero (10 months ago)
listen up my brother....I enjoy very much your videos...they are very helpful & understanding cars....We have a lot in common being brought up old school of hardtimes ....when men were men ...no beating around the bush...say what's got to be said...keep up the good work...enjoy the scriptures. Remember your not alone ,there's a lot of us out here listening to you...Live long my Brother
R Doc (10 months ago)
So true what you say about dope. almost killed me.
Cliff Negron (10 months ago)
Want to know what is your name would like to have you on my friends list on Facebook if you have a Facebook
Me Me (10 months ago)
Hey bro I'm getting ready to buy a vehicle, one I'm interested in claims motor and tranny is rebuilt other then checking fluids or obvious new parts is there any other way to know for sure? Thanks for the preaching you remind me of how I used to be but I've been back sliding for a minute now. I got to get back to the Lord before it's too late. God bless ya!
Me Me (10 months ago)
Hung Pham (10 months ago)
Thank you bro for the video n god bless you always....
Vasant Makwana (10 months ago)
I wish i could Help you Help others less unfortunate than ourselves and that Israël from thé bottom of my heart.
Taylor Daniel Sciff (10 months ago)
And the ⛵ analyst is Soo true. I was lost and on my comment on the last video, I said I no longer feel astray. What are the chances of that. Gave me chills. That's good right there. And I finally see what Faith and foundation. My footing. I've never heard some share my exact pain. And situations in childhood like me. I'm so blessed to have stumbled upon your VIDEO'S. Thank you God. Thank you bro. AMEN
Taylor Daniel Sciff (10 months ago)
I finally understand that it is posing to my soul. I finally don't defend it. I finally understand. And I back it up 100 percent. It have medical properties but. Yah it's best to be sober minded.
nick levis (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video... I have cancer issues (genetic predisposition) so I use cannabis to prevent as well as eating lots of fiber, fruits, and veggies -- so I def. don't agree weed is the apple in the Garden of Eden. However, I could really appreciate the perspective in the video and I feel like Jesus was speaking through you. Weed is not bad per se, but when you are young and dumb, it will get you in trouble -- was an issue for me. When you get older, you must have pure respect for your medicinal use, but if you think it's hurting your relationship with Jesus Christ, stop. GREAT VIDEO GOD BLESS You can't be anchored if you are on drugs or drunk. You can't be anchored if you only believe in money or yourself. You can't be anchored if you judge or deceive others. The best anchor for me is humility and Christ. Thanks for the inspiration. This will change my outlook this week. Plus, I think my lifters are ticking loudly because of a bad bearing, but not positive.....

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