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Prius HID Headlight Replacement in less than 3 minutes - Luscious Garage

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Response to miljeff420's 3 part series pulling the front bumper. Absolutely unnecessary. Luscious Garage charges $30 for the replacement. Supply your own bulb or buy one of ours, Philips D4R OE bulb, for $94 plus tax. For more information: http://lusciousgarage.com/blog/prius_hid_d4r_headlights/ PS I didn't mean to call a $70 dealer price "highway robbery". I imagine that is a half hour's time, which is what most shops are likely to charge for the talent of getting your hand in there, regardless of how long it really takes. The labor to pull the front bumper (which is normally quoted at $250) is what I meant by "highway robbery".
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A R k (24 days ago)
She do not show any thing
alex tworkowski (1 month ago)
The Toyota manual says to pull the bumper to change the headlamps. That must mean the whole unit with the housing and reflectors and 3 bulbs. I've even seen that done without pulling the bumper, but the bumper comes off easily. To change a bulb, well Carolyn just showed you. Bear in mind that she knows exactly what to expect and where things are. I did not find this job very easy.
Satheesh Donthy (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBsHTgw5ogo With detailed instructions and close-up video.
Joe Smith (3 months ago)
Didn't show shit great
Michael Henchman (6 months ago)
@Luscious Garage - Would you kindly explain how you pulled the rubber gasket? One cannot put a screwdriver on one of the dome tabs to rotate it without damaging the gasket. In spite of how it looked in your video, the bulb cannot simply be pulled through the gasket hole, at least not on a 2004 Prius.
scrub adubdub (7 months ago)
Fucking wasted my time watching this... she didn't show how to replace anything
Dennis Bishop (8 months ago)
I haven't read through all the comments but the video *IS* super helpful if you read along with LG's how-to web page: https://lusciousgarage.com/blog/bulbs If this is already mentioned in one of the 170+ comments below, my apologies. And a BIG THANKS to Luscious Garage for posting this!!!
norman leford (8 months ago)
camera so far
Daniel King (8 months ago)
Sometimes small hands are what you need.
lewis cheng (8 months ago)
i only saw how she put her hand inside for those 3 minutes
Philippine Life Adventure (10 months ago)
It is awful they charge to work on a Prius, I have a 2012, and I replaced my light myself also.
Herculy2007 (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video and the service. Do you recommend converting the light to LED? I was searching Amazon for the HID bulbs for my 2007 Prius, and I got so many LED conversion kits. My wife wants to have the brightest light possible. Also, is this something that LG does? Thanks
Andrey Borisov (10 months ago)
Wow. I take bumper and headlight off.
Bill Sterling (11 months ago)
Too much complaining here. The lesson given is brevity, simplicity, and the tool count.
Pariah Felix (11 months ago)
I could give a fuck how fast you change a bulb. Fucking dumb bitch.
Is there somewhere I can find out how many things I have to remove from my 2007 Prius in order to properly replace my PAsseNGER side HEADLIGHT bulb? Also, do I actually need headlight grease for the prongs? Or is that just an extra luxury for conductivity?
I've been told by other people that some models require you to remove way more parts. Others hardly any at all. One video, the dude said you had to take off the left wheel first LOL (for the passenger side headlight). He claimed to going off some manual's specific instructions. Not all Prius's would probably require that.
overtoke (11 months ago)
this video is fucking stupid.
alex tworkowski (1 year ago)
I can't even get the fuse box cover off. Is there a trick? Brought it to Toyota and they said you couldn't get the fuse cover off w/o taking the bumper off. I asked him if I needed to change a fuse do I need to take the front bumper off? He said yes. Holy Shit. Liars.
pirouzi (1 year ago)
What is the point of this video? It is completely and utterly useless. I mean, come on, how in the world is this helpful to anyone? What a complete waste of time!
Tantric Massage (1 year ago)
Thank you for showing me that it could be done! I also liked the comment that said online the bulbs are $38 a pair. I watch part on of a three part video on changing the bulbs after I realized the parts house sold me the wrong kind of bulb as what I looked at when I went to change the bulb was not what was in the video for the 9000 series bulb. I will carry that bulb till I get the replacement one so that if I get stopped maybe a nice policeman will give me some slack. My Prius has 300,000 miles. I bought it on Ebay and I am afraid it will not pass California Smog when I get it home. I welcome suggestions. It has used 1.5 quarts of oil in 1200 miles and I think the Catalytic converter is clogged. I already changed the spark plugs and mileage went from 35.9 to 36.2 in the last 100 miles. I had hopes of 50 and being able to camp out of the little car. If the car gets me from here in Florida to California it will be $1225 well spent. I am loving the tired little baby.
Robert Stepp (1 year ago)
Useless video, so she can do it, but she doesn't show how it's done or what she is literally doing...
James Leander (1 year ago)
Love the hate comments. Make your own videos then! I personally love watching this gal own the task at hand! Wish I lived near this garage!!
blowsomejoe (1 year ago)
Love the comments from losers complaining she does not show exactly what she is doing. Especially the one who says he wouldn't go to her garage because she made a bad video! Get a life. She is showing it can be done quickly. It isn't her job to show YOU exactly how to do it. She does make a living applying her trade, not teaching you how do it. Nobody owes you snowflakes anything for free. The video doesn't say it is a how-to video. I was watching some skate board videos the other day. Totally useless. They didn't even teach me how they were doing it! Then there is the cheapskate who thinks $70 per hour is a lot of money for a business to charge. That is peanuts when you consider business overhead like rent, taxes, insurance, paying FICA twice, loss, and down time. Are you all a bunch of clueless leftists? Millennials? Or just tightwads who want everything free? Again, she did not owe you a video. Go somewhere else if you aren't happy. Sure, you have the right to complain, but adults have the right to point at you and laugh.
Jack Sherwood (1 year ago)
Your ten minute light bulb change is to hire somebody?
Snapai (1 year ago)
Thanks this was a huge help, and I just managed to change my own. Seeing you using a BIG OL SCREWDRIVER to force the dust cover to unscrew was the key for me - I thought I was supposed to turn it on my own and mine wasn't budging (and like the tutorial I read on it, one of the grip fins had been previously broken off somehow).
Steve N (1 year ago)
my favorite mechanic :-)
Andrew Clastic (1 year ago)
Wow!! This is amazing to watch! Three minutes?!?!? I've been trying to replace my headlight for hours now. My hands are a bit big for it and I did indeed remove a part I'm guessing was unnecessary (I am NOT a mechanic). Walmart doesn't carry my replacement bulb, so I'm about to head to my local autozone. Wish I lived close enough to send it to you guys. :-)
Kristopher Maron (1 year ago)
Do you need to disconnect the battery so you don't short anything out? I want to know because I am planning to replace my right passenger headlight.
Ed B (1 year ago)
that was the easy side. let's see you do the passenger side in less than an hour
Kevin O'Keefe (1 year ago)
Useless video. I've changed these several times. This video would help no one...
Elle Dee (1 year ago)
I paid the dealer a measly $600 do to what you just did. I'd gladly drive from Modesto to OakTown to see you. I'd even bring you lunch, damnit. I'm going to call you to see if you can replace my jacked up bumper. Thx for the video.
Benjamin Bot (1 year ago)
bs video, troll. not helpful at all
Calvin Hobbs (1 year ago)
useless video. not a stock bulb
takeitindballs (1 year ago)
Here's what you do. You first with the herebye and the tools in hand, as therebye too, pull the thing that's behind the thing she saw, then in retrospect make sure you first open the hood, but don't worry if you forgot, because you can still do that, and then again as in there herebye, don't worry about if there's a whole car there that you need to move, because you don't have to, just move the thing that was right next to what she moved, and put the light bulb on, but don't forget that in retrospect you need to first remove the first old bulb and therebye create that possibility as with the ying yang thing you always need to destroy to then build or create, then put it in and shazam, your done and I just saved you $80.
Joseph Carter (1 year ago)
This video showed and explained to me NOTHING! She may have went behind a brick wall and done this video rather than show ME how SHE does it, and not how anyone else can do it. This is a magic show rather than a DIY training video. Very uninformative! Do not watch!
Kiki Willow (1 year ago)
You Go Girl! This is the 5th video I've watched and a great add on video! I watched some others that show more detail on how to remove covers and step by step. I was also useful to watch a pro do it to see what is and is not needs steps. Thank you for answering if you actually need to take apart the whole bumper to replace one bulb! I am a San Francisco local and have had my Prius repaired with Luscious before. I love that they are a green business and women owned. I also love that most of the male owned auto body places in the Mission work/partner directly with Luscious cause they are the best around!
Lxtokes Rascals (1 year ago)
Tertioptus (1 year ago)
For those saying this video is useless: YOU'RE WRONG. She proved that it could be done. I didn't need to see everything (I don't know how one could). Went to my car. Got it done without removing the whole assembly.
Charles Wanke (1 year ago)
Worked exactly like you said it would. Thank you for the DYI vid. :) Took me less than 5 minutes. 2007 Prius. Charles Wanke from West Linn, Oregon.
Dave Cheng (1 year ago)
STUPID video
Simba Musikana (1 year ago)
The driver's side is simple. IT'S THE PASSENGER SIDE THAT CAN"T BE DONE... need to remove parts, absolutely must remove something.
Zojak Q (1 year ago)
I just ran into this same situation and ARGHHHH!!!
knightriderusa (1 year ago)
Not sure what year this is, but on my 2008 Prius Hybrid it has a spring tension clip that's not easy to get off if you never ran into something like this before. Before that, there is a rubber piece that has to turn and pop off, i'm guessing this is supposed to keep out water. The driver's side headlight fixture is very hard to see because the fuse box is in the way, so it's really only a feel what your doing on the side she's working on, you would need a micro camera in there to film it. Being used to a to changing a two minute Firebird headlight job in the past, my Prius i find much more difficult then just screwing in a light bulb for the sake of easys sake. It's very possible, and fairly quick once you know how to do it, but if you never have done it yet, it's going to take you more than three minutes. Yes taking off the front bumper is ridiculous and unnecessary.
Moirraine Campbell (2 years ago)
My 2005 Prius 'lightbulb change" will cost me $400. Can't do a thing in Washington state without being abused in some way or other.
Dan D (2 years ago)
As others have said, useless from a technical point.
Brian Stees (2 years ago)
Total useless let us see what u are doing , up close not from suchlike far away
R Brewer (2 years ago)
Now do the passenger side.
Dan (2 years ago)
An utterly useless how-to video.
greenbeard (2 years ago)
That's because it isn't a how-to video.
VCSekhar Parepalli (2 years ago)
Looks more like a time-spent proof video than a "steps to do this with in 3 minutes" video. Either way..you made another user see all the way through this video snagging one more youtube hit :) . Cheers.
W:B JANJUWA (2 years ago)
nice. its very easy.just simple with your hand open black hoder anti clock and you have to unlock spring lock feel with your hand easy.hopps heilp more
Said Dlkc (2 years ago)
why you dont put the camera in the sideroom?? we cant see anything OMG this is the reason NO LOGIC why women cant park... AMINA KOYIM senin mantigini sikim
Ron Wright (2 years ago)
There's no room to show with a camera, it's a demonstrational video. This technician did a fantastic job in showing how she can accomplish the job of removing and replacing the bulb. No need to hate because she's a woman, she appears to be a very competent technician something I'm sure you'll never be. Don't be so jelous and cruel.
roger smart (2 years ago)
Love this. And yes it is helpful in the how to sense.
Sharon Gacek (2 years ago)
Let me add something that will help a lot. Removing the plastic "dome" to access the bulb is the hardest part of changing the Prius HID bulbs. Mine was stuck on there really tight and I could not remove it. In this video we see her using a large screwdriver to loosen the dome. I also tried a large screwdriver but it did not work...I guess mine was really stuck on there. So I simply used a 18mm open end wrench on the meaty square part of the plastic dome, where the wires go in. If you look down there with a light you will easily see it. Just put the wrench on that square part and turn it counter clockwise. It only turns a little bit, less than an inch, and then the dome can be pulled off. If you don't have a 18mm open end wrench then a 3/4" open end wrench will also work. Thanks for this video Luciousgarage. It was very helpful.
soundynamix (1 year ago)
Absolutely helpful. Thanks
Adam Roach ah! Yay. You broke urs too. So did i.
Adam Roach (2 years ago)
Thanks! This comment was an utter lifesaver. After nearly half an hour of trying to get the cover to budge and breaking off one of the plastic fins, this trick got me unstuck in under a minute. Absolutely brilliant.
capodo (2 years ago)
Awesome.  Would love for you to show this from your POV - but as a woman, this video is PERFECT.  Nice to know I don' t have to pull the bumper off to change the light.  Well, as long as I can get my hand in there to change it!  :)
steemdup (2 years ago)
wow - just a little bulb replacement and places want to charge $70 per hour for labor.  That is a shame.
Steve Florman (3 years ago)
Not a helpful video, at least not in the how-to sense. Now we know it's possible - but *how*is*it*done?* You'll never learn by watching this, which is probably why most people clicked the link.
Chuck Da Chuckster (10 months ago)
Steve, you are correct. If it's the original Prius head lights I doubt she has it correct. Maybe close but not correct, I replaced my head lights today on my 09' Prius pulled the plastic off the bumper and all the necessary parts. With the original Toyota head lights you have 2 locks with the spring lock and you really should loosen it with the screw. In my case I upgraded to LED bulbs so I installed new head light assemblies. If anyone has any problems feel free to contact me for prices or source for parts. Cargotec2003@yahoo.com
Robert Illes (2 years ago)
+Steve Florman I know right? Was there a problem sticking a camera into the engine compartment to show where she is reaching and all that? Maybe she wants people to come to her garage. I don't get it.
neve1064 (3 years ago)
Wow, you did that in lick-ety-split!
Lairds HOME (3 years ago)
Best video on this particular "problem". Other videos said it's "so difficult", etc. It was easy. I had to remove the rubber boot and put it back on after the lamp was installed, but that was a snap - and I'm not a mechanical type!
Earth Care (3 years ago)
didnt teach me a thing.
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
Thanks! Just replaced the driver side HID bulb on my '08 Prius. Indeed, it is a less than 5 minute process. I am male, 6'4" with correspondingly large hands (long but not meaty). This here is a demonstration, not a tutorial - those who complain here, look-up some instructions. The process is this: (1) remove the fuse cover - no tools needed. (2) Unscrew the black cover of the headlight by about 1/2" rotation counter clock-wise. (3) Pry the cover off with a flat head screwdriver - it pops off easy. (4) With 1 or 2 fingers, remove the wire lead from the bulb, turn it counter clockwise by 1/8 of a turn or so. (5) unclip the two sides of the wire clip holding the bulb in place. (6) take out the bulb. Installation is reverse. Easy.
Donald Ly (6 months ago)
Very clear
capodo (2 years ago)
+mpopov69: Thanks for the awesome step-by-step my friend!  I'm a short woman (5'2"!) with small hands.  You give me hope that I don't have to shell out hundreds and can do this on my own - which I have NO problem with!
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
+mpopov69 The screwdriver I used in two ways. First, to push with my left hand against one of the 4 fins on the headlight back cover, while twisting the other two with my right hand. The cover has tabs that need to align with channels - it is not threaded. Just turn it a little counterclockwise until it stops turning. Then, second use of the flathead screwdriver, pry the cover off with the screwdriver (gently - does not take any effort, of it does, it is not aligned in a position for it to come off)..
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
+mpopov69 The bulbs I got are OEM Philips made in Germany, $50 each plus tax and free delivery from Amazon.
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
+mpopov69 step (4) meant to say "counterclockwise"
Tinsby (3 years ago)
Let's see her do the passenger side park light bulb on a 2011.... Those small hands are an advantage, yes, but not really showing anything but the front of the car is silly imho. <sigh> No big deal anyway regardless, hell it's just a bulb, zenon or not! :P~
Conor Jackson (3 years ago)
Ive got to call boloney on this. Especially the driver side. What was the giant screwdriver for??
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
+Conor Jackson The screwdriver can be used two-ways. One is to help to push with your left hand one of the four fins of the cover while you grab and rotate the other two with the right hand so you can unscrew it a little. Then the second use is to pry out the cover after you have unscrewed it enough to align its retaining tabs with the slots on the headlight. There is no thread on the cover. I did this replacement today - it works, less than 5 minutes. Driver side.
Conor Jackson (3 years ago)
Ive got to call bullsh!t on this. Especially the driver side. What was the giant screwdriver for??
Conor Jackson (3 years ago)
Ive got to call bullsh!t on this. Especially the driver side.
Conor Jackson (3 years ago)
Conor Jackson (3 years ago)
Ali E. (3 years ago)
You did not show how to get to the bulb. putting a camera in front of the car is not a tutorial video.
nmjabour (3 years ago)
for 2nd generation prius owners having a problem with HID headlights going out sporadically, did you find that replacing the bulb solved the problem or did you have replace the balust as well? thanks in advance for any input!
I Vargas (3 years ago)
Mine had that know issue where the head light would go off sporadically, but would come back on if I turn the car off and back on. Now the entire right side, both the head light and fog light are out. I have a 2006 Prius, bought it last year at a toyota dealership. Mentioned the problem, while the car was still under warranty, when I took it in to get the 12V battery replace. They found "nothing wrong" Now they want to charge me almost $300 to change the bulb! }:{ I wish you guys were here in AZ!
gakkadguy (3 years ago)
This is magic, she puts her hand jiggles and bulb comes out.  HahahAHahah
Ann Nielsen (3 years ago)
I am just your every day average person that doesn't want to pay the ridiculous charges at the dealer. I am female. I found the HID bulbs online for $38.00 for a pair. I replaced both sides myself. I can see where guys with bigger hands will have a problem because it's tight quarters in there. The fittings are tight you just have to work them. It's doable just watch a video that shows step by step. Not hard just be patient and don't force things.
Jason Lindholm (3 years ago)
Wish I could find a video taking the whole head light out any one can Change bulbs
Jeremy Magrini (3 years ago)
note to self, dont take my car to the luscious garage, video is horrible.
Edward P (3 years ago)
my issue is different. both my lights work but they are not very bright at night. i bought the car like this so im not sure if i need special light bulbs or if its another issue. please help.
Tae Yang (3 years ago)
I would like to ask, was that just a long phillips screwdriver that you used to help pop the seal on the cap before using hand strength to do the rest of the unlock of the cap? It appears that all ya did was unlocked (twisted) off the cap and pulled the bulb and replaced with new bulb?
Nirrefirreful (3 years ago)
instruction to complicated, penis stuck in the ceiling. 
808yaya (3 years ago)
Patrick Christopher (4 years ago)
This is fine if you need to replace a broken bulb, which is rare.  Most Prius owners have a randomly failing "HID ECU", which causes one or both bulbs to go out randomly and spontaneously.  My 2009 Prius headlights are fine, but the ECU (electronic control unit) has gone bad (google Prius HID class action lawsuit).  Most, if not all, Prii are affected, so merely changing the HID bulb won't fix an intermittent on/off H.I.D. bulb.  The whole ECU unit must be replaced.  Prius owners need to act quickly to get Toyota to handle the issue.  I have had two local expert custom car electronics experts be unable to fix mine.  They say go to the Toyota dealer.
lusciousgarage (1 year ago)
FYI this is not our experience. We change hundreds of HID bulbs a year and very few (maybe 10?) in that same period. If the bulb does not turn on at all, after replacement, then you are looking at an ECU for that side.
lusciousgarage (1 year ago)
If the headlight turns on at all, then the ECU should be ok. If you replaced the bulb and it keeps going off after a period of time of being on, then I'd suspect a faulty bulb. Beware that 2004-2005 take D2R HIDs and 2006-2009 take D4R. Putting a D2R in a later model will cause the light bulb to go out after a few seconds.
highonsmog (1 year ago)
Well then I'm off to a diy ECU video then. Let's hope it is easy enough...
808yaya (3 years ago)
Thank you Patrick, I found this information useful. I may not qualify for the class action suit due to the deadline, but now I know what the issue is.
Tae Yang (3 years ago)
Your issue is off-tangent. Read what Craig said. If you got an axe to grind, grind it with Toyota.
Sledgerend (4 years ago)
How about showing the much harder passenger side?? 
Gabriel Garcia (4 years ago)
Lol true
scienz chic (4 years ago)
One dealer wanted to charge over $300. Glad I saw this video first.  Thanks for being candid about it.  
Vivienne V (4 years ago)
I will have to agree with other comments here. It's a good how to NOT make a how to video.
Tom Sommers (4 years ago)
This video is awful.  How about showing people how to change it?
Jerry Gibson (4 years ago)
Unfortunately, you did not give a step by step procedure of what you did nor did you show what you were doing.  I would of liked to saw all of that, because yours has made the most sense of all the videos I have seen, and I looked like an easy job; but was it?
Norm E (4 years ago)
What a waste of youtube space and time to watch
Swampster70 (4 years ago)
"Absolutely unnecessary" to remove the bumper? I did the HID's on my 2005 Prius yesterday. Given that the car has 267,000 miles and gets roasted in the Sac Valley-esque heat of Vacaville, 45 miles from Luscious Garage, removing the twist on cap was an exercise in torture even with the headlights out. I snapped one of the tabs on the rear headlight cover with my hands midway through the ~1/8th of a turn required, as so much force was required to twist it... I'd really like to know if there's a mystical trick to remove that twist on cap if the car has more than just a few miles (less than 100,000) and driven in temperate weather. Maybe this job would be easier to do when it's cool and not the typical 90+F seen here. Maybe early morning - less expansion of the plastic maybe.
Bob McConnell (4 years ago)
What is the point to this video?  It is a wast as it doesn't show anything?????
David Centifanto (4 years ago)
You better have small  hands or you never will change the bulb this way.
mpopov69 (3 years ago)
+David Centifanto 6'4" here, changed it today, no problem.
DonziGT230 (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing.  I'm about to replace my friend's bulbs.
lblanch4131 (4 years ago)
Great example regarding how not to do a how to video.
Chai Sun (4 years ago)
Hi , I got 2006 Prius come halogen light bulb, as I wish to change HID light instead. Is it possible to do?
Pubudu Karunarathne (4 years ago)
Problem, I don't understand what was you are trying to show us here....
Pubudu Karunarathne (4 years ago)
Problem, I don't understand what was you are trying to show us here....
todd sanders (4 years ago)
unless your hand and arm are the size of a twelve year old boy. This probably won't work for you.
Jive Chive (4 years ago)
Step directions??? No instruction!!!!
Jack Gilbert (4 years ago)
It's not a how-to video. It's a video to show that you don't have to remove the bumper in order to do this. Toyota says that you do. But this mechanic shows you don't have to, and my mechanic agrees. The point is that if you are told you have to remove the bumper, this is not necessarily true.
Chris C (4 years ago)
I just did this repair on my 2004 Prius. It's not THAT easy but it's doable. The whole procedure is basically blind. I used my iPhone to take photos with flash to try and understand it. Smaller hands are a plus for this. Glad I saw this video. It gave me the courage and satisfaction of fixing this myself for $10.
Krazyk408 (4 years ago)
I hate prius the shitiest cars on earth and the ugliest cars on earth
Marty Swartz (4 years ago)
Then don't buy one. :)
Jim Begley (4 years ago)
OK Wow, So you open the hood, pull out something, stick a long screwdriver somewhere, stick your hand in and viola!, out comes the headlight. Ahhhh, I guess I should go get my long screwdriver....Helpful?, not very.
Jack Gilbert (4 years ago)
It is helpful. I was told today by a mechanic that they would have to remove the bumper. That's because the mechanics manual from Toyota says to do so. I doubted that was the case and googled the process and got this video. Confronting the mechanic he chose to do it without the bumper removal. I just saved the cost of labor on that process. This was not a how-to video.
Adam Loseman (4 years ago)
I don't think this was meant as a hot-to, so much as a proof of concept. Too bad, I'd like it to have been a how-to.
Gary Phelps (4 years ago)
Thanks for the info.  Dealership here wants $110 to remove the bumper.
John Grow (5 years ago)
I want everyone to know I replaced both bulbs in my friend's 2008 Prius. It took me about 45 minutes to do them. The two bulbs cost $25 total (be careful not to touch the glass). The rubber grommet on the driver's side was harder to get off because the bulb had never been replaced on that side (she didn't deal with it in the vid at all, but it has to come off and it's essential that you reinstall it). Also, I had to partially remove the plastic shield on top of the grill because my hands are bigger than hers and I needed the room. It's hard because you can't see what you're doing, and a person with big hands won't be able to do it this way. I paid a garage $60 to do the passenger side last year, and they needed $120 to do them both this time PLUS the cost of the bulbs. I hear some places charge more. So just take an afternoon, grab a screwdriver and take your time. It's worth it.
bygten88 (5 years ago)
This video is at best very misleading.  LG's alternative video on how to partially remove (more like loosen) the bumper is a far better alternative; that procedure easily allows removal of the entire light assembly for easy access.  Total tools: one regular screwdriver, one phillips screwdriver, a 10 mm socket, a ratchet, and an extension.  I used the latter method.  I'm a grown man and removing the plastic cap to get to the light required use of both hands, good hand strength, and good upper body strength.  There is NO WAY I could have done the whole procedure with the 3 minute version here.  Further, as another reviewer noted, this video shows nothing that will help you when you try to do the job.
Ray Young (5 years ago)
Very deceiving.  The driver's side while tough to reach is easy to change.  The passenger side is the tough side where you have to take apart the car.

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