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Black Man's Folliculitis Laser Hair & Acne Treatment Testimonial (Atlanta)

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Today's skin care segment is courtesy of Skin Renewal Method (http://skinrenewalmethod.com) by Bay Harbour Med Spa -located in Miami, FL (http://miamilaserhairremoval.com) and Atlanta, Ga area (http://bayharbourmedspaatlanta.com). I'd like to thank my client, Kenneth, for agreeing to speak about his experience about his facial laser hair treatments for folliculitis and oily skin care treatments at my clinic. Kenneth and I hope that this gives you inspiration that there is hope. :-) Have a skin care related question for me? Feel free to ask below in the comment section, or via my website: http://skinrenewalmethod.com. If you find this video to be helpful, kindly LIKE and SHARE it, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. PRODUCTS I MENTION: CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal: More info on my blog @http://miamilaserhairremoval.com Acne Solution: http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/acne-solution-shop/ AHA Mandelic Acid: http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/aha-mandelic-acid-neutralizer/ JOIN ME FOR WEEKLY SKIN CARE TIPS AND REMEDIES @ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/bayharbormedspa INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bayharbourmedspa/
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Gabrielle Hurst (15 days ago)
Hello Eva,I'm Gabrielle, I am transgender and African American. I've had about 12 rounds of thermal hair removal. At first my face was flawless. Now I have close to no hair BUT..... I now have bad hyperpigmentation and acne and bumps everywhere, it's been about 2 weeks and nothing I'm doing is working
skincarechannel (13 days ago)
we spoke.Eva
Cue Mayhem (1 month ago)
Only if you was in California
skincarechannel (1 month ago)
Thank you Eva
Sterling Witherspoon (2 months ago)
How expensive is this??
skincarechannel (2 months ago)
Hello, are you asking about laser hair removal or the microdermabrasion.Please if you are interested and you can come to Miami or Atlanta, feel free to contact me at 305 864 3333.Thank you Eva
thecasablancalily (3 years ago)
Good for you!

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