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Natural Health lecture in Los Angeles by Certified Health Nut, Troy Casey

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Natural Health lecture in Los Angeles by Certified Health Nut, Troy Casey http://troycasey.com http://workingwithtroy.com join Health Nut on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chn333 Troy Casey, the Certified Health Nut was asked to speak on Men's health at the LA Raw Bazaar. This is a lecture on what it takes to be a responsible hu-MAN-kind in the modern world moving through the portal of 2012. More of Troy's philosophy of life on Earth, research into ancient wisdom, primordial foods and the peaceful future of mankind can visit: http://certifiedhealthnut.com
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Brent Lawrence (5 years ago)
Beautifully said my friend!
Krystal Hardwick (6 years ago)
Wow, thank you SO much Troy. I really really enjoyed this video. I'm going to need watch it again to get the whole of it. Just hearing you though, was so inspiring and I appreciate that you gave a small back story of how you got to where you are now. Subscribing now. Looking forward to the shift and changes in my life. Best Krystal-
Matt Hall (6 years ago)
Been watching alot of your lectures Troy, been learning a lot! Keep doing what your doing!
James McGuigan (6 years ago)
"if you choose to live more than 7 years on this planet?"....please help me understand what you mean teacher!
certifiedhealthnut (7 years ago)
@585788 thank u for your comment! yes we are all part of its demise or sustainability you can participate and help now just buy taking the plants into your body! copy this url and put in your browser: AMAZONHERBSITE[.]COM read about the herbs and their actions and take some into your blood stream they are POWERFUL teachers! love & blessings Troy
Moody Shafey (7 years ago)
My god, when you started talking about the amazon rainforest, and i start thinking of how quickly and harshly were destroying it, its like they don't care if it's all gone, and that's just one very sad thought, i love what you do and i hope to achieve my own version of you
certifiedhealthnut (7 years ago)
@CtrlAltDltYou there are many from the Amazon: una de gato, chuchuhuasi, Camu Camu, Pau D’Arco, Jatoba, Espinheira Santa etc. AMAZONHERBSITE[.]com
amazontroy (7 years ago)
@rjtennis11 it Ayana
certifiedhealthnut (7 years ago)
@CtrlAltDltYou balance is everything too much of anything is not good....there is arsenic in apples however we dont want to eat arsenic...if the spring smells like sulfur i would test it first it may be too high in iron etc.
TheCoolVegetarian (7 years ago)
Awesome lecture thanks !!! some great points are expressed clearly *
IChoseTheRedPill (7 years ago)
powerful... you make it so clear...
SouljYAH (7 years ago)
Shaunt1 (7 years ago)
so much good info!
treverbettis (7 years ago)

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