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Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class

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Author Doug Lemov shows how teachers use the 100% technique to get everyone's attention during a class.
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John Doe (4 days ago)
Why are they all black kids haha
A teacher us not supposed to teach, rather get involved in learning process, and that process always makes him a good teacher and innovative I taught design, drawing in Architecture, I can remember, I never sat in my chair, rather I was table of each student for 2 min at least, and that's how I end up class of 150 min, or 300 min in drawing or design. One day the Librarian said to the new Director of the same college where I taught 2 years back. "He was a good teacher" I came to know recently, when I met an old colleague.
Diamond 4227 (1 month ago)
Ok so he says: "I don't have Marissa but I do have Jasmine." How in the world is that correcting in private when it's putting Marissa on full blast. Also correcting in private.. that lady teacher corrected a student whispering where others can hear her..I'm sorry it didn't sound motivating..but ok..
JJ Keller (1 month ago)
This is horrid.
Enrique Estavillo (2 months ago)
Emmanuel Sebua (3 months ago)
I think it boils down to passion. People should love what they do. Pursue the things that you were created to do.
joceelee (4 months ago)
Would this work with children who have low understanding of non-verbal language? Many of the students who need behaviour correction might struggle with non-verbal communication.
Thu Nguyen Thi Cam (4 months ago)
Somehow these techniques really work for very young learners, especially my grade-3 students. When my students don't pay attention to my instructions, some of them will ask me the same question disturbing me a lot. The technique of saying "I need 2 people listening to me/focusing on their work. You know who you are" used before giving the instructions shows that the teacher respects students' responsibility and participation. Thanks for your sharing. <3
driver shoobe (4 months ago)
Just yell and sile at everything, dont forget the dumb haircut and sex jokes.
Kevin Thruelsen (4 months ago)
These are champion teachers with some of the biggest score increases relative to their schools/districts. Say what you want about their methods but kids are learning.
nathan amell (4 months ago)
the blond teacher sounds like a bitch when she's correcting the student...
Tecsonic TV (5 months ago)
Learning English online https://youtu.be/-22269sZc2U
Tobias Hiob (5 months ago)
This is terrible...
Danette Mcdaniel (5 months ago)
Where are the teachers of color? Tired of seeing this.
Kwameduah (6 months ago)
free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.
Burro B (6 months ago)
Yea ok. And perhaps i can do cartwheels and spit out quarters. Its easy when the kids are coached for the video. Stop
Riverotter (7 months ago)
are these KIPP schools were problem students are shown the door, students have to have parents who care enough to do the extra work to get their children into KIPP schools, or are these just neighborhood public schools that have to accept all comers regardless of parental input, contact, and motivation?
Anthony Whelan (7 months ago)
This is the way I've taught for 40 years but the young principals with their great wisdom regulary try to micromanage instruction to their pet ideas, such as not having desks all facing the board and over reliance on technology, collaborative learning (code for unbearable noise and one sucker in each group doing all the work).
William Kern (7 months ago)
0:42 "I need three people.....you know who you are." ".........I need two people.." Almost fell out of my chair.
Esmeralda Reese (7 months ago)
They were all assholes. My teacher keeps everyone’s attention with out doing any of that. Also they shouldn’t need to demand attention, they should just have it because they’re “good”. So if they’re losing others attention, it’s probably their fault (not always the case though)
Brandon Johnston (7 months ago)
If I can give some advice. I just completed my first year teaching and things I wish I would have known. First: be meticulous on your expectations and instructions. YOU know what you want from the students, don't expect the students to know. A good example is "don't put your head on the desk," this gives them permission to rest their head on their hands which are located on the desk. You really mean is keep your neck straight, in a vertical position. Have clear rules and even more importantly CLEAR EXPECTATIONS. I had a rule that stated "always raise your hands," but I enjoy a classroom that has open discussion, there was no way I would punish a student for this. So I modified the rule to state "no talking while others all talking, eye's on speaker." Secondly, you can watch a million videos, but ONLY YOU know what will work best for your personality type. I copied so many different type of management theories that it actually cost me credibility with the students. My suggestion is: find one you think works best and something you have the tenacity to uphold for the duration of your tenure as a teacher. Lastly, the truth is the best type of classroom management is talking with the students personal level, after class, show concern, NEVER anger. I usually will say, "I am really surprised that you did this, it's VERY unusual, is everything going ok at home?" My biggest regret this school year was raising my voice out of anger, but you live and learn.
Steven Anthony (7 months ago)
1:05 kid eyes on camera. Not 100% classroom attention
Leslie Lang (7 months ago)
As a teacher now for 18 years and taught in several places around the country, I can tell you that every teacher is different just as every student is but you do have to have some plan in place for dealing with the everyday problems that happen. There is nothing wrong with what is shown in this video. As a matter of fact, in New Mexico, Lemov's book was the faculty meetings there. Each group of teachers was assigned 1 chapter then do a presentation. Some of it worked and some didn't. Every teacher has a tool belt to put strategies, procedures, routines, etc. in to use if not now for the future. Snapping fingers don't know what the big deal is. You as a teacher have to know your students and culture of the place where you're teaching. Stop putting yourself and what happened to you as a child/adolescent student and proclaim the whole idea bad. That's when teachers start getting into trouble. You aren't teaching yourself and your time in public education has come to an end a long time ago. Racist comments are not going to earn you any respect from your peers of other colors. It's old, outdated and needs to be dropped. If you truly feel that black kids should only have black teachers then what are you saying about the quality of education you give students of other colors? Do they pick up on your racist overtones? If so, then you might want to choose a new profession.
SP FromNY914 (7 months ago)
He so insecure about them he Calling them champions lmao
Tom (7 months ago)
How about don't force kids to go to school. If they are willing to be there, they'll pay attention. It starts with the parents not discipling their kids.
Urocyon (8 months ago)
Horrible teaching method.
eyes shut (8 months ago)
Catchy title, sure. The rest is just emptiness.
Jeffrey Keith Horne II (8 months ago)
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day. God Bless.
Claudia Chaidez (8 months ago)
What you do when students keep on talking and talking? if one student is off task what you do if they keep ignoring you or don't behave?
Sophie Nowak (8 months ago)
the classroom behaviour of this school is so good making my school look like hell
Neo Theone (8 months ago)
what the fuck was this...
Dan E Garner (9 months ago)
Non verbal behaviour correction like proximity and eye contact are useful but the 'I'm giving you the gift of knowledge now drink it whether you like it or not' spiel must be a joke
Franco Mc (9 months ago)
how has this got 1 million views? Absolute garbage
Two Cool Cats (9 months ago)
Not sure if "champion" is the right term. I want to teach like a teacher. https://www.instagram.com/teachersindex/
Vince Her (9 months ago)
This has got to be the biggest joke ever! LOL. First, in a high school setting this would not fly. Second, why is this only geared towards black students? It makes it seems as though it is black students that need to be corrected. Third, I wish my teacher would have snapped their fingers at me. But keep trying!
What I would like to see is this strategy in an inner city middle school classroom with students of a different demography. That is the true test as to whether or not these strategies actually work.
Todd Wooster (9 months ago)
1:10 "And if I see you do that again, I will personally make your life a living hell."
J J (9 months ago)
has this institution failed?
Anna Vajda (9 months ago)
Make class sizes smaller and give children individual attention take an interest in them personally. Actually care about their development and address areas of weakness and strength as individuals. Do not tolerate disruptions or disrespect. They are expected to be respectful of their teacher and most will be if you are respectful to them.
Philosopher Greg (10 months ago)
This is garbage, DONT TEACH LIKE THIS!!! Yes, Im a Teacher and I manage my classroom without insightful comments like, "you need to work harder." That tells that student nothing.
Brittany Renee (10 months ago)
The students look uncomfortable.
J (10 months ago)
What an awful video displaying horrendous teaching practice.
gg12345ification (10 months ago)
This guide is terrible, its easy to be a good teacher tbh 1.Engage the class in the subject dont just say read textbook page etc etc. 2 be tough but reasonable and try to see when a child needs hard discplin or just an friendly chat, - this point becomes much easier if you follow step 3. 3. Respect your students like they are your equals(might not work in the younger divsions but it sure will when kids grow 15+) if they feel as you are not somone commanding them but rather somone nice who wants to help, many will respect you back and be kind to you.4 Have a genuin care for the students if you dont you might aswell quit your job becouse that energy is easily transferable on the students, if you love your job and love teaching it might have a big effect on the energy in the class room.5. last step, when its needed you have to put your foot down and show that you are still in command even tho you are nice to them, From own experience just observing diffrent teachers during all my years in school thinking about this ive seen if the teacher is engaging , and respected the class always does well. (and respect does not equal fear, that might make kids shut up but wont help them learn anything.
BrenoXDemon TM (10 months ago)
CvnDqnrU (10 months ago)
"If I'm not enthusiast, start talking in class and a teacher calls me out then I'd lose enthusiasm in the class." -spoiled 16 years old sensitive future Walmart employee leftist public school kid.
Revned T (10 months ago)
As a teacher I can tell you that these claims are perverse and grossly exaggerated. Buy the book, try it out and find out the real story. Meh.
James J (11 months ago)
Click your fingers at me and you would get a black eye. It'd insulting and degrading.
LAUREN LYON (1 year ago)
All white teachers in an all black student classroom forcing them to comply to militant-like standards (e.g. folded hands on the desk). I see absolutely no passion for learning in these classrooms and absolutely no positive relationships being formed between teacher and students or students with students.
Shahed’s World (1 year ago)
If you like. This give it a like (We Got All The Ways To Be ~As every Students We Can Be)
Juan Rivas (1 year ago)
Like training dogs type of style, militarize indoctrinanion, american school system.
Brandon Gaylord (1 year ago)
There is nothing in this video that is positive. If struggling, do the opposite of this video. Instead of what the video recommends, try being positive toward students, don't snap at them, celebrate those who are on task instead of calling out those who aren't, and be fun and engaging.
Lance Pedlow (1 year ago)
Utterly appalling, this is where student disengagement begins. These methods build fear, resentment and anger towards the educator. Being a teacher does not provide the right to bully and use passive-aggressive tactics with students, individuals without the life skills to properly deal with this type of behaviour. What kind of people are we preparing for later life here?
thaintriguing1 (1 year ago)
Try this in a high school; every time I see videos like this it's always in an elementary school where their minds are easily molded and a video camera is present.
巨人の肩 (1 year ago)
I'd hate to have or be a teacher like that. This is an extremely disrespectful and self-centered way to treat others.
D R A G (1 year ago)
young slaves being prepared for the job world
Paul Qii (1 year ago)
What a torment it might have been to have to teach a class consisting of KIDS...
n0nsm0ker (1 year ago)
I don't quite get this approach. Are you saying that pointing at students will get them to behave?
Peachymistic (1 year ago)
This is awful. A teacher shouldn't expect respect from the students if she doesn't respect them herself/himself. The best approach would be to have a connection with your students, not make them hate you. You are just making the situation worse...
Andrew Johns (8 months ago)
Those teachers respect those kids. Expecting and demanding the best from a student is the highest form of respect a teacher can give a student.
Leo Padilla (1 year ago)
This is by far the worst book on pedagogy I've ever come across....it's so bad it's embarrassing....
Kevin Wilcox (1 year ago)
What a horrific learning environment. Whatever these kids are learning content wise is completely overshadowed by the real lesson in being servile and compliant.
Ayana Peterson (1 year ago)
Excuse typos please.
Ayana Peterson (1 year ago)
Tgese techniques eork EXTREMELY WELL. you have to read about them in context. The snap (ie the method) is irrelevant, its the 100 percent thst matters. Get the book forcontext an amazing read!
Shen Oac (1 year ago)
Yeah, not sure how they expect a clicking noise to work for all school setting. I am sure if the kids were taught these signs since they first began that school and it was implemented in all the classes. I do agree on having to speak to the student in private about their behavior, but apart from that it all look rubbish.
Jason Jacobs (1 year ago)
The best teaching tool I've found is breakout edu. Checkout my students taking part in many different math adventures with fun themes on our channel. I especially like the Donald Trump Math Breakout!
RDetwiler (1 year ago)
Nah, I didn't learn anything by watching this video, and didn't see anything interesting enough to make me want to go buy the book.
Reading the syllabus are dreadful, don't expect students to follow up with your traditional early 2000s way of teaching. There are reasons why students often say they gain more knowledge from the internet than their teacher. Effort to make teaching impactful is absent. Criticizing your students won't make you powerful. Instead, befriend them like you've been their real g since day one. Smh
Shivansh Bhaskar (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sswojiCrv3g best video of 2017 must watch
mary smith (1 year ago)
I want more!!!!! More videos!
Faten Bassam Malhis (1 year ago)
john cena?!😂😂
Briquelle (1 year ago)
this is weird. children are not cattle.
Introvert (1 year ago)
I want my teachers to act like a companion. In my opinion, it's easier to teach kids that way. If the student forms a bond with the teacher, then the student would find it easier to listen to what the teacher is actually saying. Also, when I was a kid some of my teachers were strict. I was too afraid to actually ask him for help whenever I needed it. If a teacher forms a companionship with the student then the students like me may not be afraid to actually ask the teacher for help. This is only my opinion though.
Sergio Borzoni (1 year ago)
Hate to say it but the teachers in this video look like they should be teaching in correctional facilities or prison for young offenders, and the students look like they are young offenders studying under threat of severe punishment. this type of teaching would NOT work in Europe.
goommenter (3 months ago)
It is not racist or meant to be at least. Type of teaching showed in this video is seen outdated in many ways. Yes, you keep discipline and behavior control is yours by using harsh behaviorism strategies but are kids enjoying learning new things? How about group work? You certainly cannot keep eye on every one of the students. School is not an army, nor a prison. I think it is, for your sake, time to adapt cognitive strategies into classrooms like shown in a video. It is 2018, not 1960s!
Steve O'Riley (3 months ago)
some might perceive your comment as racist... and this enormous country is not a tiny european country the size of delaware and so different approaches are required here... whether this model works or not is another story... but those words about prison are a bit harsh
Mark Marion (1 year ago)
Doug Lemov is not an educator! He is a business opportunist! He has used the "Manufactured Crisis" begun by the Bush family to create a money making scheme, new industry that makes him rich off of all of our tax dollars!
CoachingChosenOnes (1 year ago)
Oh no. I would not like any of those teachers. They're children not animals
Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang (1 year ago)
these teachers are amazing at motivating students
alicia t (1 year ago)
Why was I recommended this? And why did I laugh at this?
i fucking dare you to try doing this kinda shit in my class my class mates will literally bully the teacher so much until the teacher quits their job xD
Alfredo Gomez-Beloz (1 year ago)
I bet you any money the author and teachers in this video are Christian evangelicals. It's the same style, especially when that lady teacher admonishes that student for not looking her way.
Pansy Flower (1 year ago)
By all means... Go over and tell a kid you didn't have the right answer so you aren't working hard enough in front of the whole class.. That will make a difference... Good grief
theyoung things (1 year ago)
Every teacher haves their own way of teaching, be yourself is the first step, secondly is to make sure to try an error of what makes them bored and what makes them great, cuz every students were diffrrents
The Bearded Math Man (1 year ago)
I do the complete opposite, my corrections are as public as possible, but they're always tempered with kindness and redirection. If a student is off task, I get them back on task in less time than it would take to walk over there and talk to them. Plus, in a class this quiet, I argue nobody is learning. Memories are largely based on language, if there's no discussion, there's little chance of learning permanently, in my opinion. That said, the old saying, there's more than one way to skin a cat, is perhaps best kept in mind here. There's more than one way to get the attention of students. But, I prefer something that seems to foster a greater deal of mutual respect than pointing and hand gestures.
Anon Frank (1 year ago)
Content comes first. presentation way down the list, unless you want to be a pr or an advertising firm propagandist I'd rather listen to some old eccentric male or female teacher, who coughs, mumbles, talks to him or herself in class, gesticulates wildly for a few seconds a couple times a session, takes a sip of bourbon or laudanum from their pocket bottle flask who knows what they were talking about and interesting, than some motivational type who feeds you a lot of fluff like that idiot motivational speaker Tony Robbins
Anon Frank (1 year ago)
Sure anyone can act like a champion as a teacher and teach you bullshit.
Adam Dux (1 year ago)
Good grief. This is all so ridiculous. It's all just about taglines. Effective teachers are more than motivational speakers. THis is ridiculous. Even the title "Champion Teacher". ugh It should be about the students NOT about you! And the goofy tagline at the end: "Behave to believe to achieve" Ugh. This is EXACTLY the kind of rhetoric teachers need to avoid. It's what you might hear some football coach saying to his team -- this is not classroom teaching.
Jana Newton (1 year ago)
Finesse, style or attitude differs from teacher to teacher. Most importantly a teacher who leads will not embarrass a student or call them out in front of the class. I prefer to approach the off-task student quickly but not in a straight shot towards him/her. I take a side approach. I will whisper to the student so no one else can hear me. Depending on the situation I will say something like, "Are you O.K?" If you need a break you can go wash your face. Keep in mind that no one rule fits every class or teacher; know your students. I teach ESOL students, new to the country and often become overwhelmed.
fish star (1 year ago)
This is the worst. Ignore.
SSS Creative Designs (1 year ago)
Our teachers need our motivation and support. Show some appreciation to a great teacher with this great wall art print: https://www.etsy.com/listing/499631420/teacher-takes-a-hand-opens-a-mind-wall
COLLIN R (1 year ago)
My math class be otta control wit no respect towards da teacher.
Jeanne Checco (1 year ago)
Engage  students! I liked the positives (".....is with me").
Teaira McMurtry (2 years ago)
Hell naw! Are they dogs or human? Man, yall better get on the Culture Train https://www.amazon.com/Culturally-Linguistically-Responsive-Teaching-Learning/dp/1425806864
ramj0y (2 years ago)
what a fucking disaster shit storm interpretation of what teaching involves
Nautilus1972 (2 years ago)
BULL. SHIT. "I'm giving you the gift of knowledge .." GTFO!
Benjamin Zalmanovich (2 years ago)
I like the idea of non-invasive correction but when you have 1/2 the class talking at the same time it is almost impossible to accomplish. Trying to get students attention can be very difficult.
Bond with James (1 year ago)
Building rapport with a class early on and ensuring that, as a teacher, you're continuing to work on relationship building throughout the year helps. Also, pinpointing a few students that tend to be the main issue can also assist with getting the class back on track.
Suresh Behera (2 years ago)
In the above vodeoof teacing class the body language of the teacher is very attractive and acceptable by the students . She properly managed the class in a fearless situation among the students.Finally it may said that she is a good teacher.
Awerty Uiop (4 months ago)
You are a true champion
nanaikhma nable (1 year ago)
Talented Tenth not necessarily
Vendo piñas (1 year ago)
I'll try this one!
Laila (1 year ago)
Relate and laugh with the students too
haoluo (2 years ago)
within the 5 seconds of this video I hate this guy. Why? because he seems like he is a salesman who is trying to sell me a magic pill for solving my problems. Anyone and especially teachers are very well aware that there is NO magic pill in otherwords this guy is a tool.
John Evans (2 years ago)
I like to watch videos sub me f u
Planet Watcher (2 years ago)
Extraterrestrials use talking and telepathy to get attention. Trust, that works. This doesn't. You cannot ignore a strong telepathic message or tune out a strong telepathic message. You can hurt yourself worse than you may think possible. Brain hemorrhages or strokes are always possible. The uncomfortable to painful feeling you get from ignoring or not paying attention will work to keep you from suffering such a fate, but... if kids truly are defiant, a little bit of experience and little recovery with extraterrestrial medical expertise and they will not suffer too much. They'll learn more than likely not to be so damn stupid and the behavior is therefore, corrected.
Anthony Hemmens (2 years ago)
What a load of shit. If you think this is champion teaching then you shouldn't be an educator. A disgrace!
cool name here (2 years ago)
this is scary... at least i can see alot of my homies shitting on this method in the comments! high five!

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