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5 Products You Won't Ever Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made!

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5 Products You Won't Ever Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made! Description: We walk into restaurants and buy food that may have a “secret ingredient” that makes the food simply amazing. Although it may be something simple or something utterly disgusting that the chef keeps as their dirty little secrets. The products we buy from the shelves of a grocery store or order online can also contain some things that if we knew how they were made, we would probably not buy them. Ever. With this being said, prepare to be completely amazed by these 5 Products You Won't Ever Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made! Lets begin! 1. Red Bull What is the magic combination in the most popular energy drink that helps adrenaline junkies and soccer moms get that jolt of energy? Despite the urban legends, Red Bull does not contain bull semen or bull urine but there are some ingredients that are questionable. It contains a significant amount of the sweet stuff, namely sucrose and glucose, but have also added some artificial sweeteners which are believed to increase the risk for heart diseases. The energy boost is often accompanied with a crash due to its sugar contents. The caffeine in Red Bull, similar to the amount contained in a cup of coffee, can cause diarrhea and nervousness if consumed in excessive amounts. When you think of drinking those ten cans of Red Bull, don’t. 2. Imprivo Shampoo Marketing takes all shapes and forms, from statements like 100% natural to environmentally safe. While we all know some of them are not exactly true, one Kiwi company is marketing their products as having bull semen. Yes, you heard that right. Bovine seminal plasma, the nerd term for bull semen, tells people that their line of hair products has plenty of the stuff. The technical director of Natural Protein Company, the company that owns Imprivo Shampoo, claims it contains natural properties that restore and strengthen chemically damaged hair. Basically, don’t be scared to get some of that bull semen in your hair because the Natural Protein Company said so. For the “utterly” ridiculous low, low price of $43.50. 3. Squalene Squalene oil is now the darling of face oils, helping moisturize all skin types, repenting irritation and speed up healing of cracked skin. Skin therapists and specialists now recommend it to people with skin problems. But scientists have begun tracing the history of this super product and have discovered that most of the products are actually shark liver oil, which contains about 60-85% of this organic matter. Squalene is also found in human beings but between the ages of 30 and 40, its proportions decrease significantly. It got its name when a Japanese chemist observed that people from Japan only extracted the oil from the livers of the sharks of the Squadilae family. 4. Strawberry Frappuccino The vibrant pink of the Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccinos makes the drink look appetizing and inviting. But there is so much more to this pink color than the eye can see. The taller your Strawberry Frappuccino, the more bugs you are likely to drink up. Before you demand a refund and scream at the helpless attendant, let me give you a little background. Starbucks released a statement revealing they use cochineal extract, which is the ground bodies of dried insects. The ingredient is in fact harmless and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It has been used as a coloring agent for centuries. Now you can write that wordy email to Starbucks, my friend. 5. Expensive Perfumes Cosmetics give us a feeling of freshness that gives us confidence to go out and express ourselves. Expensive perfumes are the new way for celebrities to put their name on a bottle and we diligently give away our money. They often don’t realize what they are selling us and we don’t know what we are buying. Ambergris, a popular ingredient in expensive perfumes, is the secretion of produced in a sperm whale’s digestive system. It is used to make scent last longer for years but is currently only legal for use in France and Switzerland. So, think twice about buying your better half that Swiss perfume. Background Music: Kevin MacLeod ~ Constancy Part Two : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP0XexU9Rvk For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAmerikano@hotmail.com _________________________________________________________________ Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and dont forget to subscribe! Make sure to follow me here: https://twitter.com/Top5sFinest
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Text Comments (1480)
Marwyn Castillo (9 hours ago)
Search "What is MaLing made of?"
George Washington (1 day ago)
I'll never drink Red Bull again......
TheRealEasy1 (5 days ago)
Terrible video
Inaxtive (6 days ago)
#FlightReacts @FlightReacts pls react to this video and tell us what you think!!
MichaelMyeeers (7 days ago)
I will never buy Red Bull again, thnx for brainwashing me off from my favorite drink
Abhishek Biradar (8 days ago)
I drink hell energy drink
Joe Cabral (10 days ago)
10 red bulls you'd feel like a meth head when you come down
I'm not Wanda (10 days ago)
NONE of this grossed me out at all! BTW why is it that when people talk about energy drinks they mention the sugar n the caffeine as if they're so terrible but they always fail to mention that they also contain ginseng n taurine etc which supposedly this mix of stimulants is great in small amounts but drink em like most people do n BAM heart attack. Dont know what I mean? Drink a strong cup of coffee n take a ginseng capsule ($4 bottles at walmart) n tell me how you feel after...you'll have wings
Miyoonhi (13 days ago)
2.11.2018, i drank Red bull and other Energy drinks today
به دنیا بگویید، امریکا یک دروغگوست، که فقط در فکرمنافع خودش میباشد، انها زورگویانی هستند، که با کمک فرازمینیان دنیا را زیر سلطه خود در میا ورند، تنها کشوری که از تسلیم انها نمیشود، ایران وچین و روسیه است، امریکاییها سعی میکنند اول با جنگ روانی، بعد جنگ اقتصادی، وآخربا زور و جنگ موشکی وهسته ای، سعی در تسلیم کردن رقبای خود را دارند، غافل از اینکه، کل بشر در معرض انقراض قرار میگیرد، لطفا زیر بار امریکا نروید
fallenSlave (15 days ago)
I liked this video. But mostly don't liked the nostradamus scam video what you have made.
Inez Cox (15 days ago)
Ice cream has beaver pea in it, and antifreeze, peanut butter has rat, pee and poo in it, did you know cornnola, oil was made for engein, for ww1 and 2, and today government pass all this on us to eat, do your research on all what they put in everything , and read up why they do it,
Ford Mustang GT (16 days ago)
Should I try redbull?
Knight Firerose (16 days ago)
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Calvin Schmucker (18 days ago)
but i dont think bull ..... is necessarily dangerous though it sounds utterly disgusting and pathetic. its a natrual production of a God created animal.
Calvin Schmucker (18 days ago)
i admit i still like to consume these products, especially energy drinks.though i try not to think whats in it and the some of the poison it contains.
Matthew Mcdonald (21 days ago)
I will still drink energy drinks
/: (22 days ago)
Stop killing Bulls to make red bull
pearl is salty 13 (23 days ago)
I drinked red Bull when I was younger, never drinking it again ( ´~`)
Cookiechocolate (24 days ago)
I don’t even care😂
dj yonder (24 days ago)
The pictures are disturbing
ThatOneEggplant (27 days ago)
Hears the narrator’s voice: *_As seen on tv_*
ketan2ken (29 days ago)
Gonna drink red bull even more now
Sapuni Anjana (1 month ago)
Red bull 😐😐😐😭😭😭😭😭😭
KermitDFrog 2k17 (1 month ago)
Y’all are the next watch mojo...
John James (1 month ago)
For all you energy drink haters, what sodas, and all Homemade Cookies and Pies. Everyone forgets about the sugar amount in them...
Mohammad Yaseen (1 month ago)
One of my friend drink red bull often I told him over and over to not drink red bull, he was Persist drinking it.. I won’t drink red bull never ever.
Rituraj Das (1 month ago)
Who all stopped consuming the products after watching this?
Xavier S (1 month ago)
The taurine in Red Bull is SYNTHETIC there’s no sperm in it
Pink unicorn Lover (1 month ago)
Ok I’m drinking the frapachinno right now. My mom says that now I’m getting protein cause bugs are good for you. I am disgusted
Q uantum (1 month ago)
The Redbull thumbnail! That's why I am here.
Beenu Bhai (1 month ago)
mama ji good morning
Kenzieee Is me (1 month ago)
What!? It has shark liver oil in it!i never knew,because it was t on the container.twice.
I fucking eated Strawberry Froppochino last NIght EW I WANT TO VOMIT SO BAD!!
GBSU GROUP (1 month ago)
red bull all right you are saying truth
Leroy Hilton (1 month ago)
adomas atas (1 month ago)
Shark liver oil? So what? Are you saying that people who know what it’s made from will never buy squalene again because it seems ‘gross’ or something?
Jency Chris (1 month ago)
I am lucky because i never drink these things
royal (1 month ago)
Redbull and every other energy drink out there don't work for me anymore so I started drinking green juice every morning and I feel more energized then I ever been.
xPenguinYT (1 month ago)
Niki De Wilde (1 month ago)
The sperm is redbull is not treu
DaffyDank (1 month ago)
was drinking red bull while watching this , went and dumped the whole thing in the toilet . never buying and drinking again ,
Watching this and im stil buying everything I have seen
ivan sanchez (1 month ago)
I’m still drinking Red Bull
Jose Pepe (1 month ago)
Who gives a shit. If any of this didnt send everyone to the er then we're fine lol. No need for the dramatic music
ricardo gomez:D (1 month ago)
Guys this is fake they just dont whant you to eat it
jafro black (2 months ago)
The bug thing to produce red dye is real and it's not confined to Starbucks.
TheDarkLink7 (2 months ago)
Probably shouldn't be watching this while eating toast.
Jamel BlaQue (2 months ago)
There’s nothing that can scare us as man kind no more. Except maybe giant storms, other than that man kind already knows that worlds secrets.
Jamel BlaQue (2 months ago)
I been knew about the fragrance. I’ll still buy them.
UnknownDarknight (2 months ago)
no red bull moster energy 4 ever <33
Jakeseesowl (2 months ago)
I don't use any of those products apart from red bull I only drink that like once or twice a month for fun, it's just what I do so don't bother complaining if ur that type of a person 😂 😂
Kem Wills (2 months ago)
Don't use any of that stuff, but I was thinking about getting that shampoo, until I seen the price. :(
Meer Hamza (2 months ago)
hahaha but i still drinking red bull
Mehvish Ahmedi (2 months ago)
who told u
TheSlimyNoodle (2 months ago)
U cochaniel bugs are common in many things so I honestly don’t care about that
SPR_Tigrana (2 months ago)
MoyArmy 4L (2 months ago)
Good thing i dont use any of those things
sales department (2 months ago)
We are a reliable supplier of energy drinks. As an official supplier with the exclusive rights to distribute, our drinks are 100% guaranteed as original - wholesalers & trade suppliers of energy drink and we sell at factory prices. We supply red bull energy drink red / blue / silver / extra Packaging: 250 ML 24 cans / tray 108 tray/ pallet 26 pallets (2880 trays) / 20ft container 33 pallets (3960 trays) / 40ft container. contact now for details. email at departmentsales45@gmail.com
K-9 xanxman (2 months ago)
Main stop lieing yall click bait ass they just saying to make you stop eating 1.26 that's they make that shit out of food color and strawberry slushie dumb ass
rezi (2 months ago)
Clickbait and pretty dramatic TBH
gabrielgtav br (2 months ago)
Geee Orilla (2 months ago)
your a total cunt for click baiting. you said nothign wrong with redbull but have a picture of a horse,btw implying it was a bull. and they had nothign in connection.
You played urself (2 months ago)
Pure fucking clickbait
SANCHO FAMILY (2 months ago)
still gonna drink red bull and strawberry frap......
shakeyourtambourine (2 months ago)
I’m still going to buy it all!
HitProof (2 months ago)
With every breath you take Millons of toxic substances like heavy lead goes immediately into your veins What's the point of this video?
HitProof (2 months ago)
I do not really care if it contains bull's semen if it is not toxic and makes you as strong as bull is I am talking it immediately
Raju Giri (2 months ago)
Red bull made of bull zygote it's true .. omg
Ho Bhj (2 months ago)
I am drinking red bull while watching .....and I have to be honest guys it's super cold and it test pretty good ....
Cathy Reddy (2 months ago)
load of red bull shit
Jealous Vlogs Music (3 months ago)
I already know that most energy drinks are made of bull sperm, but I still drink them
BEARJXCK (3 months ago)
3:05 TF 😂
Blue Moxie (3 months ago)
I threw up while drinking a Red Bull watching this....
levi guine (3 months ago)
There's nothing in it
levi guine (3 months ago)
This is fake I'm still drinking redbull
tyler runck (3 months ago)
love how they used redbull in the thumbnail for views but then when talking about redbull have nothing thatll really make me stop drinking it
24blazeIT Candelario (3 months ago)
He’s right bugs are used to make food coloring
Olufemi Ajala (3 months ago)
1. Expensive perfumes: they are made fom sperm whales poop. 2. Strawberry Frappuccino : the pink look has a lot of bugs in it. 3. Squalene : they are made drom shark liver oil. 4. Imprivo Shampoo : They use bull semen to make it. 5. Red Bull : Artificial sweetners.
kevin jurna (3 months ago)
Lol you’re wrong i made red bull myself ,Yes it’s possible and i didn’t need anything weird
mrzazzaable (3 months ago)
Stupid clickbait shitcunts. Redbull is NAMED after taurine extracted from bull's digestive enzymes
Soviet RUSSIA (3 months ago)
Some true some are not
It happens bro! (3 months ago)
this makes me wanna drink red bull
Eugene Ang (3 months ago)
Ronald Lomack (3 months ago)
I would Sue to out of you for downing my products
Red Bulls give you wings???? wings my ass, red bull gives you cancer and heart attack.
STUNT Amazing (3 months ago)
Click Bait🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dylan Mosley (3 months ago)
Still using all those products
Gulnaz Saleem (3 months ago)
Gulnaz Saleem (3 months ago)
K G (3 months ago)
The sausage principle is strong with this one.
Arslan Shoukat (3 months ago)
this is ture?red bull made by bull seman plz help i drink every day its my fvrt drink
Everyday Products (3 months ago)
Idiots, not every perfume has ambergris,​ also perfume made in France and not Switzerland
DeilTrap Gaming (4 months ago)
probablecause4 (4 months ago)
Red Bull contains Taurine.....
Doctor Blam (4 months ago)
I was crossing my fingers for bull cum I am very disappointed
RS ZONE (4 months ago)
No bulls sperm are there in red bull it has some secret ingredients it is just fake news you don't know anything
PANDABLE LECTOR (4 months ago)
Varun Suryawanshi (4 months ago)
Red bull also contains Aspartame.

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