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Making Alcohol Jelly (from Calcium Acetate)

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In this video, we use some of the calcium acetate that was made in a previous video to make some alcohol jelly! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2448989&ty=h Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nile-Red-1648800202046876/ If you want to support me but don't want to actually donate, we can exploit an app referral system. Download and signup for an app called Qriket using my code "0D6D0B" and I will get $1 per signup. You don't have to pay anything. I am not affiliated with them in any way. Also, all money from this will go into buying chemicals and lab stuff. This is also probably the only video I post this on. It might only be available in Canada. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qriket.app&hl=en Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/qriket/id469250215?mt=8
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Text Comments (235)
jack long (29 days ago)
You know there’s an easier way to do this? Gasoline and styrofoam its very safe
Mark Pinther (29 days ago)
This was cool. A few times you said “isopropanol” which appears to be unintended.
Daniel Bickford (1 month ago)
Is it edible?
Cronofactor (1 month ago)
Daniel Bickford technically yes. But I would not suggest. also you would need to use ethanol.
AaronAlso (1 month ago)
HEET, yellow bottle blue label is 99% methanol. FYI
Remy Mafia (2 months ago)
"Alcohol jelly: sounds like something crazy kids from MIT would come up with.
DayCraftMC (2 months ago)
Hell yes it works! It seems like all that work paid off. I failed to pyrolyse my calcium carbonate so it got half burned which made it brown, but I turned it to calcium acetate anyway, it was very hard when I dried it so I was really unsure it would work, but it turnes out it did. Edit: Huh is doesn't last when I stored it away, it just turned into more of a liquid. Must be the impurities.
data901 (3 months ago)
Could this work with Methyl Hydrate? I use that as fuel for a "do it your self" pop can stove. It works great to heat up water and make coffee. But it be nice if it was in a gel form.
King Kirstine (3 months ago)
Are you using white vinegar or cleaning vinegar?
The Nuclear Boy (4 months ago)
Could i use sodium acetate?
1684484448848 (5 months ago)
DONT USE METHANOL, Calcium acetate is solulable in methanol and will make a dangerous, caustic , toxic , flammable, useless solution.
Alpo Turunen (5 months ago)
Does this work with other acetates? I'm thinking about creating nice coloured flames with transition metals
Brendan Zink (6 months ago)
I tried this and it did not work. What alcohol did you use? In the materials list it says isopropyl but you say ethanol and isopropanol. What is it because my tests did not produce any gelatin like substance. Instead I just soaked the calcium acetate in a little bit of alcohol and ended up with a flaming paste rather than gelatin.
AR0LAS (6 months ago)
Hi, man I was looking for way, how to solify alcohol for the purposes of the computer game I am going to developed durring the summer, so I would like to thank you for this video :)
The Crude Lab (6 months ago)
where is the epolepsy warning??
Purushottam Latey (6 months ago)
This stuff was once made and sold in large quantities as "Chafing dish solid fuel" in India
Sebastiaan Hoek (6 months ago)
Wait so patreons get extra content?
Sanatkumar B.S. (7 months ago)
Hii brother is there anyway to prepare fuel gel by using sodium acetate ?
MyLonewolf25 (8 months ago)
These are great fire starters for camping!
mckryall (8 months ago)
Mistake at 3:59. You said ethanol instead of isopropyl.
bur1t0 (8 months ago)
There's actually a trick to holding the burning ball. If you hold it in your open palm, less air gets in below it and the underside burns cooler, allowing you to hold it for longer (I'm talking half a second to a whole second here). You also want to handle it *slowly*, to prevent fanning air onto the ball. You can also throw it back and forth between hands slowly in a sort of juggling motion, allowing you to hold it indefinitely. I'd also encourage you to do this without water on your hands, as it's actually safer. The next trick is with a friend try throwing them to each other, over a distance of 5 - 10 metres, the noise they make while airbourne is something to behold. Again, just like holding them, nice gentle arcs through the air, limit the speed of any movements you make, and do it in an area where you can drop it if if gets too hot. Also, tie back any long hair, and make sure you pull up the sleeves of any shirt or jumper you're wearing. The smell of burnt arm hair and bacon will go away in a day or two.
wesley Hammonds (10 months ago)
fun party trick, get some 70% easily acquired from the store, start by adding ice to very cold water and then take a spray bottle with alcohol and spray it through a candle flame at your hand, it should burn up as it gets close but it burns so fast and theirs so little that you only feel a pleasant warmth, also good for removing hair XD.
Sean Not-telling (11 months ago)
How do they make the fire jelly that pops and snaps?
Nicoya (11 months ago)
Looks like i'm not the only one who's wondering if you can make chewable shooters with this method.
Romaji (11 months ago)
Where is Nile Blue?
Corey Heidemann (11 months ago)
Since calcium acetate is used as a food additive, would it be safe to assume you could make some sort of edible alcohol jelly with ethanol?
1684484448848 (5 months ago)
Corey Heidemann not safe
Frank B (1 year ago)
So, is this basically Sterno? If no can you make sterno?
Adi (1 year ago)
Would have been nice to have the calcium acetate prepared from household materials
Pyro Boom (1 year ago)
the left over is calcium carbonate and then recycle it to make again calcium acetate, calcium carbonate+10% vinegar=calcium acetatep
Shadowa Twillight (1 year ago)
So this would not be considered a precipitate?
Brisignir eragon (1 year ago)
Children : snowball fights! Nile : FLAMING SNOWBALL FIGHT MOFOS, get on my level
Ron Johnson (1 year ago)
Will trying this with 95% ethanol fail?
Victor Yu (1 year ago)
0:43 "isopropynyl"
AirsoftSlo (1 year ago)
Dont add acid if the ball isnt fully burnt. It will make toxic gasses.
Robert Frith (1 year ago)
Do cinnamon compounds that ants hate
DAVOK MAY (1 year ago)
would denatured alcohol work
Martin Gritsch (1 year ago)
I had the impression that the jelly isn't easy to moldel and won't stick together to allow more or less arbitrary shapes. Do you think it is possible to control the jellification process in a way so that you can mold nice looking items?
Flederratte (1 year ago)
I like this video very much. It reminds me when I first discovered this after I added Isopropanol to dissolved eggshells in vinnegar.
Oliepolie (1 year ago)
Truly Infamous (1 year ago)
Does it remind anybody else of that squishy baff stuff?
Edwin van Dijk (1 year ago)
do you need to use high concentration ethanol? or could you also use 10% to 30% ??
Monokuma (1 year ago)
Now mix gasoline with Styrofoam!
AirsoftSlo (1 year ago)
Can I make this from sodium acetate?
1684484448848 (5 months ago)
AirsoftSlo no
SBVCP (1 year ago)
Some say i do my cocaine to snif, but im better playing with it to make a portable stove
Thermophile (1 year ago)
If you want a nice fireball to juggle in your bare hands, use a cotton ball, or paper towel, with alcohol on it. That is what is what I am doing in my profile picture.
Jose Paredes (1 year ago)
remember us when you're famous
You're genial 👌🏽
Amml Seri (1 year ago)
Could you do that with calcium formiate?
Nick Washburn (1 year ago)
How long can I hold a fireball? Until it burns me. Let me know if you have any more burning questions.
Vulcano121212 (1 year ago)
Is it possible to use methylated spirit ( i dont know the actual word but it i mean the liquide that you use in small burners) instead of isopropyl alcohol?
Andrew Lorona (1 year ago)
Yes. But you should use gloves for that one.
Vulcano121212 (1 year ago)
Sorry for bad english
David (1 year ago)
Does it work with Sodium Acetate or can you make calciumacetate aut of sodium acetate?
N Trung (1 year ago)
I lov u
Dogerun (1 year ago)
i know acetone isnt an alcohol, but would it work
Petros Adamopoulos (1 year ago)
You mentioned nile blue but you don't link to it or list in in "channels" on your channel, so I couldn't find it actually.
Victor Gigante (1 year ago)
Colloids are fun to play with. XD
Emil Almberg (1 year ago)
I did this experiment with my children, we started from the calium acetate we also made from eggshells. The kids loved to play with fire! The recipe is perhaps 5 times too big to be safe for children ... Thanks for an effort to make all those nice video!
Oscar Poll (2 years ago)
At around 4:00 you say "I expose new fresh ethanol" and i think you used isopropanol
Maze38 (2 years ago)
Could you use Acetone? (I want to use the acetone that I made following one of his other videos)
Haddox Guitars (2 years ago)
Mine is not working at all. I used a white wine vinegar, maybe that had to do with it? I also did not clean the powder afterwards, maybe that was the problem? Maybe I overheated while crystalizing. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I also soaked the eggshells with the vinegar in a stainless steel pot. Any tips here? Thanks
namibjDerEchte (2 years ago)
This stuff is in gelling-for-flame purity really easy to synthesize. Just get 25% acetic acid from your supermarket, react it with as much calcium hydroxide (in the cement section of your local building supply store, you might wanna check the web for "brand" names. (Here in germany its "Calciumhydroxid" vs. "Löschkalk", which is called slaked lime. If you cant get that, try to substitute for calciumoxide. Beware that this does more damage to skin, so be more carefull. The dry/non-slurry hydroxide is not more dangerous than the acid itself, and that is not too dangerous. It is defatting thoug by creating soap.) The mixing ratio should be aroung 1 volume part calcium(hydr)oxide for 10 volume parts 25% acetic acid. Maybe even 1:30 or so. just try a small scale to get a feeling. You have to barely dissolve all lime, but you don't want more acetic acid than necessary. Anything above 10% over the required amount could lead to slower gelling. The resulting mixture (mine was a little brown stained, like tea, but that doesnt really show in the gel) can be directly used from between 1:20 to 1:5 calciumacetate-solution to (for my case) ethanol. The key is to mix it before it gells, as that prevents further mixing. I had good results pouring the ethanol into the burning container and injecting a stream of solution with a syringe. Also usefull to get the right dose. Just align and shoot as fast as you can. Try not to touch the syringe into the alcohol, and ofc you do not need the hypodermic needle. Just as simple plastic syringe suffices. If you do touch the alcohol, the syringe might require cleaning. Use cold-ish water (hot might be dangerous for your hands and the plasic of the syringe. Really cheap. Like 5 bucks for gelling a 10l bucket of ethanol. Also the only heat required is to ignite. It does however speed the reaction up.
CIRCUIT Ethan (2 years ago)
5:31 eveyrone
T0k4m4K (2 years ago)
And here we are to napalm-c
Moo (2 years ago)
There's only one thing left to do Add nitrate
The Clam (2 years ago)
Is water needed or could I pour powdered calcium acetate into a 70% isopropyl alcohol
A Big Red G (2 years ago)
plz try extracting Dimethyltryptamine from a organic source.
Eli (2 years ago)
Sorta fun fact: Some old flamethrowers had this stuff inside as fuel
lucas crow (2 years ago)
Hey, Nile; what font do you use in your video thumbnails? It looks familiar and I'd like to use it. Thanks!
NileRed (2 years ago)
It is @Adobe Gothic Std B in MS Paint
Hellwolf501 (2 years ago)
is this the same thing as trioxane tablets?
Oseois (2 years ago)
Any chance you could do a video on deep eutectic solvents?
mechadrake (2 years ago)
Piranha channel confirmed!
Hampton Copeland (2 years ago)
Hey Nile. Please please please make that video on Lithium Peroxide. I'm really looking forward to it!Best wishes,Hampton.
Hampton Copeland (2 years ago)
You should do a flame test. Fill two beakers with CO2 and then put matches in them. In one suspend a coffee filter of Li2O2. That should convert the CO2 to O2? Best of luck, looking forward to it! P.S. I'm currently in the process of getting glassware and a setup. so soon, hopefully ill be able to go through each of your videos and do them myself!
NileRed (2 years ago)
I have it made and everything, i just need a way to demonstrate it
Hurricane's channel (2 years ago)
A riff off from NurdRage. Why an a$$hole.
Christopher Chamberlin (2 years ago)
Do you accept Bitcoin?
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Christopher Chamberlin I never actually set up one. I am going to setup a Paypal or something at some point though. I am lazy though when it comes to that stuff, ha
uchihasurvival (2 years ago)
Show us how to make potassium nitrate without nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate.
uchihasurvival (2 years ago)
+Nile Red I live in Canada. I found very easily nitric acid on eBay, but I didn't found ammonium nitrate.
John's Epic Style (2 years ago)
+Nile Red UK, probably.
NileRed (2 years ago)
+uchihasurvival Ammonium nitrate is hard to find but nitric acid isnt? Where do you live?
John's Epic Style (2 years ago)
+uchihasurvival But... why? Why would you do that?
uchihasurvival (2 years ago)
+Nile Red Ammonium nitrate cold packs are hard to find and it is not pure. The easiest is to react potassium hydroxide with nitric acid and then boil off the remaining water.
Just Power Electronics (2 years ago)
I'd really like to see you attempting the synthesis of Trimethylaluminum There are some interesting papers online about the procedures too.
Just Power Electronics (2 years ago)
Is there a way I can contact you out of Youtube comments, an email?
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Just Power Electronics Pyrophoric liquids are a little too dangerous for me to make right now i think. I want to make butyl lithium at some point though.
Just Power Electronics (2 years ago)
+Nile Red as a catalyst for some polymerization reactions. it also reacts with air to ignite. periodic videos have a video on it. I feel it would be an interesting challenge. if I knew more of the chemistry involved I would have like to attempt it myself with a home machined reaction chamber. have a look. I'd be interested in what you think.
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Just Power Electronics what is it used for?
Ricky (2 years ago)
cannot wait for the red phosphorus vid!
rb26dett (2 years ago)
Does this leave a bad smell or toxic fumes?
MechaTehDark (2 years ago)
Do you think we could get a video on the synthesis of cyclohexylamine?
Shayne Lafferty (2 years ago)
you should make the mercaptan (Thiol) they add to gasoline for the smell. it's like pure rotten egg smell.
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Shayne Lafferty It is super potent I think. Not sure ill make it. I will be making some pure cadaverine and putrescine though...
Wesley Burnham (2 years ago)
You should show the salting out of isopropal alcohol to get rid of the water.
Christopher Steele (2 years ago)
I was getting sick of the piranha videos. Yay, real chemistry!
Tim Nash (2 years ago)
Hi, I wondered if you could do a video on the process of methylating transition metals? just curious as to how methyl organometallic compounds are synthesised, thank you :)
Lukáš Huska (2 years ago)
can you do video: how to make tnt ?
Taj Mahal Badalandabad (2 years ago)
What do you think about making a cinnamic acid by using benzaldehyde and acetic anhydride? Of course with steam distillation process;)
Keta (2 years ago)
Nice stuff man :D going to try it out if I get some anhydrouse alcohol^^
Grant Stewart (2 years ago)
Make acetone from calcium acetate dry distillation! I've been looking forward to this one forever!
Grant Stewart (2 years ago)
+Nile Red Definitely. I'm also interested in the reddish oil that allegedly comes over after the acetone with higher heat.
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Grant Stewart Just keep in mind that the yield isn't amazing and the product needs to be thoroughly purified. It isnt exactly the cleanest way to make acetone
Grant Stewart (2 years ago)
+Nile Red Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. I've been making calcium acetate from limestone and calcite as of late with plans of doing the same, so I am quite interested in seeing it.
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Grant Stewart haha sorry. It has been a while. That is the next one that will be uploaded
Why not Dean (2 years ago)
Did he just say methanol? That stuff is pretty toxic from what I understand. Sure its a flammable alcohol, but not something you should play around with.
namibjDerEchte (2 years ago)
Well it is defatting, e.g. it removes fat from your skin and thus makes them swell. If you want to see that effect, choose a fingertip you dont need mechanically for 30~50h and use this without a glove to clean some little part with an acetone soaked paper towel. That's as bad as it gets.
Bernardo B (2 years ago)
+Why not Dean well he did said to use gloves if you were to play with metanol. Going outside or in a fumehood should be commonsense as well.
Why not Dean (2 years ago)
+Nile Red Oh as a byproduct? Sure there's like mg/L. But unless you chug like 10 bottles of wine I don't think the methanol would be a problem.  I guess you're right that it would be viable here though, as it's something you'll only do once or twice. But I'm not sure that I would recommend the layman to mess around with liters and liters of the stuff :)
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Why not Dean Ill make the nitrous soon! But i dont mean added purposely. There is "decent" amount of methanol in wine and things like apple juice. The amount is still low enough that it isnt dangerous though.
Why not Dean (2 years ago)
+Nile Red You sure about that? I've never heard it being used in food preparation/storage. Other than moonshine, and that's exactly why you shouldn't drink moonshine. And now that I have your attention; Make that  nitrous oxide video and break down in laughter throughout the video ;)
Anthony Nowlan (2 years ago)
Just wondering if this is similar to hand sanitiser. Been wondering how that stuff doesnt just evaporate etc.
Moldovan Horatiu (2 years ago)
I wonder what would happen if you inject tert Bu Lithium soln inside the unignited ball
Franky Yodi (2 years ago)
next try easiest way making carbon monoxide?
namibjDerEchte (2 years ago)
Burn coal in a oxygen-depleated, co2 rich atmoshphere.
You could maybe oxidize methanol to formic acid, and dehydrate it with sulfuric acid? Dunno if this is possible, but the chemicals are more easy to find.
Franky Yodi (2 years ago)
saw there but quite hard to get material
Franky Yodi (2 years ago)
next try easiest way making carbon monoxide?
Ilgaz Er (2 years ago)
burning alcohols etc without enough o2 should do the trick
Skyler P.C. (2 years ago)
nile have you tried setting up the "support this channel" button on YouTube? I think you can use that to give like a one time donation unlike patreon where people have to sign up for monthly donations.
Skyler P.C. (2 years ago)
and here's some info on setting it up. They call it "fan funding". http://www.reelseo.com/how-to-youtube-fan-funding-tip-jar/
Skyler P.C. (2 years ago)
Here's some info on what it looks like too a viewer. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052077?hl=en
NileRed (2 years ago)
+Skyler P.C. They have a button like that? I had no idea...
NeXus (2 years ago)
awesome :D
cat2kill (2 years ago)
Is there a way to react propane gas in some way to obtain propanol or isopropanol ?
superdau (2 years ago)
+cat2kill For isopropanol you start out with prop*e*ne or acetone (two different reactions) and both times you need a catalyst to do it.
MihalisM Kickyourass (2 years ago)
where can i find isopropyl alcohol?
The Jeffrey 27 (2 years ago)
Could you make a flame thrower out of this?
Ilgaz Er (2 years ago)
+The Chemistry Kid use only alcohol with compressed air is easier
The Jeffrey 27 (2 years ago)
+Ilgaz Er use more alcohol then, it could also just have more compressed air in it.
Ilgaz Er (2 years ago)
Meh, it's solid so not really practical.
Janusz Januszowski (2 years ago)
Plz do acetone from dry disstilation next
Michael Bay (2 years ago)
yes please!
pvc (2 years ago)
I like how the fire forms kind of standing wave pattern.
Shawn Hawkins (2 years ago)
can you use everclear, so that after you cook dinner you can get hammered?
Algorhythm (2 years ago)
when cutting up the ball of the jelly, you refer to the alcohol as ethanol even though you used isopropanol

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