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Soliqua Explained

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In this video I talk about a new drug that just came out called Soliqua. It is a diabetes drug that is the combination of insulin glargine and lixisentide. Insulin glargine is a long acting basal insulin and lixisentide is a GLP-1 agonist, similar to Byetta, Victoza, or Trulicity. I hope you guys enjoy. This video does not take the place of counceling a pharmacist or physician. However, it may help you in asking the right questions.
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Cristina Viveros (7 days ago)
Thanks for the video! I just started taking this medication, so this was very helpful. My only concern is gaining weight with this medication. Is there a way to prevent that ?How common is that side effect with this medication?
Jeff the Pharmacist (6 days ago)
Any insulin causes weight gain because sugar in the blood will be converted to fat. If your calories are not excessive i think that is the best way to control it. A low carb diet is helpful because it helps reduce cravings and hunger pains and insulin requirements.

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