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Modding a consumer TV to use RGB input

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Text Comments (3202)
John Doe (16 hours ago)
technical details? please
Norman R. Dolan (1 day ago)
Well, they may still have analog to digital converter boxes, so...
EMAngel 2718 (1 day ago)
I've already seen nearly all of your videos but I'm going back and rewatching them anyway because it's just such a pleasant yet fascinating experience
salvagebar (2 days ago)
I can't believe no one commented on the adorable photo at 1:15!
Stewie (3 days ago)
great work
Om Shiv Tiwari (3 days ago)
Amazing sir!
BoomWithPeter (3 days ago)
Beleve it or not but even Serbia that is 10years behind America in tech swiched in 2016 to digital only tv, biggest sales of settop boxes with scard were selling like craisy
Nathan Okun (3 days ago)
The original composite color video for the Atari and Commodore systems (others?) had a basic problem: The analog composite monitor screen pixels were not divided up into multiples of 8-bit bytes as is standard on 8-bit and higher computers. I think that they used a 65-bit-code value when translated to the digital computer video circuitry creating the video image. The video chips for these early home computers were mostly made with a 64-bit code -- slicing off that "pesky" extra bit, which would have required extra and more-expensive circuity in the video chips to handle (perhaps major ignorance/hubris of a digital person about that "old fashioned" analog stuff). This one-bit difference, until eventually understood and corrected, meant that a rainbow rippling color -- caused by a Moire pattern beat-frequency effect of 65/64 repetitions of the error -- was superimposed on the desired image, as well as creating fringing around the borders of discrete image blocks (letters, graphic symbols, etc.) on the screen. This problem was quite evident in your Atari example when you switched white/grey letters from composite with the problem to RGB without it in the video. It was amazing how long it took for computer design people to realize that the person who created the 64-bit-based video chip circuitry had not realized (or maybe cared) how much of a difference that one bit would make and cut it off for "efficiency" (or maybe just ignorance/error) -- you cannot do that with things that use analog or wave-based (video, for example) emulations!
Bdbxbxb bxbxbx (3 days ago)
He says actually so fuckin much
Vikrinox (3 days ago)
Didn’t know scart was a europe thing, Ive just thought That giant socket was a Well known standard everywhere.
Dhin Cardoso (4 days ago)
Man! Such a great explanation and guidance, I was drifting in the internet a long time to understand RGB Modding, you' nailed it!
john sari (5 days ago)
It would be cool if your next project would be to mod one of these old TVs or commodores to take HDMI and see what happens
John Korotki (5 days ago)
I'm actually a member of Long Island Retro Gaming on Facebook and I've bought stuff from members on there. It's an amazing local scene, and I'm fortunate to live right in it where I can post my cool stuff and buy for myself 💯
Morahman7vnNo2 (6 days ago)
And all these year I used to PREACH THE VIRTUE OF S-VIDEO! When true RGB was available all along. I always thought the TV menu interface looked sharp and clear in an uncanny way.
Morahman7vnNo2 (6 days ago)
And I thought I was slick because I had a little 13" Sharp television, and that my NES looked great on it...now I know there's a better option! This is mind-bendingly amazing!
Thenimas (6 days ago)
Just wondering, how would sync-on-green work with this? Can you just use an RCA splitter between the green and sync input? Also I read online that using a 75 ohm resistor and/or a 220 microfarad capacitor on each of the Genesis' RGB lines improves the image clarity (I'm gonna need someone to confirm this)
Dustin Sechrist (6 days ago)
that TV has mono sound? wow :|
TheOverAnalysticJake (7 days ago)
Lol *SCART* Forever
K.o.R (7 days ago)
You can see on your TV that the composite and audio inputs are on a suspiciously-SCART-shaped blanking plate ;)
delamaize (7 days ago)
I wonder if this mod would work with older arcade machines.... I know we have been using tubes from old TVs for a while, but if the whole TV could be used, that changes things a little.....
pepe6666 (7 days ago)
dude that fucking rules!
Eric Sills (7 days ago)
8-Bit Guy, I have a question. Please help. I'm trying to use a video capture device with a new laptop. I've had quite a bit of experience with video capture cards being a schmerz in den arsch. It's not working with the new laptop. I'm getting a green preview screen in the software. Is this simply a compatibility issue with this particular laptop?
Brandon B (8 days ago)
1:14 What a nice looking couple.
그냥사람 (9 days ago)
"Genesis has pretty good composite output" no it's bad
Luke The Hat (9 days ago)
Sneaky (9 days ago)
you were 22 in '97... that's the year I was born and i'm only 21. numbers are cool!
Dani Danielz (9 days ago)
From intro to outro, every thing is pleasing.
Pol.Kraine (9 days ago)
My question is my Sanyo AVM-1307 tv has microchips blanking on B to the jungle chip. Since I can't post a picture here is the pin out I found. Micro ctrlr chip pins: 41/AV (unused), 21: R, 22: G, 23: B, 12: 5V+, 24: BLK (which is connected to B). Micro Ctrlr chip: LC864616A Jungle chip pins 15: R, 16: G, 17: B/BLK, 14 VCC(+) <video> [maybe composite], GND 37, IF GND: 7, IF VCC: 11 How do I connect composite/sync to this? And does IF need to be tinkered with as well?
mvz (10 days ago)
Does composite work better for NTSC than it does for PAL? when you switch back and forth between RGB and Composite, I notice a lot less 'dot crawl' on your reds than I do when I use Composite.
Chris Turnblom (10 days ago)
I hate to be that guy...no actually it's kinda fun. Analog TV does exist here in the US. we still get 1 analog station here in southern Utah. I don't know why they broadcast it but it does exist. It's some really lame channel. I haven't even checked it out other than noticing an old John Wayne movie.
David McKean (10 days ago)
I want to do this to my TV, can Mark Cowan help me too?
Keenan Reitz (11 days ago)
1:13 a handsome man
MrCarrotstomper (12 days ago)
Actually, actually, actually. The 8-Bit guy, watch your videos again and notice this time how many times you use that word. Love your videos but it is driving me insane.
64 Tech Reviews (12 days ago)
But i have a 13in b/w tv which im going to make slow mo on
Auberge79 (12 days ago)
When I connected a PC same way, I had 5 Volts from the PC so blank signal appeared as soon as the PC is turned On. BTW there is 5V pin in any VGA for this purpose. :)
Auberge79 (12 days ago)
Back in 1998 I had secondary PC, 486 based. It had no monitor so I connected it to the old Soviet TV via RGB from it's VGA card. Yes, I had some VGA-to-TV drivers, but Quake 1 was running AWESOME on TV at 320*200 resolution, with no squares pixels, because it was 'native' resolution for TV. It was like a hardware smoothing for the picture :) This PC was connected to main Pentium-166 via COM-port and we played multiplayer game Quake via null-modem cable! That was really great experience at that time!
Geoff Pedder (12 days ago)
I wish i knew this was possible 25 years ago!
contytub (12 days ago)
i spent most of the video wondering why for a teky guy crt RGB mod feels like new discovery when most of the stuff we owned had RGB and at the end he sais "America" . nuf said ... also woundn't it be easier to get a control board with rgb from internet shipped ? our crts (funny enough) had ntsc also . really enjoying your videos.
This is a tv set of my lovely granny from 98
4lifejeph (13 days ago)
I'll file this under the I'll never do this or need to do this but was cool to watch category.
Cracker Jack (14 days ago)
I know you address this but if i had to mod a tv. Id use the scart or bnc brake out connectors since i have a few of those for my old consoles. Fortunately i have a newer crt (still 480i tube not hd) that has component inputs so id just need a transcoder.
Kris C (14 days ago)
Is there any way I can convert composite Video on LCD TV to RGB (8Bit computser)?
Myoron (14 days ago)
That was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, greatly informative.
High Path (15 days ago)
Applied Systems Technology I think I still have an AST Monochrome monitor. But yes you can see TV on the TV - using a Freesat Box or Freeview box both have co-ax outputs ( I assume this TV does not have scart connector?)
Angel Vazquez (15 days ago)
First time I see image from an RGB monitor, looks great, excellent mod!!
Guilherme Gomes (15 days ago)
muito legal cara, atla qualidade
POMIDOR. TV (15 days ago)
Use this on modern stuff
lbkn214 (15 days ago)
Would love to hear th stories from the ast days!
I love watching these! I mean, I don’t understand a lick of it but it’s fun.
KJR Channel (16 days ago)
It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people didn't know this could be done. Does anyone remember seeing big screen TV's in the arcade. Well some were rgb, but some were actually regular TV's with a tuner. There was a composite sync connector on on the back and in many cases a color amp chip that fed the rgb lines to a point on the board. None of this was rocket science, after all a computer monitor and a TV are very similar aside from the scan frequencies. It would also surprise many that in the early days a lot of arcade monitors were actually regular TV's with the tuner stripped out. This video further shows how much ignorance in the world there has been towards CRT's being automatic junk once digital broadcast came out. A long as you touch up solder joints replace failing caps, and keep the dust bunnies out they will last a long time.
Melon Chickens (18 days ago)
Wouldn't that be an ironic thing if that header was for direct RGB control at the factory when testing the RGB signal... Probably was, to be honest.
tempesttube (18 days ago)
I love that you just say “TSR” like we’re just supposed to know what that is... and we do.
Kenneth (18 days ago)
Legit! Just watch out for those LETHAL voltages folks!
Mike Jameson (18 days ago)
1989 - 2018; "A little dusty" **And the oscars goes to; The TV**
George (18 days ago)
nice video
WindowsEXE (18 days ago)
SCART is definitely a great connector. My TV still needs it.
siskavard (18 days ago)
Whoa I have the same TV. it runs like a dream
James Slick (18 days ago)
I've got a circa 1998 Sharp 27 incher in my cellar that works fine. It may a Winter project. I also have a running IBM PC-XT with a CGA card. Who in 1983 could imagine 27 inch freakin' RGB monitor! 😮👍
A M A Z O (18 days ago)
RGB is better often but composite is has more playful and colorful artifacts.
VideoNOLA (19 days ago)
Oooh, wish you had issued a POTENTIAL DEATH warning around 3:20 for n00bs.
VideoNOLA (19 days ago)
As I recall, my Laser128 (Apple //c clone) could send out both analog RGB and composite (RCA) video. Ironic, since the ][+, ][e, and //c were only engineered to be connected to composite monitors (many of which were MONOCHROME at the time -- amber or green), thus few software titles took the distinction into account. But it did mean I could ditch one of my CRT screens for a dual-input model to serve as the display for two different computers.
Abraham Davila (19 days ago)
Intro music name please
Peter Bustin (20 days ago)
I have exactly the same TV, but its branded 'Daewoo'! I suppose this kind of re-branding is quite common. I'm still using it after 20+ years!
Bas Groothedde (20 days ago)
Oh wait, SCART wasn't a standard world wide? Heck, I never knew that...
TheZooman22 (20 days ago)
I have an old 13" Sony Trinitron monitor, the kind used to watch video. It has the standard composite video IN and an RGB video IN. I would like to use it to display an image from a VGA laptop. Maybe something like a bunch of scrolling green text with a Matrix feel to it, or better yet some Blade Runner basic language text. I have tried to use a VGA to RGB patch cord but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?
Auberge79 (12 days ago)
No composite video output from the laptop? Then you'll need to make your VGA to give out TV standard frequencies. Yet you'll need a VGA cable soldered to RGB input of your TV. But I am pretty sure you'll not be able to run any windows later than win98 with VGA-TO-TV drivers.
MocnyBrowarek (21 days ago)
I have modded a lot of Sega MegaDrive consoles (Genesis) from my experience the early models (with superior sound) had not so great RGB output (jailbars, rainbowbanding etc). I'm moding all those consoles with S-Video witch is superior for those consoles as it's just as sharp and clear but without all those problems. Same for the early 2 chip SNES consoles - they have very bad RBG (just a little bit better than composhite), so adding S-Video to them gives MUCH superior image quality. Now I didn't mod any CRT TV with RGB/S-Video, because all european TV of the time have RGB already and all my TVs have S-Video but I did some research and it would be much easier and faster to just add S-Video input to some random tv sets ot the time, because all of them have chroma and luma legs on their main chips.
Aaron Smith (21 days ago)
something I noticed about your TV which I don't know if it's relevant but the composite port on the back looks like a SCART is it possible you could just easily disorder that port and put a SCART port on
NextLevelGaming (21 days ago)
This automatic youtube title translation is so annoying and incorrect I dont know what this Video is about. Greetings from Luxembourg.
Mariann Mariann (7 days ago)
Yes. Google Translate is inaccurate as he**.
Perry Babin (21 days ago)
Some TVs have a 'hot' ground. Are you sure that none of your connectors had high voltage on them?
DethHasArrived (21 days ago)
Great hack. But why?
Vasileios (21 days ago)
You should try MAME on that and see the difference,arcade games where made for RGB unlike the consoles who where RF-RCA focused.
CD Music (21 days ago)
7:00 "sodermy" joke anyone?
CD Music (21 days ago)
...those Casios though :-P
Ouija ZaZa Gaming (23 days ago)
this guy is a known pedophile he lives by me an i got a alert in my email with his name an picturre, so just so you know by watching him you support chester the molester
MikeDest (24 days ago)
1:13 - I don't know why, but I feel like this is a Nine Inch Nails concert.
Marazzmatika (26 days ago)
Analog TV still exists in Russia. And thank a lot for millimetres!
QueenAllTheWay (26 days ago)
This makes me wonder, is it possible to make VHS quality look a lot better?
the honest Orange (27 days ago)
Well I suppose Arthur Morgan could take color photos
Lance Page (27 days ago)
Great video. What I would like to see is a hack that puts a VGA input onto a digital chassis crt TV. Simply because where I live I seem to only find these 100hz jobs. I know it can be done. This would by pass all the digital processing before the analogue input signal of these era tvs. Because they are basically glorified computer monitors that run a 15khz analogue signal, then the digital chassis run natively at 31khz and converts it back to 15khz - so it can run "100hz". This was the last step of manufacturing tv before the advent of digital broadcast and LCD screen TVs as we know them today. I would even say these digital chassis consumer crt TV are more common these days than standard analogue TV.
Vašek Jindrák (27 days ago)
you rock
Max Headrom (28 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!!
Fernando Gutterres (28 days ago)
Cyborg sheep (29 days ago)
that's cool now I know why they call it RGBI I stands for intensity
Scott Thomas (29 days ago)
I had an EGS Spectrum for the Commodore Amiga when it came out. I worked in a TV station and had access to the books for the NTSC standard. I took note of all of the frequencies and built a cable from 15 pin VGA to the Commodore 1084S DIN connector. I set up a monitor profile with all of the values, and to my amazement , it worked!
Roman BingoBongo (30 days ago)
Now this tv can be used as a monitor of arcade cab! Nice!
Andrew Friberg (30 days ago)
Awesome work mate
Jess Ragan (1 month ago)
Nicely done. I'm definitely not going to attempt this... opening a CRT runs the risk of electrocution, and it's not a risk I want to take. But hey, you're a professional... you know what you're doing! There are a small handful of monitors and televisions in the United States with SCART connectors... I've personally got a Samsung 910MP with the port on the back (but you have to set the monitor to the European territory to make it work). I wasn't thrilled with the quality, but it might have been a problem with that specific display. My question is this... is there a way to connect a game system like the Genesis to the VGA port on the backs of more modern displays? I mean, if it's just RGB you'd think it would be possible.
Murlockingqc (1 month ago)
Hey there, I'd like to know what you used to stick your equipment to the wall? (power bar, router, modem... etc) I can't find anything that work for me, everytime the temperature change, everything fall off.
Mixailik Playz YT (1 month ago)
I think I’m still using analog TV with a Samsung CRT...
konatadesuka (1 month ago)
>takes cover off >slight bit of dust in there >red anode 25KV high voltage wire is still red I could say you haven't used that TV very much, it is literally clean inside. With a console like the original Playstation, an RGB, even an S-Video connection brings new life to games compared to composite. Also, that mod unfortunately does not work in the latest televisions as they only have one chip. Granted, most support Component which looks like it is a solution but it is not RGB. Another interesting mod is making an RGB to component (Y/Pb/Pr) adaptor board and using it on today's LCD televisions that still come with that analog input.
Rodrigo A. Melo (1 month ago)
Alguém aqui sabe qual o nome da musica que ele utiliza de fundo?
sergio trajano (1 month ago)
man, this channel is just amazingly awesomenessly good!!
Kenneth Peel (1 month ago)
What model tv is this?
Lukas Steinbrink (1 month ago)
In germany every TV in the late 90s had a SCART connector that was able to display RGB so no mod was required to display old rgb signals from Computer.
The OS expert Daymon (1 month ago)
Now all you need is a digital to analog converter to use the T.V. as a T.V. again.
Galaxy_Gamer DE (1 month ago)
Wenn man deutschen Titel nimmt bitte deutsch reden
Eclectik tronik (1 month ago)
You are right, we're spoiled here in Europe. Pretty much any Tv set made since the early 1990s has RGB on the scart connector. I noticed that your set has even a SCART- shaped cutout on the back panel where there are the Audio and video RCA connectors mounted on a black plastic rectangle on the mainboard in lieu. I keep finding sets like this on the street and nine times out of ten, they work fine. The remainder tend to have cracked solder joints on - you've guessed it - the SCART socket! They almost certainly got dumped when the signal from the digital set top box went intermittent and the owner went out and bought a new LCD monstrosity. Broken plastic front panel control buttons are another common problem. A very small number have more serious problems like Line output stage failure.
Alen Pete (1 month ago)
6:00 I don't understand why you add resistor in series with the original resisters but not in parallel, and maybe this is the reason that your controller become dimmer than before.
redSKORPION50 (1 month ago)
Unless you have that screwdriver GROUNDED you are wasting time sticking it under the HV cap. Sure, itll crack if there is stored energy, but it WONT drag that down to ground, which is safe and where you want it.
Faceless Leo (1 month ago)
This video has ruined me... I have a TV pretty similar to that one and now I wanna start tearing it apart seeing what I can do

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