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English/Nat XFA A human rights campaigner in Belgium was left briefly unconscious in a gutter by Zimbabwean security guards after he tried to make a "citizens arrest" on President Robert Mugabe who visited visited Brussels on Monday. Gay activist, Peter Tatchell, attempted to "arrest" Mugabe on the charge of torture, under the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture which Belgium has signed. He approached Mugabe as he left a meeting with E-U Development Aid Commissioner, Poul Nielsen in the Hilton hotel, branding him a torturer. But Mugabe's security guards lashed out at Tatchell, pinning him to a wall and beating him over the head before leaving him lying in a gutter outside. Meanwhile, the President was bundled into a car and taken to his next meeting with Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt. Speaking after the attack, Tatchell condemned the Belgian police, who he accused of standing by whilst he was being assaulted. The Zimbabwean President is on a tour of European capitals. SOUNDBITE: (English) "People who I believe were President Mugabe's secret agents attacked me, punching me around the head and face, even though I was no physical threat to the President, I merely said that President should be arrested for the crime of torture under the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture which Belgium has signed. The Belgian security police allowed the Zimbabwean government agents to beat me with impunity. Despite my request that they be arrested they not only walked away and allowed the agents, the Zimbabwean agents, to attack me, they refused to take any subsequent action against them." SUPER CAPTION: Peter Tatchell, Protestor You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f622df6f5f5552a4a8dd1274a6b89063 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (55)
Sewell Percy (14 days ago)
Don't agree with a lot of Mugabe, but a good job on that LGBT totalitarian.
the Belgium should arrest the whole Europeans including Israel and Americans
Christian Fata (10 months ago)
Surely this nusense individual got what he deserved, goodness me how else were they to have gotten rid of him?
One Man's Chorus (10 months ago)
A black on white beating that we can all applaud.
S Hussein (1 year ago)
650 black people have died in UK police cells.
Jonathan TBD (1 year ago)
a real man
Lesiba Murphy (1 year ago)
Peter... arrest people who killed Lumumba you pale fool.
sidney munemo (1 year ago)
that activist is a fool
Aadam Almakky (13 days ago)
sidney munemo no he was just someone who believed in the rights of people living in Zimbabwe and he received hundreds of emails thanking him for doing so , I was lucky enough to actually meet him
Jay Jones (1 year ago)
Mr Musi (1 year ago)
why dont these racist westerners arrest bush and blair for war crimes in iraq?
acid junkie (1 year ago)
Mr Musi There were no war crimes in Iraq. You must be mistaken it for something else.
tindo tare (1 year ago)
could hear mugabe in the background speaking in shona, instructing his people to hit him
Sewell Percy (14 days ago)
Good job then!
Jason Richards (1 year ago)
mugabe is a typical corrupt brutal dictator. tatchell is a digusting excuse for a human
Kuzivakwashe Ajida (1 year ago)
this some funny shit
Layzim Dawson (1 year ago)
I love Robert Mugabe for standing up to White Supremacy.Flat out.
Azara Raphael (3 days ago)
I wonder if you love him now?.....lol
Vasilije Blagojević (5 months ago)
@Layzim Dawson Yeah, my friend, but it is Western supremacy. Not all white people are like Westerners. For example, Russian policy is quite different. And I'm from Serbia (former Yugoslavia), and President Mugabe said in 2014 that Serbia is the "only perfect friend to Zimbabwe". You can find that statement on YouTube. Serbians and Zimbabweans are brothers from Non-Aligned Movement and we love Zimbabwe, and we love free Africa, and free Cuba, and free China, and free Syria! Our enemies are US and EU! You know, NATO has bombed Serbia in 1999! And when they imposed sanctions on Serbia in 1992, Zimbabwe was the only country to vote against it in the UN Security Council. We don't forget that, my friend! We are brotherly nations!
Luke ross (11 months ago)
LOL yeah, standing up to white supremacy while offering to suck Belgium's dick in return for more aid money for his failed state, which he needs to pay for his wife's next shopping trip, while the rest of Zimbabwe queues up for hours to buy bread.
acid junkie (1 year ago)
Layzim Dawson Lol. Yeah, by totally destroying it's country's economy. Zimbabwe was very prosperous before Mugabe took over.
dirtydiscosecrets (1 year ago)
I hope Mugabe gets ebola he's a fucking vile cunt
fuck british man i love you mugabe from africa you are hero
thatbozo (2 years ago)
Astonishing number of homophobic trolls in these comments
Timothy G (2 years ago)
Kula hio, nugu
METHOD ISMAIL (2 years ago)
This is disrespect to a president, dont compare your president with your ass stupid....they should have shot you down dont compare the president with silly brain stuuuupiiiiid
acid junkie (1 year ago)
METHOD ISMAIL Murderous dictator to be precise. And now, people don't get shot for things liks that in Belgium because it's an intelligent society and not a bloody dictatorship nightmare like Zimbabwe or most of other African countries.
mark youbi (2 years ago)
You got lucky redman they should beat up your fucking white ass
Emmanuel Ahumuza (1 year ago)
Daniel stop shuting people up , no one eats from ur porket and learn to treat other people equal
Zimbabwe Dread (2 years ago)
very lucky you were not shot. be grateful for that sissy slap
Sewell Percy (14 days ago)
Thumbed up Ur comment but it was a good and well deserved slap on that dirty 'activists' face
shimmer and shine (3 months ago)
Shot you retarded cunt typical keyboard warrior low IQ cunt
Luke ross (11 months ago)
very lucky we didn't cut off your aid money, and your embarrassment of a country would have become even more of an example of precisely why black people just can't run countries without fucking them up.
acid junkie (1 year ago)
Zimbabwe Dread People don't get shot for voicing their opinion in civilised countries like Belgium. I understand that it may be difficult to grasp from somone from brutal dictatorship but that's how it is. If anyone deserved to be shot then it was those two apes puhching the guy. They were behaving as if somebody stole their bananas.
Mark Paun (2 years ago)
The Belgians should have 'arrested' those who commited torture and murdered people in Congo.
stopscammingman (2 years ago)
Perter Tatchell sure showed balls against Robert Mug[and starve your own people]abe.
madkurisi kurisi (2 years ago)
they should have slapped him more. imbwa munhu uyo. arrest Him , haaaa that's a joke. but 0:58 - 1:07 was the best part. peter , be smart about your next move, besides don't try start a war dumb ass
Adam Blade (2 years ago)
"You just hit him!" "Noo! I dindu nuffin!" It must really be a genetic trait.
acid junkie (1 year ago)
Otherwise yeah. Unfortunately Africans haven't been doing very well on global scale. There isn't such a thing as an African car, a computer, mobile phone, tv, watch etc. etc. I do, ofcourse, recognise that colonialism and slave trade were horrible things and nothing to be proud of by Europeans but it is in the past. The facts is though that the black people which have the best living standards nowadays are the ones living in white majority countries or countries either in past or present run by whites. USA, South Africa, Australia, Britain (or Europe in general) all have significant black populations and are definitely better off then people in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Z̶a̶i̶r̶e̶ Congo etc.
acid junkie (1 year ago)
Gore M How was Stalin not white? He was literally from caucasus region so he couldn't be more any Caucasian. While I agree with you on most things, Stalin was definitely white.
Typhoo Mantis (2 years ago)
@Gore "The entire infrastructure is buckling because they're too stupid to run the cesspit of a country." Wrong again! Type in zimbabwe land reform not a failure - BBC News within google and have a good read. also read about the droughts... "And it was put to good use you dumb fuck. Whites didn't just sit on it and say 'you can't have this, it's mine now'. They created farms which fed ALL OF AFRICA. Does your thick fucking brain not understand this?" It don't really matter how much obscenties you write it ain't going to change the FACT that the indigenous Zimbabweans were forced of their homeland illegally during colonizm and were due to be compensated via Lancaster House Agreement which the British government reneged on, those are who you should be throwing your little tantrum at lol. If I steal your house then "put it to good use" does that justify the crime?!!? "I wasn't typing out my reply to you over 2 weeks" Nope, it took you two weeks to think of a shitty rebuttal.
Gore M (2 years ago)
+Typhoo Mantis *"Zimbabweans are starving because of a massive drought that is occurring"* The entire infrastructure is buckling because they're too stupid to run the cesspit of a country. Why do you completely overlook the fact that black farmers are now seeking out the help of white farmers because they don't have the knowledge to run these farms? lol *"The LAND was historically stolen from the indigenous Zimbabwean, are you not able to grasp this fact???!?!"* And it was put to good use you dumb fuck. Whites didn't just sit on it and say 'you can't have this, it's mine now'. They created farms which fed ALL OF AFRICA. Does your thick fucking brain not understand this? Zimbabwe was once known as 'the breadbasket of Africa'. Now it's the biggest joke in all of Africa. YOU claimed that blacks were farming those farms before whites even came there. We've established that's a total lie and the reality is that whites created the vast majority of those farms. *"Can't be bothered to reply to the rest of your bullshit essay that you took over two weeks to write"* Fuck you're so dumb. I wasn't typing out my reply to you over 2 weeks. I read your reply, then responded in about 30 minutes. I just didn't respond right away. Understand? Probably not.
mcpartridgeboy (2 years ago)
who said good men were weak, this guy is a fucking lion !!!!
m si (3 years ago)
Uncle Bob has always been Mafiosi

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